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Psa 74:20 Have respect unto the covenant: for the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.

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    Ex-S. African Deputy President Zuma Charged With Rape
Jacob Zuma Jacob Zuma, the former deputy president of South Africa who is already facing trial for corruption, was today charged with rape.Although Mr Zuma will remain No. 2 in the governing African National Congress, the charge is likely to end any lingering hope that he could succeed Thabo Mbeki as president when he steps down after two terms in 2009. Mr Mbeki fired Mr Zuma in June after a court found his financial adviser guilty of corruption, and he was charged on two counts of corruption shortly afterwards. Newspaper reports surfaced last month that Mr Zuma had raped an HIV-positive AIDS activist who is an old family friend, and who contracted HIV after being raped earlier in her life. - (Africa)


    Zimbabwe: Court rules against white farmers
Harare - A Zimbabwe court has handed down its first decision based on a recent constitutional amendment banning white farmers from legally challenging land grabs, say reports on Wednesday. - (José María) - (Africa)

    Deon van der WaltSouth Africa -- Police probing deaths of an internationally acclaimed White South African opera singer and his father
Police said that Deon van der Walt's mother found her son Tuesday in his bedroom with two gunshot wounds to his chest. She also found her husband with a gunshot wound to the temple and a gun by his side. The family lived on a wine estate in the town of Paarl, just outside Cape Town. - (Africa)

    One of Zimbabwe's last remaining white farmers was strangled and burned to death in an attack inside his home yesterday
Don Stewart, 68, was set upon shortly before dawn in the bedroom of his tightly-guarded homestead near Norton, 25 miles west of Harare. He was one of the last 300 white farmers left in Zimbabwe. There were 4,000 five years ago. Police insisted that Mr Stewart's murder was the work of common criminals and had "no political motive". Nothing besides a hunting rifle was stolen. His assailants were unable to penetrate the barred windows and reinforced doors of his homestead on Ingwerati dairy farm.  Instead, they entered through the roof and strangled Mr Stewart in his bed. Then they covered him with a mattress, doused it in petrol and set him alight. Mr Stewart, who was born in Zimbabwe, lived alone. After the strain of five years of continuous violence against white farmers, his wife, Margaret, had moved to Britain. - (José María) - (Africa) - (Burned Alive!)  

    South Africa: Navy officer on 34 rape charges * Sailor on 34 charges of rape
rapistCape Town - A 33-year-old naval officer, accused on 34 charges of rape, appeared in Wynberg magistrate's court in Cape Town on Monday, SABC news reported.  Police expected even more charges to be brought against the seaman, said to be the Western Cape's worst serial rapist. The victims' ages ranged from 15 to 42.  Three women were raped in a single day and a 15-year-old girl was apparently forced to have sex with her father before being raped as well. - (José María) - (Africa)


    South Africa: Top ANC man Jacob Zuma faces rape charge
Jacob ZumaSouth Africa's governing ANC party has refrained from acting against the party's deputy president, Jacob Zuma, who has been accused of rape. Mr Zuma has also been charged with corruption and was sacked as the country's deputy president in June. At a weekend meeting of ANC's national executive, Mr Zuma admitted he was facing allegations of rape, and asked to address the meeting on the subject. This followed press reports that police were pursuing rape claims against him.  

    South Africa: Soccer star Vilakazi rape trial continues
Benedict Vilakazi,
The rape trial of Benedict Vilakazi, a Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates soccer ace, resumes in the Johannesburg magistrate's court this morning. Vilakazi stands accused of raping of a 15-year-old girl at her home in Rosettenville in January. Vilakazi has admitted to having had sex with the complainant. He maintains it was with her consent and that she told him she was over the legal age.
Reports say the complainant recently gave birth to a baby she claims was fathered by Vilakazi. - (Africa)

    An elderly British couple have been beaten to death in a frenzied attack on their farm in South Africa
Harold and Sylvia Hart were assaulted with a golf club and other weapons at Swing Gate farm, 20 miles west of Johannesburg. Mr Hart, 88, and his wife, 84, were attacked on Friday afternoon in a fertile area of rolling hills where they had lived since 1953. Their daughter, Lesley Hay, 53, said that Mr Hart was lured outside the homestead's electrified security fence. Here, an unknown number of thugs forced a bag over his head and attacked him with a "blunt instrument".  Both of Mr Hart's arms were broken. He was killed with repeated blows to the head and chest. At least 1,700 white landowners have been killed since the end of apartheid 11 years ago and this toll grows almost every month. - (José María) - (Africa)

