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25 July, 2006
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    Sports: Former Dallas Cowboys footballer Michael Irvin was charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia
Michael IrvinDALLAS -- Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin was charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia after Plano police officers searched his vehicle during a traffic stop. Irvin, an ESPN analyst and semifinalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, told The Associated Press late Sunday that the drug pipe found in his car belonged to a friend of 17 years who left a Houston rehab center and came to Irvin's house in Carrollton for Thanksgiving. Irvin wouldn't reveal his friend's name.  
Ref: August 2000: Michael Irvin has been arrested and charged with marijuana possession.

    Sports: UCF player suspended after sexual battery charge
Ron EllisRon Ellis was arrested and charged with sexual battery in connection with a rape allegation earlier this month, but most students just found out about the charges this weekend.   In a student dormitory, during the early hours of November 1, UCF police said Golden Knight football player Ron Ellis sexually battered another student in her room. Other students who live in the building said police never told them about the alleged incident.

    Sports: Basketball Coach Charged With Sexually Abusing 14-year-old Baby Sitter
Dexter HarrisNEWARK, Ohio -- Police have charged a basketball coach with the alleged sexual abuse of his teenage baby sitter. Dexter Harris runs a well-known summer basketball camp in Newark. Now he faces two counts of sexual battery. On Oct. 23, Harris, 36, called a 14-year-old girl to his home to baby-sit.  Once the girl -- who is enrolled in Harris' basketball boot camp -- arrived, investigators said the two engaged in sexual activity.  She told police that Harris was drinking. - (Gman) - (crime) - (more sports)

    Sports: Alleged Gang Rape Victim At UTC Denies It Was Consensual
Muhammad Ahmad Abdus-SalaamThe alleged rape victim at UTC told the student newspaper, The Echo, that the incident with seven football players was not consensual. The 18-year-old female told The Echo, "If anyone were to say that the sexual activity between me and the seven players was consensual, they are lying. "I also think that the seven players are pitiful because of the fact that they would take advantage of a drunken person and then say that everything that happened was consensual. Everyone knows that someone who is drunk, especially as drunk as I was, is not in the right mind to consent to anything. What they did was take advantage of a drunk girl, which by itself is breaking the law, and I think they should be severely punished, if not by law, then by the university. She added in the interview with the student newspaper, "I have nothing to lie about." - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Sports: Seven Chattanooga Players Suspended Amid Gang Rape Investigation
Muhammad Ahmad Abdus-SalaamThey were identified as Muhammad Ahmad Abdus-Salaam, Anthony Broadnax, Lironnie Davis, DeJuan Payne, Cori Stukes, Terrence Thomas and Larry White. - (more sports) - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

    Sports: Canada: HIV-positive footballer charged with sexual assault of B.C. woman
Trevis SmithA member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team has been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a B.C. woman and police revealed Friday he is HIV-positive.  Trevis Smith was arresting Friday morning in Regina and will be transferred to British Columbia to face the charge, RCMP said in a news release. RCMP said disclosing an accused criminal's medical status was unusual but felt a public warning about Smith's HIV-positive status was necessary.   Police said in a news release that anyone who may have had sexual contact with him and is concerned about exposure to HIV should immediately see their doctor or go to a clinic for testing, as well as contact police in relation to their investigation. - (Canada)

    Sports: Central Florida Soccer Coach Charged With Molesting Two Girl Players
Steve OliverDeputies busted a soccer coach on charges he molested two of his players. Parents worry the two girls aren't the only ones.
Steve Oliver,
32, was a volunteer for the  Soccer Club. He faces 16 counts of assaulting two sisters.  Oliver told the girls "something bad would happen" if they told anyone about what happened inside his house. After the girls' mother became suspicious, the girls told a story - they were babysitters at Oliver's home. He'd met them on the soccer field and befriended their mother. She was comfortable with the babysitting, at least as first. "I started to get suspicious when I saw her on his lap and thought, what is a 30-year-old doing with a 14-year-old on his lap?" the girls' mother said. - (war eagle) - (crime)

