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ARCHIVE for 11 February 2016
The Color of Crime - "Blacks are statistically 50 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa"

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  11 February, 2016

    (Worthless black) Inmate with mandatory life term for (murder of White woman) wins appeal
Scottie Louis ForceyKaren McNatt BurkeHOUSTON Texas' top criminal court has ruled it was improper for a Johnson County jury to give an automatic life-without-parole sentence to a man they convicted of a killing a clerk at a convenience store in 2008 when he was 16. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Wednesday returned the case of now 23-year-old Scottie Louis Forcey for a new punishment hearing. A jury will decide whether his life sentence will be with or without parole. He was convicted of fatally shooting clerk Karen Burke at a store off Interstate 35 in Alvarado. The U.S. Supreme Court in 2012 ruled the mandatory life-without-parole life sentence for defendants under 18 was unconstitutional. It was the only sentence available under Texas law when he Forcey was tried for capital murder in 2009. - (Black-on-white)

    (White) Woman, 27, badly injured as (black) driver fleeing from attackers slams her with a minivan in Baltimore hit-and-run incident
Orlando ReddJill BoramA woman was badly injured after she was hit by a minivan in Baltimore Saturday in a hit-and-run incident that was caught on tape. Jill Boram was mowed down by the reckless driver at 2:12am Saturday, police said. Family said Boram, 27, had just gotten off her shift as a bartender at the Dog Watch Tavern in Fells Point. She underwent surgery Monday for injuries that her family says are not life-threatening, but 'most definitely life altering.' Police said the woman's injuries included a fractured skull, broken ribs, and a bruised lung. The incident happened as bars were closing near the 700 block of South Broadway. Police said the driver of the minivan was being assaulted by several unknown people when he got in the vehicle and tried to flee. Video captured by a witness shows the driver, who police identified as Orlando Redd, slamming into a car in front as another man pummels the minivan. - (Black-on-white)
  • Support Jill from DogWatch Tavern - (gofundme)
    A GoFundMe page set up for the victim, who was married in October last year, had raised almost $52,000 as of Tuesday.

    (Black) Man wanted for assaulting officer, hit and run (on White man)
Tyson DelgadoAl Pica WOBURN, Mass. — Woburn police are searching for a man they say assaulted an officer while he was being questioned for larceny. Tyson Delgado, 29, of Woburn, was being interviewed at a North Woburn business where he had worked until October when he allegedly assaulted the officer then fled the scene. Delgado drove away in a white Chevrolet sedan and was seen in the downtown Main Street area of Woburn. In an attempt to evade police, he drove down a narrow side street and hit 65-year-old Al Pica in the crosswalk. Delgado kept driving for 100 feet with the victim on the hood of the car, police say. “He pegged me dead on. I fell onto the hood of the car. Just him and me the windshield was blocking us,” Pica said. “For some unknown reason I grabbed onto the hood and chart up the street. Must've been doing at least 60 miles per hour.” “I kept begging him ‘please stop and let me get off the car. Don't want to get hurt. Please stop your car,’” Pica said. Eventually, Pica fell off the hood and Delgado drove to the Green Street area where he abandoned the car and fled on foot.  - (Black-on-white)

    (Black arrested) in the murder of (White) Louisville mother of six - during drug deal
Hubert William WaltonChristina Kustes-EisnerLOUISVILLE -- It's the first of what's expected to be several arrests in the murder of a Louisville mother of six. Thursday, Hubert William Walton, 26, appeared in court accused of shooting Christina Kustes-Eisner and her husband prior to a drug deal with the couple near Frank and Cleo Avenues. The stay-at-home mom died four days later at University Hospital. Her husband, Jeff survived. Police say Walton was one of four people inside a car "strategically positioned" to block the Eisners from driving away from the deal. It's then, police say two of the four suspects got out of their car and immediately began firing into the Eisners' vehicle, striking both husband and wife. Police say Walton confessed to the crime. He was arrested Wednesday, Feb. 10, and remains behind bars on $500,000 cash bond. Walton is offically charged with murder and assault. - (Black-on-white)
  • Mother of 6 shot in Louisville last week has died
    LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A mother of six shot Wednesday night in Louisville has died from her injuries, relatives confirmed Sunday. Relatives say Christina Kustes-Eisner, a 35-year-old stay-at-home mother, was taken off life-support on Sunday. “She’s a great mom. That’s all she ever wanted to be was a mom,” said Christina's uncle, who asked to conceal his identity for his own safety. As LMPD worked three other homicides around the city on Wednesday night, officers were called to Cleo Avenue where Christina and a man were shot. While police have not released specific details, Christina's family says she and her husband, Jeff Eisner, were driving home, and when they turned the corner onto their street, they were hit with bullets. The family says Jeff is expected to survive after he was shot in the back. Christina was hit in the head.
  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (Black) Man is charged with murder for shooting death of (white 'live-in') girlfriend - they lived in a coverted shed
Carlton WallaceLindsay ArnoldFAIR GROVE, Mo. - Prosecutors charged Carlton Wallace, 37, with second-degree murder and armed criminal action on Tuesday afternoon. He is accused of shooting his girlfriend, Lindsay Arnold, 26, in the head on Monday. The shooting happened at their home southwest of Fair Grove, which is next to the home of Wallace's mother, Esther Wallace. Court records show Wallace with an address in east Springfield but neighbors and his mother say he's been living at the rural property since last summer after a shed was converted into a small home. Arnold lived there with him. The couple has a 6-year-old daughter who also lives at the home. The girl was at Fair Grove Elementary School when the shooting was discovered on Monday. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    81-year-old (White) man attacked (by berserk black) with shelving pole in Lauderhill
Jovaughn WalkerDouglas BrochetLAUDERHILL, Fla. - An 81-year-old man is recovering after he was brutally attacked Sunday with a metal shelving pole at a Shell gas station in Lauderhill. Douglas Brochet's eyes are swollen and he has 18 stitches in his head after the attack that was caught on surveillance cameras. he violent and bizarre encounter happened in front of Brochet's wife, who was desperately trying to protect him. Jovaughn Walker, 22, was arrested later in the day. Police said it's unclear why he attacked Brochet. "He didn't ask for money," Brochet said. "He didn't ask for anything." Brochet said Walker attempted to take off in his car, but Brochet had the keys with him. As Brochet was rushed to a hospital, Walker was attacking another store clerk at the nearby Swap Shop, police said. Police said Walker grabbed a 3-foot Samurai sword from a store display and "without provocation or any words" began chasing the employee through the flea market with it. Police said Walker swung the sword at the employee, striking the victim at least eight times. According to the report, Walker "began making statements about seeing (a) poltergeist (ghost) and wanting to kill all that was evil." - (Black-on-white)

