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Black Sports
Wednesday, March 6, 2013 11:07 Pacific
  • Black college athletes losing in battle for a degree

    They win a lot of football games at the University of Michigan, thanks in part to the efforts of black running backs, black wide receivers, and black defensive backs, among others. Michigan does a pretty good job of preparing some of these guys for a career in the pros. It’s the same at Ohio State.

    But, according to the NCAA, both of these college football powerhouses do a lousy job of getting their black athletes in position to walk across the stage in cap and gown and take home their diploma.
  • Black Sports: Until the late 1960's, many of the best African-American athletes, especially those in the South, attended black institutions. With the advent of integration in the 1970's, many of the athletes began attending white institutions in the South. The contemporary juxtaposition of the black colleges with black players competing against predominately white institutions with nearly all black players is, in some minds, evidence of how thoroughly our ugly past has been eradicated. (NYT free reg)
  • FIRING LINE Look to record, not race, for termination reason
    Here's an unhappy truth: Civil-rights groups that react to race when the issue is job performance are letting people down.

    They are, in essence, acting on the very kind of generalizations that, in a different context, they'd abhor. They're compromising the moral authority that's surely one of their most important assets. They're weakening their ability to influence institutions and opinion leaders, and to successfully advocate in cases where there's real evidence of bias.

    Brian Ellerbe was not fired because he's black.

  • Black Sports and the NAACP: U-M basketball fans want to put Ellerbe in past
    by Terry Foster / The Detroit News
    There appeared to be almost universal agreement that the NAACP and the University of Michigan African American Alumni Council made the wrong move in supporting ousted men's basketball coach Brian Ellerbe.
    "in your eyes a black man was always right"
    "I get tired sometimes when people play the race card in certain situations."
    "Unfortunately when the NAACP gets involved or other black groups get involved and want to retain him solely because he is black, that totally minimizes other legitimate claims those groups may have. It's the old "boy crying wolf" syndrome. When black groups use racism as a crutch to protect a poor performer, those claims just fall on deaf ears in the white community."
    "Lack of appropriate city services, crack epidemic, failing schools, racial profiling, housing discrimination, affirmative action reversals, lack of enforcement of civil rights laws, black-on-black crime. And the top Detroit Chapter NAACP chairman (Rev. Wendell Anthony) is concerned over a basketball coach"
Detroit midshipman accused of rape leaves Naval AcademyArion WilliamsShaka Amin MartinCordrea Brittingham
ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Three Naval Academy football players accused of raping a female classmate have resigned from the school, and in exchange prosecutors will place the rape charges on hold and may eventually drop them, according to published reports Friday. The three midshipmen accused in the case are:
Arion Williams, (left), of Detroit; Shaka Martin, (center), of Danville, Va. and Cordrea Brittingham, (right), of Berlin, Md.

The female classmate, who has not been identified, has agreed to the deal. She plans to continue her studies at the academy, The Capital said. Williams and Brittingham were charged July 3 with second-degree rape and second-degree sex offense and suspended from the football team after they admitted having sex with the woman, then 20, at a June 29 party. Martin was charged four months later and suspended from the team after DNA samples linked him to the alleged crimes.
Attorneys for the woman said she passed out after drinking alcohol and awoke to find Williams and Brittingham sexually assaulting her. (story alert from reader)
Georgia: MERIWETHER COUNTY: (item in middle of page)
Alleged rape of high school cheerleader by black basketballer investigated
Greenville High School officials are under scrutiny following the alleged rape of a cheerleader in the school's band room by a varsity basketball player. The GBI is investigating allegations that school officials knew about the alleged Feb. 23 assault but didn't report it. The mother of the 16-year-old girl told authorities about the incident the following Monday. Maj. Chuck Smith of the Meriwether County Sheriff's Department said school officials did not report it. After the mother reported the attack, the girl underwent a medical exam. Smith said the doctor found evidence of ''forcible activity.''

Senior basketball player Martinez Donta Towns, 18, of Greenville, surrendered at the sheriff's department Saturday and was charged with one count of rape. He was released the same day under $30,000 bond, Smith said. Greenville High School Principal Charlie Glanton said Thursday he has ''no reason at all'' to think any school official tried to cover up the incident or interfere in the investigation.
The Negro Leagues: Dennis Biddle and Jim Cobbin are barnstorming again.
But it’s not like in their days with the Negro Leagues, when they would play in five cities a day and wow audiences with aggressive play, but stand in the shadow of Major League Baseball... The Negro Leagues folded about a decade after Jackie Robinson broke Major League Baseball’s ban on black players in 1947.
Orlando WoolridgeEx-Laker Orlando Woolridge arrested in Chatsworth CHATSWORTH -- Police arrested former Los Angeles Laker forward Orlando Woolridge on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs, authorities said Thursday. Woolridge was arrested at Monday by officers responding to a radio dispatch call at the Star 7 Motel at 21603 Devonshire St., said Sgt. John Pasquariello. Woolridge was arrested and booked on a misdemeanor count into the Van Nuys jail. He was released under his own recognizance. Ref: In his first full season as head coach (Reader link)

Black Referee charged with stabbing white coach at basketball game
Oliver Lewis Wood pulled out a pocketknife with a 3-inch blade and cut Jerry Sweeney on the left forearm and neck, said Lt. Tom Kirkbride, spokesman for the Fayetteville police.

