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1Sa 23:27  ...Haste thee, and come; for the Philistines have invaded the land.

Juan Galindo’





Deportation for illegal immigrant in Cliffside Park home invasion
Cesar MolinaAn illegal Ecuadoran immigrant from Cliffside Park who broke into his estranged wife’s home last October will likely be deported later this year after pleading guilty in Hackensack today to burglary and aggravated assault charges. Cesar Molina, 51, originally was charged with a variety of sexual and aggravated assault offenses in connection with the Oct. 15, 2013 incident. He will be sentenced to time served on Nov. 14 before being deported, under the terms of a plea bargain.  - (Invasion!)




Illegal alien gets 8-year prison sentence in death of Phoenix police officer
Jesus Cabrera MolinaDaryl RaetzPHOENIX - A man charged in the hit-and-run death of a Phoenix police officer has been sentenced to eight years in prison. Maricopa County prosecutors say 25-year-old Jesus Cabrera Molina also was sentenced Friday to seven years of probation. He pleaded no contest to charges of negligent homicide and hit-and-run with death or injury. Molina originally was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and leaving the scene of a fatal collision. Police say 29-year-old Officer Daryl Raetz was conducting a DUI stop May 19 in west Phoenix when another vehicle struck him and fled the scene. Raetz later died at a hospital. Investigators say they matched pieces of the vehicle from the scene with parts missing from Molina's SUV. Molina told police he was drinking and doing cocaine hours the accident. Raetz's family asked the court for the harshest penalty available. After hours of testimony, the judge agreed and handed down the maximum sentence of 8 years in prison. It was incredibly emotional in the courtroom as family and friends made public statements about Officer Raetz. He was an Iraq War veteran and had been with the Phoenix police since 2007. Raetz is survived by his wife and a 7-year-old daughter. Molina addressed the court, "I just want to ask for forgiveness for all the harm that I've caused." Raetz's wife, Stephanie, spoke after the sentencing. "It also helps me to know I looked him in the eyes and told him how I felt and that's something that he has to live with for the rest of his life and he has to life with the fact that he killed my husband, her son, his brother.. for the rest of his life... I don't believe he is remorseful at all... He still has yet to admit that he did anything wrong and is guilty, so I don't feel like he has any remorse whatsoever." The judge said Cabrera-Molina's probation after his prison time could potentially be reduced to just 3.5 years. Cabrera-Molina is an undocumented immigrant and the judge said he will go through the deportation process following his time served.  - (Invasion!)





Stop the invasion!














ILLEGAL ALIEN Charged With Stabbing Woman With Kitchen Knife
Baldomero Velasco-LopezAn illegal immigrant was arrested early Wednesday in Chambersburg, after police said he stabbed a woman three times with a large kitchen knife. Baldomero Velasco-Lopez, 37, who was living in the 700 block of Broad Street in Chambersburg, has been charged with attempted criminal homicide and aggravated assault. He was denied bail and is being held in Franklin County Prison. The 35-year-old woman he is accused of stabbing was first brought to the Chambersburg Hospital before she was airlifted to the York Hospital Trauma Center.  - (Invasion!)


  • Federal Officials Propose Texas Immigration Lockup
  • Luis Gutierrez: 'I Lost' the Executive Amnesty Argument
    Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) conceded that grassroots American workers who oppose executive amnesty for illegal immigrants were more persuasive than he was, ultimately forcing President Barack Obama to delay his executive amnesty until after the midterm elections.
  • Ann Coulter: GET ANGRY NOW
    President Obama now says he will wait until after the November elections to implement an "executive amnesty" for 11 million illegal aliens, so as not to hurt Democrats' chances this year. Instead of waiting to be enraged in December, voters, could you please be enraged now? Once the holiday season kicks off, you'll be too busy going to parties and Christmas shopping to notice that you're suddenly living in Mexico. - (Drudge)  - (Invasion!)


  • Illegal immigrant Calif. convicted sex offender arrested in Arizona
    illegal immigrantYUMA, Ariz. - A convicted sex offender out of California believed to be in the country illegally has arrested in southwestern Arizona. U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Yuma Sector say Alvaro Perez-Lopez was taken into custody Sunday after a vehicle stop on Highway 93 near Wikieup. They say Perez-Lopez was a passenger in the vehicle. Record checks identified Perez as a convicted sex offender out of Santa Rosa, California. He was convicted in September 2009 and removed from the U.S. in December 2011 via San Ysidro California. Border authorities say Perez-Lopez also was illegally living in the U.S. and he's now facing deportation.  - (Invasion!)


