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  • THE NORTHWEST HOMELAND - designed to facilitate White migration to the Pacific Northwest
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    School counselor Yamada charged with failing to report student's alleged rape
Marlene YamadaVANCOUVER -- A counselor at a Vancouver high school is defending herself against charges that she failed to report a student's alleged rape. Marlene Yamada, an eight year veteran with the Vancouver School District says the charges are false. She maintains that she did everything she could to protect the 14-year old High School student. Yamada admits she waited about a week before telling police but says she followed district policy. Investigators contend Yamada actually learned of the rape right after it allegedly happened in September. - (White Boy)

  • Northwest: Attorney Wants Off Case Of Accused Korean Panty Thief
    Sung Koo Kim Ore. -- Accused underwear thief Sung Koo Kim needs a new attorney -- his fourth in a year. Portland attorney Des Connall told the court that he plans to withdraw from the case over an undisclosed ethical issue. Two other attorneys had already quit the case. Kim, 31, is accused of stealing underwear from college women at Linfield, George Fox and Oregon State, among other schools. Kim also faces child pornography charges in Washington County, where he was living with his parents. - (Brewski)





    Nigerian Gynecologist, twin brother sued for sexual misconduct and botched circumcision
A former King County woman and her 8-year-old son have sued local gynecologist Charles Momah and his twin brother, Dennis Momah, saying that both men engaged in improper sexual behavior toward her. The King County Superior Court civil suit, filed late last week, contends that Dennis Momah, a general practitioner, posed as his brother during some of the visits from Darla Harper -- and one visit from her son, during which he allegedly mutilated the boy's genitals during a botched circumcision. Harper has recently moved to California, according to her attorney, Seattle lawyer Harish Bharti. - (Edelweiss)

  • Gay Mayor of Spokane Jim West denies having online sex in office but will take leave of absence
    James E. WestSPOKANE Embattled Mayor Jim West said yesterday he will take a leave of absence for a "few weeks" to prepare to defend himself against a newspaper's allegations of child molestation. An hour later, the newspaper's Web site published a new allegation of inappropriate homosexual advances. The Spokesman-Review later reported on its Web site that Ryan Oelrich, 24, said he was appointed by West to the city Human Rights Commission in April 2004 after apparently meeting him in a gay online chat room.



  • Ashland, Oregon: Woman Dies On I-5 Shoulder - Jose Perez-Silva suspect in the death
    Jose Perez-SilvaOregon State Police troopers and paramedics found 32-year-old Ana Bertha Meraz severely injured and lying next to her southbound silver 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible. She died at the scene.
    Jose Perez-Silva
    is described as a Hispanic male
    , 5'5 tall, 145 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen in the Phoenix area wearing black pants and a dark-colored, button-down shirt.

    Oregon: Two Hispanics charged with murder in shooting
Jorge YbarraEmanuel Lopez-DelgadoTwo men detained in connection with two people found dead in a Donald house have been charged with murder and first-degree burglary. Jorge Ybarra, 19, of Salem was booked this morning and 16-year-old Emanuel Lopez-Delgado, also of Salem, was booked at the Marion County jail on two counts of murder. Lopez-Delgado was taken to Salem Hospital with a minor gunshot wound. He was treated and released, then subsequently arrested. - (reader link) - (NNN Northwest)



    Foreign African Alfred Tamba attending Idaho State arrested for attempted rape - (temp link - content will change)
Pocatello police officers arrested Alfred Tamba, 21, 1236 E. Clark St., on an accusation of attempted rape and forcible sex with a foreign object.
The alleged assault occurred late in 2004, with a former female acquaintance. The victim recently reported the incident after she observed someone gained access with a key to her apartment in Pocatello and cut the groin area out of several clothing items and underwear, and cut stuffed animals and damaged a 35mm camera and DVD player. She reported $450 in cash also was stolen. Police described Tamba as a foreign national who is attending Idaho State University. Tamba is currently in custody, police said.

  • African American rapes woman at Oregon rest stop
    ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Oregon State Police are looking for clues in an alleged sexual assault Sunday morning at an Interstate 5 rest stop. A 44-year-old woman says she was asleep when an unidentified man dragged her from her car and sexually assaulted her in a nearby wooded area. The alleged victim told police that her attacker was an African American man over 6 feet tall and 200 pounds with a tattoo stretching from the left side of his neck to his shoulder.


    Migrant doctors from Nigeria faces state rape sex-abuse charges, new lawsuit names him and his evil twin
Charles Momah
A Seattle attorney has filed a lawsuit against twin Nigerian-born doctors, accusing both men of sexually assaulting women in the obstetric-gynecology practice of one brother who already faces state charges. Charles Momah, the gynecologist, in September pleaded not guilty to charges of rape, indecent liberties and insurance fraud. He was freed on bail pending trial set for May 9. If convicted, he would face a maximum 23 years in prison. The civil case filed Thursday, which also addresses improper sexual behavior toward female patients, names Charles and his twin brother, Dennis Momah, a general practitioner. - (Edelweiss)