Sweeney was taken to Fayette Community Hospital, where doctors sewed 17 stitches to close his arm wound before releasing him.

Oliver Lewis WoodTwo coaches suspended after knifing in Fayetteville

Two coaches involved in a knifing at a youth basketball game this week have been suspended from coaching for the rest of the tournament. Carlos Garza, Fayette County's Youth Basketball Association director, said Friday that the coaches' removal is to allay children's fears.

On Tuesday, 7- and 8-year-old players watched as the black referee slashed the arm of a coach after a close game in a Fayetteville school gym. The coach was whisked away in an ambulance and given 17 stitches to close the wound in his left arm. Fayetteville police arrested the referee, Oliver Lewis Wood, 46, of Newnan. Wood, minister of Elim Baptist Church in Newnan, was released from the Fayette County Jail on $55,000 bail Wednesday night.

Jerry SweeneyAlthough the youth basketball association has no formal oversight over the referee, police have charged him in the knifing of coach and Fulton County Marshal Jerry Sweeney, 48, of Tyrone.

Sweeney said he was trying to break up a fight between Wood and Mike Barfield, acting as his assistant coach.

After the meeting, Sweeney said he was disappointed because he was the victim.

"The biggest problem I have is not being able to watch my kids play. I was just trying to keep trouble down," he said.

A group of Fayette County parents came to the meeting at the Fayette County Recreation Park clutching formal complaint letters against Sweeney and Barfield. They said both men have a history of bad behavior at games. (reader-link)
  • Black Sports: Latest study in black and white sure to wave red flag
    Jon Entine wrote a book about athletes, sports and no less a topic than human evolution.
    And in it, he concludes it is time to ``acknowledge and even celebrate the obvious:
    It's neither racist nor a myth to say that `white men can't jump.' '' If Entine, a former TV producer, weren't a self-employed writer and speaker, would he be worthy of being fired? Should he be protested? Ridiculed? Censored? Should his 2000 book, ``Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It,'' be burned?
From Fear of extinction by Taki at the Spectator - UK
As the Daily Telegraph so correctly pointed out, ‘Imagine that instead of declaring that the BBC was hideously white, Dyke had said that the British Olympic team was hideously black.’
Back in the Land of the Freebie and Home of the Depraved, professional and college sports are all-black affairs. Basketball, professional and college, is 99.9 per cent black. Football, both professional and college, is 80 per cent black, while track and field is 75 per cent black. Boxing, of course, is completely dominated by blacks and Hispanics, and baseball, the most lucrative of sports, has a majority of blacks and Latinos.

UW snared in black-and-white issue Top prospect Winslow's father notes scarcity of African-Americans among I-A coaching ranks. Black racist Winslow Sr. implied during the broadcast that he favored Michigan State because it had a black head coach and athletic director, thereby bringing race into the debate.

Akili Smith Bengals QB Akili Smith Arrested for DUI
SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Akili Smith was arrested Thursday morning for driving under the influence. (reader-link)
It must have been a sight, 6-year-old Kabisa Akili Maradu Smith, walking down the street with his mother, pushing a grocery cart to and from the store. There was no other way. Money was tight. Akili's father was in prison.

Black Sports: Black boxing champions
Jack Johnson in Cuba Jack Johnson
was the world heavyweight boxing champion from 1908 to 1915, the first black to hold that title. But some didn't like Jack's style. Number one, he married a white woman.
The government went after him and charged him with the Mann Act -- white slavery, taking a woman across a state line illegally to perform as a prostitute. They wanted to try him for that, so he fled to Paris with his wife.

When he finally came back, he served a year in federal prison. He died in 1946.

Demishea Tucker, 18, testified yesterday that she was 10 feet away from Blount during a fight at a high school basketball game, where Blount was beaten up by star football player Andre Wallace. Hours later, Wallace and his girlfriend, Natasha Marsh, both 17, were shot a total of seven times as they unloaded groceries in Marsh's driveway in Northeast Washington.
Black sports: S. Fla. Changes Racism Probe Policy
TAMPA, Fla. (AP)--The University of South Florida changed its policy of handling complaints of racial discrimination after an investigation of the women's basketball program

Black basketballer association suffering from Confederate Flag-a-phobia
ATLANTA (AP) -- The NCAA is making emergency plans for moving some idiot basketball tournament from Atlanta unless Georgia resolves the contentious issue of its state flag, which bears the dreaded Confederate battle emblem.

