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Wednesday, March 6, 2013 11:03 Pacific
Eric KnottSports: Rape plea agreement might allow former footballer to play DETROIT -- A plea agreement might allow a former high school football standout to play college football. Eric Knott, a former student and football player at Detroit Henry Ford High School, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors. He was originally charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl.
Sports: Michigan news briefs: Prep basketballer star's rape trial commences
Robert Whaley ST. JOSEPH — Testimony began Wednesday in the rape trial of a prep basketball star signed to play at the University of Missouri next year. Robert Whaley, 19, considered one of the nation's top college prospects, is accused of forcing a 13-year-old girl to have sex with him last Nov. 23 in his family's mobile home in Berrien County's Benton Township. Ref: Whaley Ref: basketballer to stand trial

  • Ruling goes against black athletes - Federal court denies bid to sue NCAA
    A federal appeals court in Philadelphia decided yesterday to deny four black student-athletes another chance to sue the NCAA over the use of test scores to determine eligibility.The athletes said they were discriminated against by being denied athletic scholarships or sports eligibility because they did not score the minimum on the SAT or American College Test.
Ruben PattersonBasketballer Patterson sentenced to 15 days in jail for attempted rape

A King County Superior Court Judge this morning sentenced Seattle SuperSonics forward Ruben Patterson to 15 days in jail, at least $5,000 in fines and restitution, and two years probation for attempting to rape his family's nanny in September.

moneyBlack women basketballers seeking $395,000 in lawsuit TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- The eight women suing the University of South Florida over allegations of racism in its basketball program are seeking a combined $395,000 in damages, according to court records released Monday.
moneyMother of black driver killed after chase files racial profiling suit
In another recent racial profiling lawsuit, the state in February agreed to pay a $13 million settlement to four men -- all minority high school athletes -- fired upon by two state troopers during an April 1998 traffic stop.
-Former footballer star ex-convict Manley charged again tampering with evidence Dexter Manley Former pro football star and ex-convict Dexter Manley is again facing charges involving illegal drugs. Dexter Manley, 43, is charged with tampering with evidence after police said he tried to swallow a small amount of cocaine during a drug bust at a southeast Houston motel. From November 1994 to July 1995, Manley was arrested four times (reader link)

Ruben PattersonSporting News: Hearing delayed in rape case for Seattle's Patterson
Ruben Patterson was suspended for three games in February because of a conviction on an assault charge for breaking a man's jaw in Cleveland.

Jeremiah Pharms Sports: Footballer Pharms pleads innocent to robbery charges
SEATTLE – Cleveland Browns draft pick Jeremiah Pharms pleaded innocent to charges of first-degree robbery in the pistol-whipping and shooting of an alleged drug-dealer. Pharms, 22, a former University of Washington linebacker, is accused of stealing $1,500 worth of marijuana during an attack near the school's campus (reader)
Ruben Patterson Basketballer Patterson enters guilty plea in rape case SEATTLE (AP) -- Seattle basketballer Ruben Patterson will enter a modified guilty plea to an attempted rape charge, his lawyer said Monday night. Under an "Alford plea", a defendant does not admit guilt, but agrees there may be sufficient evidence for a jury to convict him.
His 'nanny' allegedly got away after performing a sex act on him. (reader)
  • Soccer stampede in Ghana kills 100 ACCRA, Ghana (May 10, 2001 6:23 a.m. EDT) - At least 100 people were killed during a match between top teams in Ghana as tear gas and panic touched off Africa's fourth soccer stampede in a month, officials and witnesses said.
  • Families Seek Dead in Worst African Soccer Tragedy
  • African Sports: Ex-Official Charged Over Missing Soccer Cash ACCRA (Reuters) - Ghana's former sports minister appeared in court Monday charged with stealing $46,000 dollars which he says he lost in a suitcase while on his way to pay the national soccer team. Mallam Yusuf Ali Issah was dismissed after just 30 days in the job following the loss of the money, which was meant to pay Ghana's Black Stars after a World Cup qualifying match against Sudan in March.
Ruben PattersonBasketballer Ruben Patterson to enter plea to attempted rape charge SEATTLE – According to a detailed Bellevue Police Department report, officers responded to a call of a "possible rape" in September of last year. The alleged victim was the Patterson's nanny, who occasionally spent the night at their home in Bellevue to take care of the couple's three children. He grabbed her and she had difficulty fighting back because of his size and strength, the report said. She allegedly got away after performing a sex act on Patterson, the report said. (Reader link)
  • Jury selection set to begin for trial of pimp Steven Kaplan and six associates on charges including loan sharking, money laundering and bribing police officers.