  • Texas teen smuggling illegals leads police on 119-mile pursuit  - (Invasion!)
    A Texas teenager faces state and federal charges after leading U.S. Border Patrol and sheriff’s deputies on a 119-mile overnight pursuit while carrying 14 illegal immigrants in her truck. Selena Amanda Huitron, 17, of Austin reached speeds up to 100 mph Friday while being pursued by police through LaSalle, Frio and Bexar counties







Illegal Mexican immigrant charged in crash that killed Mt. Airy woman
Merced GarciaHAMILTON, Ohio —An illegal immigrant is in Butler County Jail on misdemeanor charges but she could be heading back to Mexico based on her current immigration status. On Monday, Hamilton police arrested and charged Merced Garcia, 37, for vehicular homicide and driving without a license. Hamilton police said Garcia failed to provide proof of U.S. citizenship. On Aug. 20, police were sent the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Ludlow Street around 2:30 p.m. Police said when they arrived, they found a Jeep driven by Garcia had turned into the path of a motorcycle and failed to yield when turning. The driver of the motorcycle, David McDaniel, 64, and his wife, Delilah Gayle McDaniel, were taken to Fort Hamilton Hospital. Delilah McDaniel was transferred to a Dayton area hospital due to the severity of her injuries. She died Saturday night while in surgery. Hamilton Police said Garcia is Mexican and does not speak English, which can be a challenge for many officers. Police did communicate with Garcia through an interpreter.  - (Invasion!)



Gov. Jerry Brown to Mexican Illegals: 'You're All Welcome in California'
Latinos make up nearly 40% of the state's population and have made California "only the second state, behind New Mexico, where whites are not the majority and Latinos are the plurality." - (Drudge link)  - (Invasion!)

  • Milford illegal immigrant from Ecuador charged with raping 12-year-old Worcester girl
    illegal immigrantWORCESTER – An undocumented immigrant living in Milford is facing charges for the alleged rape of a 12-year-old Worcester girl. Jhonny Jeres, 20, of 11 Court St., Milford, was arrested by Worcester Police on Sunday and charged with three counts of statutory rape, indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and trespassing. The victim reported to police that Jeres sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions from Jan. 1, 2014 through Aug. 8. Starting when the victim was 11-years-old, Jeres allegedly French kissed her and felt her breasts on multiple occasions. During separate dates in early June, late July and on Aug. 8, the victim reported Jeres had sexual intercourse with her.  - (Invasion!)



Stop the invasion!




Arrest Warrant Issued For Patient With Contagious Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
Agustin ZeferinoSANTA BARBARA — An arrest warrant has been issued for a Southern California man with a contagious case of drug-resistant tuberculosis, authorities said Friday. 24-year-old Agustin Zeferino discontinued treatment for the disease two weeks ago, Santa Barbara County Health Department officials said. He is believed to be in the Santa Barbara area but officials don’t know where. Health Department official Dr. Charity Thoman said there are several reasons authorities believe Zeferino may still be in Santa Barbara County. “He has many ties in Santa Maria, which is the largest city in northern Santa Barbara County,” said Thoman. “He’s well-established here, we have very strong reasons to believe he is still in the area.” “If Mr. Zeferino is contagious and he is out in our community, it is a public health emergency,” she said.  - (Invasion!)

  • Citizenship status of suspect not reported - ed.

  • Border Patrol Apprehends Another Illegal Immigrant Sex Offender
    illegal migrant sex offenderBorder Patrol apprehended another Central American convicted sex offender attempting to illegally enter the U.S. through the southern border this week, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Osmar D. Acevedo, a Guatemalan national, was apprehended Monday 29 miles west of Calexico, California, and was discovered by agents to be a sex offender sentenced to three years in prison. “Acevedo was convicted as a felon in 2008 for acts with a child: age specific, out of Los Angeles, and sentenced to serve three years in prison. Acevedo also has immigration convictions for illegal entry after being previously removed,” CBP said in its announcement. “Acevedo is in Border Patrol custody and will be processed and prosecuted for re-entry after previously being deported,” it added. Earlier this week CBP announced two other apprehensions this month of illegal immigrants convicted of sex offenses against minors – one from El Salvador and one from Honduras.  - (Invasion!)



