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    BBC Soap Opera Negro beats his white girlfriend like a "wild animal"
Emma Archibald and black lover Mohammed GeorgeRAGING EastEnders star Mohammed George was like a “wild animal” before he was arrested on suspicion of belting his girlfriend, a shocked witness said yesterday. The passer-by told how lover Emma Archibald was left sprawled on the pavement after the couple had a blazing row as they left a restaurant at 2.15am. The witness said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. Emma came out first and then Mohammed joined her. It looked like they were in the middle of a row and suddenly he flew into a rage. “She was crying out in defence and he was like a wild animal. The row erupted as he and Emma, 26 — mother of his illegitimate 21-month-old daughter Olivia — left the trendy Gilgamesh restaurant in Camden. - (Newsroom) - (UK) - (Black-on-white)


    Two Sudanese asylum seekers who raped a young mother within four weeks of arriving in the UK
Ahmed Mohammed and Osman Eltommehave been jailed for a total of 10-and-a-half years. Ahmed Mohammed, 30, and Osman Eltomme, 19, dragged the woman to the Nayland Rock Hotel in Margate where they were staying, Canterbury Crown Court heard. They then raped the 20-year-old in the garden during the attack on 23 July. Judge Anthony Webb said he would recommend they be deported after serving their sentences. Both men pleaded guilty to rape in October. She told police Mohammed appeared to be giving the younger man instructions during the attack. Neither spoke English. - (Newsroom) - (UK)

  • British far-right leader cleared of race-hate charges
    The leader of Britain's far-right British National Party was acquitted Friday of stirring up racial hatred in a speech that labeled Islam a "wicked, vicious faith." British National Party leader Nick Griffin was cleared by a jury at Leeds Crown Court in northern England. Another party member, Mark Collett, also was acquitted. BNP supporters in the public gallery broke into tears and cheered as the verdict was announced. Dozens more BNP supporters and anti-fascist demonstrators held noisy rival rallies outside the courthouse, as they have throughout the weeklong trial. - (Newsroom) - (UK)

  • UK: Afahan Mohammed Hussain held for killing a two-year-old white boy in a hit-and-run crash
    Joshua Berrill and aunt Millie RobinsonA man accused of killing a two-year-old boy in a hit-and-run crash two years ago has been remanded in custody. Joshua Berrill died in hospital after being hit by a car as he crossed Burney Lane, in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham, in August 2004. Witnesses saw the toddler dragged along the road by the vehicle before it drove off. The child's 13-year-old aunt, Millie Robinson, was also struck by the car and suffered a broken leg. Today, Afahan Mohammed Hussain, 21, appeared before magistrates in Birmingham charged with causing the toddler's death by dangerous driving. - (Newsroom) - (UK)

  • France: Man Faces Trial for Disputing Holocaust
    A French far-right leader and member of the European Parliament went on trial Tuesday over remarks in which he questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers. Bruno Gollnisch, the No. 2 in France's National Front party, is accused of "disputing a crime against humanity" in the trial in Lyon in southeast France.

  • Retrial Starts for "Far-Right" British National Party Leader Nick Griffin
    Nick GriffinLEEDS, England -- The leader of Britain's biggest anti-immigration party began a retrial Wednesday on charges of inciting racial hatred, as hundreds of supporters and anti-racism activists demonstrated outside the court. British National Party leader Nick Griffin, 46, denies using words or behavior intended or likely to stir up racial hatred when he gave a speech at a pub in Keighley, Yorkshire in January 2004. BNP activist Mark Collett, 26 -- a former youth leader -- faces similar charges relating to two speeches he made. - (Newsroom) - (UK)

  • Viking-Era Silver Coins Found in Sweden
    Viking coinsArchaeologists said Monday they found more than 1,000 silver coins in a Viking-era hoard discovered by chance on the Swedish island of Gotland. The treasure, believed to have been buried in the 10th century, also included several silver bracelets and weighed about 7 pounds.. - (EU) - (Newsroom)

