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  • French riots claim first fatality
    A man beaten into a coma by rampaging youths has died of his injuries, French authorities revealed today, as it emerged that urban unrest spread to over 270 towns last night. Jean-Jacques Le Chenadec, 61, from Stains, in the Seine-Saint-Denis region outside Paris, died after being beaten on Friday, an interior ministry spokesman said. He was attacked after rushing out of his apartment building to put out a fire in a rubbish container, said a police spokesman. The victim was subjected to a sustained attack and died later at a hospital from injuries. In the French capital, 10 riot police officers were injured by youths firing fine-grain birdshot. There were also fears that unrest could spread to other countries after cars were torched outside Brussels's main train station and in a working class district of Berlin   
  • Lost Territory of the French Republic: The City of Light's Underbelly

    UK: Mixed race part Asian limo driver guilty of raping a 17-year-old virgin
Kevin Kalyan A stretch limo driver who raped a teenage virgin has been warned to expect a substantial prison sentence. Kevin Kalyan was found guilty by a jury  after denying the attack. The incident, which occurred more than three years ago, received wide publicity for the police hunt at the time, but it was a DNA check which finally nailed Kalyan.  Kalyan, who lives in Ilford, is part Asian, was 22 at the time and was driving a white stretch limo when he picked the girl up outside Shannon's Irish pub in Hounslow High Street.
- (-88-)
- (UK)



  • UK: Muslim graves destroyed in city - Black on Asian hatecrime?
    Dozens of Muslim grave stones have been smashed and pushed over in a cemetery in Handsworth in Birmingham. Leaflets were scattered, with insults against Muslims which were attributable to "Black Nation". Last month, riots involving Asian and black youths took place in nearby Lozells, sparked by a claim that a 14-year-old black girl had been raped.


  • Pope Urges Support for Large Families - "Without children there is no future," Benedict said.
    Recent European Union statistics put the average number of children per woman at 1.5. But in some countries, including Catholic Italy and Spain, the average is down to 1.3. - (EUEurope is dying - Africa and Asia willing to take up the slack

  • Year After Murder, Netherlands on Edge
    Today, a year after the gruesome murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Muslim extremist, pride has given way to tension and suspicion.
    Van Gogh was shot, stabbed and nearly decapitated Nov. 2, 2004, because of a film that 27-year-old Mohammed Bouyeri, a "Dutchman" born to Moroccan parents, regarded as insulting to Islam

    UK: Mouishen Ismal Ahmed charged over hit-and-run death of 9-year-old schoolgirl
Ellese Ruth GorePolice investigating the death of a girl in a suspected hit-and-run crash have charged a man. Ellese Ruth Gore, nine, of Leslie Street, Tonge Moor, Bolton, died in the incident on Kay Street on 19 October. Mouishen Ismal Ahmed, 18, from Great Lever, has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, failing to stop and failing to report an accident. He is also charged with perverting the course of justice and is due before Bolton magistrates on Tuesday. - (-88-) - (UK)

    Days of Muslim riots in Denmark!, Claim "This land belongs to us"


  • African Migrant Youths riot in Paris suburb for 5th night  
  • Deaths spark riots in Paris suburbs
    The French government sought yesterday to quell unrest in two deprived Paris suburbs after a tear gas attack on a mosque and four nights of battles between youths and police were sparked by the deaths of two teenagers. Thirty policemen have been injured, around 70 cars set alight and a nursery school, fire engines, post office vans, council offices and a police station have been attacked. Dozens of young men have been arrested. Yesterday three were each jailed for eight months for attacking police.- (NNN Newsroom

  • The new colour of British racism
    Behind the riots lies vicious hostility between the Asian and African-Caribbean communities in Birmingham
    'They come in our shops, but can't stop stealing something. Niggers can't help it, they have a dirty gene. They are the lowest of the low,' hissed Makaveli. The 26-year-old spat furiously at the pavement and nodded east along Lozells Road, beyond the huddle of Asian-owned shops, to where the Rastafarians sometimes gathered.
  • The divided minorities
    In England, Birmingham has one of the largest Jamaican communities outside London. The recent rioting there between West Indians and Pakistanis reveals that relationships between the two groups are at an all-time low.   During the riots, shops were attacked, cars set on fire and hundreds of police in riot gear were confronted with bricks and bottles. Four people were stabbed, including a 23-year-old black man, who later died in hospital.  The trigger for the rioting was the alleged rape of a young Jamaican girl by a Pakistani shopkeeper. The story was that three young girls had been caught shop lifting in a Pakistani-owned store selling black beauty products. Apparently, the three girls concerned are illegal immigrants from Jamaica who feared that they might be deported. Pakistanis have moved into sectors which were traditionally dominated by black businesses. Nationally, ethnic minority communities are more fragmented than ever. - (UK)