      Sports: Boys Football Coach Arrested, admits to shocking pedophile homosexual relations with a 14 year old boy
Daryl Lee ThomasDayton, Ohio -"Shocking" allegations against a little boys 'pee-wee' football coach. The coach has been arrested for allegedly having sexual relations with a boy.  Police believe there may be more victims. Daryl Lee Thomas was taken into custody. Thomas has admitted molesting a 14-year-old boy. - (crime)  

    Sports: Girl's Basketball Coach Changes Plea, Sentenced To Prison
Steven MoodyXENIA, Ohio An area girl’s basketball coach made a surprise plea inside a Greene County courtroom on Wednesday. Steven Moody was scheduled to go on trial, but pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual battery for inappropriately touching one of his 15-year-old players. Moody was a coach for a select team, not a school. Girls on that select team are from across the Miami Valley. Officials said Moody pleaded guilty and was found guilty of giving one of his 15-year-old players alcohol and then taking advantage of her sexually in May, while she was at his house. - (White Boy)

    Sports: Oregon Teacher, Coach Investigated For Sexual Misconduct
Ken JohnsonA Tigard High School teacher and coach who retired this month after 20 years on the job is under investigation for sexual misconduct, police say. Ken Johnson, 55, taught health at the school and coached the girls' basketball team since 1988. He also coached the boys and girls track and field teams. The allegation is centered on his actions with at least
one female student.   

    Sports: Seven Chattanooga Players Suspended Amid Gang Rape Investigation
They were identified as Muhammad Ahmad Abdus-Salaam, Anthony Broadnax, Lironnie Davis, DeJuan Payne, Cori Stukes, Terrence Thomas and Larry White.  

      Sports: Woman's Negro Basketballer Star Sheryl Swoopes: I'm Gay
Sheryl SwoopesNEW YORK — Houston Comets forward Sheryl Swoopes is opening up about being a lesbian, telling a magazine that she's "tired of having to hide my feelings about the person I care about." Swoopes, honored last month as the WNBA's Most Valuable Player, told ESPN The Magazine for a story on newsstands Wednesday that she didn't always know she was gay and fears that coming out could jeopardize her status as a role model. - (Svejk) - (more sports)

    Sports: Rape trial begins against 2 former La Salle athletes
Mike CleavesGary NealThe woman accusing two former La Salle University basketball players of taking turns raping her in a campus dormitory last year became hysterical. She testified that Neal began to rape her as she was vomiting in the kitchen sink, and that Cleaves then tried to make her simultaneously perform oral sex on him. Mike Cleaves and former LaSalle University teammate Gary Neal, 21, are charged with raping a 19-year-old New Haven University student during a LaSalle basketball camp in June 2004. At a preliminary hearing  the alleged victim - a former basketball player at New Haven - said she had been drunk and vomiting in the kitchen sink at the athletes' dorm when Neal and Cleaves began raping her. The two men have maintained that the sex was consensual. - (The Bobster) - (more sports)

    Sports: Update Black Coach Charged With Peeping On 16-Year-Old White Female Student
Timothy Williford16-year-old Cinco Ranch High juniorKATY, Texas -- A Cinco Ranch High School coach and teacher was charged Wednesday, accused of peeping through a 16-year-old girl's bedroom window.  Timothy Williford, a football coach and special education teacher at Cinco Ranch High School in the Katy Independent School District, was taken into custody. He was charged with disorderly conduct and a "peeping Tom" charge, both misdemeanors.  "I saw the whites of his eyes outside my window at the very bottom," the Cinco Ranch High junior said. . "I was pretty hysterical after that. I was crying and I was very scared. I didn't know him and it was scary seeing a man looking through my window."  The girl alerted her father, who confronted the 31-year-old man in the front yard of their home. - (Raptorman - new image ) - (crime) - (more sports) - (Black-on-White)

    Sports: Four Black Henderson State athletes arrested for statutory gang rape of 13-year-old girl
Henderson footballers Donald R. Bell, 23; Arkeith D. Cozart, 21; Marvin G. Prude, 21; and Malcolm Anthony BaileyARKADELPHIA, Ark. (AP) — Four Henderson State University footballers and a fifth student have been charged in the rape of a 13-year-old girl in the men's dormitory last weekend, according to a police affidavit.  Football players Donald R. Bell, 23; Arkeith D. Cozart, 21; Marvin G. Prude, 21; and Malcolm Anthony Bailey, 19; were arrested along with Christopher C. Brown, 21.  Bell, Cozart, Prude and Brown are residents of the Newberry men's dorm. Bailey has an Arkadelphia residence.  She told the officer she had sex with three of the men in one room and a fourth man later in another room. She said the men "knew about her age."  Ref: 2005 Henderson State Men's Football Media Guide - (Brewski) - (more sports)

