Black Tuesday rioters
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Black Tuesday Seattle Riots
Students mourn deaths
Friday, August 12, 2005 7:46 Pacific
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National Press Photographers Association Celebrate Multi-racial Rape
Seattle rape of White Woman at the Seattle Black Mardi Gras Riots last year.
A woman struggles to free herself as she is stripped of her clothes and sexually abused by an out-of-control crowd as Mardi Gras celebrations turned violent in Seattle's Pioneer Square District
Photo Prize winner Mike Urban - (reader link)

Thomas only gets 15 years for Mardi Gras killing - Wartnik justifies
Jerell ThomasKristopher KimeJerell Thomas was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison for his violent rampage that killed 20-year-old Kristopher Kime at last year's Mardi Gras celebration. King County Superior Court Judge Anthony Wartnik said Thomas, now 18, has "a great deal of good within him" but has trouble controlling his anger."Certainly Jerell Thomas' acts appear to be monstrous in nature," Wartnik said. "But that doesn't appear to indicate that he is a monster in his psychological makeup."
Kime's family had asked for "the maximum sentence." His mother, clutching a tiny urn of her son's ashes, was crushed that he did not receive at least the 20 years that King County prosecutors had recommended. He had faced a standard sentence of 14 to 22 years. "That's not what Kris deserved," Kim Kime-Parks said. - (Patriot) - (NNN-Seattle-black-riots)
Negro sentenced to three years for Mardi Gras attacks
Aaron Slaughter SEATTLE - A man photographed wearing brass knuckles during the downtown Mardi Gras riots was sentenced Friday to three years in prison. Aaron Slaughter, 19, pleaded guilty in September to second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of fourth-degree assault and one count of felony rioting. King County prosecutors said Slaughter roamed through Pioneer Square and attacked people at random as Mardi Gras celebrations last February disintegrated into a riot. More than 70 people were hurt in the violence. One young man was killed. - (reader link)
Black convicted in savage Mardi Gras murder of White
Jerell ThomasKristopher Kime
A jury Wednesday convicted Jerell Thomas of second-degree murder in the death of Kristopher Kime during a rowdy Mardi Gras celebration in Seattle in February. Thomas used his hands to show "the anger and rage that seethed within him," Deputy Prosecutor Andrea Vitalich told jurors Tuesday. He bashed two men with a skateboard, then punched Kime "over and over again, until he had literally driven his head into the pavement." NNN-Seattle-riots - (VNN link)
  • Seattle black riots: Murdered Kime's friend recalls Mardi Gras terror
    Jerell ThomasKristopher Kime
    She tearfully recounts how she found him bloodied on ground
    The crowd was getting too rowdy. Michelle Breasaw and her clan of longtime pals saw groups of people ganging up on helpless individuals. One woman was being dragged by her hair as another woman kicked her. 17-year-old (black) Jerell Thomas stands trial for second-degree murder.
  • Murder trial opens in death of man in Mardi Gras attack
    a jury must decide whether Thomas is to blame for the massive head injuries that caused Kristopher Kime's death. He also faces two assault charges for allegedly beating two other young men with a skateboard as he roamed the crowded Pioneer Square streets early Feb. 28. Kristopher Kime fell to the ground after Thomas -- captured on videotape by television news cameras -- hit him from behind.
  • 'Poster boy' for violence resists role By Nicole Brodeur Seattle Times staff columnist
    Let your better judgment slide, and sure enough, Aaron "Slaughter" slips nicely into white society's cliché of the Angry Black Male. He is big, he is dark, he becomes menacing just by virtue of standing up. He works at a car wash, drives a Cadillac, lives with his mother. (reader)
  • Carrying the weight of race By Nicole Brodeur Seattle Times staff columnist
    Even locked behind bars three hours from here, Aaron "Slaughter" instills a visceral reaction: fear, anger, frustration — and a small measure of pity. (posted 8/22/2001)
Black teen won't be charged with hate crime in Mardi Gras riots
A hate crime charge will not be filed against a black man accused of assaulting a white man in Seattle's Mardi Gras riot, King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng said Friday.

Khalid Adams, 17, was charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly joining a group of young men who were kicking a man on the ground.

Maleng said Friday that police referred the assault charge to prosecutors as a possible hate crime after Adams told a detective that the "most likely" reason he kicked the man was because he was white.

He said Adams' statement was not sufficient reason to prosecute him for a hate crime. Prosecutors would have had to show that he joined the melee intending to target a white victim. Instead, Maleng said, it appeared Adams just became caught up in the violence.

Adams also was charged with first-degree robbery in a separate incident in which a man was robbed of $100 during the alcohol-fueled melee in Pioneer Square on Feb. 27. Charged with him in that robbery were Calvin E. Williams, 20, and Demarr L. Goldsmith, 18.