  • Cross-dressing Nigerian Governor Skips Bail in Britain
    LAGOS, Nigeria -- The governor of an oil-rich state in Nigeria arrested and charged in Britain for laundering millions has skipped bail and returned home. Bayelsa Gov. Diepreye Alamieyeseigha returned to Nigeria on an overnight flight. "What we are hearing ... is that he may have come out of his house dressed as a woman" to avoid being noticed by police. Alamieyeseigha was charged in September with laundering millions of dollars found in suitcases at his London home and in bank accounts linked to him.  
  • Yemeni Threatens to Kill Swiss Hostages
    A tribesman threatened to kill two Swiss tourists he kidnapped Monday if the government uses force to free them. Hasan Ahmed al-Dhamen told The Associated Press that he would kill his two Swiss hostages, a man and a woman, if security forces tried to raid his hide-out.
  • Somali Pirates Release Hijacked Oil Tanker
    Several pirate groups operate along Somalia's 1,880-mile coastline, Africa's longest. The Horn of Africa nation has had no effective government
  • Africa's HIV rate still highest
    HIV prevalence appears to be declining in a few African countries, but sub-Saharan Africa is still the area worst affected by HIV, the UN says.
    - (war eagle)

    South Africa: ANC tight lipped over Zuma rape allegation
Jacob ZumaNeither the police nor the ANC are ready to comment on the rape allegations levelled against Jacob Zuma, the ANC's deputy president, who stands accused of raping a 31-year-old woman. While one newspaper report suggested the woman preferred not to talk about the alleged incident, another newspaper reported that she denied having been sexually assaulted. Sally de Beer, the national police spokesperson, said they were still gathering information.  

  • African Priest gets 30 years for rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl
    Samuel Lempe
    , an Evaton priest who was found guilty of raping and murdering an eight year old Delisile Dlamini in August of 2004 has been sentenced to thirty years in prison. Lempe has been sentenced to twenty years for murder while another ten years for sodomy  Delisile was found in a veld three days after she was kidnapped. She was strangled and her hands were broken. Lempe, a Heavens Church priest and a close family friend of the Dlamini's was arrested shortly after the discovery.  



  • Anger over Mugabe tirade in Rome - compares Bush and Blair to Hitler and Mussolini
    Venezuela's Hugo Chavez congratulates Mr Mugabe on his speech. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has drawn applause and anger for a speech denouncing the UK's Tony Blair and US President George Bush at a UN event.  "Must we allow these men, the two unholy men of our millennium, who in the same way as Hitler and Mussolini formed [an] unholy alliance, form an alliance to attack an innocent country?" asked Mr Mugabe, apparently referring to Iraq. The US accuses Mr Mugabe of starving his people and has said his presence at the food summit is "disheartening". Mr Mugabe defended his land reforms that have seen thousands of (white) farmers evicted and said rich nations' farm subsidies were "crippling" the poor. - (Africa)




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    UK: Reward offered in sex gang case - Black South African migrant pack rapists on the loose
Females Be Alert!Women of BritainDetectives investigating a series of rapes in Northampton have issued a reward for information leading to the arrest of the sex attackers. Over the last two weeks there have been three rapes and two attempted abductions which Northamptonshire Police believe could be linked. The attacks have led police to warn women and girls not to go out alone in the town after dark. The offenders are described as black, in their 20s, with very dark skin, about 6ft tall and spoke with South African accents. The latest victim, a 30-year-old woman, was found with head injuries early on Monday morning. She had been hit on the head before being raped. On 1 August attempts were made to abduct a 15-year-old in the early hours of the morning. Less than an hour later an 18-year-old was forced into a car, driven to Duston and raped. After police released details of these attacks an 18-year-old woman reported being raped. - (Svejk) - (UK)

    Darkest Africa: South Africa, Cape Town - Cops ask for help in finding baby killers
Jordan Leigh Nortonbaby killer sketchPolice have remained tight-lipped after the murder of a six-month-old baby in Rondebosch East two days ago. On Thursday they released an identikit of one of the four intruders responsible for the murder that has shocked the community. Jordan-Leigh Norton was stabbed when four intruders gained entry to her Scout Road home, held up her nanny and uncle and ransacked the house of valuables. Baby's murder puzzles cops
- (African Crusader) - (black on white)

    Mandela son-in-law seeking to resolve rape charge in Connecticut
Isaac AmuahThe son-in-law of former South African president Nelson Mandela, who left Connecticut 12-years ago while facing rape charges, is trying to resolve that case, his attorney said Friday. Isaac Amuah, a former professor at Manchester Community Technical College, was accused of sexually assaulting a 34-year-old student from his algebra class inside Amuah's Manchester apartment. Amuah was charged with first-degree sexual assault and unlawful restraint. He was given permission to travel to South Africa for the holidays in 1993 and never returned. - (crime)

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