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    Fake "Hate Crimes" - Lesbian ex-Prof who faked "hate" vandalism gets a year
Kerri DunnPOMONA, Calif. -- A former college professor convicted of staging a hate crime by spray-painting her own car with racist slurs was sentenced Wednesday to a year in prison. Kerri Dunn, 40, was convicted in August of filing a false police report and attempted insurance fraud, and had faced up to three years. The visiting psychology professor at Claremont McKenna College claimed her car was targeted March 9 in a hate crime while she was speaking at a campus forum on racial tolerance.  The judge who earlier had ordered Dunn to undergo psychological testing said Wednesday she has "severe mental illness,"  

  • White Man Guilty in Fla. Noose Incident
    CLEARWATER, Fla. -- A white man accused of draping a noose around the shoulders of a black teenager was convicted Wednesday of misdemeanor battery. The jury declined to return a felony verdict that would have labeled the offense a hate crime. Circuit Judge Tim Peters, however, surprised the courtroom by sending Louis J. Giannola IV, 20, to jail pending his Jan. 10 sentencing. He had been free on bond, and a misdemeanor usually carries only probation for a defendant with no prior record. - (Gman)
  • Four Calif. Teens Charged With Hate Crime
    SIMI VALLEY, Calif. -- Four white teenagers who allegedly beat a black youth at a suburban shopping center were booked on suspicion of committing a hate crime, police said Tuesday. - (reader link, Gman)
  • UK: Met clamps down on hate crime
    More than 300 police officers across London made one arrest for homophobic attacks and nine for racist crimes. The operation comes shortly after a racist incident in Camden, where an Iraqi woman in Muslim dress was hit with a toolbox, kicked and spat at. - (Hellcat)

    Hate Crime Laws: A Savage Hypocrisy - by Sara Townsley
Sentencing Cartman for committing a hate crime, the South Park judge explains: "I am making an example out of you, to send a message to people everywhere: if you want to hurt another human being ... you better make damn sure they're the same color as you are."

As the South Park kids eloquently argue, all crimes are hate crimes. By perpetuating unequal treatment under the law, hate crime laws simply reinforce divisions between different ethnic groups. Further, their primary function is to criminalize a person's thoughts during the commission of a crime, in a far more insidious way than the law's traditional focus on the accused's level of intent. By ratcheting up penalties for crimes committed against members of protected classes, they assign greater value to some people over others. Not insignificantly, there is also the problem of the Fourteenth Amendment's ban on laws that classify persons on the basis of race. And hate crimes statistics are manipulated to create the appearance of a crisis where one does not necessarily exist.  - (Hellcat)

    Man May Be Charged in Hmong Home Graffitti
Wis. -- A man may face charges he painted the word "killer" on his Hmong neighbors' homes shortly after a Hmong man was arrested in the fatal shootings of six white hunters last month, police said.  Police Chief Dennis Beety said Friday that investigators have recommended prosecutors charge the 38-year-old man, who is white, with three counts of vandalism, possibly as a "hate crime".


  • Kentucky: Presbyterian Church Receives Arson Threat
    The handwritten letter, received Wednesday at the church's Louisville headquarters, threatened to set churches on fire while people were inside in retaliation for "anti-Israel and anti-Jewish attitudes," The letter had no return address, but it was postmarked from Queens, N.Y.,


  Georgia Court Throws Out Hate Crimes Law
ATLANTA -- The Georgia Supreme Court unanimously struck down the state's hate crimes law Monday, saying the measure is so broadly worded that it could even be used to prosecute a rabid sports fan for picking on somebody wearing a rival team's cap. The 7-0 ruling came in the case of a white man and woman convicted of beating two black men in Atlanta.

  Pa. Court Upholds 1969 Riot Convictions
HARRISBURG, Pa. -- An appeals court upheld the murder convictions of two white men for killing a black woman during 1969 race riots, saying the defendants failed to show they were harmed by the 32-year delay in the case.

  • Halloween display of hanging 'ghoul' seen as symbol of hate
    Uhuru Movement members
    destroy the display outside a home. The owner says it never occurred to her it would be offend anyone. "There is no history of hanging ghouls in this country but there is a history of hanging African people," said Yeshitela, leader of the black hate group. Yeshitela, who tore down a mural in St. Petersburg City Hall that he found racially offensive in the 1960s, went to see the display. "It's coming down," he said and opened the chain-link gate around the yard. Yeshitela walked up to the dummy and ripped it down. Uhuru supporters followed, dismantling the gallows and tearing apart the dummy's head and limbs and leaving the newspaper stuffing strewn across the yard. As the Uhuru members left the property, St. Petersburg police Sgt. Glenn Stofer approached them and took their names, but did not arrest anyone. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

  Man Gets Life Sentence in "anti-Semitic" Stomping Death of non-Jew
ST. LOUIS -- A man who stomped another man to death in what prosecutors called an anti-Semitic attack outside a St. Louis diner was sentenced to life in prison, the maximum penalty. "This was a deliberate killing," the judge told Kevin A. Johnson, 36, of St. Louis, before sentencing him. Witnesses said Johnson, who has a tattoo of a swastika and a Confederate flag, stood on his chair with another man inside the diner on Sept. 1, 2002, yelled "white power" and gave the Nazi salute. Three witnesses said he shouted racist remarks and called Schnelle, 46, a "Jew boy" before following him outside the diner, knocking him down and stomping on his head. Family members said Schnelle was not Jewish.