Illegal immigrant accused of operating fake ID mill in Texas
Andres Ramos MarreroNacogdoches County, Texas — An illegal immigrant has been detained and is on a Homeland Security hold after it was learned he was making fraudulent identification cards in Nacogdoches County. Andres Ramos Marrero, 45, was arrested by deputies executing two search warrants Friday afternoon at a trailer home on County Road 522. The suspect is accused of making several different forms of fake IDs: Social security cards, residential alien cards, Mexico identification cards Texas ID cards and Texas driver license. According to Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges, an ongoing investigation into fraudulent identifications cards led investigators to identify the main target of the investigation. His department had received complaints about fraudulent cards and had recovered some of over the last several months.  - (Invasion!)


Immigration case dropped for driver in death Forest Grove girls - Illigal migrant only gets probation for killing two little White girls
Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, Mario Echeverria,Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, and Abby RobinsonPORTLAND -- An immigration judge has dropped the deportation case against Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, the woman who struck and killed two Forest Grove girls playing in piles of leaves. "Ms. Garcia-Cisneros was released from ICE custody Aug. 14 after an immigration judge dismissed her case," said Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Andrew S. Munoz.. KXL radio first reported the news of the decision. Munoz referred further questions to Department of Justice officials. Garcia-Cisneros, 19, was found guilty Jan. 15 on two counts of failure to perform the duties of a driver. She was sentenced to 3 years probation and 250 hours of community service in a courtroom packed with the victims' emotional friends and family. She was released from the Washington County Jail within and taken into federal custody on an immigration hold. On Oct. 20, stepsisters Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, and Abby Robinson, 11, were alone in the street, playing in a leaf pile when Garcia-Cisneros drove through it, felt a bump and kept going. On Friday, when the girls' family members spoke in court, there was not a dry eye in the room. Her boyfriend, 18-year-old Mario Echeverria, was sentenced to 13 months in prison for hindering prosecution after the crash. Instead of going to police, investigators said he took the SUV to a car wash to destroy evidence.



Stop the invasion!




ICE Detains Illegal Wanted for Murder in Mexico
illegal criminal  immigrantAn illegal immigrant wanted in Mexico for murder has been arrested in Colorado, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Friday. Officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations apprehended Jesus Gabriel Ibarra-Espinoza, a former Mexican police officer, wanted by authorities in Mexico for an aggravated homicide, in Centennial, Colo. on Tuesday. A witness alleges that at 1am on January 17, 2000 Ibarra-Espinoza shot Adrian Almodovar-Villalba with his assigned AR-17 while working as a police officer in Mocorito, Mexico on a security detail at a party. The witness said that Ibarra-Espinoza may have been intoxicated. ICE reports that Ibarra-Espinoza fled the scene and later illegally entered the United States. ICE removed him from the U.S. in February 2000 but he returned and last entered the U.S. illegally in May 2000.  - (Invasion!)


Stop the invasion!



Stop the invasion!



Stop the invasion!



Stop the invasion!

  • Illegal Immigrant Invasion Shows No Signs of Slowing
    The nightmare at the border shows no sign of abating anytime soon. Thousands of illegal aliens, including a massive increase in unaccompanied children, have crossed the border this year. Not surprisingly, 90 percent of the illegal minors do not show up for their court hearings and prefer to escape onto the streets of this country, knowing there is very little chance they will ever be deported. In 2013, only 1,800 of the 38,759 unaccompanied children who entered the country illegally were deported... The influx of illegal aliens will bring more crime to our streets and lead to more joblessness for our citizens. It is indisputable that low wage, unskilled illegal aliens will take jobs away from American citizens. This will lead to more Americans on government assistance, growing our welfare state.


Hamptonites take down ‘depressing’ sign memorializing beloved nun killed by illegal immigrant
Jacqueline WalshCarlos Ixpec-ChitayA street sign commemorating Sister Jacqueline Walsh, a beloved nun killed in a hit-and-run in the Hamptons was removed after wealthy residents whined that it was just too depressing. Gregor had installed the blue sign reading “Sister Jac​​kie’s Way” above the normal green street marker in Water Mill last summer to memorialize Sister Jacqueline Walsh, 59, who was killed walking near the Sisters of Mercy convent on Rose Hill Road in July 2012.