    (White) Lincoln Park man fatally shot (by two blacks) during street ambush in SW Detroit
Bradley Foxblack killerblack killerDETROIT - A Detroit shooting kills a man on the southwest side Monday night and his friend who tried to save his life is talking about the ambush. The shooting killed 24-year-old Bradley Fox of Lincoln Park, who was riding with Darren Vitkay at 10 p.m. on Witt Street near Elsmere. Fox had asked Vitkay, his friend and neighbor of 20 years, to give him a ride to his father's house. "Out of nowhere a car hit me head on," Vitkay said. "I got out of the car to check the damage and we were just ambushed." Vitkay says two men jumped out of another car and described bullets flying from different directions, hitting his truck. "I kept hearing boom boom boom," Vitkay said. "It sounded like gunshots. It sounded like a war going off." He tried to drive away but his truck was too mangled to get much farther down the street. Vitkay says the gunfire wouldn't stop. "I was saying stay down, stay down," Vitkay said. "I was driving and (it) hit him in the neck right here." Vitkay tried talking with Fox to keep him awake, while the shooters ran away. Vitkay was in disbelief. Police say they have an idea who they're looking for - the first suspect is a black male between 26 and 27 years old, 5 feet, 7 inches 150 pounds with a light complexion wearing a black sweater with a hood and gray jogging pants, with a gun. The second suspect is only described as black with no further information provided. - (Black-on-white)

    Two (black) Virginia men charged in Eden homicide (of White man)
Benjamin A. BakerDaquarius Martin and Zachary HaleyWENTWORTH — Two Virginia men have been charged in the shooting death of an Eden man. Daquarius Rashawn Martin, 18, of 755 Stultz Road, Apt. 604 in Martinsville, VA. and Zachary Wray Haley, 18, of 3743 Irisburg Road in Axton, Va. face charges of first-degree kidnapping and first-degree murder, a news release from the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office stated. Martin and Haley are both charged in the death of Benjamin Alexander Baker. Baker was found in his home, at 830 Beck Road in Eden, dead from a gunshot wound on Jan. 15. The Henry County Sheriff's Office arrested Martin and Haley Monday evening and placed them in the Henry County Jail without bail. - (Black-on-white)

    (3 black) Suspects found in truck of missing (White) South Georgia man
Darrian McDaniel or Demitric LawsonDarrian McDaniel or Demitric Lawsonmissing George White manCONYERS, Ga. - Two men and a teenage boy arrested in connection to a home invasion were found driving a truck of a South Georgia man who has disappeared, according to investigators. Darrian McDaniel, 26, of East Point, Demitric Lawson, 19, of Atlanta, and an unidentified 15-year-old boy were arrested on Friday after a police pursuit. The F-150 they were driving was identified as being the getaway truck in two separate home invasions at Century Lakeside Apartments on Peaks Landing near Conyers. - (Black-on-white)

    (White) University of Georgia student delivering pizza - kidnapped by two cowardly criminal blacks - shot while trapped in trunk
Trey CollinsChristopher BurnettTermedric FaustRICHMOND HILL, GA - A University of Georgia student is recovering back home in Richmond Hill after he was robbed and shot multiple times. Trey Collins, 19, was kidnapped and shot four times when delivering pizza last week, but now his family is just thankful he's alive and safe. He was just released from the hospital in Athens Monday morning and his dad brought him home Monday afternoon. Collins was making a delivery for Thursday night - just his second week on the job - when it took a turn he never saw coming. "I went to the guy, and the next thing I knew he went to pull out money - because it was cold, he had a jacket on - and instead he pulled out a gun and pointed it to my face, and I could feel another gun on the back of my head,” said Collins. The two men took the pizza and $80 in cash. But they didn't stop there. They then forced Collins into the trunk of his car, got behind the wheel and drove off. After what Collins thinks was about 10 minutes, he felt the car slow down. "And they just decided to stop somewhere, turn around, and start opening fire into my backseat,” said Collins. Four of the bullets hit the teenager trapped in his own trunk. But according to police, about 10 total pierced the backseat. "Many of them landed inches away from me. One bullet - the bullet that went through here - went through my arm, broke the bone, and then hit my rib, and my rib is bruised. So it hit it just hard enough to bruise it, but could've broken the skin and hit my heart. I was that close,” said Collins. Police in Athens announced Monday that they arrested a suspect, 16-year-old Christopher Burnett. They're still searching for the second suspect, 32-year-old Termedric Faust. Collins is recovering and coming to terms with the fact that this nightmare will always be a part of him, literally. Two of the bullets will stay in his body. Doctors say he'll be fine but that trying to remove them would be too risky. - (Black-on-white)
  • Psalm 140:1 - Deliver me, O LORD, from evil men; preserve me from violent men

    Stabbing of adulterous woman by her black boyfriend was romance "gone wrong", neighbors say
Sherrod Avery StewartTracy Rondeau - "best friend" of victimRichard Stockman - ex-husband of victimROXBORO, NC -- Multiple local law enforcement agencies including the Person County Sheriff's Office and the North Carolina Highway Patrol are joining the Roxboro Police Department in a search for a man wanted in connection with the death Monday of a Person County woman Police said 32-year-old Nolla Bently was stabbed multiple times at her home in the 100 block of Sandstone Way. Detectives have a first-degree murder warrant for 35-year-old Sherrod Avery Stewart, but he is not in custody. "I came down here and she was stepping out the front door," said neighbor Karmeshia Daye. "She stood on the porch and that's when her body collapsed." A teary-eyed Tracy Rondeau, who described Bently as her best friend said that she witnessed the crime. "He stabbed her 14 times in front of me and I couldn't do anything to help her. I'm the one that held her when she died in my arms." Neighbors said that Bently was romantically involved with Stewart. Richard Stockman said Bently was the mother of his children, and that he tried to warn her about her involvement with Stewart. "She was a very good woman. She took care of the house real good, and she was excellent," Stockman said. "Yeah we had our little disputes, like most marriages, but most part kept a real good house, make sure her kids were in school. "I warned her about this incident," Stockman said. "The guy was no good. He's a coward, and he just took my five kids' mother away from them." - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) suspect in murder of (White) Stop ‘N Go Liquor employee faces judge
James SpauldingDenny DavisLOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The man police say shot and killed a Louisville liquor store employee, then terrorized a neighborhood and led officers on a chase, faced a judge for the first time on Friday morning. The deadly crime happened on Thursday at Stop ‘N Go Liquor on Warnock Avenue. The suspect, James Spaulding, was arraigned on a list of charges including complicity to murder, attempted murder and wanton endangerment. He is being held at Metro Corrections on $250,000 dollar cash bond. Police say Spaulding entered Stop 'N Go Liquor on Warnock Street early Thursday morning. The arrest report says he had a handgun, shot and killed store clerk Denny Davis, while injuring another person. Spaulding then walked down the street and fired into a house nearby, while people sleep inside. The bullet missed a teen by feet. LMPD officers eventually arrested Spaulding on I-65 after a chase. - (Black-on-white)

  Dark Crimes

    (Cross-dressing black) Man charged with murder (of white pervert) in KC alleyway shooting
Lorenzo WashingtonThomas KuzilaKANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Jackson County prosecutor has charged a man in a murder from January 30. Lorenzo Washington, 29, faces a first-degree murder charge in the death of Thomas Kuzila. Kuzila was killed in an alley at Brooklyn and St. John, the victim of a gunshot wound to the head. Detectives gained access to his Google account where they watched a video of a black man dancing while wearing a black wig and women’s underwear. Kuzila was seen in the video sitting on a bed and watching. On Friday, detectives found a backpage.com advertisement where pictures of the man later determined to be Washington matched the man seen dancing in the video. The pictures also appeared to be taken in the same room where the video was shot. Officers arrested Washington later that day. During an interview, Washington admitted to being the man in the video and to shooting Kuzila. He said he became angry with him the day before the shooting, and called an associate to get a gun. He said in the early morning hours of the 30th, he lured Kuzila into the alley and shot him, and then left the scene with the person he got the gun from in Kuzila’s truck. - (Black-on-white)
  • ... neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination... - Deuteronomy 22:5
  • 1Ki 14:24 - And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations...