Police Warn Of HIV-Infected, Predatory Sex Offender
Parole Conditions Prohibit Unprotected Sex
Kenneth MillerPORTLAND -- Police want women to know about a predatory sex offender recently released from prison. Kenneth Miller is living at in transitional housing in downtown Portland. The 35-year-old has a history of unprotected sex with women and girls, intentionally exposing them to HIV. His youngest victim is 15, and one woman has tested HIV-positive. "His parole conditions prohibit him from having unprotected sex with anyone who is not HIV infected," He is also prohibited from contact with minors and from entering bars or taverns. Investigators say Miller has re-offended twice since his previous release from prison in 1996. - (forum)

    Korean community supports underwear theft suspect
Sung Koo KimPORTLAND, Ore. - Despite shame over underwear theft and child pornography charges against Sung Koo Kim, the Korean community is rallying to support him. A police task force has accused Kim of stealing panties from a clothes dryer in the complex, cyberstalking an Oregon State swimmer who resembled missing Brooke Wilberger and searching the Internet for nations without extradition treaties with the United States. Kim, 30, has declined a plea bargain offer to serve eight years in prison for the theft of thousands of pairs of women's panties and child-pornography cases in four counties. - (forum)

    Other migrants may join South Korean oyster poacher's suit over Citizenship
Kichul Lee, who in 1999 was fined $152 for collecting 51 oysters, almost three dozen more than the state's limit, along a Washington beach. In 2003, he was denied citizenship because of it.

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    Black Honduran migrant kills his white girlfriend, Dayna Marie Fure - then himself
Mainor Valentin - scanned from Seattle Times by EURO reporterDayna Marie FureMainor Valentin, a Honduran immigrant --who received his U.S. citizenship two months ago, according to his employer -- had no criminal background." "Valentin, who moved to Seattle from Honduras with his family in 1992,worked as a downtown safety "ambassador" and was applying to become a Seattle police officer. About two months ago, Fure ended her two-year relationship with Valentin and began dating someone else. But Valentin was unhappy about the breakup. He had threatened to kill himself and began stalking Fure at work and elsewhere, according to a protection order she filed in Cascade District Court earlier this month. - (No 1965 Chain Immigrants)
(Image scanned from the Seattle Times print edition by EURO reporter)

    Burkheimer jurors to start deliberating
Yusef Jihad Rachel Rose BurkheimerYusef Jihad was the ringleader of a heavily armed gang that robbed drug dealers, according to prosecutors. He thought Rachel Rose Burkheimer should be taught a lesson for hanging out with rivals, but when he feared she would go to police, Jihad called for her death, prosecutors said. Burkheimer, 18, of Marysville, was found buried. Prosecutors said John Anderson, her ex-boyfriend, shot her several times in the head after Jihad ordered him to "finish" her off. Burkheimer was "hogtied" and carried into Jihad's garage, held hostage for several hours before being shoved into a duffel bag. - (EURO)

    Northwest: Negro Escapes Death For Child Rape, Murder of White 14-year-old girl
LaDon Stephens Melissa Bittler PORTLAND -- LaDon Stephens will spend the rest of his life in prison for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old Portland girl. Last month, he was convicted in the attack of Melissa Bittler and the sexual assault of four other women. Bittler's strangled body was discovered in a neighbor's yard. Prosecutors argued for death.
Ref: In 1857 Oregon voters approved a black exclusion clause as part of the Oregon Constitution, a law that remained until 1926.

    Report: U.S. border vulnerable - bring all the troops home and put them on the border
"Maximiliano Silerio Esparza"Helen Lynn ChaskaVictor Manual Batres made it across the U.S.-Mexico border illegally a third time later in 2002, making his way to Klamath Falls, Oregon, where he raped two Roman Catholic nuns and killed one of them, 53-year-old Sister Helen Lynn Chaska. Batres is now serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to murder and rape. Suspect in nun's death had earlier run-ins with the law

    NNN editor note: I don't normally post advertisements, but I got one from Michael A Crane who is a former Oakland Police Officer and served in the Marine Corps. "As a prosecutor, grand jury counsel, police officer and polygraph examiner he has had first hand experience with many cases involving crimes and official corruption of the sort depicted in A Fistful of Thorns, a new novel about gunfighter Doc Holliday . He makes his home in Klamath Falls, Oregon."

  • Interracial marriage in Oregon - Mixed race marriage on rise
    genetic blenderWhite women were far more likely than white men to tie the knot with a person of another race.
    There were 866 white men in Oregon who married a person of another race or ethnicity in 2001.
    But 1,188 white women joined mixed-race marriages, or 37 percent more than men.

    (God given Caucasian genes going into diversity blender -
    Honour thy father and thy mother - do not corrupt your genetic inheritance.)

    Ezr 9:12Ezr 9:12 Now therefore give not your daughters unto their sons, neither take their daughters unto your sons


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- The great internal migration of white people out of minority urban centers after WWII was called 'white flight'.
This might be comparable to the Exodus of the children of Israel out of Egypt to escape slavery and find a homeland; the Pilgrims seeking religious freedom from the Church-States of Europe, the Mormons seeking of religious freedom in Utah, the Great Boer Trek to find religious freedom and a new homeland to escape Imperial British domination in South Africa.
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"Is not the whole land before thee? separate thyself, I pray thee, from me" bible

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