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  • Canada: Air India Bombing Figure Denied Parole
    Inderjit Singh ReyatInderjit Singh Reyat's claims that he's no longer the "young and naive" terrorist who helped to orchestrate the worst mass killing in Canadian history didn't ring true for the three-member parole board panel, said lead panel member Michael Crowley.  


    Foreign Toronto bus drivers Raja Maharaj and Farook Khan accused of sexually assaulting woman on bus  
A TTC Wheel-Trans passenger who is confined to a wheelchair with a serious disability was allegedly sexually assaulted on Monday by the driver, police said. This is the second alleged attack on a Wheel-Trans passenger in as many months. Raja Maharaj, 36, of Toronto was released on $5,000 bail and has been placed under house arrest until his next court appearance March 20.   In January, a woman called police after she was allegedly attacked by a driver. Farook Khan, 57, faces sexual assault charges in that case. - (temp link) - (Newsroom)


  • U.S., Canada Break Human Asian and Eastern European Smuggling Ring
    WINDSOR, Ontario -- A smuggling ring that sometimes forced migrants to hang on the sides of freight trains or be stuffed in car trunks to get across the Canadian-U.S. border was broken Tuesday with the arrests of 17 people. They intercepted 74 illegal immigrants -- mostly from Asian and Eastern European countries -- who were being smuggled into the United States from Canada. Canadian officials said 24 migrants were stopped going into their country.  The migrants face deportation. - (Invasion!)  


  • Retired Vatican Official Wanted in Canada for homosexually abusing a 12-year-old altar boy
    Monsignor Bernard Prince, 71, once the secretary general for the Vatican's Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith and close to the late Pope John Paul II, is now retired in Rome. The alleged victim, now in his 50s, claimed he was molested when he was an altar boy at the church where Prince served in the Upper Ottawa Valley in the late 1960s before moving to Rome to serve the Vatican. - (Canada)

  • Canadian Party Vows Armed Border Guards
    VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- A prominent member of Canada's incoming Conservative government said Wednesday the party will stand behind its promise to arm border guards, a day after guards fled their posts because two murder suspects were heading for the border from California.   Some unarmed guards abandoned their posts at four crossings along the British Columbia border on Tuesday when they heard the murder suspects were coming their way. Suspects Ishtiaq Hussain, 38, of Pakistan, and Jose Antonio Barajas, 22, of Mexico, were arrested amid gunfire at the end of a high-speed chase Tuesday, police said. Hussain was shot and wounded by U.S. border guards. Toews suggested Canada should be embarrassed by the incident. - (Canada)

    Canada: Toronto is being terrorized by black Jamaican migrant gangs
William BrattonQ&A with former NYC chief of police, William Bratton  
(Bratton) Well, thank you. Tell me, the gang violence that you are experiencing, what is the racial or ethnic background of the gangs?
(Linda) That's a refreshingly blunt question. Some say it may be as high as 80 per cent Jamaican. But no one knows for sure, because people here don't like to talk about that.
(Bratton) You need to talk about it. It's all part of the issue. If it's Jamaican gangs that are committing the crimes, well then, go after the Jamaican gangs.  And don't be afraid to go after them because they're black. That's the last thing you need to be concerned with.
(Linda) Oh boy, I can see the complaints coming in already.
You have to understand the climate here. The major local daily in Toronto, the Toronto Star, says it doesn't believe in "gratuitously" labelling people by ethnic origin.
(Bratton) Well, that really helps identify who they are, doesn't it? The next step will be to refuse to allow the police to identify people by their race or ethnic origin. That type of societal consciousness really goes to extremes.- (Newsroom) - (Canada)

Ref: Black Leaders Still Wary of New L.A. Police Chief William Bratton
LOS ANGELES (NNPA)—African-American "leaders" remain wary of new Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, even after their first major meeting with the chief—and in the wake of the departure of the only two blacks in the LAPD’s top leadership positions.
Ref: Nation of Islam:: "Mayor Villaraigosa . . . please fire Police Chief Bratton"
Los Angeles, Alta California - August 31, 2005 - (ACN) The recently elected Los Angeles mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, is facing his first major challenge. At issue is how to deal with the historically corrupt and brutal Los Angeles Police Department and their recent out of control behavior against both the Black and Latino communities that may, again, result in major riots and social unrest in the City of Angels.


  • Canada Deports Algerian Terror Suspect
    VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- An Algerian-born man accused of helping in the plot to bomb the Los Angeles airport on the millennium was quietly deported from Canada after years fighting for refugee status there, officials said Friday. Samir Ait Mohamed was put aboard a flight leaving Vancouver airport Wednesday, officials said, after he voluntarily agreed to drop his fight against the deportation order. - (Canada)


  • Elsie WayneCanada: Tory firebrand Elsie Wayne back on national stage to fight same-sex marriage
    Former Conservative MP Elsie Wayne, who once advised Canadian gays and lesbians to "shut up" about their lifestyle, has marched back into the political arena under the banner of Christian outrage.  Wayne, 73, has been recruited by Vote Marriage Canada, a lobby group that is waging a national campaign to revisit the same-sex marriage issue in a bid to restore the traditional definition of marriage.  


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    Canada: Sodomite Lobby Pushes Bill that would Ban the Bible as "Homophobic Hate Literature"
Stop The Destructive Bill C-250 Now!
- (reader link)

    When Preaching The Bible Is Outlawed, I'll Be An Outlaw - by Chuck Baldwin

    http://www.invadecanada.us - Why invade Canada?
"Why invade Canada? - (excerpt) Canada Has Stuff!

First off, let's make Alaska actually connected to the U.S. again! Those Alaskan folks are always getting screwed by not being part of the "continental 48 states". Let's give them a nice little bridge downstairs. A little bit of farmland never hurt anything either, but forget the permafrost part. Canada is the second largest country in the world, let's fix that..."


    "We wouldn't expect many casualties when we invade liberate Canuckistan, eh?"

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