Dangers of interracial dating

    Two (blacks) arrested for 2015 murder (of White man)
Sha'ron Ellis and Chris MyersChuck KeathleyOMAHA, Neb. - Two men were arrested Friday in connection to a murder committed last spring. Police found the body of 51-year-old Chuck Keathley inside his home near 52nd and Dodge streets on May 30th. Thirty-seven-year-old Sha’ron Ellis faces charges of first-degree murder and use of weapon. Thirty-nine-year-old Chris Myers faces an accessory to a felony charge. Ellis is currently in the hospital and will be booked on his warrants once he is released. Myers is currently incarcerated in the Douglas County Department of Corrections on an unrelated charge and will be booked on his warrant. Anyone with information about the murder is asked to call the OPD Homicide Unit at 402-444-5656 or Crime Stoppers at 402-444-STOP. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black boyfriend) Ruben Ebron pleads guilty to aggravated manslaughter (of White boy) Lonzie Barton
Lonzie Barton William Ebron Jr.Lonna BartonWilliam Ebron Jr.Jacksonville, FL — The man suspected of being involved in the death of a Florida toddler pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter on Friday, weeks after he led authorities to the child's remains and said the boy drowned in a bathtub while he and the mother had sex. William Ruben Ebron Jr., 32, got a plea deal after he led investigators to Lonzie Barton's remains, which were found last month amid discarded tires and trash in a wooded area in Jacksonville. Under the deal, Ebron will receive a 20-year prison sentence. "There was only one person who could lead us to Lonzie's grave. Just one person who could make sure Lonzie was recovered from an unmarked, isolated, shallow grave and brought home to his loved ones," State Attorney Angela Corey said at a news conference. Lonzie's mother, Lonna Lauramore Barton, 26, has previously pleaded guilty to child neglect. Prosecutors would not comment on whether further charges were forthcoming. In a letter, Ebron said he and Lauramore Barton, whom he was dating at the time, bear responsibility for the toddler's death. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Convict was arrested by DOC weeks before allegedly murdering (White) homeless man
Calvin JohnsonLeon TeodoraA convict who supposedly exemplified the success of new parole models but is now facing murder charges following a New Year’s Day stabbing death in an alley near downtown Denver previously had raised a series of red flags for authorities, both before and after his release from prison, according to documents obtained by Complete Colorado. Calvin Johnson, arrested shortly after the slaying of of Leon Teodora, had been touted to state lawmakers just two weeks earlier as a model of successful parole reforms by Deputy Director of Parole Alison Morgan. Yet, the log in which DOC tracked all contact between Johnson and department staff reveal a troubling history that arguably should have given officials pause. - (Black-on-white)

    Pistol-whipping (black) carjacker charged with shooting (White female) tourist at airport hotel: cops
Andrea KollerJohn HowardAuthorities have caught up to a serial carjacker who shot a tourist in a Kennedy Airport hotel parking lot last month, Brooklyn federal court papers state. John Howard, who was charged with that crime and three additional carjackings, targeted Meredith Stifter as she sat in her car at a Hampton Inn and demanded valuables, papers state. When she said she had nothing to give him, Howard pistol-whipped the terrified tourist. Stifter’s mother, Andrea Koller, was in the lobby when Howard approached her daughter and immediately rushed to her aid. Howard fired a bullet into Koller’s shoulder and took off with another man in a Volkswagen Jetta, according to court papers. He stole two silver rings and a 2013 Notre Dame HS class ring from the women, cops said. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) arrested for murder of (White) man in Columbia S.C in 2015
Ibin Kenta PattersonTimothy GentryCOLUMBIA, SC - The Columbia Police Department says an arrest has been made in connection with the murder of a man who was gunned down outside his home. Chief Skip Holbrook made the announcement on the arrest of Ibin Kenta Patterson. CPD investigators had previously made no arrests in connection with the death 32-year-old Timothy Gentry, who was fatally wounded in the chest on the corner of Beaufort Street and River Drive in July 2015. Gentry worked with people who have disabilities. Gentry's family said he was just days away from proposing to his girlfriend before he was killed. A suspect was never identified, but CPD officers said the suspect was described as "a thin, dark-skinned black male with a medium height, last seen wearing a white tank-top style shirt and dark pants" with short braids or dreadlocks. Patterson, according to a records check, already has pending charges against him that include armed robbery, kidnapping, weapons possession and attempted murder in an unrelated case from August 2015. In that case, law enforcement officials said Patterson exchanged gunfire with Columbia police officers after police said he pointed a gun at two women while demanding their belongings. The victims complied and were not harmed during the incident. - (Black-on-white)

    2nd (worthless black) teen charged in murder of (White) Hoover Iraq War veteran
Ahmad Jaquan JohnsonCharleston Everett WellsCharleston Wells (left) and Ahmad JohnsonMichael 'Mike' GilottiHOOVER, AL - A second teenager has been charged in the January murder of an Iraq War veteran shot to death outside of his Hoover home in the Lake Cyrus subdivision. Ahmad Jaquan Johnson, 17, of Birmingham is being charged as an adult with murder in the death of 33-year-old Mike Gilotti, Hoover police said. Gilotti, a married father of two, was fatally shot while leaving his house to go to the gym early in the morning on Jan. 5. “He’s not only shot and killed in front of his house, shot in the back and killed in front of his house." "This is a guy who served his country, he fought for this country in Iraq for 15 months. He was a tank commander, he fought door to door in Iraq for our country and to see someone like him get gunned down for no apparent reason, absolutely it’s personal to us,” Rector added. - (Black-on-white)