Cops bust Iron Man, Spider-Man and Elmo in Times Square - Many of the panhandlers are Hispanic immigrants
“Iron Man” Javier Hernandez, “Elmo” Jose Maria and the second “Iron Man” Khalid LahmadiThe NYPD is making good on its pledge to rid Times Square of its costumed super-zeroes — busting four more menaces in just 30 minutes over the weekend. Two Iron Men, a Spider-Man and an Elmo were accused of blocking pedestrians, while Spider-Man also grabbed a passerby to pose for a picture, cops said. The busts came just hours after cops started handing out fliers telling visitors to the Crossroads of the World that they don’t have to pay for photos. The four rogue characters were charged with disorderly conduct late Saturday, with “Spider-Man” William Suarez, 32, also charged with aggressive panhandling for allegedly laying his hands on a potential mark. Suarez, “Iron Man” Javier Hernandez, 37, and “Elmo” Jose Maria, 25, were all locked up pending arraignment, while the other “Iron Man,” Khalid Lahmadi, 40, was released with a summons.  - (Invasion!)


Stop the invasion!




Brian Terry shooting: 7th suspect charged in border agent's death
Hispanic suspectBrian TerryTUCSON, Ariz. – A seventh suspect in the 2010 killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent has been charged in the slaying that is at the center of a scandal over a botched U.S. gun-smuggling probe known as Operation Fast and Furious. Federal prosecutors say 30-year-old Rosario Rafael Burboa-Alvarez faces charges of first-degree murder and other crimes. He is already in custody for immigration-related crimes. Burboa-Alvarez is accused of assembling the armed crew that was supposed to steal marijuana from smugglers when they encountered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and others on Dec. 14, 2010.  - (Invasion!)

    Border Patrol arrests black African man accused of war crimes
Jean Léonard TeganyaHOULTON, Maine -- U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested a man Sunday along the Maine-Canadian border who allegedly committed crimes against humanity and violated the war crimes act. Agents from the Houlton Station responded to a citizen's report Sunday of a suspicious person walking near the international border in the Houlton area. While there, the Border Patrol said an agent found a man matching the citizen's denoscription. During questioning, the agent learned the man, 42-year-old Jean Léonard Teganya, was from Rwanda and had entered the U.S. illegally by simply walking over the border, without federal inspection, said Customs and Border Patrol. The agent then took Teganya into custody for processing in violation if entry without inspection.  - (Invasion!)


Stop the invasion!



Stop the invasion!


  • Refugee Center to Open in Central Pa.
    A total of 318 refugees were resettled in Lancaster County in the first six months of 2014, more than a third of them from Burma. Large numbers also came from Cuba, Somalia and Bhutan.


Stop the invasion!



Suspect in fatal USC attack entered country illegally, feds say
Hispanic gangsterThe 19-year-old charged with murder in connection with last week's fatal assault on a USC graduate student told immigration officials that he entered the country illegally about seven years ago, a federal official said. The official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, said Jonathan DelCarmen made the comments during an interview at a Los Angeles County jail where he is being held in connection with the death of Xinran Ji, 24.  - (Invasion!)



Stop the invasion!



Stop the invasion!


  • Police: Illegal immigrant assaulted woman, had fake ID
    illegal MexicanWHITEHALL -- An illegal immigrant from Mexico was jailed Sunday after he allegedly attacked a woman in her home, police said. Arnuslo Jimenez, 28, of School Street, Whitehall, was charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and unlawful imprisonment after the incident at the woman's home, according to Whitehall Police. He was accused of climbing through a window to get into the home, and police said he was acquainted with the victim. Police added a felony charge of criminal possession of a forged instrument after they determined an immigration card he was carrying was forged, authorities said.


Stop the invasion!



Stop the invasion!



Suspect Miguel Angel Hernandez found naked after burglary that left one man dead
Miguel Angel HernandezFORT WORTH — A suspected burglar who police say viciously attacked two men inside their home early Sunday, killing one, may have thrown drain cleaner on the victims. Police believe Miguel Angel Hernandez, 29, randomly chose the house in the 2900 block of Cortez Drive to burglarize early Sunday. He allegedly entered the home through an exterior window shortly before 2:30 a.m. and was confronted by the two victims. “We believe that they awoke when they heard the suspect inside the residence,” said homicide Sgt. Joe Loughman. Loughman said a “violent fight ensued.” When officers arrived, James Bowling, 56, was dead inside. A ruling has not been made on his cause of death. Don Keaton, 82, was seriously injured with what police described as “numerous blunt force injuries.” Loughman said the surviving victim suffered chemical burns and may have permanent injuries to his eyes as a result. “Detectives and crime scene personnel located a partially empty bottle of drain cleaner inside the residence,” Loughman said. “Both victims appeared to have burn injuries and none were observed on the suspect.” Patrol officers found Hernandez sitting naked in his parked pickup in the roadway two houses down. Hernandez, a registered sex offender, had been wanted on a warrant since June 27, when his bond in a pending DWI case was held insufficient, according to Tarrant County court records. His past convictions in Tarrant County include assault with bodily injury, failure to identify, driving while intoxicated and sexual assault. Records show he was sentenced to two years deferred adjudication probation in 2007 after pleading gulity to the sexual assault of a 22-year-old woman.




