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Aztlan and the occupied southwest
Mexico is flooding this country with rapists, child molesters, murderers, petty thieves and con artists - besides flooding the labor market with cockroach scab labor - lowering living conditions and straining public welfare.
Thursday, March 23, 2006

  • 2 alleged Mexican criminals Deported Tuesday
    EL PASO, TX. - Two alleged criminals who were arrested in the US are deported back to their native Mexico Tuesday. US Federal Officials escorted two criminals back to their native Mexico, and handed them over to police in Juarez. According to Mexican law enforcment officials, the two men are wanted for two separate murders. Hector Cepeda-Vargas, who was found living in Wisconsin, allegedly shot and killed a policewoman in Durango. The other man, Jesus Murga-Parada allgedly shot and killed a man following a bar fight in Chihuahua City. - (Mexico) - (Invasion!)

  • Mexican Radio Announcer Gunned Down
    NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico -- An anchorman for a Mexican radio station was shot to death early Friday by gunmen waiting for him in the bushes in front of his house in this violent border city. Ramiro Tellez Contreras, who also worked for the state emergency services and was a former policeman, was hit by two bullets in the neck and two in the chest, state police said in a news release.  - (Mexico) - (Newsroom)


Mexican Man Suspected in Killings Arrested
MONTERREY, Mexico -- Authorities have captured a man accused of stabbing to death his ex-girlfriend and killing her two young siblings, attacks that have shocked this northern city. Diego Santoy, 21, was captured at a police roadblock in the southern state of Oaxaca on Monday night, four days after ex-girlfriend Erika Pena, 18, was killed. Her 3-year-old sister was strangled, and her 7-year-old brother was stabbed to death, said Luis Trevino, the top prosecutor for Nuevo Leon state, where Monterrey is located.  



Six Mexican Nationals Accused of Rape, Sex-trafficking and Pimping Illegal Aliens
Salvador Fernando Molina Garcia told investigators that his wife became a prostitute against his wishes after they illegally crossed the border and came to Houston. But the woman he identified as his wife said he lured her to his apartment in Mexico, raped her and forced her into prostitution here. Molina Garcia pleaded guilty Tuesday to a sex-trafficking conspiracy charge.  The 37-year-old man is one of six Mexican nationals indicted on charges accusing them of smuggling young women and girls across the border and forcing them to work as prostitutes in Houston bars. The organization used violence, threats and deception to recruit victims and hold them in prostitution.- (Invasion!)   Mexican national pleads guilty to bringing sex slaves to Houston-area bars
Ref: Mexican girls were forced to work as prostitutes at Houston-area bars
Ref: Acusan en EU a cuatro mexicanos de tráfico de mujeres adolescentes - (Mexico)

  • "Cross-dressing" serial killer stumps Mexico City police  
    MEXICO CITY -- The killer is either a cross-dressing man or a robust woman who strangles elderly women with stockings or telephone cables.
    Mexican police believe the so-called "Mataviejitas," or "Little Old Lady Killer," has killed at least seven elderly women in the country's bustling capital of 20 million, although they are investigating whether 22 other slayings of older Mexico City women since 2003 are also related.

  • On Mexican border, three men detained for rape, homicide of a 17-year-old girl
    MexicanAuthorities say two of the suspects admit they'd been drinking with Claudia Flores Javier in her home early December 24th when one of them proposed having sex with her. She refused.  Mexico investigators say the three then raped the teen. She also was beaten. The three suspects are Mario Loya Aguirre and Jorge Armando Sifuentes Martinez _ both detained on December 25th -- and Eleazar Pena Navarro, who was arrested Tuesday.   All are jailed in Juarez, across the border from El Paso.


  • Smugglers Selling Sick Puppies From Mexico
    On Nov. 15, federal agents searching a Honda CR-V at the Otay Mesa crossing found 16 undeclared puppies in three cages that were covered by blankets and boxes of laundry detergent. The suspect, a Mexican woman with an animal cruelty record, allegedly told investigators she needed the money and had lots of orders to fill.  

  • Mexican Police Rescue 3 Kidnapping Victims 
    MEXICO CITY -- Police raided a house outside Mexico City, capturing two alleged kidnappers and rescuing three people, including an 8-year-old girl, who had been held for more than two months. The dramatic morning raid, widely aired on Mexican television, comes amid scrutiny of the Federal Agency of Investigation, the country's FBI, for connections to drug traffickers and a video showing the killing of a self-described drug hit man.
  • Mexico: Ex-Cop Sentenced in Cardinal's Death
    GUADALAJARA, Mexico -- A court has sentenced a former police commander to 40 years in prison in the 1993 shooting death of a Roman Catholic cardinal at the Guadalajara airport, officials said Friday. The court said Humberto Rodriguez Banuelos was part of a gang of gunmen that riddled Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo with bullets while he was sitting in his car at the airport in Guadalajara, 280 miles northwest of Mexico City.



    Mexican Indian man burns his wife alive
An Indian man beat and then burned his wife alive after an argument in the southern state of Chiapas, police said Monday. Andres Gomez Santiz tied his wife, Maria Lopez Diaz, to a post, dumped gasoline on her and lit her on fire on Sunday in their house in the community of Jocoljo, according to a police statement. - (Svejk) - (Mexico) - (Burned Alive!)



  • Mexico, U.S. plan to fight border violence The Violent Crime Impact Team will target the most violent members of warring drug cartels. Armed with high-powered weapons, the warring cartels have been blamed for more than 140 murders this year alone in Nuevo Laredo. 