    Police seek two (black) suspects after murder (of White man) in South Lake Tahoe
Dennis “Spike” Michael Wright Jr.black killerblack killerSouth Lake Tahoe police are currently seeking two unidentified suspects in relation to the murder of 40-year-old Dennis Wright Jr. in the parking lot of Beverly Lodge on the evening of Saturday, Jan. 30th. According to police, Wright and his girlfriend Kendra Ghiorso drove to South Lake Tahoe around 7:45 that evening to sell 100 pounds of marijuana to prospective buyers. Police say two black male adults arrived and attempted to rob Wright and Ghiorso at gunpoint for the cash involved in the deal. The robbers struggled with Write and Ghiorso in the motel parking lot, and then one or both of the suspects fired multiple gunshots, according to police. Wright was shot multiple times, and died after being transported to Barton Memorial Hospital in South Lake Tahoe. The two robbers fled the scene in a vehicle that may be a tan colored Chrysler Concorde, 2004 or older Sedan. The first suspect is described as a black male adult approximately 6'3" and 200 pounds in his late 20s to early 30s. He wore his black hair in braids or dreadlocks. The second suspect is described as a black male adult approximately 5'8" and 170 pounds in his late 20s to early 30s. He wore his black hair in tight curls. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) teen charged with murder (of White woman in) Corinth gas station shooting
Christine LedlowMicah BosticBrooklyn Nyzell TraylorThe second suspect in the murder of Corinth gas station clerk Kris Ledlow has been arrested. Police identified the man as 24-year-old Micah Bostic. He, along with Brooklyn Traylor, is charged with capital murder. Bostic was out on probation for armed robbery at the time of the shooting. “The second suspect was hiding out,” Police Chief Ralph Dance said. “He knew we were looking for him and he was in Tippah County in Ripley. And with help from the authorities there, we picked him up they got him for us.” Bostic will be arraigned on Thursday. His arrest comes a day after police arrested and charged Brooklyn Traylor with Ledlow’s murder. Even though he is just 17-years-old, Traylor is being charged as an adult. He made his first court appearance Wednesday. - (Black-on-white)

    ('Mentally incompetent' homeless black killer) accused of murder declared unfit for trial
Aaron Jerome HowellPaul Edward GuerrantA homeless man accused of murder in Dalton has been declared incompetent to stand trial and will be sent to the state hospital. Aaron Jerome Howell is accused of murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery in the beating death of Paul Edward Guerrant in December of 2014. Psychological evidence from both the public defender’s office and the state was presented showing Howell was mentally incompetent to stand trial. Superior Court Judge Cindy Morris agreed and committed Howell to the care of psychologists at the state hospital. “We go with what our state psychologists tell us and we didn’t disagree with the evaluation,” District Attorney Bert Poston said. “He will be treated by the state and the hospital has 90 days to report to the court on his status. As soon as he comes back and he has been determined to be competent, we will put him on the trial calendar." Police investigators said that on the night of Dec. 22, 2014, Guerrant was beaten in Dalton as he walked et on his way home from a meeting at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. .” - (Black-on-white)

    A (White) Doctor and Neighboring Resident Shot During Attempted Robbery in Danville (by two black males)
Dr. Randolph Nealblack suspectblack suspectDr. Randolph Neal, 49, is in stable condition after being shot last night as he was walking home from Danville Regional Medical Center. Police are still searching for the two suspects described as two black males 5'9" to 6" tall. The reward has been increased to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for yesterday's shooting. Anyone with information should contact Danville Crimestoppers at (434) 793-0000, the Danville Police Department at (434) 799-6508, or via our crime tips line on your computer at crimetips@danvilleva.gov - (Black-on-white)

    NYPD Lt. Wojciech Niebrzydowski stabbed by emotionally disturbed (black) woman in Brooklyn
crazy black female kniferAn NYPD lieutenant was stabbed in the arm by an emotionally disturbed woman in Brooklyn Monday morning, police sources said. Wojciech Niebrzydowski, a 15-year veteran, was responding to 911 calls about an out-of-control woman in an E. 18th St. building, near Albemarle Rd. in Ditmas Park, around 11:40 a.m., according to the sources. As the 43-year-old lieutenant tried to get into the woman’s apartment, she plunged a kitchen knife into his left forearm, a police source said. - (Black-on-white)

    72-year-old Black killer in Georgia finally up for death (for murder of a White man during robbery in 1979)
Brandon Astor JonesBrandon Astor JonesAn appellate court on Friday rejected another attempt by Brandon Astor Jones to stop his execution scheduled for Tuesday for the 1979 murder of a Cobb County convenience store manager. Late in the afternoon, a judge in Butts County, which is where Georgia’s execution chamber is located, said the issues raised in Jones’ appeal were decided years ago and cannot be revisited. - (Black-on-white)
  • Ecclesiastes 8:11 - When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong.

    (Black killer) Teen behind deadly crash didn’t have legal license
Crystal NortonDavid Michael MillsPORTAGE, Mich. — A 17-year-old accused of causing a deadly crash while trying to outrun officers didn’t have a legal license, records show. David Michael Mills will be charged with driving while his license was suspended, revoked or denied, causing death. Mills also faces a charge of first-degree fleeing and eluding a police officer. Each felony comes with a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. Mills was driving the vehicle that hit a car driven by Crystal Norton of Paw Paw. The 33-year-old mother was killed in the Saturday night crash. It started around 9:15 p.m. Saturday when an officer with the Portage Department of Public Safety came across a vehicle that had recently fled a Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety officer. When the officer tried to stop the 17-year-old suspect, he drove through a parking lot and onto Kilgore Road at a high rate of speed. The chase continued and ended when the suspect hit Norton’s vehicle as she pulled out of a driveway. Norton died at the scene. - (Black-on-white)

    First picture of 6ft tall '15-year-old (black African killer) Somali boy' who 'stabbed to death' Swedish social worker in child migrant centre as he appears in court charged with her murder
    Youssaf Khaliif NuurAlexandra MezherSix-foot tall, the 'child' accused of murdering a Swedish aid worker appeared in court today. Somali-born Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, ‎charged with murdering Alexandra Mezher, 22, towered over his translator as he walked into the courtroom in Gothenburg. She was knifed to death as she tried to break up a fight at the shelter for unaccompanied child refugees where she worked alone in charge of ten youths. She died saving the life of another resident whom allegedly knife-wielding Khaliif Nuur was trying to kill, police sources said. Swedish prosecutors admit they do not know if Somalian Khaliif Nuur, supposedly aged 15, is his true identity. Psychology graduate Miss Mezher had warned her mother she ‎was caring for 'big powerful guys' aged up to 24 in the shelter for children aged 14 to 17. Children's asylum applications are fast-tracked ‎in Sweden, prompting some grown men to lie and say they are teenagers. ‎Handcuffed Khaliif Nuur, looking older than his supposed 15 years, was ushered into court wearing a blanket over his head, a white T-shirt, light blue shirt and jeans.‎ Judge Henrik Andersson asked him: 'Are you Youssaf Khaliif Nuur?' and he nodded and said yes. - (Black-on-white)