Chris MossBasketballer Chris Moss spits on female Notre Dame cheerleader
after kicking another player in the face when he was on the floor. When teammate Tim Lyles tried to pull him off the court, Moss swung hard to knock his hand away. An official restrained Moss from getting closer to official Clark, who called the foul. Moss turned to the crowd and spit, hitting a cheerleader. (reader-link)
  • Apology From Camby Does Not Include Ferry (free reg required)

  • Black Sports: Beauty and the Beast: Victory and Ugly Fight (free reg required)
    Marcus Camby
    "The temptation is not to focus on Marcus Camby losing his senses and going after Danny Ferry, a violent scene that ended with Jeff Van Gundy laying on the Madison Square Garden floor, bleeding, defiantly telling the Knicks' trainers, "I'm all right, I'm all right." [reader explains:] Ferry is WHITE and you may have seen the clip on TV Ferry's back is turned to Camby when he goes to punch him. Little white guy Van Gundy, according to white NBA commentator Peter Vecesy on WTBS tonight, saved Ferry from at least being in the hospital serious hurt.
A teenage thug with four arrests on his record gunned down a Queens high school football star who had tried to play peacemaker during a fight over a girl, police said yesterday. Cops charged Charles Sealey, 19, with second-degree murder, saying he was the gunman who fired a bullet at 17-year-old "Christ the King HS football hero" Thomas Johnson on Wednesday after a flap with the athlete's cousin.
"NFL proves inhospitable to blacks who want to be executives"
Blacks who have almost totally taken over sports in the USA now seem to be demanding that there is no place for whites, even off the field in administration.
Lame Duck Presidential Medal Recipients' List

-Black baseballer Hank Aaron, who in 1974 broke de white man Babe Ruth's home run record. .
-Muhammad Ali, fellow draft-dodger Convicted in 1967 of refusing induction into the Army during the Vietnam War,
Man who defended black baseballer Aaron from racists dies NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) Joe Andrews, a Fall River baseball player who helped superstar Hank Aaron weather racism in the early days of his career, died Monday. He was 68.
Sherman WilliamsWilliams pleads guilty. Another former Alabama athlete skips fourth court date, prompting judge to issue arrest warrant 01/03/01 By JOE DANBORN Register Staff Reporter Fallen football hero Sherman Williams' closely followed prosecution effectively ended Tuesday morning when he went before a federal judge in Mobile to plead guilty to passing counterfeit currency. (reader-link)
Ref: Black Sports: Sherman Williams' marijuana trafficking case in Mobile
Russell OtisJudge Orders Homosexual Sodomite Sex Abuse Trial for Black Coach
Russell Otis and his new senior shooting guard were once scheduled to spend this weekend earning victory for Compton's Dominguez High School on the basketball court. Instead, the renowned coach and his former player squared off against each other Friday in a Compton criminal court. Testifying during a preliminary hearing in the molestation case against Otis, the 17-year-old player accused his one-time coach of groping him, performing oral sex on him and then sodomizing him at Otis' Carson townhouse this fall. "I don't want this to happen to anyone else," the teenager testified.
"OJ" SimpsonOJ's role as killer (UK-link expires soon - by IAN MARKHAM-SMITH)
SHAMELESS OJ Simpson is being paid 1million to play a knife-wielding killer in a sex video mirroring his ex-wife Nicole's savage murder. Simpson, found guilty of the 1994 murder of Nicole and waiter Ron Goldman in a civil trial, is getting the whopping pay-off from an Asian business group. He will play a sex-crazed butcher who preys on beautiful blondes, and starts filming in February.
In one scene Simpson slices up an attractive model who's a double for Nicole, then kills a jogger who tries to save her. A movie executive told American magazine Globe: "The producers are banking on the shocking nature of OJ's role to bump up sales. "It's a macabre idea, but they know there are people totally fascinated by OJ."
He added: "Believe it or not, OJ thinks he's a fine actor and sees this as a chance to show that he can do more than just play a bumbling fool like he did in Naked Gun." Simpson has asked the producers to write a part for his girlfriend Christy Prody into the film. But the executive added: "He doesn't want to have to kill her."

