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Arkansas: Confederate Soldiers to Be Reburied
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Six Confederate soldiers whose bodies were dumped into a hastily dug grave after a Civil War battle will receive a proper burial later this month, more than a year after their remains were discovered by a hunter. The reburial is planned for March 20, almost 141 years after the men were cut down while facing Union troops in 1863 during a struggle for the Mississippi River port of Helena, Ark.

The remains were found in a forest in the fall of 2002, when a hunter discovered a few bones and called authorities. Union artillery had once been positioned on the site, which was attacked by Confederate troops south of Helena. "You feel remorse because they didn't have a proper burial. They were just laid out in the woods like that," said Terry Bandy, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a group of descendants of Civil War soldiers.

The remains of all six will be buried in a single wooden coffin at the Confederate Cemetery in Helena, about 100 miles east of Little Rock. The coffin, built in a style reminiscent of the era, will feature handles adorned with replicas of Confederate belt buckles. The soldiers' identities are unknown, but forensic results due next month are expected to tell their age, whether they suffered from disease and clues about how they died.

"The town that vanished was New Manchester, Georgia. The victims were Southern women and children. The men who did it were Union soldiers. The date was the summer of 1864. The monster who ordered it was Union General William Tecumseh Sherman. The monster who not only condoned it, but also applauded it and rewarded it, was our first Communist President, Abraham Lincoln."
Are Current Bill of Rights Erosions Unprecedented? by Anthony Gregory
A. Lincoln - TyrantMore violations of the Constitution probably occurred during Abraham Lincoln’s four years as president than during any other cohesively defined era in American history. Many have pointed out that Lincoln suspended habeas corpus to jail war protesters, shut down hundreds of newspapers that disagreed with his war, established a draft for the first time in American history (except in the seceded South, which had a draft a year earlier), instituted restrictions on firearms, and sent troops to violently suppress the New York draft riot. He also used the war to push through the "American System," a program of de facto nationalization of the transportation industry via massive subsidies to corporations that would agree to build "internal improvements" – railroads, waterways, and canals. The victory of the Union in 1865 not only established that, contrary to popular political theory in the antebellum era, the federal government was completely supreme over the states; it also established that a president could do literally anything he could get away with, no matter how many liberties were suspended, innocents jailed, and people killed in the process. - (reader link)
New Novel: "A Fistful of Thorns" - by Michael A. Crane
Sherman - war criminal"Born with a hare lip and cleft pallet, he survives General Sherman's gratuitous destruction of his home. Like the rest of Georgia, he comes to loathe that murderous, red headed symbol of Yankee corruption and viciousness. After living through the rapacious carpetbag reconstruction...."
The author, Michael A. Crane is an attorney and former Oakland Police Officer.
Whitaker online: Europeans Are True Yankees
New Yorkers think they are enormously sophisticated and they call all Southerners “hillbillies.”
They call natives of coastal Mississippi or upper Florida “hillbillies.” A large percentage of the people those brilliant, knowledgeable New Yorkers called “hillbillies” never saw a real hill.
  • The Transformation of Dr. Erenestine Harrison - by Gail Jarvis
    In a recent LRC blog post, Elizabeth Wright discusses the transformation of Dr. Erenestine Harrison who, as a concerned black resident of Hampton, Virginia, began a petition to change the names of two primarily black schools that were named after Confederate heroes: Robert E. Lee Elementary School and Jefferson Davis Middle School. However, Harrison later withdrew her request. In an interview, Dr. Harrison cited two basic reasons for her change of heart. First, the flood of email and letters she received from Southern heritage supporters that provided information previously unknown to her. Second, was the less than enthusiastic support of the local black community. - (reader link)

  • Florida: 15-Year-Old Osceola Student Arrested for Making Pipe Bombs
    Cody Appleton also was arrested last year after investigators said he threatened to blow up Celebration High's principal with a grenade. Cody and other students were upset that the principal didn't want them wearing shirts bearing Confederate symbols.
Mystery Regarding Lincoln's Assassin Enthralls Retired Professor
Terre Haute resident believes John Wilkes Booth fled to India, taking Hoosier's name.
Modern Christianity: The Child of Yankee Reconstruction
31 July, 2003 - by Hobie D' Amico, yankee occupied Georgia territory, C.S.A.
from the website

I'll Take My Stand
I'll Take My Stand is a pro-Christian liberty, pro-Confederate, pro-agrarian, anti-industrialism, anti-yankee, anti-scalawag, anti-empire, web site that will chiefly cover material written by writers that seek to advance the Christian Confederate Cause in a true, honourable, educational manner. - (links suggested by Gary Smith on our forum)

LINCOLN'S CIVIL WAR AGAINST NEW YORK by John Chodes - (reader link)
Between 1861 and 1865 there were two wars being fought simultaneously in the United States by Abraham Lincoln and his Republican administration. The first was to prevent the independence of the seceded Southern states. The second was a civil war in the North upon the six states controlled by the Democratic Party: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Happy Lee and Jackson Day! - from Pastor James Brown Jr
General Robert E. LeeGeneral Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
"The Independent Christian Action Network celebrates this day in honor of two great Christian soldiers. General Robert E. Lee was born on this day in 1807. On the 21st of this month General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was born in 1824. Don't give lip-service to an adulterer, a communist, and a agitator on this day. Let's honor real American heroes by reclaiming this land back for Jesus Christ. Only this time we are not settling for half of the country!"

