"New Nation News" was wondering whether
Western Civilization will survive the next century
or will it just be left out of the multi-cultural coloring book...?

john william waterhouse: painter       The Lady of Shallot by john william waterhouse
                   and some other artists...

The Coming Anarchy by Robert D. Kaplan How scarcity, crime, overpopulation, tribalism, and disease are rapidly destroying the social fabric of our planet...
'The Clash of Civilizations'
a professor at Harvard University, says that Western Civilization is on the way down
The Decline and Demolition of Civilization

Europa: The Coming Fall of the West

Lam 5:2 Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens.
Ecc 12:12 And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books [there is] no end; and much study [is] a weariness of the flesh.
Time Has an End: A Biblical History of the World 11,013 B.C. - 2011 A.D. - by Harold Camping
Kennewick manEuropean pre-historyLady of Shallotfuture usa

    New book by Ellin Anderson: The Apple-Eves and Other Poems
The Apple-Eves These poems by Ellin Anderson — many of which have won prizes — are written in the formal style of Robert Frost, Anne Bradstreet, Emily Dickinson, Sara Teasdale, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and countless other poets, known and unknown. A lifelong resident of New England, Anderson is a graduate of The Pingree School (1976) and Mount Holyoke College (1982), and currently lives in Vermont.

    Book Release: Black Racism, White Victims: Reverse Discrimination, Black-On-White Crime
- A new book, Black Racism, White Victims: Reverse Discrimination, Black-On-White Crime And Other Legal Problems, by John Publius, is available on Amazon.com in Kindle E-Book format and as a trade paperback. The ten major types of Black racism include illegal employment discrimination against Whites, Black-on-White crime and various types of casual racism that target Whites for harassment. Although Whites experience these forms of Black racism at work, in school and on the street, many Blacks pretend that Black racism does not exist, and do so for reasons they are careful to conceal from Whites. Both Black racism and the blanket denials that it exists are actually reflections of a covert mindset that legitimizes crimes and other forms of victimization of Whites. Most Whites know little about why this mindset developed, why it persists and who benefits from the conspiracy of silence that denies the existence and practice of Black-on-White racism.

    Conquest of Aztlan - by Glenn Spencer  
Could Mexico retake the southwestern United States? Not only are the Mexicans capable, but an invasion is underway, insists immigration expert Glenn Spencer. - (José María) - (Invasion!)

Ourselves Alone & Homeless Jack's Religion Ourselves Alone & Homeless Jack's Religion
messages of ennui and meaning in post-american america by H. Millard

In Ourselves Alone and Homeless Jack's Religion, H. Millard, the hard to pigeonhole author of The Outsider and Roaming the Wastelands, has put together some of his category bending commentaries on post-American America. The commentaries deal with politics, philosophy, free speech, genocide, religion and other topics in Millard's edgy style and lead up to Homeless Jack's Religion, in which Homeless Jack lays out revelations he found in a dumpster on skid row. Browse Before You Buy ISBN: 0-595-32646-3

   Immigration without Assimilation Means Dispossession
America Extinguished: Mass Immigration and the Disintegration of American Culture by Samuel T. Francis
Reviewed by John Attarian - "Over a million immigrants, virtually all non-white, enter America every year,
and well over thirty million have arrived since 1970..". - (Sophia)

  "White males leave the others for dead"
"Charles Murray believes Western men alone are responsible for all the great achievements of civilisation, writes Julian Coman. To say that Charles Murray makes enemies easily is something of an understatement. His last major academic work was variously branded as "racist, philosophically shabby, politically ugly, disingenuous and creepy". These were judgements on his mid-1990s bestseller, The Bell-Curve, in which Murray argued that for genetic reasons African-Americans had significantly lower average IQs than whites or Asians. He then lay low, perhaps wondering how such a masterpiece of political incorrectness could be bettered.
The answer comes in the form of Human Accomplishment: the Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 BC to 1950, an extraordinarily ambitious resume of the major cultural achievements, from music to philosophy to chemistry. Its robust conclusions have already had the singular effect of enraging feminists, members of ethnic minorities, lovers of 20th-century modernism, orientalists and Islamic fundamentalists...." - (reader news list)

    New Book: Metamorphosis: The Impact of Third-World Immigration on American Culture

   [Reader recommends this poetry site] "Strawhead Lovefest: Revel in the beauty of English!"
"Ellin Anderson has won many awards for poetry in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain."