In addition, Adams and Williams had been charged with having forced sexual contact with a woman during the riots, but those charges have since been dismissed because the victim said she was unsure who had attacked her, Maleng said.

  • Help Bust Mardi Gras Thugs: SEATTLE - Do any of these people look familiar?
    Seattle riotersPolice have released dozens of photos from the Mardi Gras riots in Pioneer Square on Feb. 27 in the hopes that the public can help identify these people and help bring them to justice. If you have any information on who these people are, or where they might be located, please call the Seattle Police Mardi Gras tip line at: (206) 233-3896. Please give them the number located on the photo that you're referring to. (Reader link)
  • Ref: NNN-Black Mardi Gras Riot page
Saint Joan of Arc  
Anti-White Racism
Slanders, Lies and Selective Silence
(posted at Alamance Independent, Alternative News)
  • Prosecutors asked to charge black teen with hate crime
    Suspect targeted whites in Mardi Gras riot, investigators say
  • Seattle:"Black racial war" Hate crimes: Is enforcement colorblind?
    by Aex Tizon Seattle Times staff reporter - HARLEY SOLTES / THE SEATTLE TIMES

    Before the attacks that have since led many in the Seattle area to wonder about hate-crime policies, Fat Tuesday was a peaceful party that drew thousands of people.
    Are blacks ever prosecuted for hate crimes?

    Readers and callers have been asking this question in one form or another since Fat Tuesday. Some ask it rhetorically, angry at what they perceive as a politically correct double standard. Others ask with genuine curiosity.

    More than a month after Mardi Gras rocked the city, Seattle police this week asked prosecutors to consider a hate-crime charge against one black teen, Khalid Adams, who is accused of beating up and robbing whites during the Mardi Gras celebration. Adams told investigators he believed he was in the middle of a "racial war."

Black admits "racial war" motive in Seattle rampage
Mardi Gras: Police see hate crime in rampage
by Ian Ith - Seattle Times staff reporter

Seattle police yesterday asked the King County prosecutor to consider a hate-crime charge against one of the young black men accused of Mardi Gras violence, saying the teen believed the attacks in Pioneer Square were a battle in a "racial war."

Khalid Adams, 17, is already in jail, charged as an adult in what prosecutors say was an unchecked rampage against Fat Tuesday revelers. But police now have asked that prosecutors add the charge of malicious harassment, the state's hate-crime statute.

Adams, who is in the King County Jail, this week pleaded not guilty to first-degree robbery and indecent liberties, both felonies. Court papers say he and other young men beat up a man and stole his wallet amid the frenzy and attacked a woman, pulling off her clothes and groping her. Police say Adams is also tied to other attacks but is not linked to the fatal assault on Kristopher Kime, the one person killed that night.

After Adams was arrested, he explained his motives to detectives, police said. He said he had been drinking in a Pioneer Square bar -- despite his age -- and had emerged into an already-violent crowd. According to the police report to prosecutors, Adams attacked people because someone hit him, and he and his friends thought the riots were a "racial war."

Racial tension surrounding the Fat Tuesday celebration has been building since police said most suspects in the violence are black. African-American leaders have said fallout from the event stereotypes the entire black community as criminals.

  • Seattle: First white charged in Mardi Gras; 15 arraigned are black, one Asian
    (with one count of second-degree malicious mischief) So far, all are black except for Beaupre and Van Veth, 19, who is Asian. Veth is charged with brandishing a handgun in the crowd.

  • Interracial Crime and Table 42 By Christopher Chantrill
    "IF YOU ARE LIKE ME, a libertarian conservative passionately committed to finding the meaning of life, the universe and everything, you are outraged by the racial violence that occurred in Seattle on Fat Tuesday, and you get all riled up by articles like John Perazzo’s "Interracial Crime: The Dirty Little Secret." The rate of black-on-white crime, he writes, is ten times the rate of white-on-black crime." (reader link)

Diversity Disaster: The Censored Truth About 'Fat Tuesday' Riots
- by Sam Francis
Sam FrancisThe news unfit to print for the last couple of weeks has to do with black violence against whites trying to celebrate "Fat Tuesday" in cities all over the country. Known in French as "Mardi Gras" in New Orleans, the day from now on might be better known as Bloody rather than Fat.

Inter-Racial Crime: The Dirty Little Secret - by John Perazzo
IN RESPONSE TO a white-on-black killing in Brooklyn a few years ago, an infuriated Al Sharpton instantly took to the airwaves and proclaimed that such attacks constituted "a national epidemic." (reader link)
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New Nation News presents a Press Release from N.O.F.E.A.R.
Western Washington N.O.F.E.A.R. calls investigation and media coverage of
Fat Tuesday hate riots an "Outrage."