    Three (black African Muslim savages from) Somali gang-raped a white 16-year-old girl in bathroom of hotel
3 nigger rapistsThree Somali men who gang-raped a white 16-year-old girl in the bathroom of a hotel where they went to celebrate Eid have been jailed for 30 years. Muhyadeen Osman, Bilal Ahmed and Mowled Yussuf, all now 20, were just teenagers when they attacked the girl at the Victoria Park Hotel in Manchester, regarding her as 'easy prey', the court heard. The group, then all aged 17, had spent the previous night in the hotel with a number of other men as part of (Muslim) celebrations when one of their friends, Ibrahim Jama, had met the girl on BlackBerry Messenger, and agreed to meet - (the vile black African) met her at a bus stop and soon convinced her to perform a sex act on him in an alleyway said she should 'meet his boys.' They eventually got into a bedroom where Yussuf was first to force the girl to perform a sex act on him in the bathroom. Despite her repeatedly telling the group that she didn't want to have intercourse, she was forced to perform a sex act on Ahmed before he raped her. Osman then joined in after he had been 'hanging around' outside the door. He then moved her to the bed and raped her himself.
In dramatic (blacktivist) scenes outside the courtroom around 60 members of Manchester's "Somalian community" protested against the verdicts suggesting the three men were being 'victimised' because of their race, while the victim was a white Brit. Yussuf flicked a middle finger at the mother of their victim, who was present. - (Black-on-white) - (UK)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Man sentenced in fatal stabbing (of White man)
Travis WatkinsJermemiah Luke BrooksJACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 48-year-old Jacksonville man was sentenced Friday afternoon to 35 years in prison in a fatal stabbing in 2012. Travis Devon Watkins' sentence for second-degree murder will be followed by 10 years of probation Watkins pleaded guilty to the charge in October 2015. In October 2012, Watkins was at his neighbor’s house when the two of them got into an argument. As the altercation turned physical, the victim went outside. Watkins went into the victim’s kitchen, grabbed a knife and followed the victim outside. Watkins then fatally stabbed the victim before leaving the scene and walking back to his house. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Man charged with murder in (White) Charlotte woman’s death
Jacquise Candrell MooreCynthia Marie BozaPolice have arrested a man in the killing of Cynthia Marie Boza, whose body was found two weeks ago in woods off Poole Place NW in Concord. Police charged Jacquise Candrell Moore, 23, with first-degree murder. Moore is in the Forsyth County Detention Center, where he was being held on other charges at the time of his arrest in Boza’s killing, Concord police said. Moore has various addresses in Concord, Mount Pleasant and Charlotte, the most recent being a Mount Pleasant address, police said. Police have not said how they believe Boza died. Boza, 45, was reported missing by her family on Dec. 6 from her home on Jones Street, off Rozzelles Ferry Road in Charlotte. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police later obtained information putting Boza at a home in the 1100 block of Poole Place in Concord. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Man Charged With Murder (of White man) In Irving Park Bludgeoning
Donald ArringtonLloyd A. WhiteCHICAGO — A South Side man has been charged with murder for allegedly bludgeoning a man to death and then setting him on fire last summer in the Irving Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side. Donald Arrington, 31, of the 6900 block of South Dorchester Avenue, is charged with first-degree murder for the bludgeoning death of 50-year-old Lloyd A. White on Aug. 31, 2015, according to police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. White’s body was found in the basement of a building around 11 a.m. in the 3900 block of North Spaulding Avenue, police said. Arrington fatally struck White with a blunt object during an altercation before setting him on fire and fleeing the scene. White was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said. His personal property and vehicle were later found in a northern suburb. Police gathered information during the investigation that led to Arrington’s arrest Wednesday in the 1500 block of East 72nd Place, police said. - (Black-on-white)

    (White) Former teacher, 62, stabbed to death and 'almost beheaded' by (black) 21-year-old roommate in NYC homeless shelter
Anthony WhiteDeven BlackA former public school teacher has been stabbed to death in a homeless shelter in Harlem, New York, reports claim. Deven Black, 62, was lying in bed at 11.50pm on Wednesday when his roommate Anthony White, 21, allegedly slashed his throat and nearly severed his head. His body was found in Boulevard, a private shelter, the next morning. Police have launched a city-wide manhunt for White, the NYPD said in a press release. Black, who won an Academy Of Education award for his work as a librarian in the Bronx in 2013, was made a substitute teacher in 2014. Last year, he was charged with theft which led to him being suspended without pay. It is not clear when he vacated his residence in Nyack, New York, and when he first took shelter in East Harlem. Mayor Bill de Blasio branded the slashing 'deeply disturbing'. NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said in a statement: 'This individual had this throat lacerated and then apparently bled out because of that. One of the security officers opened the door, saw him laying on the floor, and that's when Mr. White ran out.' The slaying came after days of White threatening to harm or kill people in the shelter. - (Black-on-white)
- (White victim, named 'Black' - Black suspect, named 'White')

    UPDATE: Detectives search for (black) Magnolia homicide suspect
Anthony McDonaldRichard L. Jacobs, Jr.MAGNOLIA, Del. - State Police say after nearly ten months of investigation, they have released the name of a suspect in a March 2015 Magnolia homicide investigation. The Delaware State Police Homicide Unit is looking for help in locating 37-year-old Anthony McDonald. He is wanted in connection with the March 27, 2015 homicide of 44-year-old Richard L. Jacobs, Jr., who was found shot dead in a car on Grays Lane in the Meadowbrook Acres development, in Magnolia. McDonald is now wanted on charges including murder first degree, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Officials say McDonald is known to frequent the Dover, Magnolia, and Woodside area and also has ties to the Philadelphia, area. Anyone with information about McDonald's whereabouts should contact Sgt. D. Weaver at 302-741-2728 or Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333. Tips can also be sent through the Crime Stoppers website, or by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP." He should be considered armed and dangerous. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Driver indicted for crash that killed (White) Surry mother of three
Christopher L. JacksonAngela CartwrightSURRY COUNTY, Va. – A man accused of hitting a young mother with his car and leaving her for dead has just been indicted by a Surry County Grand Jury. State Police say 47-year-old Christopher Jackson hit Angie Cartwright days before Christmas. “It’s very unexplainable,” said Cartwright’s brother Cregg Cartwright. “It’s very devastating.” For the Cartwight family, the devastation happened during a time meant for family. Cartwright was taken away December 20. “All I know is that she was walking down the street and she was hit,” added Cartwright’s sister Jenny Caldwell. 30-year-old Angie Cartwright had just left a party in Surry County. She was walking behind her boyfriend down narrow Burnt Mill Road when she was struck. “The biggest thing was breaking it to her three kids that they weren’t going to see their mom anymore,” said Cartright’s brother Cregg. “It wasn’t easy.” Cartwright died a short time later. State Police say the driver just kept going. A couple hours later they found his car tucked behind a mobile home about a mile away. According to court records Christopher Jackson told the trooper he had been drinking. “He knew not to get behind that wheel,” Caldwell added. “You don’t drink and drive and get behind that wheel. He took a mother, a daughter and a sister her from us.” The spot where Cartwight was killed is now marked with a cross. - (Black-on-white)

    (White) Victim feared the worst when he came face-to-face with (black) machete-toting robber
black savageblack savageThomasOVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Chased through his home with a machete –an Overland Park man said his life flashed before his eyes as two armed men cornered him and demanded money. Police said the Tuesday afternoon home invasion on Merriam Drive was random and rare, as it occurred in the middle of the day, just feet from a busy highway. This victim, Thomas, had only been living in the rental duplex for about four months, and said he has no plans to stay there. “I hear of it, but I never really understood it until it happened to me, life flashing before your eyes, because it does,” Thomas said. “I was like, ‘There`s nothing I can do. I thought, I was almost accepting it that it might happen, they`re going to kill me.” Coming face-to-face with a machete, Thomas feared for his life. He said two armed robbers came into his house and corned him in his bedroom, demanding money. “I grabbed one of my pillows to protect me from the knife,” he said, “because I have one way out of the room and it’s through the doors, through two guys, one of them toting a machete.” Thomas said he was worried he was going to get stabbed in the back, as he tried to force his way through the men. “I didn’t make it through the door,” he said. “The one guy bear-hugged me, and I’m screaming, ‘No! No!’ I was trapped.” Thomas said there was no way to escape, which made him feel, “Kind of like a cattle or animal. I thought I was going to get killed. Like I was nothing, my freedom, everything I believe in and feel in, it`s been stripped from me.” Terrified, Thomas handed them his wallet, and when the intruders walked back down the stairs, he made a run for it.Police describe the suspects as two black men in their 40's, driving an early 2000's gold Chevrolet four-door car. If you've seen them, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS. - (Black-on-white)