Ref: Forgoil ancient M? Strawhead; OE for, fore first, front (head); OE geolu yellow; no authoritative source for this name has been offered, but the OE offers the closest approximation of the intended meaning; name given to the Rohirrim by the Dunlendings describing their fair complexion

© 2002 by Gerald James McManus

Roaming the WastelandsRoaming the Wastelands by H. Millard
(now available at Amazon.com) "The groundbreaking novel of post-American America and of a life affirming philosophy that is beyond left and right." - The ISBN is: 0-595-22811-9
from BOSTON - Chapter 1 - "There are some among us who can't help but listen to a different drummer. The drumming they hear is from their DNA. Some try to block it out, but it is heard in the blood which has no ears that can be covered to stop the sound that is not a sound. It is a call of the wild from centuries past to the wild in some humans. Those who try to deny the drummer are doomed to unhappy lives, for they are denying what they were born to be."

  • "Hold Back This Day" - by Ward Kendall - (Updated link 5 May 2011)
    Hold Back This Day"Hold Back This Day" was written, says author Ward Kendall, because too many whites today cannot envision what kind of world they're leaving to their children and their children's children. It will be an unrecognizable world, Kendall explains, one in which whites will eventually vanish altogether.

    But the worst nightmare of all awaits the last surviving Caucasians, those few who will have to face unrelenting discrimination in a world of swarming, mongrelized humanity, even as the cold hand of racial extinction slowly closes around them.

    Yet "Hold Back This Day" is ultimately a tale of redemption and heroism in the face of impossible odds, one that will leave every white who loves his race cheering at the end".

  • Secret Report Shows China Using Canada To Infiltrate US
    Report Obtained By 'Seeds Of Fire' Author Gordon Thomas
    "Seeds of Fire"Canada is the launch-pad for a multi-billion dollar assault by The People's Republic of China (PRC) against the United States. A top-secret report reveals that "a dangerous consortium of Chinese triads, agents of the Chinese Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS), and Hong Kong tycoons has established itself in Canada.
    "They operate on several fronts. Smuggling heroin into Canada for shipment to the United States. Using Canada as a key in the lucrative human smuggling trade to Europe and the United States. By obtaining ownership of key companies in Canada, the PRC uses them to infiltrate the United States, says the report. - (Founders' America "The Yellow Horde" link)
  • U.N. food program appeals for help in North Korea
    (Send dog meat so that the elite Red Communist ruling class can continue
    to spend their money on developing nuclear ICBM's to target the US homeland)

  • from "Dinner with Friends ... Cheers!"Elisabet Stacy-Hurley (Rememberer of Trolls)
    "I live in Maryland, but was born in Iceland, and I paint Icelandic landscapes and themes from Norse mythology ...as well as local scenes from around my home and my mindscapes..."
    "I was recently informed about your site, and am wondering if you can add a link to mine (see url below).....I like the points you are raising in this website....and unfortunately agree that Western culture is dying..... As an artist, I try to say something in my paintings (in my own small way using mythology and metaphor) in getting people to think about what they are doing.....before it is too late....
  • Paintings of Iceland * Essence of Iceland * Snorri's Bath * Ragnarok * Entrance to Bifröst

    (Editor reply:
    When I found your paintings I was pleasantly surprised
    at how they capture the spirit of Iceland and hint at the mythology and mystery of the land.
    Hopefully your work may help inspire some on the wealth and beauty of Western culture/civilization and strike a chord of remembrance of roots and history that may give strength and motivation for its preservation and expansion.)