  • Calif. Man Gets 41 Mos. in Cross Burning
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A man who burned a cross on a black family's lawn was sentenced Friday to more than three years in federal prison. Christopher Easely, 22, of Anderson, had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate civil rights and interference with housing rights. Easely and a 16-year-old boy set the cross on fire last Jan. 2 in an attempt to intimidate the occupants of the home, prosecutors said. The boy was prosecuted separately and was sentenced in May to 12 to 18 months of incarceration. - (NNN Norcal)

  • Ala. Court Upholds Conviction in Bombing
    MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- An Alabama appeals court Friday unanimously upheld ex-Ku Klux Klansman Bobby Frank Cherry's murder conviction and life sentences for a 1963 church bombing that killed four black girls in Birmingham. The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals rejected Cherry's argument that the 37-year delay between the crime and his indictment in 2000 was unfair. Cherry, 74, was convicted in May 2002 and is serving four consecutive life sentences. He has maintained that he is innocent and that he is "a political prisoner in Alabama."
  Reno: “One man Aryan nation” Steven Holten arrested in e-mail threats
on a federal charge of transmitting a threat by interstate commerce, accusing him of mass e-mailing violent threats to Jewish communities, minority groups, law enforcement officials and members of the media. - (svejk)

  Man Charged With Recruiting Teens for Hate
N.Y. -- Thomas Zibelli has been arrested on charges he used alcohol and pornography to recruit teenagers to deface a Westchester County train station and synagogue with anti-Semitic stickers

  • Officials Say Ind. Fire May Be Hate Crime
    GARY, Ind. -- A fire that damaged a Habitat for Humanity home a week before a black family was scheduled to move in has been ruled an arson and appears to have been racially motivated, authorities said.
  • City arson racially motivated
    Michael Boyle admitted to police that he set fires on Hazle and Hutson streets and on Columbus Avenue, police said. When asked why he lit the fire, Boyle allegedly used a racial epithet, saying he hates African Americans and that he was raised that way, police said. - (Hellcat)
  • Texas: White Man Guilty in Desecration of Byrd Grave
    One of two white men charged with desecrating the grave of a black man who was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck pleaded guilty Wednesday to criminal mischief. Joshua Lee Talley, 19, was sentenced by a state judge to five months in jail and 10 years probation.


Hate crime: Six black students shouting racial slurs attacked three white students
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Police are investigating what they call a hate crime involving students at Paxon Middle School on Friday. According to detectives, six black students attacked three white students during gym class while shouting racial slurs at them.
Police report indicated that several black male students said, "This is white cracker season" before they began pushing, hitting and kicking several white male students. The State Attorney's Office is considering charges of hate crimes, which elevates what would have been a first-degree misdemeanor to a felony. "With the racial undertones, the race-crime aggravator was used, and that would make it a third-degree felony" - (Aetius)

    Jury Convicts CA Prof In Fake Anti-Semitic Attack - (Mogly)
Kerri DunnA psychology professor who claimed someone vandalized her car with racist and anti-Semitic slurs on the campus of Claremont McKenna College was charged with faking the incident.
Kerri Dunn
faces a sentence ranging from probation to six years in prison if convicted. Dunn, who is white, told police her car was spray-painted with racist, anti-Semitic and sexist epithets while she was on campus preparing a lecture for a forum on racism but witnesses report she did the 'spraying'.

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Australia: Pack rapists' racial taunts
[reader comments] "Thank God these were not "hate crimes"

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Prov 8:13 - The fear of the LORD is to hate evilbible
Eccl 3:8 - A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.bible
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Hate Crimes Archives

Unlike the daily saturation news coverage of the "Texas Dragging Death", the Wyoming gay bar soliciter and the NYC cop sodomizing the Holy Haitian Immigrant - we are not finding daily national press coverage and follow-up on the cases of minority on white 'hate crimes' and many other cases with the 'wrong victim'...  [that may be found in the NNN archives...]

The [gay-rape] murder of Jesse Kirkhising and the 'norms' at The Washington Post (link fixed)

Concerned Women for America:
Hate Crimes Law Could Harm People for Having Religious Beliefs on Homosexuality

" Mr. Clinton announced new federal initiatives to prevent and punish hate crimes" - (link updated)
Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner - gunned down by "Mao-mao" Jamal
National Police Officers Call For Boycott Over Cop-Killer.
Justice for Eric Balagot murdered in prison

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Hate Crime-a violent crime committed against a person because of their race, religion, sex, or sexual preference. Whites can only be victims of a hate crime if they are homosexual.
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