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28 April 2005 archive
    Phony 'hatecrime' - Black student charged with threatening other minorities at Illinois school
Alicia HardinOfficials say a black female college student is free on bond after being charged with disorderly conduct and a hate crime.The 19-year-old black student is accused of sending threatening letters to minorities at Trinity International University in hopes of convincing her parents the school wasn't safe. If convicted, Alicia Hardin could get up to five years in prison. Authorities say she told them that she was unhappy and wanted to leave. The letters were sent to two black students and a Hispanic student. One contained a threat to use a weapon. They spread fear among minorities at the Christian school and prompted authorities to move more than 40 students from dorms into a hotel. - (Forum)

    "Posse" of 30 black girls that attacked six White 15-year-old Catholic schoolgirls - now racial hate crime
City lawyers overruled the Police Department and charged a band of black Brooklyn toughs with a hate crime for allegedly shouting, "Black power!" as they beat up a group of White girls in Marine Park. In a case that roiled racial tensions in Brooklyn — and became a rallying point on "white-supremacy" Web sites . Cops locked up five of the alleged attackers — all juveniles — but did not charge them with a bias crime. The attack took place on March 30 in Marine Park as six 15-year-old Catholic schoolgirls were shooting hoops. Police sources said six to eight black girls from Marine Park JHS marched into the middle of the white girls' three-on-three basketball game and demanded the court. Finally, a posse of 20 to 30 girls set upon the victims with kicks and punches, while shouting, "White crackers," "Black power," and, curiously, "Martin Luther King." - My daughter said, 'Ma they're going to kill us.' The attack left racial tensions simmering. - (forum)


    Canada: Former native leader's hate trial to begin
Former aboriginal leader David Ahenakew goes on trial in Saskatoon Monday on a charge of promoting hatred. The Crown alleges that Ahenakew praised Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust and referred to Jews as a "disease" in comments he made to a reporter in December 2002.

  • Gwinnett County school closed after racial threat -
    officials found a bomb threat scrawled on the wall in one of the boys' restrooms. The threat contained a racial slur and said black students would die. Some officials suspected the threat might have been a prank done by students who wanted a four-day weekend. - (Tyrone N. Butts)
  • Racial Hate Crime?
    A Kansas City black man shot to death earlier this month was the victim of a racist crime. Jackson County prosecutors say a white teenager who bragged about the killing was charged yesterday with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. The victim two weeks ago was William McCay, 44. The defendant is Gary Eye, 18.
  • Two accused in "Polish hate crime", burglary, arson
    The two men reportedly found personal papers and mail belonging to the homeowners and discovered the couple's surname was Polish. "One of the suspects is German and had a severe dislike for Polish people," according to the lead investigator. The home allegedly was ransacked, burned and covered with satanic references end ethnic slurs.
  • Police unsure whether attack was hate crime
    According to police reports, a 23-year-old man was pummeled by at least two assailants after they used racial slurs against him
  • UK: Police fight hate crime "epidemic"
    Crime fuelled by racism and homophobia is still at shockingly high levels in Coventry, says a top city policeman.

  • Hate crime shocks Paiute reservation
    Letters threatened to ''kidnap, rape and dismember'' young girls aged 5 to 9 - signed 'KKK'. The threats are believed to be retribution for the death of a white liquor store manager, Dave Pettet, 48, who was allegedly shot by tribal member Wayne Bengochia in an alcohol-related incident four days before the letters were found. Begochia, 48, was charged with homicide and is awaiting trial. Stafford said it appeared that the author of the letter was trying to create racial tensions by exploiting Pettet's death as a crime against white people; ironically, Pettet was once married to an American Indian woman with whom he had two children.


    Hate Crime! Confederate Veteran's Memorial Vandalized
You might not have realized it, but there is a Confederate Veteran's Memorial in Seattle. And someone just discovered it and ripped it apart. It has stood at the Lakeview Cemetery on Capitol Hill for 80 years. But, two weeks ago, someone pried off a bronze cross, a Confederate seal and a bronze portrait of Robert E. Lee. more news - (Edelweiss)

    Philadelphia Judge Clears Christian Demonstrators of 'Hate Crimes' Charges - (Rasp)


  • Swedish Pastor Is Acquitted of Anti-Sodomite 'hatecrime' on Appeal
    STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- A Swedish pastor convicted of hate crimes for a sermon denouncing homosexuals as a "cancer" was acquitted Friday by an appeals court that said he was protected by the country's free speech laws. The Goeta Appeals Court said that while Aake Green's views of gays can be "strongly questioned," it was not illegal to offer a personal interpretation of the Bible and urge others to follow it.

    Utah: Hate crimes bill dies in committee  - (reader link)

    White man robbed then dragged behind a truck by two (non-whites) using racial slurs - "Not a hate crime"
A Hartsville man says two robbers took his money, then dragged him behind a truck last weekend. The victim, who is white, told officers the men used racial slurs as they chained him to the truck. But, Darlington County Sheriff's Lieutenant Robin Bryant said he does not think at this point the crime was racially motivated because the men were first "just interested in robbing the victim". - (Tyrone N. Butts)

  • Assault, robbery of White boy by pack of black teens may be hate crime
    Police were searching for four black teens who assaulted and robbed a 14-year-old white boy of a CD in the northern section of the city two days ago. "It may be a hate crime," said police Capt. Patrick McMahon, commander of the Fourth Precinct. One member of the group used a derogatory term to describe white people before the four knocked the boy to the ground. He was punched repeatedly in the head and injured his wrists when he fell. He told police he was walking at 2:05 p.m. Tuesday when the four surrounded him. - (Hellcat)