  • Sensational Viking find
    The grave of a wealthy Viking farmer, buried with his horse, sword, spear and shield, has been found in Orkdal. Last week archeologists from Trondheim in central Norway made a sensational discovery - a complete Viking grave at Kvam Farm at Fannrem in South-Trøndelag County. The preliminary investigation only revealed cooking pits and scattered postholes, so finding a funeral pyre at the site proved to be an enormous surprise, the Science Museum reported on its web site. The farmer was found buried with a double-edged sword, a large spearhead, a shield stud, a bell and a whetstone. Animal teeth were also found at the spot, most likely horse teeth. The bell was most likely hung on the horse, and it still sounded, a thousand years after its interment with horse and farmer. - (Newsroom) - (EU)

    UK: Ugandan migrant raped 13-year-old Scottish girl
A man who abducted and raped a 13-year-old girl has been sentenced to 12 years in prison. Watson Ogora, 33, and an accomplice, forced the girl into a car and made her swallow a date-rape drug before raping her, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard. They caught the girl near Plaistow tube station, east London, in January 2005. The judge recommended Ogora, who had indefinite leave to remain in the UK, for deportation back to Uganda. His accomplice is still at large. Ogora was convicted of two counts of rape, two counts of sexual activity with a child, kidnapping and false imprisonment. He denied all charges. - (UK) - (Newsroom)

    UK: A black male, has sexually molested at least 98 elderly people, 88 women and ten men, all of them white
This type of offender is known as a gerontophile (one who seeks sexual gratification from the elderly). It is the largest hunt for a serial rapist that Scotland Yard has ever mounted and began in 1998 following the forensic link of two rapes. All the offences were committed in the southeast area of London. They have identified the suspect by his DNA, which indicate an ancestral link to the Caribbean - (Newsroom) - (UK)


  • Study: Europe Armed Forces Face Shortage
    LEVI, Finland -- Europe's declining population will leave its armed forces facing a serious manpower shortage in 20 years, forcing governments to shrink their armies, develop more robot weapons or outsource military tasks, according to a report. The report, which was to be submitted to European Union defense ministers on Tuesday, paints a worrying picture of an aging Europe in 2025 struggling to maintain military spending in the face of growing pension costs. "The global context is sobering," defense experts wrote in the report, which pointed to demographic and economic trends that could lead to a "relatively poorer" Europe surrounded by struggling regions in Africa, the Middle East and Russia. And the Europeans won't be able to rely on their traditional trans-Atlantic ally, as the United States will increasingly switch its attention to Asia, where China and India are developing as new global superpowers, the report warns. - (EU)



    UK: AIDS-infected illegal African "asylum seeker" Bantu Everson Banda lured women for deadly sex
Everson Banda
AIDS timebomb Everson Banda lured women for sex sessions at his holiday campsite caravan. The African asylum seeker — who was in Britain illegally and nicknamed himself Ace — bedded scores of women trippers and 13 co-workers in three seasons at the resort. But immigration officials arrested him in a targeted July swoop. And a search of his caravan found letters from lawyers of women who claimed he had given them HIV. They named up to five distraught lovers infected with the virus — which causes deadly Aids — after having sex with Banda. - (Newsroom)


  • Ineluctable demographic results of contraception and abortion lead to Islamic takeover of the West
    Muslim immigrants’ higher birthrates will replace traditionally Christian Europe with an Islamic majority within this century. The birthrate of native Europeans has fallen sharply since the 1960s. The usual measure is total fertility rate (TFR), the number of children an average woman will bear in her lifetime. A TFR of 2.1 is required to replenish a population; the current average level in the 25-nation European Union is just under 1.5, and as low as 1.2 in Italy, the Czech Republic and Latvia. The TFR is 1.77 in Britain, 1.98 in Ireland, 1.89 in France. - (Newsroom) - (Commentary)

  • UK: Tian Bin Xue sought over 91-year-old Pensioner Olive Stephens' hit-and-run death
    Detectives investigating the death of a 91-year-old pedestrian who was run over twice by the same car said today that they were hunting for a 33-year-old man. Olive Stephens was in collision with a silver Citroen Xsara as it reversed along Longroyd View in the Beeston area of Leeds on July 17. The car was then put into first gear and Mrs Stephens was hit again, police said. Today, detectives said they wanted to speak to Tian Bin Xue. - (Newsroom)

  • UK: Missing girl - 'Muslim Molly' daughter of migrant Paki 'wanted to leave UK'
    12-year old Molly Campbell told a media conference in Lahore, Pakistan, where she has been living for the last week, that she left Scotland of her own free will. Molly's mother and legal guardian, Louise Campbell, had made an emotional appeal for the return of her daughter. The youngster said she now wants to be known by her Muslim name and to stay in Pakistan with her father.

