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Jer 7:9 Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal

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    Nikenya Jicole Washington holding a toy gun forced her way into a hospital nursery and snatched a newborn
Nikenya Jicole WashingtonNikenya Jicole Washington, 18, is being held pending kidnapping and aggravated assault charges. Police say they don't know the suspect's motive. Police say the woman forced her way inside the nursery and threatened to shoot staff members. The woman grabbed a newborn girl and tried to leave. Authorities said she would be charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault.
- (crime)

    Black Marxist bank robbery suspect turns himself in
Carl Pinkston
A Sacramento man turned himself in Friday morning after being sought as a suspect in a Monday bank robbery in Roseville.
Carl Pinkston, 51, surrendered at the Sacramento County Jail, where he is being held on $50,000 bail. Roseville Police issued an arrest warrant Friday for Pinkston. Pinkston has served as a lecturer with the Marxist School of Sacramento and is the co-founder of the Freedom Bound Center, a Sacramento organization that aims to help at-risk communities organize under a Marxist philosophy. He fit the denoscription witnesses gave of the bank robber as an "African-American". - (Newsroom) - (crime)

    Suspect Charged In Journalist's Death Due In Court
Michael HamlinDavid RosenbaumCourt officials say 23-year-old Michael Hamlin is scheduled to be in Superior Court Friday afternoon. Hamlin walked into the Seventh District Police Headquarters, police said, shortly after investigators released videotapes of a man using a credit card stolen in last Friday's attack on David Rosenbaum in northwest Washington. Hamlin was wondering why his face was on TV, police said. Police said that after questioning, Hamlin confessed to fatally beating Rosenbaum and has been charged with felony murder. Investigators said Hamlin used the stolen card to charge about $1,300 worth of merchandise at gas stations, drug stores and auto parts stores. - (NNN Newsroom) - (crime)

    Tattooed Sexual assault suspect pursued
Raymond RanzyTarpon Springs police are on the hunt for a man who allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a teenage girl. Officers say Raymond Ranzy, 35, committed the crime on Oct. 20. They connected him to the case through fingerprints taken from the 18-year-old victim's car. Police say Ranzy has several aliases, including Ramone Dancy, Ray Ramzy, and Raymond Ramsey. He is described at 6 feet tall, 170-190 pounds, with black hair, brown eyes, a lazy left eye, multiple tattoos, and a pierced left ear. - (Newsroom) - (crime) - (TNB)

    Trial delayed for Orangeburg police Capt. James Myers' accused killer
Mikal Deen MahdiCapt. James MyersA defense motion to delay the murder trial of Mikal Deen Mahdi has been granted after defense lawyers said further investigation is needed in the case. Originally scheduled to go on trial Jan. 23, Mahdi is to face charges of murder, grand larceny and second-degree burglary in the death of Orangeburg police Capt. James Myers. Investigators say that on July 18, 2004, Mahdi was at the Calhoun County property owned by Myers and his wife Amy. Around 9:15 p.m., Amy Myers found her husband on their property, where he had been shot several times. The Columbia carjacking victim told police Mahdi was his assailant. A 21-year-old Richmond, Va. resident, Mahdi is also charged in the shooting death of a North Carolina convenience store clerk. On July 15, 2004, 29-year-old Jason Boggs died after being shot three times at a Winston-Salem Exxon. - (NNN Newsroom) - (crime) - (Black-on-White)

    Alleged Gang Rape Victim Gives Tearful Testimony
rape suspectrape suspectThe woman who told police she was raped by five men last November took the stand on Wednesday. The alleged victim says it all started when she, her boyfriend and her neighbor went out to meet some people involving a marijuana deal. The woman says she was forced by Marquay Cox to perform sex acts repeatedly. Earlier, the woman's neighbor who also says she was asked to perform sex acts was questioned about why she did not mention that in her written report to police. - (crime)

    Fort Dodge Rape Burn Victim Could Lose Both Arms
Sessions Harper Sessions Harper
DES MOINES, Iowa -- The pastor of a Fort Dodge rape victim said the woman might lose both of her arms. Fort Dodge police said 34-year-old Sessions Harper raped and burned the victim early Sunday morning. He is still at large. His victim was taken to the burn unit at the University of Iowa hospitals. The woman's pastor said the woman is in critical but stable condition. The pastor said she was so badly burned doctors fear they may have to amputate her right arm and part of her left. * Man In Fort Dodge Police Custody
Authorities said the team found Harper and two others, in addition to a stash of drugs. Police charged Tyree Jackson with being an accessory after the fact and drug charges. Police arrested Marshay King on the same charges. - (crime)