    Austrian police hunt American nanny's (black illegal African) Gambian flatmate after she is found suffocated in Vienna flat after possible 'sex game gone wrong'  
  • Lauren Mann, 25, was found half-naked, face-down on a mattress at her apartment in Austrian capital
  • Autopsy found she was suffocated
  • Police are looking into series of theories - including possibility that Colorado au pair was victim of kinky sex 'game' gone wrong
  • Illegal immigrant from Gambia who had lost right to stay in Austria but was living in same apartment as Mann being looked for
  • They want to find Gambian who had lost right to stay in Austria
  • He was living in apartment with Mann but nature of relationship is unclear  - (Black-on-white) - (EU)

Lauren Mann


Cheikh Tidiane DiawAshley OlsenMann's death comes just two weeks after the shocking murder of another young American woman living abroad.
Ashley Olsen, 35, an expat living in Florence, Italy, was strangled inside her apartment this month, Italian officials said. Like Mann, Olsen had been living overseas for three years. Autopsy findings indicated that she died after a cord or rope was tied around her neck. Olsen's body had bruises and scratches on the neck, officials said. Police arrested a (black African) Senegalese immigrant in connection to her death.


Dangers of interracial dating

    Widow of murder victim speaks
Chad BosticJustin LynchTravares Marquel Lane LENOIR COUNTY - Authorities in Lenoir County are searching for a killer. A fatal armed robbery took the life of 37 year-old Chad Bostic Friday afternoon. Bostic's widow was there when armed robbers stormed "Pit stop Bar and Billiards" on Highway 11. "The suspects came in the building and ordered everybody down. They had their weapons. They went behind the bar. I heard a shot and I immediately knew it was him," she said. "I heard them go out the back. As soon as I knew they were out the building, I ran straight to him." The woman said her husband is a concealed carry permit holder and had a weapon but he did not draw it on the suspects. Chad Bostic leaves behind three teenage daughters. His widow described him as a family man and a business man. A native of the area she said he was well known in the community. As family members grieve, authorities are searching for the suspects. "They're horrible people. They took my husband. They took my kids father. They have forever changed our lives. We'll never be the same again," she said. "It's not something I wish for anybody to have to go through. I will never ever forgive them." Over the weekend Lenoir County deputies located what they believed was the getaway vehicle and three occupants.They were all brought in for questioning but deputies have not charged them or linked them to this crime at this time, according to the sheriff. However, Sheriff Ingram said all three persons of interests were jailed on unrelated charges. A bar patron was also shot during the robbery but survived. Also, a concealed carry permit holder, the widow said that person was shot as they were reaching for their weapon. The woman said the robbers got away with around $400. The woman said her husband had operated the bar for about 9 years. She said she is now considering closing it. - (Black-on-white)
  • 2 men charged in Pit Stop murder, armed robbery
  • Deputies make arrests in Lenoir County fatal bar shooting
    KINSTON, Lenoir County - The Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office has arrested two suspects in the fatal robbery which happened at a Kinston business last Friday. Justin Levone Lynch, 18, of 3984 Felix Hardison Road in Grifton, was arrested and charged with one open count of murder, attempted first degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering and possession of stolen goods, all felonies. Travares Marquel Lane, 21, of 2552 Hwy. 58 South in Trenton, was charged with aid and abet murder, aid and abet attempted murder, aid and abet robbery with a dangerous weapon and accessory after the fact to a felony.
  • Funeral Cost for Chad Bostic - (gofundme)

    Black Virginia murder suspect shoots self inside Fitchburg home - targeted White parents of ex-wife/girlfriend
Dana WilliamWoodell BrooksOlene H. BrooksFITCHBURG, Mass. —A man wanted in connection with a kidnapping and killing in a rural Virginia town last week shot himself Wednesday morning inside a Fitchburg home, the Worcester County District Attorney's Office said. Dana William, 43, was wanted on charges that he held family members hostage. He's accused of tying up his former in-laws inside their Amelia County, Virginia, home. Officials said the Thursday incident resulted in the death of his former father in-law, Woodell Brooks. He's also accused of kidnapping his former mother in-law, Olene Brooks, 67, whom police said has still not been found. On Wednesday morning, U.S. marshals, Massachusetts State Police and Fitchburg police attempted to arrest William inside a Chester Street home. During the incident, officials said, William, who was armed, shot himself. - (Black-on-white)
  • Abduction suspect seen on gas station surveillance video, sources say
    Days before the hostage situation in Amelia County, law enforcement sources say 43-year-old Dana William had inappropriate sexual contact with a teenage girl inside a Maybuery Drive home in western Henrico. Shawntae Smith, Brooks granddaughter, said the family had been held hostage last Thursday and then her grandmother was abducted. William was recently out on parole from a previous rape conviction. He served (only) two years of a 40 year sentence, 38 year were suspended. Family members say this violent rampage is his way of revenge.
  • Amelia grandmother taken hostage after family zip-tied, duct-taped

    Swedish police chief sparks anger by SYMPATHISING with (black) Somali boy, 15, charged with (White) social worker's murder
Alexander Mezherkiller black Somali invaderThe head of the Swedish police has sparked outrage by expressing sympathy with the teenage asylum seeker accused of murdering social worker Alexander Mezher. National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson, who has already admitted police cannot cope with the wave of migrant crime, said he has concerns about the ‘horrors’ and trauma the accused murderer may have witnessed. He said he was ‘distraught’ on behalf of Miss Mezher’s family but also for the killer, saying: ‘What has that person been through? Under what circumstances has he grown up? What is the trauma he carries?’ It came as court documents showed the boy suspected of the killing is being held in a secure psychiatric that specialises in patients with psychotic illness, drug and alcohol addiction. - (Black-on-white) - (EU)

    Suspect facing federal charges after JP deputy shot during raid
Stephen ArnoldJarvis HardyNEW ORLEANS -- A Jefferson Parish deputy was in critical condition following a shooting in the 5300 block of Douglas Street in Holy Cross, near the intersection of Egania and Douglas streets Tuesday morning. The deputy, identified as 35-year-old Stephen Arnold, a 12-year veteran of the JPSO, was shot as officers were executing a search warrant at the home. Arnold was shot in the neck, torso and arm during the incident. He is currently listed in critical but stable condition. Sheriff Newell Normand said Arnold was shot five times, once in the neck and four times in the torso and the arm. Authorities confirm that the suspect in shooting of Deputy Arnold is Jarvis Hardy, who was booked with attempted first-degree murder and narcotics violations. According to court documents, members of the task force knocked and announced their presence before entering the house. They eventually were able to get into the house by using a battering ram. Arnold led the task force inside the home. As officers were identifying themselves inside the house, shots came from inside a bedroom, hitting Arnold several times, said the court document. An officer returned fire and Arnold was evacuated from the house. - (Black-on-white)

