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Aztlan and the occupied southwest
Mexico is flooding this country with rapists, child molesters, murderers, petty thieves and con artists - besides flooding the labor market with cockroach scab labor - lowering living conditions and straining public welfare.
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    Texas slow to release Mexican rapist for prosecution in Kansas - (registration required)
José EliasProsecutors in Johnson County and Texas agree that
José Elias should face prosecution in Kansas in a series of violent 2003 sexual assaults in Overland Park. But a judge in Texas, where Elias is serving a life sentence for similar crimes, has slowed the extradition process because of concerns about what Kansas officials intend to do with Elias. - (War Eagle) 
Ref: Mexican Migrant "White Rock" rapist sentenced - The Mexican citizen was already serving a minimum sentence related to another rape charge, and faces additional counts for alleged offenses in Kansas.
- (Invasion!)

  •  Yet another suspected smuggling SUV full of illegal Mexican invaders and pot crashes headone into CHP car
    SAN DIEGO Aug 18, 2005 — The driver of an SUV packed with suspected illegal immigrants and nearly 700 pounds of marijuana sped from police the wrong way on Interstate 8 before crashing head-on into a California Highway Patrol car, officials said. After Wednesday's crash, seven people jumped out of the disabled Chevrolet Suburban and fled into the bush like cockroaches.
  • Envoy's Remark Riles Mexican Government
    MEXICO CITY -- U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza's comment that he briefly closed a consulate partly to punish Mexico's government for border violence drew a sharp response Wednesday from the Mexican government. Deputy Foreign Secretary Geronimo Gutierrez said Mexico's government agreed that Garza has to work for the security of U.S. citizens, but said, "His selection of words was frankly unfortunate and does not correspond to the role of an ambassador."

    Prosecutor Tells Jurors to Follow Blood in Children's Decapitation Murders by two Mexican Migrnants
Adan CanelaPolicarpio EspinozaBALTIMORE (AP) - A prosecutor asked jurors to follow the blood, which he said links two Mexican immigrants to the bodies of three small children who were found beaten and nearly decapitated in a Baltimore apartment last year. Prosecutor Tony Garcia said the bloodstained clothing of Adan Canela and Policarpio Espinoza proves they killed the three children related to them: Ricardo Espinoza Jr., 9, Lucero Espinoza, 8, and Alexis Espejo Quezada, 10. Ricardo and Lucero were found nearly decapitated, and Alexis was completely decapitated. - (War Eagle) - (crime) - (Invasion!)


    Gay AIDS-infected Mexican wins entry to Asylum USA
Gay Mexican (c) 2000 by NNNActivist San Francisco Federal court has ruled that a gay Mexican with Aids is eligible for asylum because of the danger of persecution in his home country. The appeals court in San Francisco overturned earlier rulings by immigration courts. The three-judge panel said Jose Boer-Sedano, 45, would probably face further abuse in Mexico and have difficulty getting Aids treatment. He claimed to have been forced to perform sex acts by a police officer. He said he had been shunned by his family. A waiter in 'gay' San Francisco, he arrived on a six-month visa in 1990, and remained here illegally since.
- (Invasion!) - (Norcal)

  • Kentucky: Illegal immigrants accused of running brothel with illegal migrant whores
    Hortencio Firfan-Mancilla is charged with knowingly transporting women across state lines to engage in prostitution. Eduardo Garcia Lopez is charged with aiding and abetting the effort. Both men also face charges of harboring illegal immigrants and conspiracy.
  • Two Mexico Police Officers Accused in Rape of American Tourist
    CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- Two Ciudad Juarez police officers were charged Monday with the rape of a U.S. tourist, authorities said.
    Officers Gerardo Hinojosa and Juan Jose Castorena were accused of rape by a 24-year-old tourist from El Paso, Texas, who filed a complaint Saturday, Ciudad Juarez Police Chief Juan Salgado said. When she offered them a $50-dollar bribe to let her husband go, she said the officers put her in their patrol truck and raped her, Salgado said.

    On the Mexican Border: Victims so far this year include 15 municipal police officers and a local police chief,
Alejandro Dominguez, who was shot dead only hours after taking office in June. Leopoldo Ramos, who headed the city's Public Safety Commission, was ambushed and gunned down in broad daylight near the city hall where he worked. - (forum)












  • Bugs Are Considered a Delicacy in Mexico
    Gerardo Carrillo looks forward to harvest time when he can pick greenish caterpillars off the trees and boil them with a little lime.
    Maguey worms and ant eggs are showing up as exotic fare at expensive restaurants

  • Hispanics Are Fastest-Growing Minority * Hispanic Population In U.S. Soars * One in seven Americans is Hispanic
    Hispanics accounted for half the 2.9 million U.S. population growth from 2003 to 2004 and now constitute one-seventh of all people in the United States. A Census Bureau report issued Thursday said that trend probably will continue because of immigration and a Hispanic birth rate outstripping non-Hispanic blacks and whites. The agency estimated there are 41.3 million Hispanics in the U.S. (including illegal aliens) as the bureau does not ask about legal status. - (invasion)
  • Mexican Border City Police Chief Killed
    Alejandro Dominguez proudly took office on Wednesday, saying he wasn't afraid of anything. Nine hours later, he was ambushed and killed by gunmen who fired some three dozen times.