      Low-down executive director of the West End Health Clinic sentenced for sodomizing a 14-year-old boy he was 'mentoring'
Wendell WalkerA judge lambasted the former executive director of the West End Health Clinic for violating the public's trust by sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy he was mentoring.   Judge Ted Winkler sentenced Wendell Walker, 45, of Clifton, to four years in prison on counts of sexual battery, endangering a child and gross sexual imposition. He also classified Walker a sexually oriented offender, which means he must register with the sheriff's office for the next ten years. Walker's fall from grace stirred strong emotions in court, where his apologies were met with suspicion and disdain from the boy's mother and other family members. "Mr. Walker is to me the scum of the earth," the boy's mother said. - (NNN Newsroom) - (crime)
Ref: Health Center Director Accused Of Sexual Contact With Teenage Boy

    Three black males kidnap and gang rape a 79-year-old woman
rapistAn elderly woman was held captive, robbed drugged and raped. The suspects got away, but one of the culprits was caught on surveillance tape. “My 79 year-old, almost 80 year old mom is missing. I can't find her,” her daughter told an emergency dispatcher. Police said three men kidnapped the woman in her own car, forced her to smoke crack cocaine, made her undress and then raped her. Before they let her go, the woman said they took her to buy cigarettes for them. The suspects are described as black males. One of them had a dark complexion. - (crime)

    Black South Jersey Sailor Accused Of Killing Woman In Japan
William Reese Jr
A South Jersey family is stunned by the arrest of 21-year old American sailor William Reese Jr. The  man is in custody in Japan, accused of murdering a Japanese woman, Yoshie Sato, who was beaten so badly that she eventually died of a ruptured liver and kidney.  Reese has been stationed in Japan with the U.S. Navy. for two years. Reese's father, William Reese Sr said he can't believe his son killed someone. "Does that look like the face of a murderer?" Reese Sr. asked, showing   a picture of his son in uniform. Reese Sr. said that his son had always wanted to be in the Navy. For the past two years, Reese Jr. has been onboard the USS Kitty Hawk in Japan. The US Navy turned Reese Jr. over to Japanese authorities in Yokosuka City Saturday. - (crime)

    Woman Says Officer Pulled Her Over, Raped Her
Steven LefloreJury selection is under way in the trial of a suspended Miami-Dade police officer charged with multiple counts of armed sexual battery. Detectives said Steven Leflore pulled over a woman for a traffic violation in 2004 and, instead of writing her a ticket when she said she didn't have her license, offered to let her off with a warning if she agreed to meet him at a nearby warehouse. The woman said in a sworn affidavit that Leflore, 41, raped her when she got there. Detectives said a DNA sample taken from a shirt in her truck matched Leflore's. - (NNN Newsroom) - (crime)

    Jurors to begin deliberating March kidnapping, rape, criminal deviate assault case
Mark M. HairstonBobby J. Freeman
Jurors will begin deliberating today on whether a Fort Wayne man is guilty of holding a woman captive for three days in March, sexually assaulting her and ordering others to assault her as well. Mark M. Hairston, 38,  is charged with 10 counts including kidnapping, dealing cocaine, being a habitual offender and two counts of criminal deviate conduct. He and Bobby J. Freeman, 33,  are accused of holding a Fort Wayne woman against her will for three days, repeatedly sexually assaulting her, battering her and forcing her to forge and cash stolen checks. - (Brewski) - (crime)

    Former Chattanooga Policeman remains in federal custody after being convicted of extortion but statute of limitations expired on rape
Gerry DavisA judge throws out the attempted rape conviction against former Chattanooga Police officer Gerry Davis.A Nashville jury convicted Davis of attempted rape in December. A woman had accused Davis of raping her eight years ago after he drove her home from a bar. Davis continues serving the remainder of his federal prison term for extortion. Woman Who Accused Davis of Rape Speaks Out
Agt. Plantz said he interviewed numerous women who said Davis used his position as a police officer to seek sexual favors. He said Davis, who is black, catered to attractive blonde white women
On the case involving the alleged rape at knifepoint, the agent said Davis in 1998 stopped her while she was driving on I-75 to work at a local hospital. She said he yelled racial slurs at the white, blonde female. He said the woman stated that Davis stopped her the next two mornings and again threatened her. She said he also began calling her making threats, and her boyfriend listened to the tape.
- (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB) - (crime) - (Black-on-White)

    Identity Theft Connected To Lenexa Stabbing * Lenexa Stabbing Victim Dies From Injuries
Charles RiddleNigel Marcotte
LENEXA, Kan. -- An Olathe man is jailed in an identity theft case, but  there is a connection to a Lenexa homicide investigation. Charles Riddle, 22, has been charged with illegal use of a credit card and identity fraud.  Riddle's alleged identity crimes were committed on Dec. 16 -- the same day that 42-year-old Nigel Marcotte was repeatedly stabbed in his Lenexa home. Marcotte later died from his injuries. Riddle was allegedly using a credit card owned by Marcotte. Marcotte was a manager at an Applebee's restaurant in Leavenworth where he recently fired some employees for performance reasons. - (war eagle) - (crime) - (Black-on-White)