Mexican University Of Del. Grad Student Arrested For Allegedly Putting Hidden Cameras In Campus Bathrooms
Javier Mendiola-SotoWILMINGTON, Del. – A graduate student at the University of Delaware has been arrested for allegedly putting hidden video cameras in various campus bathrooms over a two-year period. Thirty-eight-year-old Javier Mendiola-Soto, of Mexico, was charged with criminal violation of privacy for reportedly putting the cameras in several bathrooms around the University. The majority of the cameras were in women’s restrooms located at Del. Biotechnology Institute, Hugh Morris Library, Memorial Hall, ISE Lab and the Willard Hall Education Building. - (Invasion!)


Search On In Stockton For Hispanic Homeless Mexican Man Eduardo Rosas Cruz With Contagious Tuberculosis
Eduardo Rosas Cruz





Hispanic Homeless Man Arrested For Logan Circle Sex Assault
Nico NatividadPHILADELPHIA – Police have made an arrest after a 31-year-old woman said she was sexually assaulted in Logan Circle (see previous story). The woman was reportedly asleep in the park when she awoke to find a man crouched over her with his hands in his underwear. After a struggle with the suspect, the victim was able to run away and contacted police. On Wednesday, police announced they’d arrested a homeless man, 23-year-old Nico Natividad, for the alleged crime. - (Invasion!)

  • Hispanic crook scammed elderly woman out of over $100K: prosecutors
    A heartless Brooklyn crook scammed an 87-year-old woman out of over $100,000, gaining her trust​ ​through a seeming act of kindness –​ ​driving her​ ​around ​on errands, the Brooklyn​ ​district​ ​​attorney said Wednesday. Ariel L. Hernandez, 41, was charged with grand larceny for writing himself $42,500 worth of checks out of his elderly victim’s checking account between November 2013 and April 2014, according to a DA press release.



Hispanic suspect arrested in series of Vegas sexual assaults
Ixtoc Renteria-BentancourtLAS VEGAS – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says it has arrested a man suspected in a series of sexual assaults and is asking the public whether it has information on more possible victims. Ixtoc Renteria-Bentancourt, 27, was booked Saturday into the Clark County Detention Center on eight counts of sexual assault with a deadly weapon and four counts of sexual assault. He was rebooked Sunday for one additional count of attempted sexual assault and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

  • Citizenship status of suspect not reported - ed.



Suspected Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Taking Lewd Pictures Of Women
Fermin Morales-Gonzalez PLANO, Texas – A suspected illegal immigrant has been thrown in the Collin County jail, accused of using his cell phone camera in a most improper way. Plano Police say a male shopper happened to see 44-year old Fermin Morales-Gonzalez taking pictures up the skirts and dresses of unsuspecting women. Reports say the man told the store management and then flagged down a Plano Police officer who was driving by. - (Invasion!)


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    AMERICA'S LEAST WANTED * Immigrations Human Cost
We often hear that "immigrants only come here to work" but that sentimental fluff ignores the obvious truth — that to a crime-minded foreigner, America is the full refrigerator of his dreams. The material riches, combined with many Americans' naivete when it comes to crime, make this nation easy pickings for the lowlifes of the world.  
  "Spic Spanic cleanser"

Spic 'n Span: What Happened?
"When I was a kid, "Spic 'n Span" was a synonym for clean. Something has since altered my perception of english slang. This morning, I saw a "Spic 'n Span" bathroom & kitchen cleanser commercial and thought: "What an odd name!" It sounded like a racial slur combined with an architectural term..."
NNN Editor note: we need a border-to-border 'clean sweep' of illegal aliens.

  "Mexi-Jima"  from

The FEDERAL Government of the United States of America continues to COMMIT TREASON!
US Constitution - Article IV - Section 4.
The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

Ref: Documented with demographic maps - slow load but well worth it. - (reader link)

  "That 'giant sucking sound' may be the estimated 37 million abortions in US since 1973."
   Remember: migrants only take the jobs that the aborted  DEAD american babies
   and the UNBORN babies of homosexuals - will not do.

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