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 MexicanMexican kidnaps 12-year-old White girl and takes her to Mexico
Kayla Michelle KimeEliseo NunezKayla, a fifth-grader at Silver Street Elementary School, was last seen by her mother when she went to feed and water her dog in the back yard about 10p.m. Monday. Prather said that on earlier occasions, Eliseo Nunez had talked to Kayla while she and her mother were walking the dog. Authorities also found Eliseo Nunez (Google), 24, a native of Mexico who had been staying in Jeffersonville. The search had quickly focused on Nunez, an acquaintance of the family, who disappeared at the same time as Kayla. Numerous law-enforcement agencies worked on the case, he said, including the FBI and the U.S. Border Patrol, Mexican author0ties, the Texas Department of Public Safety and police in McAllen, Texas, near the southern tip of that state. - (Rick Dean)
Is it OK to deport the 10 million illegal Mexicans now?

  Mexican Migrant Who Raped, Strangled Nun Gets Life
Maximiliano Silerio EsparzaHelen Lynn ChaskaKLAMATH FALLS, Ore. -- An "itinerant laborer" who pleaded guilty to raping two nuns and strangling one with her rosary beads has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Maximiliano Silerio Esparza, 33, was sentenced Tuesday for the murder of Sister Helen Lynn Chaska, 53. He got another 10 years for the attempted murder of the surviving nun, and 15 years for raping the women. In return for his guilty plea, Esparza avoided a possible death sentence. Ref: Nun's rosary beads were used to kill her
Also: Several months before the attack, Esparza was detained and let go by U.S. Border Patrol agents in New Mexico
even though he had spent three years in California prisons and had once been deported.

Eternal FlameMexican Burns Butt on Eternal Flame
PARIS (Reuters) - A man who tried to extinguish the "eternal flame" burning under the Arc de Triomphe by sitting on it has been treated in hospital for burns to his bottom. The flame has been burning since 1921 over a grave containing the unidentified remains of a French soldier killed in the war.
A drunken Mexican soccer fan caused a scandal during the 1998 World Cup by putting the fire out by pissing on it. (reader link)

Flag of 'California Del Norte'

Crime and Corruption is Crossing the border
 "they forsook the cities, and fled; and the Philistines came and dwelt in them."

Republic of Texas From San Felipe, Austin wrote to Burnet on Oct. 5, 1835, 
"I hope you will enter ardently and warmly in the cause
-- now is the time --no more doubts -- no submission --
I hope to see Texas forever free from Mexican domination of any kind."

The 'NAFTA' railroad serial killer Ramirez New Nation News report on Epidemic of 
''Spanic'' and Mexican sex crimes
in Northern California

In the same manner that Santa Anna called for the outnumbered Texans to surrender
before his troops stormed the walls of the Alamo, 
Clinton has publicly called for the surrender of Kosovo.
Bart Simpson comments on Reconquista NAFTA - man of the year
mi nombre es taco, el perro de la frontera
The 'NAFTA' railroad serial killer Ramirez
Mexican comments on Law and Order
Surreal site distills dark essence of corrupt Mex-city

Anasazi practiced cannibalism? One scientist thinks so.

Anthropologist has proven that the Anasazi and other Southwestern Indians practiced cannibalism, and that the practices came north to the Southwest and Chaco Canyon area from Mexico. Human sacrifice was rampant in Mexican culture. After the bodies were sacrificed in the temples and the blood and heart  were distributed, sometimes given to family or  conquering warriors, he believes that the priest may have cut up the body and distributed it. "He  could have traded it for something he needed, he could have given it away or sold it, but he got the meat into the marketplace"
San Antonio Texas Police Department Crime Data Web Site with Maps
Bob Park for US Senator - "The People of Arizona are fed up"
Border 21 The plan to globalize the U.S. Southwest Border
Republic of Texas 
The Texas Army National Guard Kills Civil Rights
(from the man that alerted World Net Daily to the Texas black helicopter 'war games')
Corruption, discrimination  and disloyalty in the Texas National Guard
Don't drive anywhere in Mexico at night.
(or during the daytime - just not a good idea)
For more disinformation, 
call the Mexican Government Tourism Office (312-747-9252) or AAA (312-372-1818);
for State Department travel advisories, check the Web at http://travel.state.gov or call  202-647-5225.
State Department Travelers Warnings on Mexico
Mexican mayhem
The country's worst crime wave ever has become "Topic A" in the presidential race
Mexico City: ``Scum!'' - ``Sons of whores!'  the crowd shouted at the cops.
``These people sympathize with the criminals, they hate authority,''

Southwest and "points south"  - Crime Reference Links

...now more than five million illegal aliens in the US,
with another million? arriving each year...

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 Race & Rape in America      
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