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Jer 7:9 Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal

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    Police Arrest Man Possibly Connected To Palm Bay Sex Crimes
Reggie LittleReginald Little Palm Bay police were trying to figure out if they've captured the man who's been breaking into homes, raping at least one woman. They were questioning a man who was arrested on other charges. ReginReggie (aka RegisLittle was booked on two charges. While there, investigators were checking his DNA against the DNA found at one of the rape scenes to see if there's a match. When police brought Little in to the police station, they were anxious to get a good look at him to see whether he had the same haircut seen in surveillance video from one crime scene, or if he matched a composite sketch. They want to know if he is the man who has been breaking into homes in Palm Bay and, in at least one case, raped a woman. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    Police Make Arrest In Mother Raped While Child Slept
Dail Randeill WrightPolice have arrested a man they said raped a 27-year-old woman while she was sleeping next to her son. According to Miami-Dade police, Dail Randeill Wright raped the woman after he entered her Naranja home through an unlocked sliding glass door at about 5:30 a.m. Thursday. The woman's 5-year-old son was asleep in his room. Her 8-year-old son was asleep in the bed next to his mother. The woman told police she was awakened when the man entered the room, but she tried to stay quiet. "The mother tried her best not to awaken the children in fear that the children would be harmed." - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    "Chytoria" beats boyfriend using 4 week old baby
Chytoria GrahamA Pennsylvania prosecutor says he has "never, never, never" seen anything remotely like the allegations that a tiny infant was used as a club in a domestic dispute. Authorities say a woman swung the four-week-old baby through the air and struck her boyfriend with the child. The district attorney in Erie says the baby was critically injured. Four other children were removed from the woman's home and placed in the custody of welfare workers. The 27-year-old, who's identified as Chytoria Graham, is charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and simple assault. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    Black crackhead female gets life for ax murder of 93-year-old woman in her home
Mary Ann DixonMelcenia BellMelcenia Bell, 93, survived world wars, the Depression and segregation, but she didn't survive Mary Ann Dixon and her crack pipe, a prosecutor said. But a weeping Dixon continued to proclaim her innocence after a jury convicted her of capital murder. She was sentenced to life without parole in the August 2004 attack. "I did not kill Mrs. Bell," Dixon told the judge. "I'm innocent, but I'm found guilty of something I didn't do. I was found guilty because I'm a crack addict." Dixon vowed to appeal her conviction. "It ain't over," Dixon said as she was led from the courtroom. "They get to laugh now, but I will get the last laugh. I'm going to come home." Bell was hit in the head with an ax and stabbed more than 40 times. She was found lying in a pool of blood in her home with a screwdriver protruding from her neck. She died four months later. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    "Black Messiah" linked to beheadings asks to 'die with dignity'
Yahweh Ben YahwehMIAMI -- Yahweh Ben Yahweh, a former cult leader linked to nearly two dozen gruesome killings in the 1980s, is seeking immediate release from parole supervision because he has advanced cancer and wants to die with dignity, his lawyers said Friday. Yahweh, 70, is asking U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke to order the federal Parole Commission to quickly make a decision on whether to terminate parole in his case. He lives in the Miami area. Yahweh was born Hulon Mitchell Jr. in Oklahoma and changed his name to the Hebrew words for "God, son of God." He served 11 years of an 18-year federal prison sentence for a racketeering conviction stemming from his role in up to 23 murders, some involving beheadings and severed ears and fingers. He was once head of the Nation of Yahweh, boasting hundreds of followers who often dressed completely in white and who once won praise for rehabilitating blighted Miami neighborhoods. Yahweh, a self-proclaimed "Black Messiah," preached a brand of racial and religious separatism for blacks and later was accused of sending close followers to kill "white devils" and bring back body parts as proof. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-white)