    English girls often as young as twelve have been targeted by Asian Muslim paedophile gangs for sex, drugs and a life of prostitution.
Women of BritainIt has even got a special name - it is now called 'Grooming'. This has been highlighted numerous times in TV shows, throughout newspapers and on Internet media websites. The Asian media website 'Asians in media' reported recently that it was happening to literally hundreds of girls all over Britain. Who can forget the young child on the channel 4 documentary 'Edge of the City' who said she has had over 100 Asian sexual partners, after being 'groomed' by them. Even local Labour MP Ann Cryer has condemned the local Muslim community over this, but she has been either unwilling or unable to come to grips with the problem. - (Madkins)- (UK)

  • UK: Police warning over escaped Black rapist
    Police are continuing to hunt for a dangerous convicted rapist on the run after absconding from medical care Terrence Liam O'Keefe is currently serving a life sentence for rape and before being transferred to medical care was a prisoner at Albany Prison on the Isle of Wight. O'Keefe is described as a light skinned black male, wearing glasses, with a shaved head.
  • Two more arrested over riot killing
    Last weekend's clashes, involving Asian and black youths, are thought to have been sparked by a rumour that a 14-year-old Jamaican girl had been raped by a large number of Asian men. More than 30 people were injured during the rioting and seven people remain in hospital.

    Black African migrant "youth" riot for second night in Paris - "Civil War underway"
Firefighters intervened around 40 times on Friday night in the northeastern suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois where many of the 28,000 residents are immigrants, mainly from Africa, police and fire officers said. Unidentified youths fired a shot at police but no one was hurt, police said. Television pictures showed youths lobbing stones at police officers while cars burnt on the streets of the suburb. Police in riot gear chased some youths down an alleyway. Around 19 people were detained and 15 police officers and one journalist injured, police said. They were unable to give figures for the number of protesters hurt.   "There's a civil war under way in Clichy-Sous-Bois at the moment," Michel Thooris from Action Police CFTC, said. "My colleagues neither have the equipment nor the practical nor theoretical training for street fighting."  


  • Dutch Airport Fire Kills 11 Immigrants in a prison awaiting deportation
    The nationalities of the dead were not immediately known. They were illegal aliens waiting to be extradited to their countries of origin.
    An unknown number of detainees escaped during the blaze, but three were captured. The Netherlands, which has adopted one of the toughest immigration policies in Europe, is in the process of deporting some 26,000 asylum seekers who have been denied Dutch residency. Hundreds of cocaine smugglers, mostly from the Caribbean and Curacao, are detained at the airport every year.  


    UK: One dead, 10 injured in 'rape' riot - some 200 Afro-Caribbean youths carrying baseball bats, threw paving slabs and set fire to cars
A reporter for the Press Association, Alex Thompson, came under attack when she drove into the area. She said: "They were a large group, more than 100 hooded youths with baseball bats running through the streets. They hit my car with the bats and kicked it, they also attacked other motorists." The area is close to the location of the Handsworth riots 20 years ago.  A man was killed and at least 10 injured in Birmingham last night after gangs of several hundred youths rioted following rumours of an alleged sexual assault on a teenager.  It was said that the alleged victim was too scared to come forward because she is in the country illegally.  - (White Boy) - (UK)


    UK: Blair 'hate crime' claim is being investigated by force
The North Wales force launched an inquiry after Tony Blair allegedly shouted "the f****** Welsh".

    UK: Another demon-possessed African "hears voices urging him to kill" - Kill - KILL! - Victim was 82-year-old White granny
Rodney AnyanwuCrazed killer Rodney Anyanwu first became known to the authorities in 1993 when he was admitted to The Whittington Hospital suffering "aggression and sexual disinhibition". Chillingly, Anyanwu also heard voices urging him to kill. Anyanwu broke into the Islington council flat where Mrs Violetta Vella lived alone and stabbed her repeatedly in the neck. Ms Vella's body was found by her daughter, Josephine Byde. Mrs Vella was pronounced dead at the scene and a post-mortem revealed she had died from stab wounds to the neck and throat as well as defence wounds to the left wrist, suggesting she had put up a fight. - (-88-) - (UK) - (Black-on-White) - MANIAC KILLER 'LEFT TO ROAM'

Family fury over maniac left free to kill * Judge's Anger Over the Patient Released to Kill
Two daughters are demanding justice after a paranoid schizophrenic stabbed their 82-year-old mother to death.
So, is he going to jail? - No, not jail, nor the gallows, but sentenced to free room and board and medicine for life... at British taxpayer expense.
Yesterday a judge ordered that Anyanwu be held at a secure mental hospital indefinitely after he admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, Judge Martin Stephens QC, said: 'It is of concern to this court that it was known that you were sick and that you were not taking vital medication that had been prescribed to control your potentially dangerous impulses. 
Note: "Anyanwu" is a NIGERian AFRICAN name. Citizenship status of suspect not reported.

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