[Reader asks about] "CSA licence plate
"Hi, I see that there is a link on your site for CSA passports. I am looking for CSA licence plates for my car, with issue numbers. Do you know of any such thing? Of course, it would be mounted on the front, but I would love to have something such as that. I think it would be another great way to show my Southron pride.
Thank you," - Kevin
[Editor note: if anybody can help on this - send me an email and I'll post.]

First Message Of Jefferson Davis To The Provisional Congress Of The Confederate States of America
Jefferson Davis
Gentlemen of the Congress: It is my pleasing duty to announce to you that the Constitution framed for the establishment of a permanent Government for the Confederate States has been ratified by conventions in each of those States to which it was referred.
To inaugurate the Government in its full proportions and upon its own substantial basis of the popular will, it only remains that elections should be held for the designation of the officers to administer it.

There is every reason to believe that at no distant day other States, identified in political principle and community of interests with those which you represent, will join this Confederacy, giving to its typical constellation increased splendor, to its Government of free, equal, and sovereign States a wider sphere of usefulness, and to the friends of constitutional liberty a greater security for its harmonious and perpetual existence.
"Flagging fortunes of the Confederacy"
During its brief but eventful history, the American Confederacy was big on flags.

The first standard, adopted before the first shots were fired in the civil war, became known as the Stars and Bars. It displayed two broad red stripes and a white one with a canton of stars representing each of the confederate states. However, the banner's resemblance to the Union side's Stars and Stripes led to confusion in the first major battle of the war, at Manassas. General Beauregard, determined to ensure that such a fiasco would not be repeated, championed the design of a new battle flag which would be clearly distinguishable.
Origin of the Confederate Battleflag

Origin of the Confederate Battleflag
  • Writers, filmmakers do battle with Civil War material
    "Cold Mountain" is not a battle story. It's the tale of a Confederate deserter
    The men and women of "Cold Mountain" are locked in a struggle for survival that descends in every war: An elderly woman, out of food, slits her goat's throat slowly yet tenderly, murmuring, "You done good, girl."
    A Union soldier lays a baby on icy ground to coerce its mother.
  • Emancipation forum aims to dispel myths - Abolitionist descendant among those to discuss Lincoln proclamation
    One common misconception is that the Emancipation Proclamation freed all slaves in the United States. It did not.

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Confederate Flag
Southerners and Nationalism
Guest column by Greg Kay

Scalawags, Carpetbaggers and Damn Yankees

Confederate battle flag


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Confederate battle flagThe federal republic founded under the Constitution essentially collapsed with the *Civil War. With the election of Lincoln, an elite comprised of Abolitionists and Yankee capitalists converted the USA into an empire by force of arms.

*where you see "Civil War"   -   read "War Between the States"   -   (WBTS)


The South was Right Federal Tyranny and the rape of the Constitution
did not just start with Waco and Ruby Ridge,
or with school integration and busing,
or even with the Income Tax in 1913...

America's Caesar
Abraham Lincoln and the Birth of a Modern Empire

by Greg Loren Durand 
link courtesy of "The Ohio Confederate" - We're Dixie North!

I'll take my stand...
Unreconstructed Rebel
Oh, I'm a good old Rebel,
Now that's just what I am;
For this "fair land of Freedom"
I do not care a damn.
I'm glad I fit against it-
I only wish we'd won.
And I don't want no pardon
For anything I've done.

Play that tune boys!
Words by Major Innes Randolph, CSA
Music :"Joe Bowers"

"I'm A Good Ol' Rebel" MIDI file
created and by Barry Taylor
For use by 37th Texas Cavalry.
All rights reserved.
Ref: Bobby Horton, Songs of the C.S.A. Vol. I -  "Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel"
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Flags of the Confederacy
The Great Seal of the Confederacy
The Great Seal of the Confederacy, or "Deo Vindice" seal
was smuggled through the Union blockade, along with its pressing equipment, during the war. It proudly displays the Confederate motto of Deo Vindice, which is Latin for "God will Vindicate."
In keeping with the Southerners belief that their struggle was continuing the beliefs of America's founding fathers, the seal displays a mounted General George Washington in the center of the seal.
Deo Vindice links: DV1 | DV2

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