  • 'ISLAMIC HATE' suspect in gruesome quadruple slaying of Coptic Christian migrants
    The father of a murdered New Jersey family was threatened for making anti-Muslim remarks online — and the gruesome quadruple slaying may have been the hateful retaliation. Hossam Armanious, 47, who along with his wife and two daughters was found stabbed to death in his Jersey City home early Friday, would regularly debate religion in a Middle Eastern chat room. Armanious, an Egyptian Christian, was well known for expressing his Coptic beliefs and engaging in fiery back-and-forth with Muslims on the Web site paltalk.com. He "had the reputation for being one of the most outspoken Egyptian Christians," said the source, who had close ties to the family. - (Brewski)


    Hawaii: Hate crime case ends with Puka’s guilty plea
Henry "Puka" BellA hate crime accusation against a Kona man has been dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to six lesser charges related to a nighttime attack last year. Henry "Puka" Bell had been charged with 13 crimes in connection with an attack by several people on a group of campers at Makalawena Beach. Police estimated that up to 50 people were involved in the incident just before midnight, in which attackers drove vehicles through campsites, smashed vehicles and attacked people. Those involved in the attack were generally identified as "local," while the victims were identified as Caucasian. - (Aetius)

  • Christian Activists Charged With Hate Crimes For Gay Protest
    Four Christian activists are accused of hate crimes for their demonstration urging gays and lesbians to repent at last October's "Outfest" in Philadelphia. Michael Marcavage and his fellow demonstrators face arraignment today for alleged ethnic intimidation, criminal conspiracy and inciting to riot. - (Rasp)

  • Black bank robber that murdered White woman teller - now "prison journalist" - fourth trial begins
    Wilbert RideauDefense lawyer George Kendall did not deny that Wilbert Rideau, now 62, stabbed Julia Ferguson during a robbery, but told the jury that Rideau should be found guilty of manslaughter -- a verdict that would result in his release for time already served. Rideau has been convicted three times of killing Ferguson. A federal court said he was entitled to another trial because "blacks were excluded" from the grand jury that indicted Rideau, who is black. Prosecutor Rick Bryant described how Ferguson begged for her life after Rideau drove her and two other bank employees out of town. The other two victims were shot but survived. - Ref: The Legal Case: 1961 - 2001 - (Tyrone N. Butts)
  • Rideau Statement to FBI (1961)
    "...They got out as I ordered, and I then emptied the six shots from my revolver at the three of them. I recall saying nothing to them after I ordered them out of the car and before I shot them. Mr. Hickman ran, but I knew I had hit him, and I heard him fall into the bayou near the bridge and I figured he would drown. Dora fell directly in front of me on the west shoulder of the road, and I believed I had killed her. When I shot, Julia fell down on the same side of the road near Dora. When Hickman ran off, I followed him for a few yards and then returned to the car. As I neared the car, Julia tried to get to her feet. I went to her and with the hunting knife, I stabbed her once, twice or maybe three times, and left her for dead. I believed they were all dead, and I intended that they be dead..."
  • Excerpts from Rideau TV Interview
    the fact that I hated white people added an extra dimension to the whole affair.
    I mean, you're not that concerned about the humanity of people you hate." ..."

  • Man charged after faking slur - "GAF" is "FAG" spelled backwards
    Independence police have charged a man in this Kansas City suburb with filing a false police report after he claimed someone tried to carve the word "fag" on his forehead. There was one little problem with 22-year-old Floyd Elliot's story: The superficial wound was backward, as if it were made while looking into a mirror. - (undergroundpa)

    Deadlock in Hayden "Hate Crime" Hoax trial
After a week-long trial, a jury failed to reach a verdict in an arson trial against Robert Hayden, 64, who stands accused of assisting Scott Zamitalo in an attempt to stage what they hoped would appear a hate crime. Zamatilo and his wife, a mixed-race couple, arrived home from a trip to Coeur d’Alene in October, 2003, and reported to the sheriffs office that their home was on fire. A rude cross had been erected in the yard, and racial epithets painted on a barn. Investigators looking into the incident quickly determined that the fire was suspicious, and it didn’t take long for their suspicions to turn onto Zamitalo, who soon confessed that he’d conspired to burn the house, hoping that insurance he’d collect would pay for a move back to Wisconsin. He implicated Hayden in the conspiracy, and investigators learned that a heater that had been tampered with and was the cause of the fire had allegedly been purchased by Hayden at the Ponderay Wal-Mart shortly before the fire. - (Aetius)

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Australia: Pack rapists' racial taunts
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Hate Crimes Archives

Unlike the daily saturation news coverage of the "Texas Dragging Death", the Wyoming gay bar soliciter and the NYC cop sodomizing the Holy Haitian Immigrant - we are not finding daily national press coverage and follow-up on the cases of minority on white 'hate crimes' and many other cases with the 'wrong victim'...  [that may be found in the NNN archives...]

The [gay-rape] murder of Jesse Kirkhising and the 'norms' at The Washington Post (link fixed)

Concerned Women for America:
Hate Crimes Law Could Harm People for Having Religious Beliefs on Homosexuality

" Mr. Clinton announced new federal initiatives to prevent and punish hate crimes" - (link updated)
Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner - gunned down by "Mao-mao" Jamal
National Police Officers Call For Boycott Over Cop-Killer.
Justice for Eric Balagot murdered in prison

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