    Bantu Somali Muslim migrant slaughters his four young children - stabs wife
Said Biyad 'I just killed my family' Somali refugee held in his 4 kids' deaths. One by one, workers carried out the small, draped bodies of four Somali refugee children who police say were murdered by their father yesterday morning in their apartment. Their deaths were apparently the result of an argument between their estranged parents that ended with 42-year-old Said Biyad striking his wife in the head and then killing his children, police said. Police discovered the bodies of the four siblings, ranging in age from 2 to 8 years old, after Biyad walked into Louisville Metro Police headquarters downtown around 9 a.m. and calmly told detectives: "I just killed my family," said Lt. Col. Phillip Turner, an assistant police chief. Officers also found the children's wounded mother, Fatuma Amir, who was taken to University Hospital. She was listed in serious condition yesterday. Neither police nor the coroner would detail how the children were killed. "This is an extremely tragic situation," Turner said. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Invasion!) Funerals today for children who were stabbed

    Mom Charged in Low Down Faggot Pedophile Slaying Case - (Newsroom) - (crime)
BALTIMORE -- The mother of a slain boy was charged with reckless endangerment Thursday because she had allowed the suspected killer and convicted sex offender to care for her 11-year-old son, prosecutors said. Authorities said Shanda Harris knew her friend, Melvin Jones, was a convicted sex offender but allowed him to care for her son, Irvin. Jones, 52, was charged in July with first-degree murder for the stabbing death of boy, whose body was found on a golf course near his home.
Mother Charged With Neglect After Son's Slaying

    Suspect in court today over drug-war killings - Houston vs. New Orleans Katrina refugee drug dealers
Antonio Lee WilliamsAntonio Lee Williams, a man police call "a new breed of killer," will appear in court today for his alleged role in at least seven murders in three months. Williams, 26, is charged or suspected in the string of killings that police say are rooted in a war between Houston drug dealers and rivals from New Orleans. Police say Williams' string of murders started June 16, 23 days after he got out of jail, where he served nearly two years on a drug conviction; another man, Dion Barnes, was reportedly shot and killed following an altercation with Williams. A month later, police say Williams killed 15-year-old evacuee Christopher Harris after Harris got into an argument with Williams and a friend of his, Terrell "T-Rock" Ball. Two weeks later, Williams reportedly fired 30 rounds from an assault rifle at two more evacuees, Vincent Williams and Yolanda Styles; on Sept. 1, police say Williams killed his friend Ball after accusing him of cooperating with police in the investigation into the Harris murder (police say he wasn't cooperating with them). HPD Chief Harold Hurtt called Williams one of the most brutal killers he's seen in his career: "It's difficult to fathom, even for a person who’s been in law enforcement for nearly 40 years," the chief said yesterday. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    Police charge NYC teacher with rape of 14 year old girl
Horace BedeauA New York City school teacher was arrested and charged with rape. Police arrested 50-year-old Horace Bedeau -- a math teacher at IS-392 in Brooklyn -- after an investigation revealed he had allegedly sexually molested a 14-year-old female student back in August in his own house. The Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation says the girl, along with a male classmate, came to Bedeau's Brooklyn apartment for math tutoring. Bedeau and the teen girl allegedly engaged in sexual encounters on several occasions. Bedeau denied ever having sex with the teen girl, despite what investigators say is evidence that he did. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    Black Trucker Admits Role in Deaths of 4 Women * DNA analysis leads to arrest in woman's slaying
Dellmus ColvinTOLEDO, Ohio -- A truck driver on trial in the deaths of two women pleaded guilty Monday to killing them and two others, officials said. Prosecutors said they agreed not to seek the death penalty in exchange for Dellmus Colvin's guilty plea to aggravated murder in the deaths of four prostitutes and complicity to commit murder in a fifth slaying. The victims' bodies all were found in the Toledo area between 2000 and 2005, prosecutors said. Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Thomas Osowik sentenced 47-year-old Colvin to two consecutive terms of life in prison with no chance for parole. Colvin went on trial last week in the slayings of Jackie Simpson, whose body was found in 2003, and Melissa Weber, whose body was found two years later. Both were strangled and wrapped in sheets and blankets before being dumped in secluded areas, prosecutors said. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    Berkeley Officer Thwarts Rape
King GilliandA police officer patrolling in West Berkeley last week was able to intercede in and stop a rape in progress. The suspect, 32-year-old King Gilliand of Oakland, was arraigned after being arrested on charges of rape. Officer Katie Smith was patrolling in her car at 3:45 p.m. when she spotted Gilliand and a woman in her 40s on Addison Avenue near the railroad tracks engaged in a sexual act, said Berkeley police Officer Spencer Fomby. As she approached the individuals, Smith realized the woman was asking for help, Fomby said. Smith then drew her weapon and Gilliand fled the scene, he said. Gilliland ran east for a few minutes, jumping neighborhood fences, before he was apprehended by a group of police officers in the parking lot of Grocery Outlet at 4:42 p.m., Fomby said. - (crime) - (Norcal)