    Supreme Court Rejects Appeal to Ban Pennsylvania Death Penalty - Black female hatchet murder of 83-year-old White man
Shonda WalterShonda WalterThe U.S. Supreme Court is rejecting a Pennsylvania inmate's appeal to consider banning the death penalty across the United States. The justices did not comment Monday in turning away a challenge from death row inmate Shonda Walter. - (Black-on-white)
  • Murderpedia: Shonda Dee WALTER
    On March 25, 2003, Walter killed her neighbor, James Sementelli, 83, as part of a gang initiation and robbery. Walter slashed Sementelli 66 times with a 10-inch hatchet as he begged for his life. Witnesses also said that during the killing, she stopped to say the Lord’s Prayer, carved a cross in the victim’s stomach as he was dying, watched television, and ate ice cream. She then took $510 and Sementelli’s car.
  • Death Row Delays: Victims’ Families Frustrated with Slow Death Penalty Process
    A binder full of newspaper clippings is a reminder everyday of how James Sementelli was brutally murdered at 83 years old. He survived the bombings at Pearl Harbor, but not the hands of Shonda Walter.
  • Ecclesiastes 8:11 - When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong.

    Charges Filed: Related to Multiple Robberies and a Homicide in Lawton - 3 black males arrested for murder of White man
3 nigger killersJoshua Kolt WhiteheadLAWTON, OK - When police arrived they found the driver, 26-year old Joshua Whitehead, dead of an apparent gunshot wound to his chest, and found a bullet hole in the driver side door. Then around three a.m., officers found a victim who was shot in the leg. He told police that he was robbed and shot at by three black males in a black vehicle. Police say formal charges have been filed against 24-year-old Jordan Gaines of Lawton, 18-year-old Malike Deandre Gibson of Lawton, and 19-year-old Keith Devon Dubose of Lawton. Gibson is charged with murder in the second degree, two counts robbery in the first degree, and possession of a firearm by a felon. Gaines is charged with accessory to murder, assault with a deadly weapon, accessory to assault with a dangerous weapon, and three counts of possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction. Dubose is charged with accessory to murder, two counts of robbery in the first degree, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with a dangerous weapon. - (Black-on-white)


Ex-convict released from jail a month ago after serving 15 years for child rape is being questioned in connection with murder of Atlanta anesthesiologist, 39, on Grenada beach - Black beast raped and murdered White American woman tourist in Grenada

    David BenjaminJessica ColkerA man being quizzed over the brutal rape and murder of an American tourist in Grenada had only been released from prison a month ago after being jailed for child rape. Police sources on the Caribbean island said David Benjamin was freed in December after serving 15 years. He is suspected of killing Jessica Colker who died from extensive skull fracture and asphyxia, as she walked along a deserted beach with her husband on the first day of her holiday, autopsy results revealed today. Colker, an anesthesiologist from Atlanta Georgia, is said to have been raped before being murdered. Benjamin walked into a police station in the Parish of St David's the day after Colker's body was found in an area of mangroves near the La Sages hotel in St David's where she and her husband were staying. 'Benjamin was set free in December. He had been locked away for the rape of a young child.' - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Man gets life term for killing 2 (White men) outside bed-and-breakfast
Quinton BassLawrence PetersonJoseph Alexander UlrichBALTIMORE - A North Carolina man has been sentenced to two life terms plus 45 years for fatally shooting two men outside a mid-town Baltimore bed-and-breakfast. Twenty-nine-year-old Quinton Bass of Raleigh was sentenced this week in Baltimore Circuit Court, according to a news release sent Thursday from the State's Attorney's Office. He had been convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and other offenses in the August 2012 slaying of 40-year-old Alex Ulrich and 56-year-old Larry Peterson. Prosecutors say Bass shot Ulrich and Peterson in front of Peterson's bed-and-breakfast. Authorities say the men did not have any money to give the would-be robber, and Bass fired at them. Ulrich died later that day. Peterson died nearly two years later. - (Black-on-white)

    Police Identify (White) Victim Of Fort Smith Home-Invasion Homicide - Police searching for two worthless black predators
black killerblack killerKaleb WatsonFORT SMITH -- The Fort Smith Police Department has identified the victim of a deadly shooting that occurred Saturday (Jan. 23) as 22-year-old Kaleb Watson. Det. Anthony Parkinson said it appears two suspects invaded and robbed his home at North 47th Street and Windsor Drive. He said Watson was shot multiple times in the chest and leg. He was later pronounced dead at a Fort Smith hospital. Police are searching for two black males believed to be suspects in the case. Parkinson said witnesses described them as wearing dark, baggy clothing with ski masks covering their faces. Parkinson said a suspect knocked on the front door, then went to the back of the house. Watson went to answer the door when the two suspects went through the back door, which was unlocked, according to police. Police said after shooting Watson, the suspects were able to get away with undisclosed items, leaving through the back door on foot. - (Black-on-white)
  • UAFS Student Killed In Saturday Night Shooting
    Initial reports state two suspects, both of whom are black males wearing all black clothing and ski masks, entered the home and attempted to rob Watson and a female friend at gunpoint. An altercation ensued between Watson and an armed suspect that resulted in multiple shots being fired. Both suspects fled the area in an unknown direction, and it is unknown if they used a vehicle.
  • Police investigating after shooting in Fort Smith

    (Incompetent black) Wyandotte woman not competent for trial in fatal stabbing (of elderly White man)
Kyla Juane NundleyA Wyandotte woman has been found not competent to face a charge of second-degree murder in the death of a Wayne man. Based on the competency report, Kyla Juane Nundley, 48, was remanded to the Center for Forensic Psychiatry for continuing treatment and would face the murder charge if she becomes competent in the future. Nundley was arrested in the early hours of Oct. 9, 2015, at a home in the 35000 block of Brush. The occupant of the home, Joseph Hiner Spielman, 74, was found fatally stabbed. Nundley was arrested at the home. Wayne Police have only said that Nundley and Spielman were acquaintances. At her arraignment in Wayne 29th District Court, a not guilty plea was entered for Nundley. - (Black-on-white)

    (White female) Downtown Dallas resident attacked, robbed in parking garage (by two African 'Americans')
Sarah Hoffbrutal black attackerbrutal black attackerA Dallas special needs teacher said she was ambushed in her downtown Dallas parking garage, beaten, and robbed by two men Thursday night. Sarah Hoff said she was attacked on the 8th floor of the garage at the Davis Building about 9:30 p.m. Thursday. Her face is cut and heavily bruised after she said two men punched her at least four times then stole her belongings and her car. The 37-year-old said she was worried about her safety at the luxury apartment building before the attack and even gave notice recently to move because of her feelings. “I’m afraid I have to leave. I don't even want to live here anymore. We haven't been here that long, but I don't want to live here,” Hoff said. “I’m afraid every time I hear the door I’m like, ‘Who is it? Lock the door.’” Hoff described the two men as African Americans in their mid-20's. She said after stealing her car the suspects tried using her credit card at an area gas station and McDonalds. Property management said in response to the incident and others in the area, a downtown safety meeting is now planned for 6 p.m. Monday at the Woolworth in downtown. - (Black-on-white)