    J. R. R. Tolkien(3rd January 1892 - 2nd September 1973)
    British author and scholar J. R. R. Tolkien wrote the fantasy tale The Hobbit in 1937 as a children's book. The sequel, a three-volume set entitled The Lord of the Rings, written between 1954 and 1955, tells a tale of good against evil in the fantastic setting of Tolkien's imaginary Middle Earth.

The Outsider by H. MillardNew book: THE OUTSIDER by H. MILLARD
Non-conformist and alienated, Buck wanders alone through a post-American America seeking meaning and the authentic.
H. Millard's iconoclastic, sacred-cow toppling essays and fiction on post-American America have appeared in everything from the high I.Q. society
Mensa's publications to newspapers, magazines (and the Internet).
Now also available from amazon.com and from Barnes & Noble.

'no commies'* Book: "Take That, You Commie!" - by Marlin Creasote
INTRODUCTION The time is in the future. The United States has been fragmented by politicks into the EAST, controlled by the left, and the WEST under the control of the right. With the south lost to the spanish speakers. The EAST has been reduced to just a part of the One World Government while the WEST has remained independent. The New World Order wants to take control of the WEST; the only way they can do this is WAR.

Book Review of "Take That, You Commie!" - by Marlin Creasote

After the next civil war - remnants of the right try to reconcile and govern
by the editor of New Nation News

There are many who predict the breakup of the United States as in 'Civil War II'
and many survivalists and militia members are trying to prepare for anarchy and chaos,
other political groups would hope to gain power at some point in the future, but not too
many have actually considered the political and practical problems of creating a new

After reading "Take That, You Commie" on my vacation last fall, this is the part of the book that I found most interesting and impressed me. How would the various political, religious, ethnic, regional and special interest groups form a coalition to actually govern a new 'confederacy' that had consolidated power after UN takeover of the East Coast and a resulting civil war in the future USA?

Would it be possible for remaining remnants of various groups such as neo-republicans, biker gangs, KKK, 'neo-nazis', libertarians, skinheads, militias, radical environmentalists, 'Aryans', fundamentalist Christians, Pagans, white separatists and none-of-the-above to actually form a 'coalition government', defend the borders and deliver the mail?

Those that either fear or anticipate this future post-USA north america should give some thought to these practical issues and 'Take That, You Commie" might be useful.
A few typographical errors in this first edition from an independent press should not distract the serious futurist.

Perhaps we can take some lessons from various struggles for power that have followed past events such as the French Revolution and the Soviet Revolution and perhaps avoid some pitfalls.

The American Racial Problem as Seen in a Worldwide Perspective
by Earnest Sevier Cox (extracts from article)
"The South's Part in Mongrelizing the Nation", which was a 100-page booklet dedicated "To those southerners who wish cheap Negro labor and White labor made cheap by competition with Negro labor." It was not only an indictment of the hypocrisy and greed which prevented the South from solving the Negro problem but, as always, an exhortation to men of good will of both races to join in a program to give the Negro the independence and self-respect that Cox felt was rightfully his as a human being.
This was followed by a 36-page pamphlet, Lincoln's Negro Policy, which laid out the facts concerning the Great Emancipator's plans to repatriate Negroes to Africa. This, incidentally, was the title of a full-size book on which Cox was working at the time of his death.

In Three Million Negroes Think the State of Virginia, published in 1940, Cox reprinted a number of letters from various black nationalist leaders representing the Universal Negro Improvement Association, the Peace Movement of Ethiopia, the National Union for People of African Descent and others.

In 1955 he wrote and published Unending Hate, a 47-page booklet dealing with the queer historical phenomenon of hatred which Whites who know less about race contact with Negroes always bear against Whites who know the most about it. There was a "Foreword to American Negroes" and, again, the positive alternative to race strife - Repatriation - was offered as the solution.