    Suspect arrested in S.C. slaying of 5, including 4 children
Michael SimmonsNORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina (AP) -- Police arrested a man accused of slaying five people, including four children, who were found shot to death in a mobile home, authorities said Sunday. Michael Simmons of North Charleston, South Carolina, was charged with five counts of murder and expected to appear for a bond hearing Sunday. Charleston County Coroner Rae Wooten, who was performing autopsies on the victims Sunday, confirmed that all but one of the victims were children. The victims' identities were not released pending notification of relatives. Wooten said more information would be released Sunday afternoon. Officers discovered the bodies Saturday after responding to a call. All appeared to have been shot and no motive for the killings had been identified. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    Fla. Sheriff Says Slaying Suspect Killed * Fallen deputy was 12-year veteran
dredlocked cop killerVernon Matthew WilliamsLAKELAND, Fla. -- SWAT team members on Friday fatally shot a man suspected of killing a sheriff's deputy a day earlier, ending an intensive manhunt that had gripped this rural area, officials said. The suspect was shot numerous times after he was found in thick brush, just 100 yards away from where Deputy Vernon Matthew Williams was killed in Thursday's burst of gunfire, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. Hundreds of officers had used night-vision scopes, tracking dogs, helicopters and door-to-door searches to try to locate the man, who fled from Williams after another deputy stopped him for speeding. The tangled brush forced SWAT members to walk shoulder to shoulder, and they didn't see the suspect until they were beside him, Judd said. He had dug himself in beneath a fallen oak tree. The suspect refused to show both of his hands when officers commanded him to, Judd said. He said the officers opened fire after seeing that he appeared to have Williams' .45-caliber weapon, Judd said. It was unclear if the man also fired the gun. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-white)

    Black boyfriend charged in murder of white woman that spawned his bastard
Joseph L. HillHeather J. RobbinsHeather J. Robbins was 22 years old, a single mother of an 8-month-old boy and recently laid off from her job. But she always looked for the best in people, said her father, Raymond Robbins. She paid the price for that unbounded optimism, he said after the woman’s body was found in the trunk of a vehicle abandoned at Liberty Hospital. “She was a beautiful and intelligent girl who deserved a chance and didn’t get it,” her father said, fighting back tears. “She should be burying me; I shouldn’t be burying her.” Joseph L. Hill, her boyfriend and the father of the baby, Isaiah, was charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. Hill, 20, is being held on $1 million bond. Heather Robbins lived with her father in rural Plattsburg for about four years after growing up in Holt, said Dorothy Robbins, her grandmother. She met Hill about 2½ years ago, and during that period, Hill occasionally lived with Robbins and her father, Raymond Robbins said. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-white)

    Black Man Accused In Rape Of 2-Year-Old Relative
Mark BadleyCOLUMBUS, Ohio -- Prosecutors are looking to send a suspected child rapist to jail, and the suspect's own words might help them do it. A 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with the rape of a 2-year-old relative. Mark Badley is accused of raping the girl in his home in June. Police said Badley confessed to the crime, but prosecutors said the victim's age poses a challenge. "Obviously, that victim is not going to testify. - (Newsroom) - (crime)