  • Theft Revives French Immigration Debate
    Cherif Bouchelaleg, who came to France from his native Algeria at age 11, had been facing possible expulsion after repeated convictions for robbery and drunken driving. Pro-immigration groups argued that his deportation would unfairly target Bouchelaleg's six French children by breaking up the family.

  • France Cracks Down on Illegal (mostly African) Immigrants
    CACHAN, France -- For dozens of illegal immigrant families, a gymnasium outside Paris has become a temporary home. They sleep shoulder-to-shoulder, their dingy mattresses piled high with necessities and small treasures: cooking pans, diapers, stuffed animals. The families, mostly Africans, were evicted from France's largest squat on Aug. 17. Riot police stormed the building -- an abandoned dormitory at a prestigious university -- and forced out more than 500 people. Nearly 30 illegal immigrants were put in detention centers. About 200 went to the cramped, dank gymnasium.
  • Spain Seeks Help in Stemming African Migrants
    The new arrivals raised the total so far this year to more than 19,000 -- nearly four times the figure for last year. In August alone more migrants have arrived than in all of 2005, the government said. Many poor Africans try to migrate to Spain, which has become a springboard to a better life in this country or elsewhere in Europe.



Serb Leader: Kosovo Serbs Live in Fear
BELGRADE, Serbia -- Serbia's president said Sunday that Serbs in Kosovo live in fear, despite promises from U.N. authorities and ethnic Albanian leaders to protect their rights as a minority in the troubled province. President Boris Tadic issued a statement to mark the third anniversary of an attack on Serb teenagers in Kosovo, when gunmen killed two and wounded four while the teens were swimming in a river in the western village of Gorazdevac. "Serbs live in constant fear for their lives and the lives of their families," Tadic said. "The international community must find the perpetrators of this crime and provide security for all." He accused international officials in Kosovo and the local authorities of "doing nothing to solve the murder of the children." - (EU) - (UK)

    UK: Evil Somali migrant Rapist, 21, jailed for ten years - then hopefully deported
Dahir IbrahimA savage African migrant has been convicted of three counts of rape and jailed for ten years following a lengthy trial at Birmingham Crown Court. Dahir Ibrahim, 21, a Somalian national, who lived in Smethwick, raped street sex workers at knifepoint in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham. He targeted vulnerable women in their 20s, 30s and 40s in 2003 and 2005. He has to sign the sex offenders' register for life and the judge recommended him for deportation. Officers from Rose Road police station worked with health outreach project SAFE to reach women sex workers to identify victims and warn of the potential threat to their safety. 'Truly evil individual' - (Newsroom) - (UK)

    Black 'Animals' tried to rape 11yo white girl
Sarah Foster Danny PreddieRicky PreddieSEX attack victim Sarah Foster told last night how the Preddies (Danny Preddie and Ricky Preddie) tore her clothes off as they tried to rape her. Sarah, just ELEVEN at the time, said: “Their eyes bulged with hatred. They were like animals.” The brothers were among a five-strong mob who pounced on Sarah and another girl in a deserted Peckham playground. Sarah — Ricky’s girlfriend until three months before — said: “Their hands were everywhere. We were crying out but they kept saying, ‘Shut up, you know you want it.’ They were screaming at me that I was a slag. “My pants were down at my knees. They punched me to the ground and hurt my legs and face. “I could hear my friend crying and yelling. At various stages one of us would break free and try to help the other. Then we’d both be pinned down again.” - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (UK) - (Black-on-white) - Ref: Justice at last for Damilola parents

  • UK: Judges rule Zimbabweans can be deported
    Thousands of failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers could be sent home after the home secretary, John Reid, today won the right to deport them. The asylum and immigration tribunal reversed an earlier decision and ruled Zimbabweans did not automatically face "a real risk of being subjected to persecution or serious ill-treatment" if returned to Robert Mugabe's regime.