Border Governors Implement Safety Plans
Eduardo Robinson Bours CasteloJanet NapolitanoNOGALES, Ariz. -- The governors of Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora announced stepped-up plans to combat border-related crime, saying they were prompted to act in part because their respective national governments have been slow to help. Arizona will create a new detail of officers to help target vehicle theft -- a crime often linked to transporting of illegal immigrants -- and to gather intelligence to identify people taking large amounts of cash from the United States to Mexico, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano said.  In addition, police in the border-area cities  and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department will assign dozens more officers to combat vehicle theft, drug trafficking and other border-related crime, Napolitano said. - (Invasion!)
Ref: Governor of the Mexican state of Sonora José Eduardo Bours Castelo
accused of fraud in the United States
"conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit theft civilly, violation of fiduciary obligations, violation of confidence and fraud"

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  Mexican Mexican kidnaps 12-year-old White girl and takes her to Mexico
Kayla Michelle KimeEliseo NunezKayla, a fifth-grader at Silver Street Elementary School, was last seen by her mother when she went to feed and water her dog in the back yard about 10p.m. Monday. Prather said that on earlier occasions, Eliseo Nunez had talked to Kayla while she and her mother were walking the dog. Authorities also found Eliseo Nunez (Google), 24, a native of Mexico who had been staying in Jeffersonville. The search had quickly focused on Nunez, an acquaintance of the family, who disappeared at the same time as Kayla. Numerous law-enforcement agencies worked on the case, he said, including the FBI and the U.S. Border Patrol, Mexican author0ties, the Texas Department of Public Safety and police in McAllen, Texas, near the southern tip of that state. - (Rick Dean)
Is it OK to deport the 10 million illegal Mexicans now?

  Mexican Migrant Who Raped, Strangled Nun Gets Life
Maximiliano Silerio EsparzaHelen Lynn ChaskaKLAMATH FALLS, Ore. -- An "itinerant laborer" who pleaded guilty to raping two nuns and strangling one with her rosary beads has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Maximiliano Silerio Esparza, 33, was sentenced Tuesday for the murder of Sister Helen Lynn Chaska, 53. He got another 10 years for the attempted murder of the surviving nun, and 15 years for raping the women. In return for his guilty plea, Esparza avoided a possible death sentence. Ref: Nun's rosary beads were used to kill her
Also: Several months before the attack, Esparza was detained and let go by U.S. Border Patrol agents in New Mexico
even though he had spent three years in California prisons and had once been deported.

Eternal FlameMexican Burns Butt on Eternal Flame
PARIS (Reuters) - A man who tried to extinguish the "eternal flame" burning under the Arc de Triomphe by sitting on it has been treated in hospital for burns to his bottom. The flame has been burning since 1921 over a grave containing the unidentified remains of a French soldier killed in the war.
A drunken Mexican soccer fan caused a scandal during the 1998 World Cup by putting the fire out by pissing on it. (reader link)

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Crime and Corruption is Crossing the border

Republic of Texas From San Felipe, Austin wrote to Burnet on Oct. 5, 1835, 
"I hope you will enter ardently and warmly in the cause
-- now is the time --no more doubts -- no submission --
I hope to see Texas forever free from Mexican domination of any kind."

The 'NAFTA' railroad serial killer Ramirez New Nation News report on Epidemic of 
''Spanic'' and Mexican sex crimes
in Northern California

In the same manner that Santa Anna called for the outnumbered Texans to surrender
before his troops stormed the walls of the Alamo, 
Clinton has publicly called for the surrender of Kosovo.

Bart Simpson comments on Reconquista NAFTA - man of the year
mi nombre es taco, el perro de la frontera
The 'NAFTA' railroad serial killer Ramirez
Mexican comments on Law and Order

Surreal site distills dark essence of corrupt Mex-city

Anasazi practiced cannibalism? One scientist thinks so.

Anthropologist has proven that the Anasazi and other Southwestern Indians practiced cannibalism, and that the practices came north to the Southwest and Chaco Canyon area from Mexico. Human sacrifice was rampant in Mexican culture. After the bodies were sacrificed in the temples and the blood and heart  were distributed, sometimes given to family or  conquering warriors, he believes that the priest may have cut up the body and distributed it. "He  could have traded it for something he needed, he could have given it away or sold it, but he got the meat into the marketplace"

San Antonio Texas Police Department Crime Data Web Site with Maps
Bob Park for US Senator - "The People of Arizona are fed up"
Border 21 The plan to globalize the U.S. Southwest Border
Republic of Texas 
The Texas Army National Guard Kills Civil Rights
(from the man that alerted World Net Daily to the Texas black helicopter 'war games')
Corruption, discrimination  and disloyalty in the Texas National Guard
Don't drive anywhere in Mexico at night.
(or during the daytime - just not a good idea)
For more disinformation, 
call the Mexican Government Tourism Office (312-747-9252) or AAA (312-372-1818);
for State Department travel advisories, check the Web at http://travel.state.gov or call  202-647-5225.
State Department Travelers Warnings on Mexico
Mexican mayhem
The country's worst crime wave ever has become "Topic A" in the presidential race
Mexico City: ``Scum!'' - ``Sons of whores!'  the crowd shouted at the cops.
``These people sympathize with the criminals, they hate authority,''

Southwest and "points south"  - Crime Reference Links

...now more than five million illegal aliens in the US,
with another million? arriving each year...

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