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What can be done - to take back California?


I'm a 31 year old white male from Georgia with a BS in English from Georgia State University and a Masters in middle grades education from LaGrange College.

...I recently made a vacation trip to California, and my eyes were opened. I couldn't believe the sweeping beauty of the state. I said to myself I would move there in a second if I could afford it.

But I saw also the underbelly. Although most Asian immigrants, with an exception at a San Francisco restaurant, were cordial and accommodating, all the Latinos I came across graffittiwere arrogant assholes. Upon pulling into a 'Jack in the Box' off the Pacific Coast Highway between Malibu and Oxnard, I saw immediately the gang graffiti scrawled upon the wall. Entering the restaurant, I was greeted by nothing but ice cold stares from the completely Latino customers and workforce, who acted as though speaking English to me were a contemptible chore.

Later, in Pismo Beach, I was passed by a Latino teenage girl and her 2 Latino male friends while she remarked to them, "He's probably a Satanist." No, sweetheart, I'm not, but I heard Richard Ramirez was.

Personally, I think your desires to have a Northern Californian state are too small in scope. LA is a beautiful town. It makes Atlanta look like a gigantic fart. Why shouldn't Americans of all races demand our politicians listen to us and aid in preserving our culture for us?

I'm not a racist who hates Mexicans. I'm an American who loves America. America is an evolving nation marked by a Constitution which allows for that evolution. It is not a 3rd world struggling nation in need of a Marxist revolution.

Let the Latin Americans work toward their own revolutions and throw off the chains of misguided Marxism. I'm available to aid in the cause in any way I can.

Shane Turpin
Georgia DOT employee and former teacher

[Editor of 'Northern California Republic' replies]

Thanks very much for your observations and offer of help on California situation.

This website (Northern California and New Nation News) is a one-man part-time operation with no organization now.

The main purpose of the original Norcal page was to cover stories about (mostly Mexican) immigrant crime that were not previously being covered in the previously Southern California focused Voice of Citizens Together - American Patrol website

...and using as a vehicle for presentation that southern California had already pretty much been taken over by (mostly Mexican) mass migration (most of it illegal) and that perhaps, at least, Northern California might be salvaged or rescued from the takeover (if Southern California was a 'lost cause').

There are already various organizations that lobby against illegal immigration and for limits or a moratorium on legal immigration.

The California situation is only part of the larger situation that (especially with 3rd-world immigration) is even becoming a problem in the old South and the Iowa cornbelt.

Currently I'm really not actually trying to organize a 'secession' movement in Northern California but at least trying to bring some of the related news stories to a broader audience of those that may be interested and providing a small forum (on Reader News page) that might contribute to a discussion of possible solutions, including having some effect on public sentiment that may or may not eventually have some effect on the representative government.

So I would welcome any suggestions toward "demanding our politicians listen to us and aid in preserving our culture for us..."

Editor (Northern California Republic) New Nation News

[Reader responds]

It's high time for AMERICANS to unpadlock our lips from political correctness.

I have recently become a member of AIC, American Immigration Control, an immigration reform lobby (and for only 15 dollars!). According to their website, the House of Representatives is floating a bill called H. R. 190 that would clarify the 14th amendment and hopefully aid in cutting apart the 'constitutional' argument against Prop 187.

What is needed is severe citizen pressure for the Senate to propose a mirror of this bill and for both bodies to support it. The website for the AIC (just search under 'immigration lobby' and you'll find them) displays the voting record on key immigration issues for senators and reps from all states.
Republicans WILL be shocked to see the voting record of republican politicians.
Tom DeLay, a buddy of David Horowitz's, really surprised me with his voting record.
On the other hand, Mac Collins, my rep, has taken a tough stance against illegal immigration.

I think it's time for a populist movement to save our nation.
I invite white Americans to engage in a mass immigration to California!!!

Shane Turpin

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