Seattle officer sends letter of apology to Kime's mother

A Seattle police sergeant has sent a letter of apology to the mother of slaying victim Kristopher Kime, criticizing city and police officials for the "decision not to take action" to quickly quell the Fat Tuesday riot.

Along with his letter, Sgt. Daniel Beste sent the young man's mother a check for $200 -- "the approximate amount of overtime I was paid by the taxpayers of the city to stand by while they were beaten and your son killed."
[Reader comments] "White victim + black attackers = no police intervention"

Three-fourths of Fat Tuesday crime suspects are black, police say
Some say racial hatred was evident in riot, but others aren't so sure

Three-quarters of the more than 100 people identified so far as suspects in crimes committed during the Fat Tuesday riot are black, Seattle police sources say.

Many victims say some of the random beatings in Pioneer Square were clearly tinged with racial hatred. And in at least two Mardi Gras incidents under investigation, African American attackers were heard yelling racial slurs at white victims, police said.

In another instance, a woman witnessing the beating of two white men by a group of blacks heard one of the attackers say, "That's what you stupid white people get."

[Reader rewrite of Seattle Black Riot story] Subject: Role reversal

"Three-quarters of the more than 100 people identified so far as suspects
in crimes committed during the Fat Tuesday riot are *white."

*roles have been reversed for objective reasoning

Lawless in Seattle (Reader link)

DURING THE NOW INFAMOUS Rodney King incident, executives of the ACLU proclaimed that the LAPD was racist, based on a video. "If we had seen those pictures coming from South Africa, we would all know what they meant," said ACLU executive director Ira Glasser on the Phil Donahue Show.

However, a different standard has been applied to video images coming out of Seattle’s Mardi Gras riot two weeks ago. Many show blacks ganging up on white victims. But Seattle police are not even investigating the possibility that anti-white hate crimes may have been committed.

On the night of February 27, gangs of roving youths rampaged through partying crowds in the city’s Pioneer Square. When it was over, 72 were injured, one dead and 21 arrested.

Rumors began circulating almost immediately via e-mail and Internet message board that the disturbance had been racial – a case of black marauders preying on white victims – and that police had stood by and let it happen.

No mincing words over a month of crimes Thursday, March 15, 2001


MARCH HAS BEEN a cruel month.

Images of young black men, connected to some of the more heinous crimes to hit the region in some time, have been seared into our minds in the past two weeks.

Charles Champion Jr., 18, is suspected of killing a Des Moines police officer March 7.

Two days later, Leemah Carneh, 19, allegedly entered a home south of Seattle and killed two teens and an elderly couple.

Then this.

Police now say the men whom they believe killed Kristopher Kime were all black.

Kime was trying to help a young woman being assaulted in Pioneer Square during Mardi Gras when he was beaten.A pathetic roll call.

It makes me mad. Makes me sad. Makes me want to shake these young men and holler, "What the hell were you thinking?"

Obfuscation of facts pertaining to Fat Tuesday’s riot  

  • Local News: Friday, March 02, 2001
    Man killed at Mardi Gras was trying to help woman
    Kristopher Kime's family and friends say he was murdered amid the mayhem of Fat Tuesday. Detectives yesterday said they're getting closer to catching the attackers, who they said may turn out to be some of the same men responsible for dozens of assaults on partygoers at the Fat Tuesday celebration.
  • Local News: Thursday, March 08, 2001
    Victim's family angry at rushed police letter

    When Kimberly Kime-Parks opened a letter Monday from the Seattle Police Department, a part of her expected a few personal words of condolence on the death of her son, Kris Kime, at a Mardi Gras melee in Pioneer Square last week. The letter, which had Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske's name on it, wasn't what she expected. "It seems very much like a form letter," she said. "And they could have had the courtesy to spell my son's name right."
  • Local News: Thursday, March 08, 2001
    Frustrated police honor man slain on Fat Tuesday

    Seattle police officers asked for and received permission to wear their uniforms at the memorial of 20-year-old Kristopher Kime as a way to quietly honor the man who died helping an injured woman in Pioneer Square on Fat Tuesday. It was a symbolic gesture to convey the officers' respect for Kime. But as the memorial service at Evergreen High School near Burien drew to a close, one officer spoke up.
  • Local News: Monday, March 12, 2001
    Praying for our city, for our son: Peace march pays tribute to Mardi Gras victim
    It could have been any other day, if not for the teenagers with red-rimmed eyes wearing buttons of their dead cousin on their sweaters. If not for the grown men clutching single daffodils. If not for the kids on scooters with placards taped to handlebars, reading, "Give Peace a Chance."
  • Local News: Tuesday, March 06, 2001 Learning lessons of Fat Tuesday
    As Seattle police officials seek the lessons learned by other cities in the aftermath of violent Mardi Gras celebrations, they may confront an uncomfortable fact. Police in Philadelphia, Fresno, Calif., and Austin, Texas, waded into crowds of revelers to make arrests, even when partygoers were shoulder-to-shoulder on the streets.
Fat Tuesday ends in rioting and tear gas Seventy people injured, 21 arrested (Wednesday, February 28, 2001)
Black Tuesday riotersBlack Tuesday: Seattle's Mardi Gras celebrations
disintegrated into ugly racial
brawls as the evening progressed.
Here, a group of black young men beats a white man early Wednesday morning as Fat Tuesday celebrations came to a close. (reader link)
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Reader comments: The new spin on 'Fat Tuesday' race riots