    Fort Dodge Police Search For Sex Offender - Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman, Burning Home
Sessions Lamont HarperPolice all across central Iowa are on the lookout for a wanted convicted sex offender. The man is accused of raping a 22-year-old woman from Fort Dodge and then setting her house on fire. Sessions Lamont Harper, 34, faces several charges, including attempted murder. Harper's criminal history includes charges for kidnapping, sexual abuse, assault and drug possession, according to police. Police said the woman is in critical condition at the University of Iowa burn unit in Iowa City. - (-88-) - (crime)

    Man Charged With Assaulting Officer After Chase
Frankie Johnson
ANDERSON, Ind. -- An Edgewood police officer is recovering from a broken nose after a high-speed chase Saturday morning. Police said Frankie Johnson, 37, led police on the chase and then assaulted the officer. He faces several charges, including battery on an officer and resisting arrest. Police said the chase began in Anderson when an off-duty officer spotted Johnson. The officer knew Johnson had outstanding warrants. "There was a carjacking warrant and a robbery warrant out  and a probation violation out. Edgewood police Capt. Andrew Ellingwood responded to a call for backup. Ellingwood followed Johnson into the home, where he was hit in the face before he grabbed his service revolver. "Officer Ellingwood carries a back up weapon and was able to retrieve that and fired three shots," Bell said. Johnson was shot in the hand and was taken to an Indianapolis hospital for treatment. Police records indicate this is the sixth time Johnson has faced charges of battery on a police officer. "I believe his intent was to kill Officer Ellingwood," Bell said.

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TNB reports by Tyrone N. Butts "Funny little darkies"My name Tyrone Narcissus Butts.

    "433 Fry Mumia links on Google" * Fry Mumia! - by Patrick J. Nicosia
Mao Mao JamalAaniel FaulknerDo you know the twisted story of Mumia Abu-Jamal? - Mumia, as he is called by his adoring legions of left-wing supporters, is a convicted cop-killer serving a life sentence for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer in 1981. He is also an international celebrity. You can find pictures of his dreadlocks wherever angry people gather. Free Mumia! is the cry that is heard from college campuses, the Hollywood left, and the anti-American factions in Europe. * Justice For Police Officer Daniel Faulkner


    Black on White Rapes:
There are 20,000 black-on-white rapes every year in the US, but fewer than 100 white-on-black rapes.
George Williams Jr.Editor note: that works out to about 54 black on white rapes per day according to available statistics from 1999.
New Nation News can only report a few of these confirmed black on white rapes from local news sites.

The Majority of Caucasian Americans are Racial Separatists, not 'white supremacists'

The purpose of this page to to dramatize the statistics in the "Color of Crime" report
available at the American Renaissance website.

The 'Color of Crime' report is an excellent study that supports the book
"The Bell Curve"
Intelligence and class Structure in American Life
by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
and 'The Bell Curve" brings up to date what was commonly accepted truth until recently:
that there are races of man and that they are different. - editor NNN

Tips on how to avoid Rape * Ref: Race and Rape in America
Sacramento rapistChol Deng Chol'Hispanic' rapists

  1. Do not 'date' Blacks or Mexicans
  2. Do not accept rides from Blacks or Mexicans
  3. Do not accept any drink or food from a Black or Mexican
  4. Do not 'do drugs' - especially do not do drugs in the company of any Blacks or Mexicans
  5. Do not open your door to any Black or Mexican
  6. Avoid traveling through Black or Mexican neighborhoods
  7. Acquire a handgun and learn how to use it
  8. There is no law that says you have to give the time of day to a Black or Mexican
  9. Treat associates (possible pimps or whores) of Blacks and Mexicans the same way you treat Blacks and Mexicans
  10. Remember, the Blacks you see on Television and the Movies are actors and do not represent the typical feral Negro
  11. Until there are secured Black and Mexican-free Zones to relocate to - these guidelines should improve your survival.
    Some addtional suggestions from readers:
  12. When stopped at a stop light, always have your car doors locked. Dark people will use this opportunity to jump in your car. Anticipate how close you will be to Negroes or Mexicans at a stop light, and stop just short of that (so you don't have them staring at you for 5 minutes).
  13. When walking from a shopping mall, or just for exercise, always anticipate how close 'dark' people will be to you, and change your route (get the hell away from them)
  14. If you can't carry a gun, carry a large, police-issue size can of pepper spray, and let 'dark' people see it in your hands as you are walking.

    Ref: HIV Infection Rate Among Blacks Doubles

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