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    Every Black Kid Should Strive to Be a Professional Athlete - by
The NCAA's (1998) annual six-year study reported that only 33% of Black male basketball players graduated and 42% of Black football players graduated at the division I level . Individually, basketball reported the lowest graduation rate in all divisions. This number tells me that 67% of Black male basketball players, in this study, who attended college did not receive proper academic advising.  

"Caste Football"
There are no white starting cornerbacks in the NFL out of 64 players who start at that position. In fact, there are no white cornerbacks in the entire league. There are zero starting white tailbacks. No white running back has run for over 1,000 yards in nearly 20 years. Only about five percent of starting wide receivers and safeties are white.
Has this amazing disparity in a sport that whites have always loved and played so well come about solely because of "black supremacy" in athleticism? - (link from American Nationalist Union)

Consumer Discrimination in the NBA Trading-Card Market - Eighty percent of the trading cards are of black NBA players.

Blacks excel, perhaps dominate is a better word, in sports like basketball, football, baseball and boxing
80 percent of professional basketball players are black
66 percent of professional football players are black.

In most professional boxing categories, the top boxers are black.

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Saturday Gladiators -- A professor looks at the effect of athletics on "higher" educations - ( registration required)
By Morris Berman "BEER AND CIRCUS" - How Big-Time College Sports Is Crippling Undergraduate Education. By Murray Sperber. The title is from Juvenal: panem et circenses, bread and circuses (that is, public spectacles). Looking out over the bleak cultural landscape of Rome in the late first and early second centuries A.D., the great satirist concluded that these were the only two things that seemed to interest the majority of his countrymen. How different, Murray Sperber seems to be asking, are things for the American empire today?

UT fights ESPN's subpoenas of students' records
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- A lawyer for the University of Tennessee has asked a federal judge to stop ESPN's attempts to subpoena student records and university documents for defamation lawsuits against the sports network.

The Black Sports Cult and the American Dream
The University will not release 'academic records' of black athletes - many allege a conspiracy of coaches, teachers, administrators, alumni and the media to recruit illiterate
below-average intelligence blacks solely for the promotion of the 'Black Sports Cult'
that has become a 'religion' in American with millions of majority Americans 'brainwashed'
with their obsessed voyeuristic fixation on watching the scholastically retarded sports heroes jump up and down, bump into each other, perform ritualistic homosexual acts, do strange primitive 'victory dances' on the field and ritualistically follow the cabalistic magical numerics of the 'scores' of the games.

The Black Sports Cult promotes gambling, drinking in front of TV, Sports Bar alcohol syndrome, obesity and the shorting of life associated with this lifestyle.

This is reminiscent of the "Bread and Circuses" of the last days of the Roman Empire.
Today it is "Food Stamps and the Black Sports Cult".

The Barbarians will get tired of Foreign Aid. They have infiltrated their spies and are
sharpening their swords. One day America may be rudely awakened when the Barbarians
have sacked the cities, raped the women, eaten the dogs and enslaved those not too fat
for work in the slave labor camps.

- Sports Editor, New Nation News

Genetics of athletics: The controversy over race
Entine, the Southern California author of "Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid To Talk About It,"
has been widely vilified since his controversial book was published in January. Entine told me, "I'm a white liberal Jew - I've been called the 'left-wing Rush Limbaugh.' " I want to acknowledge the evolutionary advantages of blacks . . . science does support the notion that people of West African origin are best at short-distance running, people of Eastern African origin best at long-distance running, whites have superior upper body strength, Chinese have the most flexible bodies, etc. (however he inconsistantly holds PC dognma that) "Science does not support the notion that blacks are less intelligent," Entine emphasized.

BOYCOTT BLACK RACIST SPORTS and advertisers, schools and media that support "black sports".

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