Firefighter Pablo Nieves. accuses of raping a girl under the age of 11
Pablo NievesA Rochester City Firefighter known for his work honoring the victims of September 11th is charged with several counts of rape. On Monday, a grand jury unsealed an indictment against 39-year-old Pablo Nieves. He is facing three counts of rape: one in each the first, second and third degree. According to the indictment, the first-degree rape charge accuses him of having sex with a girl under the age of 11. He's accused of raping a girl under 15 in 2001.  He's then accused of raping a girl under 17 two years later. Nieves is a pastor here at the Pathways to Life Ministries - (crime)

    Smiling Black pleads not guilty to running down a white family in McDonald's parking lot - killing 2-year-old
Lanny Perry BarnesAvery KingThe black man accused of running down five white family members and killing a 2-year-old girl in the parking lot of a McDonald's restaurant in Covington last May pleaded not guilty. Lanny Perry Barnes, 46, attended the 15-minute arraignment hearing wearing street clothes and no expression on his face. Sitting behind him was Stephanie Casola, the mother who was hit, along with her two sons, niece, and sister, by Barnes' vehicle. Witnesses told police that Barnes struck the family, backed up, smiled, and drove into them again. Casola's niece, Avery King, died of her injuries. The survivors received critical injuries. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-white)

    Woman On Beach Fought Gang of "Hispanic" Rapists
Ramos, Moncadaramos, AmadorFla. -- Hollywood police said that three men, Hever Ramos, Cesar Luis Amador and Armando Moncadaramos, all 21 years old, are charged with sexual battery accused of trying to gang-rape a woman who fell asleep on the beach. According to police, the woman was sitting near the shoreline at about 3:30 a.m. when she fell asleep. She said she was awakened by one man holding her down while another man tried to rape her. Police said the woman fought back, and at one point found a piece of broken glass that she used to slash one of the men's face and chest. When that man backed off to tend to his injuries, a third man then jumped on her, the woman said. Police said the third man punched the woman in the mouth, causing a severe laceration and a swollen jaw. All three men assaulted the woman before taking off running south on Hollywood Beach, police said. - (Newsroom) - (crime) Citizenship status of suspects not reported

    Black jailer arrested and charged with murder of 22 year old Mindy Morgenstern
Moe Maurice GibbsMindy MorgensternValley City authorities have arrested a Barnes County jailer and charged him with murder in the death of 22 year old Mindy Morgenstern. Moe Maurice Gibbs was arrested at about 6 p.m. today. He`s being held in the Cass County jail in Fargo. Valley City Police Chief Dean Ross says Gibbs lived in Morgenstern`s apartment building. Morgenstern was a student at Valley City State University. She was found dead in her off-campus apartment a week ago today. Her boyfriend says he doesn`t think Morgenstern knew Gibbs. Jordan Ranum says he has no idea why Gibbs may have killed Morgenstern. Ranum says he`s very angry about the whole thing. - (Newsroom) - (crime)
Funeral Services for Mindy Morgenstern
Mindy Morgenstern was found dead of knife wounds in her Valley City apartment last Wednesday. Friends and relatives say Mindy had a passion for people, athletics, happiness, and God, and her Bible was well-used.
Morgenstern's boyfriend speaks out
Jordan Ranum says his girlfriend, Mindy Morgenstern, did not know Moe Gibbs, except for an occasional greeting in the apartment building. He joined many of Morgenstern's friends and family who attended the announcement of Gibbs' arrest.