  • Woman claims she was fired because of her ‘whiteness’
    A Bronx woman believes she lost her job at a nonprofit because she’s Italian-American, according to a lawsuit. Anne Marie Nolan-Griffin says her African-American and Hispanic supervisors at AHRC made her the butt of jokes “because of her Italian race,” she claims in Manhattan federal court filings. - (Black-on-white)

    (White) Store Clerk Fatally Shot During Robbery (worthless black "animalistic predator" thug) at 7-Eleven in Northwest Indiana
Roger Untonkiller niggerA (worthless black "animalistic predator" thug) entered the store and tried to rob it before firing shots, striking the 60-year-old store clerk from Blue Island twice, according to Hammond Police. The clerk, identified as Roger Unton, was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) cross-dressing bank robber murdered (White) bank president - two other hostages shot - robber killed in police shoot out
Cedric Lamont NorrisCedric Lamont NorrisRandy PetersonSAPULPA, Oklahoma - Investigators say 39-year-old Cedric Lamont Norris dressed as a woman and robbed the Bank of Eufaula Thursday morning. In the process, investigators say he killed the bank president, Randy Peterson. The FBI said Norris tried to take one employee hostage, but shot her when she resisted. They say he then took a customer hostage and drove off. A trooper spotted the stolen SUV Norris was driving and stopped him. OHP said Norris fired several times and they fired back and killed him. Norris’ hostage was also shot as he used her as a shield. We’re told both the hostage and the injured bank employee will recover. Records show this isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble with the law. - (Black-on-white)
  • (White female) Hostage In Deadly Eufaula Bank Robbery Faces Long Recovery
    Julie HuffEUFAULA, Oklahoma - A woman shot in the deadly Bank of Eufaula robbery Thursday, January 21, 2016, is recovering from her wounds. Julie Huff is the woman who was taken hostage by gunman Cedric Norris and shot multiple times when he used her as a human shield in a shootout with police. She went through surgery Friday, and we're told she's now alert. The FBI says the robber forced Julie to drive his stolen getaway car, right after he'd killed one person and shot another.
  • Julie Huff and Family - (fundraising)
  • (Black) Bank robbery suspect released from Texas prison by mistake
    OKLAHOMA CITY —A published report says the suspect in a bank robbery in which the president of the Bank of Eufaula was fatally shot had been released from prison by mistake. The suspect, 39-year-old Cedric Lamont Norris, died during a shoot-out with police following Thursday's bank robbery. Records indicate that Norris had been released from a Texas prison in March 2012 although he still had to complete 60-year and 10-year prison sentences in Oklahoma. The Oklahoman reports that Norris was arrested in Dallas in February 2005 after jewelry store robberies in Oklahoma and Texas. He was moved in December 2005 to Tulsa County and then Creek County for trials. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a Tulsa jewelry store robbery and 60 years for a robbery in Sapulpa.

    (White) Mother Shot While Protecting Daughter (from black robbers) Outside Queens Hotel Remains Critical
gungroidAndrea KollerNEW YORK — A mother is fighting for her life after being shot while trying to protect her daughter during an attempted robbery outside a hotel near John F. Kennedy International Airport. Police believe the same suspects are behind several other robberies in the area. The latest incident happened in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn at 144-10 135th Ave. in Jamaica around 8:30 p.m. Thursday. The victim, identified as 53-year-old Andrea Koller of Baltimore, and daughter had just driven in from Maryland, and according to a police source, the daughter was supposed to fly to South Africa Friday morning for a semester abroad. Koller was shot in the chest trying to stop a (black) suspect robbing her 20-year-old daughter sitting in their car just outside the hotel. The suspect has been described as a black male, he is about 30-years-old, 5’11”, with a medium build, and was wearing a black ski mask and a black jacket. - (Black-on-white)

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    Manhunt underway for ‘dangerous’ (black) man wanted for abducting (White) Amelia woman
Dana Lee WilliamOlene H. BrooksAMELIA COUNTY, Va. — A woman is missing, a man is dead and police are looking for a suspect wanted for abduction. Dana Lee William, 43, is considered armed and dangerous, the Amelia County Sheriff’s Office said. The Sheriff’s Office warned not to approach William if he is spotted. William was believed to be driving a 2010 Silver Dodge Caravan License Plate 433114. William, investigators said, abducted 67-year-old Olene H. Brooks from a home along the 17000 block of Poorhouse Road Thursday night. The Sheriff’s Office was called to the home at about 11:15 p.m. to investigate the abduction. “After further investigation, the body of a 67-year-old male was discovered in the same area,” the Sheriff’s Office said. The identify of the man whose body was found has not been released. Also not released yet is how investigator believe he died. Brooks was described as a 5’4″, 160 pound white woman with brown hair and green eyes. - (Black-on-white)

    Black arrested for rape and murder of 73-year-old White woman in 1984
Elma KolmanDonnie London'We're just thrilled': Victim's niece reflects on arrest in 1984 Jefferson homicide - Diane Kolman recently realized she would turn 73 this year -- the same age at which her aunt, Elma Kolman, was raped and strangled in a vacant Old Jefferson lot in 1984. For decades, authorities could not identify a suspect, though she kept in touch with Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office detectives who periodically updated her on the case long after the murder investigation had gone cold. The approach of her own 73rd birthday seemed to give her a new perspective on her aunt's violent, mysterious end. "The closer I got to being her age, I just felt like she didn't want to go. I wouldn't want to go," Diane Kolman said. Then, after years of hoping, Elma Kolman's relatives finally received word this week that authorities had arrested a suspect in her death. The Sheriff's Office on Wednesday (Jan. 20) booked Donnie London, 60, with first-degree murder, said Col. John Fortunato, spokesman for the department. Through DNA testing, detectives identified London as a suspect in the April 7, 1984, killing. London, a bed-ridden resident at a Plaquemine, La., nursing home, was taken to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna by ambulance. He confessed to the crime, according to authorities. "It's long overdue," Diane Kolman said. "We're just thrilled because of the development. It's been 31 years, and we're just amazed that DNA was found, and they came up with a suspect." - (Black-on-white)

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    Three Media Sources, and NONE Tells the Truth about a Black-on-White Hate Crime,
but the Truth Can be Gleaned from Between the Lines By Nicholas Stix

If three white kids had gone hunting a random black, this would be the biggest story in the world for over a year.
As is, it’s just another “dog bites man story” and not even worth mentioning. - (Black-on-white)


    Black on White Rapes:
There are 20,000 black-on-white rapes every year in the US, but fewer than 100 white-on-black rapes.
George Williams Jr.Editor note: that works out to about 54 black on white rapes per day according to available statistics from 1999.
New Nation News can only report a few of these confirmed black on white rapes from local news sites.


  Lemaricus Davidson Letalvis Cobbins George Thomas Eric Boyd

Tips on preventing carjack,
gang-rape and murder

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