Earnest Sevier Cox became a legend on April 26, 1966, when he died in Richmond. He was burred at Arlington National Cemetery on April 28, his body being borne to the grave on a cassion pulled by six horses following a military band.

Future USA - Movie Review: Zardoz - Science Fiction Archive - Offers a detailed account of the fascinating film and its strange allure, likening it to "The Wizard of Oz."
Zed - leader of 'Exterminators'A resident of 23rd-century Earth becomes involved in a revolution
after discovering the hidden truth about society's rulers in director John Boorman's murky sci-fi drama. Sean Connery plays Zed, the central rebel, who begins the film as a member of the Exterminators, a band of skilled assassins who believe they rule the world.
Lording over the lesser Brutals, the Exterminators answer only to their god, a gigantic stone image known as Zardoz. Haunted by doubt about Zardoz's true divinity, Zed chooses to investigate.
His disbelief is confirmed when the god proves to be a fraudulent tool of the Eternals, a secret society of brilliant immortals who pretend to divinity in order to exploit the masses. Knowing the truth, Zed sets out to reveal the hoax and destroy the Eternal's unjust rule.
The combination of heady themes and surreal visuals have won the film some fans...
(by - Judd Blaise) * Tokyo review of Zardoz * Review for Zardoz

Jap ZeroThe Conspiracies of Empire by H. Arthur Scott Trask
Did Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt bomb Pearl Harbor?
Review of "Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor"
by Robert B. Stinnett (reader-link)

Allegheny County Courthouse  muralModel for courthouse murals honored by county
Dorothy Duke's crime was never visiting the Allegheny County Courthouse to see murals she lent her visage to during the Great Depression.
Two of the six murals on the courthouse's first floor, titled "Justice" and "Peace," feature seven similar-looking women painted from sketches of Duke. She modeled for Vincent Nesbert in 1936.

Doing Away With White/Euro Culture
(conservative black viewpoints)

Multiculturalism and the Demotion of Man - by by Lawrence Auster
The perverse tendency among white Western elites to welcome and embrace non-Western peoples and cultures while refusing to defend their own people and culture is no mere fashion, as superficial conservatives would have it, but a natural and inevitable expression of a new culture-a culture of nihilism-that has become the dominant culture of the West.

Books etc.
The Roosevelt Myth - Online Book by John T. Flynn
Book Review: Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream
- by Lerone Bennett, Jr.
Great Emancipator or Grand Wizard?
VotescamBooks: Votescam : The Stealing of America
by James M. Collier, Kenneth F. Collier

Answer the question: ."Why can't we vote the bastards out?"
And the answer is, "Because we didn't even vote the bastards in!"
* Anti-Communist Action Home Page
* Struggle of the Free World Against Global Communist Conspiracy
* The History of Communism
 * Book Review: The Coming Conflict With China
   by Richard Bernstein, Ross H. Munro
Some interesting links
German American Cultural Heritage Page

The German / American Web Ring
The Nordic-American Ring
Italian-American Webring
Franco-American Ring
Irish-American Ring

CGFA - A Virtual Art Museum
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley
Dicksee, Sir Frank
Godward, John William

Dark Storm Crow's Nest

Code of Chivalry
The Age of Chivalry or Legends of King Arthur.

Castles in Europe.

Vikings and Scandinavian History.
Every Ogham thing on the Web.

Updated link: Stone Pages: Stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns, barrows and hillforts: welcome to the first and most comprehensive online guide to European megaliths and other ancient sites

The Stone Circle webring.