Black Kids Found Dead In Washer And Dryer
Tiffany HallTiffany Hall is now charged with killing Jimella Tunstall and her unborn child.
Police said they began looking for Hall after her boyfriend told officials that she had confessed
to him during the funeral that the baby wasn't his and that she'd killed a woman and taken her baby.
- (Newsroom) - (crime)

  • Black mom who tossed sons in bay enters insanity plea
    Lashuan (aka Lashaun) HarrisSAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- A woman accused of killing her three young sons by tossing them into the San Francisco Bay has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and believes her children are growing up in heaven, according to psychiatric evaluations. Lashuan (aka Lashaun) Harris, 23, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, pleaded not guilty to three counts of murder Wednesday in San Francisco Superior Court. She now must be evaluated by two court-appointed mental health professionals. - (crime) - (Norcal) - (Newsroom)
  • Demon-posessed black woman Lashaun Harris claims "God Said to Kill Sons"
    Lashaun Harris
    An Oakland woman who allegedly threw her three young sons to their deaths in the San Francisco Bay last October thought she heard the "voice of God" telling her to sacrifice her children, the woman's attorney said Tuesday at a preliminary hearing. Lashaun Harris is charged with three counts of murder, but attorney Teresa Caffese told the court that Harris, 23, was mentally ill on Oct. 19 when she threw the boys into the water at Pier 7. The body of Taronta Ray Greely Jr., 2, was later recovered. The bodies of 16-month-old Joshua Greely and Trayshaun Harris, 6, have never been found.

    Black mom who starved her 9-year-old son to death gets life
Marcella WilliamsLisa Ann ColemanThe mother who starved her 9-year-old son to death has pleaded guilty to capital murder and has been sentenced to life in prison. Marcella Williams, 25, will have to spend at least 40 years in prison before she is eligible for parole. Williams would have faced the death penalty if a Tarrant County jury had found her guilty of capital murder. Williams' attorney approached his office about a plea agreement. Davontae Williams' body was found in his mother's home July 26, 2004. He had been beaten, bound and starved in the months leading to his death. He was 44.5 inches tall and weighed 35.8 pounds when he died. Marcella Williams and her live-in girlfriend, Lisa Ann Coleman, were arrested soon after his death. In June, a jury convicted Coleman, 30, of capital murder and sentenced her to die for her role in Davontae's death. - (Newsroom) - (crime)
Arlington woman Lisa Coleman guilty in starvation death case

    Promiscuous Black Mom Gets 4 Years For Cutting Off Infant Son's Ear
Tonya EdwardsCLEVELAND -- A woman convicted of cutting off her child's ear learned how much time she will spend in prison. Before the judge sentenced Tonya Edwards, he delivered a no-holds-barred lecture on lessons in life. Edwards' infant son was 10 months old when she cut off his ear with a sharp knife. Judge Daniel Gaul sentenced the woman to four years behind bars. Prosecutors said Edwards has nine children with six different men and has never been married. Gaul told the woman that she would get the maximum sentence of eight years if she didn't tell the truth at her sentencing. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    Black mom gets 4 years for breast-feeding baby after using cocaine
. Corrina Annette RichardsonFORT WORTH -- A 37-year-old woman has been sentenced to four years in prison for breast-feeding her 14-month-old after using cocaine, causing the baby to have a seizure and nearly die. Corrina Annette Richardson reached a plea agreement with prosecutors Monday and pleaded guilty to injury to a child in exchange for the prison term. Jasmine Thompson, now 3, lives with her grandmother and is doing well. - (Newsroom) - (crime)

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  • Trial to Begin in Gruesome Va. Killings - two feral blacks cut the throats of 2 little white girls
    Ricky Jovan Gray - or Gevon GrayRay Joseph DandridgeBryan HarveyStella and RubyKathry Harvey and daughter RubyOn New Year's Day, friends arriving for a chili party at Bryan and Kathryn Harvey's Richmond home found the house on fire. The bodies of the couple and their daughters, 9-year-old Stella and 4-year-old Ruby, were found in the basement, bound in duct tape, beaten, their throats cut. Five days later, three members of another Richmond family were found killed in the same way. Mason recognized one of the victims as the woman who helped rob him. Police believe the killings were the work of two ex-convicts suspected in a violent crime spree that began in November. They are suspected in two other killings. Ricky Jovan Gray, (aka 'Gevon') '29, faces trial Monday in the Harvey slayings, and his nephew, Ray Joseph Dandridge, 29, is to stand trial next month in the killings of Percyell Tucker, 55, his wife, Mary Baskerville-Tucker, 47, and her daughter, Ashley Baskerville, 21. Both face the death penalty if convicted. The gruesome killings shocked a community where Bryan and Kathryn Harvey had been beloved figures. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-white)

