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Col. John Singleton Mosby
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  • Miss. flag issue may resurface in session
    It's been more than three years since voters rejected replacing the 1894 flag with its controversial Southern Cross. The National Collegiate Athletic Association forbids planned tournaments in Mississippi and South Carolina because of the Southern Cross. James Davis, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who lives in Starkville, said, "I'd certainly be against changing the flag. At the root of this problem is ignorance about what the war was all about. ...
  • Daughters of the Confederacy gather in MH
  • Deeper look reveals 'new' U.S. Grant
  • Many casual students of the Civil War view Ulysses S. Grant as a butcher with a thirst for alcohol. Even some of his military contemporaries faulted him for his theory of warfare, always eager to match casualties with the undermanned Confederacy.

Kennedy had plans to invade Alabama!
Gov. George WallaceMONTGOMERY -- In the weeks before Gov. George Wallace's attempt to block enrollment of two black students at the University of Alabama, the Kennedy administration was poised to send more than 20,000 troops into Alabama if resistance to integration had become more violent, according to declassified documents and interviews with former military and civilian sources. - (Tyrone N. Butts)
Well I suppose 'our' current foreign wars are preferable to civil wars... but this is just one more example of the abuse of power by the FEDeral regime - imposing the will of the 'Commander in Chief' over the democratic majority of sovereign states, whether foreign or 'domestic'. That is why the Founding Fathers had the foresight to require that only the people's Congress have the only power to declare war. - ed.

"I was not always proud of being a Cajun"  - (extract from down the page)
"...I then combed Andrew B. Booth’s three-volume Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Louisiana Confederate Commands... A total of 116 companies and batteries, 10 battalions, and 30 regiments, including a cavalry battalion from Texas, have made the list of significantly Cajun units. The inclusion on this list of a regiment of free blacks from New Orleans, the 1st Native Guards, attests to the racial as well as cultural diversity of the Cajuns of Louisiana..."

  • Flag lynching in poor taste
    "Read your article on the lynching of the Confederate flag. I can’t help but wonder what the reaction would be if the Sons of the Confederacy would erect a gallows and hang, in effigy, a black person. Would the college permit that on their campus? I think not."
  • "Bungling Confederate general allowed Lincoln to slip through his fingers"
  • The Welsh influence on American life
    New BBC Wales three-part series Star Spangled Dragon traces the Welsh descendants of some of America's key players. Among them is Thomas Jefferson, whose father came from the foothills of Snowdonia. During the American Civil War, both sides were led by men with Welsh forefathers - the Union by Abraham Lincoln and the Confederacy by Jefferson Davis.
  • Southern Cookbook To Raise Funds For Monument
    Those recipes and more Southern favorites - corn bread, fried green tomatoes, catfish stew and hush puppies - are in a cookbook from the United Daughters of the Confederacy Plant City chapter. Proceeds from sales of ``Suppertime in the Old South Generations of Recipes'' will help pay for a monument to honor an often forgotten chapter in Confederate history: the Cow Cavalry. In 1863, during the Civil War, troops were recruited in Florida to drive cattle northward to feed the starving armies of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Whitaker Online
You Want to Talk Catastrophes? Lemme Tell You About a Catastrophe

In 1865 we South Carolinians had lost the Civil War, big time. Our young manhood, a whole generation, had been decimated. Former Confederates were denied the right to vote. The majority of South Carolina's population was black and they had been given the vote.

"All is lost!"

On top of that we were occupied by the Federal Army under the Radical Republicans. That occupation lasted twelve years. Thousands of Yankee carpetbaggers came South with a license to steal and Federal bayonets and black votes to work with.

"All is lost!"

Seeing that all was lost for the South, thousands of Southern scalawags joined the majority black vote and the Federal occupation troops and the carpetbaggers.

"All is lost!"

Not only that, but we faced the majority of the ruling Yankee vote that was against us.

You see, the Yankees had their Greatest Generation, too. Millions of Yankees had Saved the Union just as the Greatest Generation Saved the World. They and their families hated us.

"All is lost!"

Looking at that situation, I would not see any hope either. But my grandfather, who later became a Methodist circuit riding preacher, joined the Redshirts anyway. The Redshirts took on the hopeless task of taking South Carolina back.

Not only did we take it back, but South Carolina became a bastion of white supremacy.

(more at link...)

Ref: Hampton and His Redshirts: South Carolina's Deliverance in 1876
Confederate General Wade Hampton The "carpetbagger" government that ruled South Carolina from 1868 until it was overthrown in 1876 caused more destruction than the four years of the War Between the States. Judging by the record which these corrupt politicians left, continuance of their rule would have resulted in the irretrievable annihilation of the fruits of two centuries of labor, ingenuity, and courage. This book is a fascinating chronicle of how the people of South Carolina, led by former Confederate General Wade Hampton and his famous Redshirts, rose up to free themselves from the intolerable and dangerous conditions of the Reconstruction period.

Ref: Lt. Gen.Wade Hampton Camp No. 273 Columbia, S. C.

[Letter to the Editor of News  from the Confederacy]

Subject: A Valid Question

As a son of the South I came across your web site and really liked it.
I wanted to bring up something that has been well received by those whom I have shared this.