    Dennis "Rodman"Prosecutors say Kaplan enjoyed setting up famous athletes with prostitutes.
    He even flew a group of women to Charleston, S.C., in 1997 to "perform a lesbian sex show" and have sex with members of an unnamed NBA team, according to the indictment. NBA stars Patrick Ewing, Dennis Rodman and Charles Oakley were among the athletes and celebrities who received free food and drinks worth thousands of dollars when they visited the club, according to receipts seized by the FBI. (Reader link)
Jerramy Stevens Black Sports: Hit and Run for the Huskies SEATTLE – Just months after Jerramy Stevens got his name out of the headlines, he’s back again. This time, he’s been cited by Seattle Police and he could face jail time. The residents of the Merrill Gardens retirement center heard a bang and felt the thud when Jerramy Stevens’ truck crashed into their wall, causing a dresser inside to come crashing down on an elderly woman’s bed. He then applied footballer skills by fleeing the scene. (reader)
Jeremiah Pharms Former husky linebacker under arrest in California
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Fresh off a Rose Bowl win and drafted by the Cleveland Browns, 22-year-old Jeremiah Pharms' football career was off to a promising start. Now, there’s a drastic turn of events. The former footballer has just been released on bail, following his arrest for first-degree robbery. Sacramento police drove Jeremiah Pharms to the jail to be booked and extradited back to Seattle. (reader link)
  • Black athlete tells race-attack trial of affairs THE Commonwealth Games gold-medalist Ashia Hansen had affairs with two international athletes while continuing her “on-off relationship” with white boyfriend Chris Cotter, a court heard yesterday. Mr Cotter, 29, is accused, along with two co-defendants, of faking a racist attack on himself to win back Ms Hansen’s affection and to make money by selling his story to a newspaper. His co-accused, Surjit Singh Clair and Craig Wynn deny conspiring
  • Sports: COS basketball star guilty of raping girl, two women VISALIA -- After nearly three days of deliberations, a Tulare County jury found a College of the Sequoias basketballer r guilty of raping two women and a minor. James "Mookie" Hall showed no emotion as the court clerk read the verdict Thursday convicting him on 11 felony counts, including forcible rape, false imprisonment, kidnap with the intent to rape, oral copulation, penetration with a foreign object and anal penetration with a foreign object.
  • "Baseball Card Discrimination?" Is racism in the cards? - by Noam Neusner
    Both Mickey Mantle, a white Yankee, and Willie Mays, a black Giant, patrolled center field in great old New York ballparks. They debuted the same spring and ended their careers in Cooperstown. Yet Mantle's rookie card is worth more than twice as much as Mays's. A few years ago, economists called the Mantle-Mays card comparison a textbook case of racism and proof that racial discrimination taints baseball cards, that bastion of Americana.
Russell OtisEx-Coach's Molestation Case Ready for the Jury
Jury deliberations are expected to start Monday in the case of Russell Otis, the nationally known Compton high school basketball coach accused of sexually molesting a player. The prosecutor said Otis' success as a coach gave him access to his sexual preference: boys. Otis is accused of molesting a 17-year-old former player at least twice last fall. The former coach is charged with sodomy, oral copulation with a victim under 18, annoying or molesting a child and unlawful sodomy with a victim under 18.

Former basketballer is arraigned on charges of robbery
Harry MooreLOWER MERION - Harry Moore, 29, a former standout basketball player for St. Bonaventure University, was arraigned yesterday on charges of robbing a Villanova University student at a bank machine on Lancaster Avenue on Thursday night.

Moore, of the 8000 block of Fayette Street, Philadelphia, is a suspect in three other holdups at ATMs in Lower Merion and a half-dozen in the city and suburbs, said Capt. Michael J. McGrath of the Lower Merion Police Department.

Moore was nabbed by officers who were on a surveillance detail as he fled with several hundred dollars at 8:50 p.m. Thursday, McGrath said. Police recovered the money and found a replica firearm tucked in his jacket, McGrath said. Moore was sent to Montgomery County prison after he failed to post $200,000 bail. Moore, a Simon Gratz High School standout, is No. 12 on St. Bonaventure's all-time scoring list.

Shantee Orr Black Sports: U-M player Shantee Orr charged with rape
Alleged assault occurred in woman's dorm room
Michigan linebacker Shantee Orr has been charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly raping a 19-year-old sophomore in her room at Stockwell Hall last month. The woman reported the alleged March 4 assault to U-M police.
The woman told police that she and Orr had been dating for seven months, but on March 2 she told Orr that she wanted to "take a break from the relationship,"
  • Athlete Charged With Rapes, Kidnappings ALEXANDRIA, La. (AP) _ A minor league football player has been accused of attacking, raping and robbing strangers at the Red River levee for almost a year. Darell Dewayne White, 28, of Alexandria, was arrested late Monday night near the levee, where police had been conducting 24-hour surveillance.
  • Black Basketball Coach Charged with Sodomite Rape of Youth
    Youth Tells Jury About Sex Acts With Coach
    He says former Compton instructor Russell Otis pressured him repeatedly.
    Russell OtisA teenager tearfully told a Superior Court jury Tuesday that former Compton basketball coach Russell Otis groped him, performed oral sex on him and sodomized him. The boy said Otis, who was his coach at Dominguez High School, repeatedly asked to perform oral sex on the teenager while they were at the coach's Carson home last fall.

