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Archive for 28 June 2005 - Updated 23 June 2019

  • Alleged Neo-Nazis charged with hate crime in assault on lesbians
    A Lake County judge set bail at $1 million each Friday for a Winnetka man and another reputed neo-Nazi who allegedly beat and robbed two teenage girls who said they were lesbians. Patrick J. Langballe, 29, and Aaron C. Rush were charged with three counts of a hate crime

    California: Disabled Hispanic man in coma following "hate crime" attack by gang of 12 blacks
BAKERSFIELD - A 49-year-old man remained in a coma Thursday after he was beaten while picking up his mail.
Police are looking for the men responsible for what they are calling a hate crime. Jesus Lopez’s neighbors said they heard racial slurs as a large group of young African-American men attacked him and left him nearly unrecognizable. “All he did was get his mail and came here and was jumped in this area, and it was swift, evil, and fast,” said one of Lopez’s neighbors. Neighbors said 12 men beat him near the mailboxes. “They kept stomping him after he was out and gone and they kept stomping him,” said Steve Brentham. Lopez’s son was also attacked. N eighbors said the attacks were racially motivated. “They yelled ‘dirty Mexican, this is black power’ and beat him,” said a neighbor. “That's what they said.”


  • Hate Crime Victim Settles With Former Students
    After two years of legal battles, a San Francisco photographer won a sizeable settlement last month against two former UC Berkeley students who mistakenly assumed he was gay and attacked him in 2003.


    Police Identify Black Suspect In Brooklyn Anti-gay Bias Crime
Steven PomiePolice say they've identified a suspect in what they believe was a bias crime in Brooklyn. Investigators are looking for 24-year-old Steven Pomie. They believe he's one of three men who beat a 26-year-old Brownsville man outside the victim's home last Wednesday while shouting anti-gay slurs. Pomie is 6 feet tall and 170 pounds.
- (The Bobster, Brewski)

    Four black prisoners are accused of battery as a hate crime after allegedly beating up three white inmates
JANESVILLE, Wis. The white men were dragged into jail cells and held while they were beaten repeatedly, officials said. The assaults happened over several days until one of the victims finally told jail staff. All the assaults happened in the top security section at the jail. The prisoners have not yet been charged.

Jail commander Barbara Barrington-Tillman said the men accused of assault told the victims they were beating them up because white guys were responsible for putting them in jail. - (reader link) - (hatecrimes) - (black on white)





    Racial Hatecrimes: Seven black males were arrested for suspicion of assaulting two white men
in Compton today after allegedly yelling racial slurs at them in what is being investigated as a hate crime, authorities said. Between 15 and 20 black males stood at the intersection and yelled racial slurs and flashed gang signs at the victims. The two white victims suffered moderate injuries, he said. One was hit in the back of the head. They then identified the seven men who were arrested. One had a rifle and two others had guns. - (another angry white) - (black on white)

    Black Racist Gunman Possibly on Loose in Va.
RICHMOND, Va. — Three people were shot and killed, including two shopkeepers who were gunned down in front of horrified customers by a man who yelled racist comments. The suspect was identified as Daniel Andrew Bowler from surveillance photographs. About 6:50 p.m, police said, they received a call that a gunman had shot someone at the public housing complex. Authorities found Derrick Conner, 29, a black man, lying dead on the street.

Ten minutes later, the gunman entered the James Food Store, a convenience store about three miles from the housing complex. After shouting racist comments at employee Abdulrahman Aldhabhani, 43, the man shot and killed him in front of customers, police said.

Police said the gunman took cash and other items before walking next door to Poly Cleaners, where he yelled racist comments at the owner, Jong Doh, 39, before shooting him in front of witnesses. - (Crusader) - (crime)



  • Canada: Mounties say alleged hate crime could be a hoax
    A 17-year-old "Indo-Canadian" claimed he had been attacked in a park, his turban removed and his hair cut off.
    "In this society, there's a lot of pressure to conform to what is normal, and normal is not a baptized Sikh."






  • Black man charged with hate crime in threats to TV news crew
    Darnell Colquitt thought the TV reporters didn’t belong in the Tillicum ’hood and told them so. People tote heat around here, he warned. He started to pedal away on a bicycle, then stopped, turned, and told the reporters what would happen if they were still there when he came back. "You’re dead where you stand,” he said. That, and a hail of racial slurs, earned him a trip to jail Thursday, along with a rare charge from Pierce County prosecutors: a black-on-white hate crime. - (White Boy)

    Ugly crime called hate - It was as plain as black and white. It was a hate crime.
When 30 black teenagers from Marine Park Middle School, most of them girls, chased five white girls from St. Edmund's off a Marine Park basketball court and across a Brooklyn street - punching, kicking, slapping, pulling hair and screaming, "honky bitches," "black power" and "white crackers" - it was a racial attack. It was about hate. - (reader link) - (hatecrimes)

    Houston rape suspect may be linked to 4 robberies - Police say black has a 'hatred' for Hispanic women
Eric Gabriel Green III,A man charged in the sexual assault and robbery of a woman at her southeast Houston apartment last week has been linked to four other robberies. Eric Gabriel Green III, 33, had a "hatred" for Hispanic women. Four of his five alleged victims were Hispanic, and the only non-Hispanic woman attacked was told it was her "lucky day" she was of a different race. The attacks were getting progressively more violent, police said. In the last known incident, the day before Green's arrest, one woman was beaten with a pistol so hard that part of the weapon's grip broke. - (Aryan Barbarian)


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Australia: Pack rapists' racial taunts
[reader comments] "Thank God these were not "hate crimes"

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Hate Crimes Archives

Unlike the daily saturation news coverage of the "Texas Dragging Death", the Wyoming gay bar soliciter and the NYC cop sodomizing the Holy Haitian Immigrant - we are not finding daily national press coverage and follow-up on the cases of minority on white 'hate crimes' and many other cases with the 'wrong victim'...  [that may be found in the NNN archives...]

The [gay-rape] murder of Jesse Kirkhising and the 'norms' at The Washington Post (link fixed)

Concerned Women for America:
Hate Crimes Law Could Harm People for Having Religious Beliefs on Homosexuality

" Mr. Clinton announced new federal initiatives to prevent and punish hate crimes" - (link updated)
Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner - gunned down by "Mao-mao" Jamal
National Police Officers Call For Boycott Over Cop-Killer.
Justice for Eric Balagot murdered in prison

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Hate Crime-a violent crime committed against a person because of their race, religion, sex, or sexual preference. Whites can only be victims of a hate crime if they are homosexual.
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