Two players say black basketball coach sodomized them
A preliminary hearing got underway Thursday afternoon in the criminal case against nationally renowned high school basketball coach Russell Otis, a Compton institution who is accused of molesting a player. The Dominguez High coach, who has pleaded not guilty, was charged Nov. 17 with felony counts of sodomy by use of force and oral copulation, allegedly committed in October at his Carson townhouse. Otis also faces a charge of misdemeanor child molestation stemming from a separate alleged incident involving the same player this fall. If he is convicted, Otis could go to state prison for as long as nine years and eight months.
The player's lawyer, Randy McMurray of Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.'s law firm, says Otis lured the teenager into sex with promises of cash and cars.

Venus and Serena WilliamsPolice suspected Williams West Palm Beach, Fla. _ Deputies suspected Richard Williams, the father of tennis champions Serena and Venus Williams, or another family member in domestic violence calls involving the girls' mother in 1997 and 1999, according to records released Friday. (reader-link)
Ray LathonPro boxer was killed in murder-for-hire deal, sources say A $10,000 contract was put on the life of Ray "Lethal" Lathon, a professional boxer who was gunned down execution-style last week, authorities believe. A suspect in the murder-for-hire scheme is not talking, but investigators said the motive may be retaliation for the kidnapping and torture of an alleged drug dealer last year, sources said. Lathon was shot four times in the face at point-blank range about 7 p.m. Dec. 12 at a gym. Detectives arrested a suspect, Ahmad Adisa, 27, at his home that night. Adisa, who refused to talk to detectives about the attack, was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. (reader-link)
O.J. Simpson Appeals Civil Verdict O.J. Simpson has filed an appeal of a $33.5 million civil damages award levied against him following the death of his ex-wife and a friend four years ago


by H. MILLARD © 2000

Saturday Gladiators -- A professor looks at the effect of athletics on higher education. (New York Times - free registration required)
By MORRIS BERMAN BEER AND CIRCUS How Big-Time College Sports Is Crippling Undergraduate Education. By Murray Sperber. The title is from Juvenal: panem et circenses, bread and circuses (that is, public spectacles). Looking out over the bleak cultural landscape of Rome in the late first and early second centuries A.D., the great satirist concluded that these were the only two things that seemed to interest the majority of his countrymen. How different, Murray Sperber seems to be asking, are things for the American empire today?

UT fights ESPN's subpoenas of students' records
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- A lawyer for the University of Tennessee has asked a federal judge to stop ESPN's attempts to subpoena student records and university documents for defamation lawsuits against the sports network.

The Black Sports Cult and the American Dream
The University will not release 'academic records' of black athletes - many allege a conspiracy of coaches, teachers, administrators, alumni and the media to recruit illiterate
below-average intelligence blacks solely for the promotion of the 'Black Sports Cult'
that has become a 'religion' in American with millions of majority Americans 'brainwashed'
with their obsessed voyeuristic fixation on watching the scholastically retarded sports heroes jump up and down, bump into each other, perform ritualistic homosexual acts, do strange primitive 'victory dances' on the field and ritualistically follow the cabalistic magical numerics of the 'scores' of the games.

The Black Sports Cult promotes gambling, drinking in front of TV, Sports Bar alcohol syndrome, obesity and the shorting of life associated with this lifestyle.

This is reminiscent of the "Bread and Circuses" of the last days of the Roman Empire.
Today it is "Food Stamps and the Black Sports Cult".

The Barbarians will get tired of Foreign Aid. They have infiltrated their spies and are
sharpening their swords. One day America may be rudely awakened when the Barbarians
have sacked the cities, raped the women, eaten the dogs and enslaved those not too fat
for work in the slave labor camps.

- Sports Editor, New Nation News

Genetics of athletics: The controversy over race Entine, the Southern California author of "Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid To Talk About It,"
has been widely vilified since his controversial book was published in January.
Entine told me, "I'm a white liberal Jew - I've been called the 'left-wing Rush Limbaugh.' "
I want to acknowledge the evolutionary advantages of blacks . . . science does support the notion that people of West African origin are best at short-distance running, people of Eastern African origin best at long-distance running, whites have superior upper body strength, Chinese have the most flexible bodies, etc. (however he inconsistantly holds PC dognma that) "Science does not support the notion that blacks are less intelligent," Entine emphasized.
The Bell Curve"The Bell Curve"
Intelligence and class Structure in American Life
by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
(c) 1994 - The Free Press

Synopsis: In a book that is certain to ignite an explosive controversy, 
Herrnstein and Murray dare to reveal their belief that it is intelligence levels,
not environmental circumstances, poverty, or lack of education that are at the root of many of our social problems.

"non-denominational" link: Hofstetter's Sports Jerk of the Week
"Criminals, racists, and overpayed gloryhogs are not what sports are about.
Here, we villify all that is wrong with sports, and have fun doing it."

"OJ" Simpson
New Nation News on "Black Sports"

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