I believe with all my heart the Civil War was fought not about slavery but about the rights of a State to say what its citizens can and cannot do. A war to tell Washington that they way we live in the South is the way we want to live and no Yankee who has no idea of what life is here should come and tell us how to live. And so I ask our friends who think the war was fought for slavery this question...

Was the war of the states about States Rights or was it to free the slaves?

If they tell a revision of the truth saying the politically correct lie that it was to free the slaves then I ask them for reparations for all the white soldiers who died to free the blacks. And then there is silence. You can't have it both ways, either it was States Rights or it was for freedom from slavery. Why is there no movement to sue the NAACP for reparations over the thousands of white soldiers in the North who were supposed to have died to free the slaves? Just a thought.

A Southern Boy


Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God.

"The Southern Gathering" - October 16th-17th 2004
Sponsored by : The Church of the Sons of YHVH, The Aryan Nations & The Posse Comitatus
Security Provided by : The Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
"The spirit of a new proud republic died in the American Civil War.
The evil which subjugated the civilized South grew exponentially and is now
trying to take over the world under the pretense to bring DEMOCRACY..."
  • Southern pride rallies 'round flag Confederate flag
    Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans display the old Georgia flag
    in front of the gold-domed state Capitol in Atlanta during an April 1 protest march.
  • Letter to Editor from reader
    Maj. General William Dorsey Pender"The Confederate monument at the courthouse in Pender County, Burgaw, NC stands a spectacular monument to our Confederate heroes. Near the base on one side is the carved likeness of Gen. Dorsey Pender. Some low life has carved a swastika in the center of his forehead and stained his face with something the color of excrement. It appears to be permanent damage. Oh, Caucasian what now for thee is left?"Confed flag
Alabama: last Confederate widow, Alberta Martin, dies at 97
William Jasper MartinAlberta MartinAlberta Martin's May-December marriage in the 1920s to Civil War veteran William Jasper Martin, a Confederate soldier in the 4th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company K. Her longevity made her a celebrated final link to the old Confederacy. After living in obscurity and poverty for most of her life, in her final years the Sons of Confederate Veterans took her to conventions and rallies, often with a small Confederate battle flag waving in her hand and her clothes the colors of the rebel banner. "I don't see nothing wrong with the flag flying," she said frequently. Confederate flag
- (link from Aw Shucks! newslist)
  • Last Living Widow of Civil War Vet Ailing
    ENTERPRISE, Ala. -- The last known living widow of a Civil War veteran suffered a heart attack and is unable to talk, her caretaker said Thursday. Alberta Martin, 97, has been in Enterprise Medical Center since suffering the heart attack May 7. She can open her eyes but can't talk, said the caretaker, Ken Chancey.
Maurice BessingerJudge Dismisses Suit by BBQ Sauce Maker Maurice Bessinger
CHARLESTON, S.C. -- A judge threw out a lawsuit by an outspoken Confederate flag supporter who sued four grocery store chains that stopped carrying his barbecue sauce because of his views. In last week's ruling, Circuit Judge William Keesley said Maurice Bessinger failed to show the stores violated South Carolina's unfair trade practices act.
  • Jefferson Davis' middle Georgia imprisonment remembered - There's a spot in Houston County where, 140 years ago, Union Soldiers held Jefferson Davis and his wife prisoner after the defeat of the Confederacy.
  • Virginia won't let the Old Confederacy die - comments a Negro commentator...
    "Surrender Hell!" is still the battle cry in most parts. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is campaigning to officially establish April as Confederate History and Heritage Month in all of Virginia. So far, the old Rebs are doing pretty well. At last count, 16 county, city and town governments, mostly in the southern regions, have approved the resolution.

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Confederate Flag
Southerners and Nationalism
Guest column by Greg Kay

Scalawags, Carpetbaggers and Damn Yankees

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Confederate battle flagThe federal republic founded under the Constitution essentially collapsed with the *Civil War. With the election of Lincoln, an elite comprised of Abolitionists and Yankee capitalists converted the USA into an empire by force of arms.

*where you see "Civil War"   -   read "War Between the States"   -   (WBTS)


The South was Right Federal Tyranny and the rape of the Constitution
did not just start with Waco and Ruby Ridge,
or with school integration and busing,
or even with the Income Tax in 1913...

America's Caesar
Abraham Lincoln and the Birth of a Modern Empire

by Greg Loren Durand 
link courtesy of "The Ohio Confederate" - We're Dixie North!

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And I don't want no pardon
For anything I've done.

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Words by Major Innes Randolph, CSA
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Ref: Bobby Horton, Songs of the C.S.A. Vol. I -  "Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel"
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Flags of the Confederacy
The Great Seal of the Confederacy
The Great Seal of the Confederacy, or "Deo Vindice" seal
was smuggled through the Union blockade, along with its pressing equipment, during the war. It proudly displays the Confederate motto of Deo Vindice, which is Latin for "God will Vindicate."
In keeping with the Southerners belief that their struggle was continuing the beliefs of America's founding fathers, the seal displays a mounted General George Washington in the center of the seal.
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