Some other Book References
 * All Fall Down...
 * The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire - by Gibbon 
 * Decline and Fall of the American Programmer - by Edward Yourdon 
 * The Decline and Fall of the American Empire - © 1996 by R. Murray 
 * Progam 13: Decline of Rome: Barbarians, malaria, Christianity, overextension

 * Napoleon I (Decline and Fall)
 * Books by Peter Schrag - The vanishing American: decline and fall of the "WASP"

 * Planet Spengler - Glimpses of Spengler's Vision
 * "Die Untergang des Abendlandes" (The Decline Of The West) - by Spengler
 * From The Decline of the West,Vol I (1918): - by Oswald Spengler

 * A Brief History of the One-World Government Movement
 * Nationalism, Citizenship and Social Change
 * including Nationalism Links by Paul Treanor

Heard the expression "feel like hell"?
 * Le Jugement Dernier
 * Bosch: "Right wing", "Hell" * More Bosch * Yet more Bosch
 * Evil and Folly in the Paintings of Hieronymous Bosch

We are continually surprised at  the richness of our cultural inheritance
and thank 'Monsier Rowdy' for the link to:
Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry
European Pre-history

Kennewick Man News page

john william waterhouse: painter

Civil War Two posted a link to
Patrick Henry On-Line

which has the rare book on line recommended by Kurt Saxon

Patrick Henry's Rare Book Store

     The Revolt Against Civilization, by Lothrup Stoddard, M.A., PhD (Harvard), 1922 

[NCR has no financial interest in any links nor do links alone imply endorsement of any or all content -
NCR  does support Freedom of Speech and information, the Bill of Rights,
and the US Constitution of 1860.]

Books on the Future of the USA
2199: Euro Remains Found in Museo Norteamericana Warehouse.
Civil War Two by Tom Chittum

recommended by NCR bear


"Civil War Two" by Military analyst Tom Chittum,
"America is headed toward either becoming an imperialistic police state in which there is little or no freedom or - more likely - collapsing into another civil war: Civil War II. This civil war will break America apart geographically, primarily along racial lines".

Before reading this book I was aware of many of the symptoms of the
current conflict between the forces of one-world-UN-red-fascism and
the resistant trends of cultural and racial resistance to the 'melting pot'
but this book brought into focus the USA in its historical and global 
context and has some practical suggestions on possible relocation to
avoid the "'no-mans lands"' in the not too future Civil War II. - Mark S.

The Final Jihad
"The Final Jihad" (from advertisement) " is a prophetic blueprint,
a warning of horrifying upcoming acts of terrorism targeted against the United States. It's a wake-up call no one should ignore." $25.95 Amazon

The author, Martin Keating , February 22, 1998
"I would like to thank all of the people who have read my book.
It is sad to really see what the world is coming to. Pray for the world." 

The Real American Dilemma
rec'd 9/24/98
to read-next stack
"The Real American Dilemma" edited by Jared Taylor
Race, Immigration, and the Future of America


Camp of the Saints

recommended by NCR bear


"The Camp of The Saints" by Jean Raspail
here is a review by Jared Taylor from June, 1995
issue of American Renaissance magazine.

"This is an apocalyptic novel, a philosophical dissection
of the erosion of Western civilization.."
- Virginia M. Marr, Library Journal
available from Available from Amazon.Com

from the translated author's introduction...
"We need only glance at the awesome population figures predicted
for the year 2000, i.e., twenty-eight years from now: seven billion people, only nine hundred million of whom  will be white."

click to go to book review - commentary
see current
Not recommended
"America's Man on Horseback" by Guy Odom
(author was interviewed on local KSFO talk-radio)
following is clip from Publisher's promo at Amazon.com:

" It's now 2013 and social conditions in America--illegal immigration, gang warfare, HIV infections, race riots, rape, murder, inflation, corrupt politicians, foreign terrorism--have worsened tenfold. Would a future Congress give the President wartime powers to clean up the mess? Of course. The reigns of government are in the hands of a new kind of leader, a man whose job it is to "clean up the mess." A man on horseback. Impossible? Think again. It's happened repeatedly throughout history."
(11/15/98 - liberal-racist-crap or a very subtle satire, no, probably not)