At Academy, Rape Case Fuels Doubts: Black Midshipmen Escaped Punishment
Cordrea BrittinghamShaka Amin MartinArion Keith WilliamsCordrea Brittingham (left), Shaka AminMartin (center) and Arion Keith Williams (right). Until last season, the three were teammates at the U.S. Naval Academy, but they now are linked by a notorious and more resilient thread: allegations that they gang raped a female classmate last year during a drinking party...

Darryl StrawberryStrawberry may do time in jail after his drug binge Darryl Strawberry says he spent his four days on the lam smoking crack in cheap motels with a wayward rehab pal and some gun-toting thugs who robbed him. The denoscription of the crack-fueled binge came a day after the troubled ex-slugger checked into a hospital and was arrested on charges of violating his probation. He tested positive for cocaine. (Reader link)
  • High schools also seeing decline in black baseball players
    Area coaches say high school baseball teams across South Carolina have seen a progressive decrease in minority participation that began more than two decades ago.
    Horton said the influx of players from Latin America and the Caribbean coupled with a decrease in baseball’s overall popularity have steered blacks away from pursuing the sport at the earliest levels. (Reader link)
Wang Zhizhi Chinese invade American Basketball - Sports as Propaganda
[Reader comments] "The new face of diversity"
Mavericks the "United Nations flagship team" -
Besides Wang Zhizhi (pictured left in black armpit), they now have players from Germany (Dirk Nowitzki), Canada (Steve Nash), Nigeria (Obinna Ekezie) and Mexico (Eduardo Najera). In the last couple of seasons, they had one from Australia (Chris Anstey), another from Croatia (Bruno Sundov) and a visitor from Mars (Dennis Rodman).
(China has taken over most of American industrial and electronic production - sports next?)


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Saturday Gladiators -- A professor looks at the effect of athletics on higher education. (New York Times - free registration required)
By MORRIS BERMAN BEER AND CIRCUS How Big-Time College Sports Is Crippling Undergraduate Education. By Murray Sperber. The title is from Juvenal: panem et circenses, bread and circuses (that is, public spectacles). Looking out over the bleak cultural landscape of Rome in the late first and early second centuries A.D., the great satirist concluded that these were the only two things that seemed to interest the majority of his countrymen. How different, Murray Sperber seems to be asking, are things for the American empire today?

UT fights ESPN's subpoenas of students' records
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- A lawyer for the University of Tennessee has asked a federal judge to stop ESPN's attempts to subpoena student records and university documents for defamation lawsuits against the sports network.

The Black Sports Cult and the American Dream
The University will not release 'academic records' of black athletes - many allege a conspiracy of coaches, teachers, administrators, alumni and the media to recruit illiterate
below-average intelligence blacks solely for the promotion of the 'Black Sports Cult'
that has become a 'religion' in American with millions of majority Americans 'brainwashed'
with their obsessed voyeuristic fixation on watching the scholastically retarded sports heroes jump up and down, bump into each other, perform ritualistic homosexual acts, do strange primitive 'victory dances' on the field and ritualistically follow the cabalistic magical numerics of the 'scores' of the games.

The Black Sports Cult promotes gambling, drinking in front of TV, Sports Bar alcohol syndrome, obesity and the shorting of life associated with this lifestyle.

This is reminiscent of the "Bread and Circuses" of the last days of the Roman Empire.
Today it is "Food Stamps and the Black Sports Cult".

The Barbarians will get tired of Foreign Aid. They have infiltrated their spies and are
sharpening their swords. One day America may be rudely awakened when the Barbarians
have sacked the cities, raped the women, eaten the dogs and enslaved those not too fat
for work in the slave labor camps.

- Sports Editor, New Nation News

Genetics of athletics: The controversy over race Entine, the Southern California author of "Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid To Talk About It,"
has been widely vilified since his controversial book was published in January.
Entine told me, "I'm a white liberal Jew - I've been called the 'left-wing Rush Limbaugh.' "
I want to acknowledge the evolutionary advantages of blacks . . . science does support the notion that people of West African origin are best at short-distance running, people of Eastern African origin best at long-distance running, whites have superior upper body strength, Chinese have the most flexible bodies, etc. (however he inconsistantly holds PC dognma that) "Science does not support the notion that blacks are less intelligent," Entine emphasized.
The Bell Curve"The Bell Curve"
Intelligence and class Structure in American Life
by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
(c) 1994 - The Free Press

Synopsis: In a book that is certain to ignite an explosive controversy, 
Herrnstein and Murray dare to reveal their belief that it is intelligence levels,
not environmental circumstances, poverty, or lack of education that are at the root of many of our social problems.

"non-denominational" link: Hofstetter's Sports Jerk of the Week
"Criminals, racists, and overpayed gloryhogs are not what sports are about.
Here, we villify all that is wrong with sports, and have fun doing it."

"OJ" Simpson
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