    Skull Found in creek ID'd as 5-year-old White girl Emily Rimel - kidnaped, raped and murdered by black
A skull found in a creek earlier this week has been identified as that of a five-year-old columbus-area girl who disappeared a year and a-half ago. Investigators have identified the remains of Emily Rimel through DNA. Emily was last seen at her home early in the morning on December 7th, 2004. Two people fishing found the skull on Tuesday. The Coroner ays there was trauma to the skull. With confirmation that the remains are those of Emily Rimel, the prosecutor's office can move ahead with plans to seek murder charges against the main suspect.
Lindsay Bruce, is serving a 10-year sentence after he was convicted of kidnapping Rimel in December 2004. At the time, Bruce was not charged with murder. While Ohio law does not require the presence of a corpse to charge someone in a homicide, doing so without a body does raise the chances that a jury could acquit. O'Brien says this could easily become a death penalty case based on several factors, including Rimel's age. Over the next few weeks, reports will be written state crime lab investigators and the county coroner's office. Those reports, says O'Brien, will be added to the information already at hand and submitted to the Franklin County grand jury with the goal of charging Bruce with one count of murder. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-White)    
Ref: Black Sentenced For Kidnapping Missing Girl

    Black Sex Offender Charged With Kidnap-Rape-Kill of White 11-year-old Jacksonville Girl In 1996
Robert Shelton Mitchell Fla. -- A Connecticut sex offender will be returned to Florida to face a murder charge after being linked to the decade-old rape and drowning of an 11-year-old girl through a database of DNA from convicted sex offenders. Robert Shelton Mitchell, 43, was being held on a $5 million bond after being arraigned as a fugitive. He will face first-degree murder and capital sexual battery charges in the death of Cherie Morrisette of Jacksonville. The Mandarin Middle School student body was found on Dec. 8, 1996, floating in the St. John's River about 10 miles south of the  apartment she shared with her mother and sister.   An autopsy determined that Cherie drowned shortly after her disappearance on Dec. 2, 1996, and was alive when she either fell into the river or was thrown in. Police labeled the death suspicious, and authorities found a small DNA sample on her underwear and body. Mitchell lived in nearby Middleburg at the time of the girl's death, police said Thursday. Mitchell later moved to Connecticut and was convicted in January 2003 of illegal sexual contact with another child. - (Black-on-White)

    "433 Fry Mumia links on Google" * Fry Mumia! - by Patrick J. Nicosia
Mao Mao JamalAaniel FaulknerDo you know the twisted story of Mumia Abu-Jamal? - Mumia, as he is called by his adoring legions of left-wing supporters, is a convicted cop-killer serving a life sentence for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer in 1981. He is also an international celebrity. You can find pictures of his dreadlocks wherever angry people gather. Free Mumia! is the cry that is heard from college campuses, the Hollywood left, and the anti-American factions in Europe. * Justice For Police Officer Daniel Faulkner


    Black on White Rapes:
There are 20,000 black-on-white rapes every year in the US, but fewer than 100 white-on-black rapes.
George Williams Jr.Editor note: that works out to about 54 black on white rapes per day according to available statistics from 1999.
New Nation News can only report a few of these confirmed black on white rapes from local news sites.


TNB reports by Tyrone N. Butts "Funny little darkies"My name Tyrone Narcissus Butts.


The Majority of Caucasian Americans are Racial Separatists, not 'white supremacists'


The purpose of this page to to dramatize the statistics in the "Color of Crime" report
available at the American Renaissance website.

The 'Color of Crime' report is an excellent study that supports the book
"The Bell Curve"
Intelligence and class Structure in American Life
by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
and 'The Bell Curve" brings up to date what was commonly accepted truth until recently:
that there are races of man and that they are different. - editor NNN

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