"It wasn't really a race riot after all. It was just another misogynist
attack on female victims by evil men.

But this time, the white men and the police were too tolerant of deviant
and disgusting behaviour. And there I was thinking that we could never
have too much "tolerance" for deviant behaviour!

What's more, only one white man was prepared to get himself killed for
women who hate him. What a disgrace.

But should sexual assault be the penalty for stupidity? Well it will be,
whether it should or not. So all these tolerant, diversity loving,
Democrat voting, man hating feminists had better get used to it."

Ref: Why did crowds tolerate sex assaults? By CANDY HATCHER

[Reader reports]
"Unfortunately the poll on racial motivation at Seattle station KIRO came down
soon after I referred to it. I have asked the station for the results.
I called the Seattle Post-Intelligencer online Forum manager, a Mr. Rosen,
who explained to me that the link to the Pioneer Square Violence forum had
been removed since it had been taken over by White supremacists who were
threatening minorities. This is not true."
- James C. Russell, Ph.D.
Seattle Riots: Was race spark that ignited so much rage?
(By Florangela Davila - Seattle Times staff reporter)

Punches were thrown in Pioneer Square - and buttons were pushed throughout the city.

The explosive trigger: race.

On Feb. 27, a crowd of 4,000 converged - some spilling out of bars, some bringing their own drinks to party in the street - to celebrate the end of Mardi Gras. As Fat Tuesday wore on, drinking and displays of nudity erupted into bursts of savagery.

By the time the streets were cleared, one man was fatally injured, 71 people were injured, and property damage was estimated at $80,000.

Citizens were outraged - at the bars who sponsored the event, at the police who stood by while beatings went unchecked, at the youths who got caught up in brutal mob behavior.

And that's roughly where agreement ends about what happened in Pioneer Square that night - and why.

While police, city officials and community leaders try to discover the spark that ignited so much rage, many of those who watched the events from afar - on television or through newspaper accounts - quickly made up their minds.

Fat Tuesday, they concluded, was black-on-white violence.

"I saw young black males hitting innocent bystanders," said Andrew Lehtinen, 24, a welder from Seattle. He was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year. He followed news of the Seattle street brawls on CNN and newspaper Web sites.

"I didn't see any whites beating up blacks - or women, for that matter," he said. Lehtinen is white.

"I saw the stuff on TV and it was alarming - this sort of gratuitous violence," said Henry McGee, Jr., 69, a Seattle University law professor.

"There were clearly blacks assaulting whites. I didn't see any pictures of blacks assaulting blacks," McGee continued. "It's hard to say whether their motivations had to do with race. I think the least one can say is that unless the blacks were acting in self-defense -- and that doesn't come off in the tapes - my guess is there may well have been a racial dimension to it.

"In any case, it will be perceived as racial." McGee is black.

On radio talk shows, in chat rooms and in calls, e-mails and letters to newspapers, the public outcry about Mardi Gras has been tinged with race, and with accusations that the police and media have ducked a volatile truth.

"The instigators of these violent acts were black gang-bangers out to hurt white people," spouted an e-mail from a man calling himself Wild Bill. "Surely had a gang of white guys beaten up on a bunch of blacks and killed one ... the coverage would have been focused on race."

Police and city officials have insisted they can't identify a racial motive to the Fat Tuesday brawls. Nor have police arrested suspects in the beating death of Kristopher Kime, 20, of Auburn, who was beaten to death as he tried to help a woman who had been knocked to the pavement. Kime was white.

But police have said there was a roving group of young black men and women who attacked many white partygoers in the crowd. And witnesses said the man who hit Kime from behind was black.

Public rumblings have accused the police and media of political correctness - the former when it failed to wade into the crowd, the latter when it failed to wade into the race issue - for fear of offending the black community.

"Whenever someone white attacks someone black, it's immediately a racial issue," said Lael Prock, 60, of Mercer Island.

Look how quickly the black community, he said, claimed racial bias behind last April's police shooting of David John Walker, a mentally ill African American, after he shoplifted from a Queen Anne grocery. (more...

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