    UK: Black American airman has been jailed for 12 years for raping three teenage girls
James GardnerAn American airman has been jailed for 12 years for raping three teenage girls in North Yorkshire. Staff Sergeant James Gardner got the 14, 15 and 17-year-olds drunk before forcing himself upon them. The 34-year-old took advantage of the girls, who all lived in a childrens home in North Yorkshire, while he was serving at the top secret US base at RAF Menwith Hill, near Harrogate. Gardner claimed the teenagers consented to sex with him at his Harrogate flat but a jury last month found him guilty of five counts of rape, two counts of sexual assault and another of attempted rape following a trial in York. continued... Today, Judge Paul Hoffman made reference to Gardner's exemplary career, saying he was a credit to the air force. But the judge added: "You have lost all that, Im afraid, by these convictions." Judge Hoffman ordered Gardner to be put on the sex offenders register for life and to be deported after his release from prison, which he said would probably be after serving half the 12 years. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (UK)

  • "Apartheid-like society in Anglo-Saxon Britain"
    LONDON (Reuters) - Anglo-Saxon invaders set up an apartheid-like society in Britain between the 5th and 7th centuries and out-breed the natives, leaving modern Britons with a disproportionately large percentage of their genes. Researchers said on Wednesday the Anglo-Saxons, despite coming in relatively small numbers from parts of modern Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, used their economic and social advantage so that in less than 15 generations present-day England had a large percentage of Germanic genes.

  • African bushmeat sold in Europe, U.S.
    chimpsMeat from wild animals including primates is being sold in clandestine markets in North America and Europe. "I have 27 records of chimpanzee and gorilla parts being sold in markets," Brashares told New Scientist magazine."In each case it was not a complete body, but a hand, leg or in two cases, a head," he added. Bushmeat is meat from wild animals including gorilla, chimpanzee, forest antelope, crocodile and bush pig. It is a food staple among forest-dwelling communities in Africa and a source of income for thousands of people. - (UK) - (EU) - (Africa)

  • Police Kill Driver Tarance Deshon Hall in Confrontation With Officers Over Music Complaint on Las Vegas Strip
    He's said to have driven off with one officer hanging onto his car. His vehicle collided with a taxi and hit a pole, knocking the officer unconscious.

  • Blair under fire as Muslims split on bombers
    LONDON - Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Tuesday he was trying to engage with Britain’s Muslim community but Islamic extremism could not be defeated by the government alone. Blair came under fire for failing to improve relations as a poll showed 13 percent of Britain’s 1.6 million Muslims think the four Islamic suicide bombers who killed 52 people in London last year should be regarded as “martyrs.” - (UK)
  • Islam in Europe - A country-by-country rundown on the numbers, history and issues.

    Associate of bombers claims he warned of London attacks
Mohammed Sadique KhanShehzad TanweerLONDON, England (AP) -- A man who used his computer skills to help encrypt e-mails and produce anti-Western DVDs for radical Muslims said he tried to warn British police about two of the men responsible for the July terrorist attacks in London, a newspaper reported Saturday. Martin Gilbertson said he met Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer in Beeston, West Yorkshire, which is about 195 miles (310 kilometers) north of London. He told The Guardian newspaper he was introduced to them at a party held to celebrate the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States. Gilbertson, who the newspaper said was a former Hell's Angel and roadie for the band Motorhead, said he was working as a computer technician for people who were involved in a local Islamic bookshop and youth center. - (Newsroom) - (UK) * Ref: THE FOUR FANATICS

  • Muslims, West see each other at fault

  • Muslims Address Silence on Europe Attacks
    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Europe's Muslims have remained largely silent in the face of terrorist attacks that have killed 254 people in Madrid, London and Amsterdam. Europeans want to know why. Why have so few of them publicly condemned the train and bus bombings in Madrid and London? Why have so few spoken out against the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, killed because his work was considered an insult to Islam? - (EU) - (UK)


UK: Muslim terrorist gang 'plotted to blow up Ministry of Sound'
Muslim cellAn alleged al-Qa'eda terrorist cell discussed blowing up the Ministry of Sound nightclub to take revenge on "those slags dancing around", a jury heard yesterday.Pictures of six of the seven alleged British terrorists were released for the first time as the court heard a covert recording made by MI5 in the student flat occupied by Jawad Akbar in Uxbridge, west London. Top, from left: Jawad Akbar, Omar Khyam and Shujah Mahmood. Bottom, from left: Salahuddin Amin, Anthony Garcia and Waheed Mahmood. - (Newsroom) - (UK)