Hardcover - 207 pages (June 1998) $15.37 + shipping
Beaufort Book Co; ISBN: 0825305012 ; Dimensions (in inches):
0.96 x 6.42 x 9.55 Available from Amazon.Com

Recommended Books that I've read
 Eccl 12:12  ...of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. bible
Welcome to Audio Bible, the King James Version narrated 
The Bell Curve
why Affirmative Action and more money for Welfare and Public Schools 
can only accelerate decline (and 845 more
"The Bell Curve"
Intelligence and class Structure in American Life
by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
(c) 1994 - The Free Press

Synopsis: In a book that is certain to ignite an explosive controversy, 
Herrnstein and Murray dare to reveal their belief that it is intelligence levels,
not environmental circumstances, poverty, or lack of education that are at the root of many of our social problems.

Also see web page on book:
The Bell Curve (Free Press, 1994)
by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray

"Why Civilizations Self-Destruct"
by Elmer Pendell
(c) 1977 - Howard Allen

from inside cover page of "Why Civilizations Self-Destruct"

     "Giant intellects like Gibbon, Spengler and Toynbee have
given us complex and tortuous reasons for the decline of civilizations.
Dr. Pendell presents us with a simple one. Civilizations fall because the less capable slice of the population regularly out breeds the more capable. In precivilized times nature weeds out the unfit and eventually produces a superior variety of men whose intelligence and industriousness are channeled into constructing an advanced social order that defeats nature's best-laid plans by protecting instead of eliminated the unfit. The outcome is that in several generations the protected outnumber the protectors."
....."One of his most intriguing--and most controversial-- remedies is a genetically oriented marriage law to raise the birthrate of our better human specimens and substantially lower the proliferation rate of the civilization-destroying people who can neither provide for themselves nor their offspring."

"Paved With Good Intentions"
The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America
by Jared Taylor
(c) 1992 - Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc.

The South was Right
"The South was Right"
by James R. Kennedy and Walter D. Kennedy
(c) 1991 - Land and Land

Federal Tyranny and the rape of the Constitution did not just start with Waco and Ruby Ridge, or with school integration and busing, or even with the Income Tax in 1913...

on terrorist John Brown
and his Radical Republican
"The Secret Six: The Fool As Martyr"
The secret six : John Brown and the abolitionist movement
Volume Three of the Sacred Fool Quartet
by Otto Scott
(c) 1979 - Foundation for american Education
                 Distributed by Southron Press

"the classic reference work""Survival Guns"
by Mel Tappan
(c) 1987 - the janus press

alternate future; Germany and Japan split the USA after winning WW2...life in "Pacific States of America"
- a Japanese colony 
"The Man In The High Castle"
by Philip K. Dick
(c) 1962 - G.P. Putnam's Sons; Berkley Medallion; Berkley; Ace

The Roosevelt Myth

Online Book

by John T. Flynn

(link courtesy of Lew Rockwell)
"The Roosevelt Myth"
by John T. Flynn
(c) 1948 - Garden City Publishing Co, NY
[out of print]

   concluding paragraph:
"The figure of Roosevelt exhibited before the eyes of our people
is a fiction. There was no such being as that noble, selfless, hard-

headed, wise and farseeing combination of philosopher, philantho-

pist and warrior which has been fabricated out of pure propaganda

and which a small collection of dangerous cliques in this country

are using to advance their own evil ends."


Recommended Books that I haven't read yet
[in the stack]A Republic, Not an Empire: Reclaiming America's Destiny
by Patrick J. Buchanan

Amusing Amazon.com note:
"Customers who bought this book also bought these CDs:
German Military Marches; Various Artists"

 Book: Red Dragon Rising: Communist China's Military Threat to America.
The Year of the RatThe Year of the Rat
How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash 
by Edward Timperlake, William C. Triplett
Reviews at Amazon.com 

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