    UK: Illegal immigrant rapist Souny Mustafa who fled will not be jailed
AN illegal immigrant who vanished while on bail for rape may never serve his prison sentence, police admitted yesterday. Souny Mustafa, 31, was in Britain unlawfully when he attacked a girl. But he was still given bail in December because of delays by prosecutors. - (Newsroom) - (UK)


Trial of author Oriana Fallaci, charged with defaming Islam, opens in Italy
Islamic activist Adel SmithOriana FallaciROME - The trial of Italian author and veteran journalist Oriana Fallaci, accused of defaming Islam in a 2004 book, opened   in northern Italy. Islamic activist Adel Smith, who was not in court, charged that some passages in Fallaci's book, "The Force of Reason," were offensive to Islam. His lawyer cited a phrase from the book that refers to Islam as "a pool . . . that never purifies." In "The Strength of Reason," Fallaci accuses Europe of having sold its soul to what she describes as an Islamic invasion.
- (Newsroom) - (EU)   Ref: Is Islam a Satanic cult of the Damned?

In The Force of Reason Fallaci takes aim at the many attacks and death threats she received after the publication of The Rage and the Pride. Ms. Fallaci begins by identifying herself with one Master Cecco, the author of a heretical book who was burnt at the stake during the Inquisition seven centuries ago on account of his beliefs, and proceeds with a rigorous analysis of the burning of Troy and the creation of a Europe that, to her judgment, is no longer her familiar homeland but rather a place best called Eurabia, a soon-to-be colony of Islam (with Italy as its stronghold). Ms. Fallaci explores her ideas in historical, philosophical, moral, and political terms, courageously addressing taboo topics with sharp logic.

    African invasion: Italians intercept migrant boat
Italian authorities say they have intercepted a fishing boat carrying more than 400 illegal immigrants off the Italian island of Lampedusa. The migrants, who officials say mostly appear to be of North African origin, have been taken to a holding centre. On Saturday more than 100 illegal immigrants landed on the island. Lampedusa is the first Italian territory to be reached by boats from Tunisia or Libya and thousands of migrants attempt the journey each year. Just last month, some 500 immigrants arrived on Lampedusa in one of the largest such landings the island has experienced. More than 10,000 illegal immigrants landed on Lampedusa in 2004. - (EU)


Queer Dutch envoy and his black lover flee welter of abuse
Driven out: Hans Glaubitz and his partner Raúl García LaoThe Dutch Ambassador to Estonia has resigned his post because of the racist and homophobic abuse directed at his black boyfriend. Hans Glaubitz, who had represented his country with his Cuban partner without problems in Brazil and South Africa, demanded a transfer because Raúl García Lao could not stand living in Tallinn any longer. They arrived in the Estonian capital last September. Mr Glaubitz said: “It is not very nice to be regularly abused by drunken skinheads as a ‘nigger’ and to be continuously gawped at as if you have just stepped out of a UFO.”  - (Newsroom)

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    UK: Sean Bryson's Banned Pages

    UK whites will be minority by 2100 - in London by 2010
Whites will be an ethnic minority in Britain by the end of the century. Analysis of official figures indicate that, at current fertility rates and levels of immigration, there will be more non-whites than whites by 2100.   It would be the first time in history that a major indigenous population has voluntarily become a minority, rather than through war, famine or disease. Whites will be a minority in London by 2010.  - (Newsroom) - (UK)

    English girls often as young as twelve have been targeted by Asian Muslim paedophile gangs for sex, drugs and a life of prostitution.
Women of BritainIt has even got a special name - it is now called 'Grooming'. This has been highlighted numerous times in TV shows, throughout newspapers and on Internet media websites. The Asian media website 'Asians in media' reported recently that it was happening to literally hundreds of girls all over Britain. Who can forget the young child on the channel 4 documentary 'Edge of the City' who said she has had over 100 Asian sexual partners, after being 'groomed' by them. Even local Labour MP Ann Cryer has condemned the local Muslim community over this, but she has been either unwilling or unable to come to grips with the problem. - (Madkins)- (UK)

George WashingtonGeorge Washington's Farewell Address
"Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor, or caprice? It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world..."





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