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Archive for 7 July 2005
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"We wouldn't expect many casualties when we invade liberate Canuckistan, eh?"
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Canada Wire
    Sports: Black racist basketballers accused of hate crime assault on White man in Toronto
Adrian CimpeanSam Cassell Gary PaytonJason CaffeyTORONTO -- An assault trial for three NBA players has heard that three men hurled racial slurs from a taxi before getting out and pummelling a man. Adrian Cimpean testified he was picking up his fiancee from work outside a strip club when three men in a taxi began calling him a "nigger." He says they told him they would teach him a lesson. Cimpean is white, while the three accused -- all NBA players -- are black. Lawyer Eddie Greenspan, is representing former Milwaukee Bucks players Sam Cassell, Gary Payton and Jason Caffey. - (Rasp) - (hatecrimes) - (black on white) - (more sports)





  • Beijing interferes with Canadian Chinese community, defector warns
    OTTAWA (CP) - Beijing cultivates informants in the Canadian Chinese community and gathers intelligence on key economic sectors, including the biopharmaceutical industry, says a security official who defected from China.
  • Alberta: Chinese Consulate Breached Canadian Hate Crime Laws
    The Edmonton police wrapped up a year-long investigation this week, concluding that staff of the Chinese consulate in Calgary have contravened Canada’s hate crime laws in their attacks on the spiritual practice Falun Gong. The case will now proceed to the Alberta Justice to determine if there is a possibility of conviction.





  • Hate crime investigated - two people - one a "visible minority" - were walking when they were approached by a male and female who made racial slurs against the one victim. - (hatecrimes)





7 Cambodians Charged in Canadian Toddler's Death
Chea Sokhum
The main suspect in the killing of a 2-year-old Canadian school boy in Siem Reap, Chea Sokhum, is led from a jail cell for more questioning Saturday, June 18, 2005. According to Cambodian police Chea Sokhum, a former driver of Siem Reap school children, led a band of masked men into the Siem Reap International School on Thursday
- (The Bobster)



    Canada: Edmonton police under fire for racist e-mail - (rodlaw)
"the author advanced his theory on how aboriginals should be dealt with by police. The e-mail was racist, discriminatory, disgusting and offensive.




Canada:  Honduran police have arrested two men suspected in the killing of Quebecer Jocelyn Masse
Masse, a 21-year-old university student, was in a bus with his girlfriend last Saturday when it was attacked by armed bandits. According to the woman's family, Masse tried to defend his girlfriend, Melanie Poirier, after she was hit by one of the bandits. The bandit in turn shot Masse in the head at point-blank range.


    Canada: Black preacher accuses presbytery of racism
 Darryl Gray
The Montreal presbytery announced this week it had ended Darryl Gray's admission as a minister of the church. It said it did so in the belief Gray would not complete the required master of divinity degree by the agreed upon - and extended - deadline.
"Why does (Braman) insult this congregation?" Gray asked. " Is it because we are black - a black congregation in a black community?" "This is not a plantation. And I choose my words very carefully. I know what I'm saying. It's not a plantation and we're not house Negroes."


  • Canadian Border: Chain Saw-Toting Man Gregory Despres Let Into U.S.
    carrying a homemade sword, a hatchet, a knife, brass knuckles and a chain saw stained with what appeared to be blood.
    The following day, a gruesome scene was discovered in Despres' hometown of Minto, New Brunswick: The decapitated body of a 74-year-old country musician named Frederick Fulton was found on Fulton's kitchen floor. His head was in a pillowcase under a kitchen table. His common-law wife was discovered stabbed to death in a bedroom.

  • Chinese top legislator praises cooperation with Canada
  • China has spies operating in Australia, Canada, U.S.
    The insidious Dr. Fu ManchuSecond Chinese defector backs spy claims. Hao Feng Jun, 32, who says he worked as a security officer in Tianjin in China's north, says China has a large spy network operating overseas. "They spend out businessmen and students out to overseas countries as spies," he told the ABC's Lateline program through a translator. "They'd send all this intelligence information through from Australia, from North America, Canada and other countries and are reported back. Mr Hao applied for political asylum in February while in Australia as a tourist and he says he is currently on a bridging visa, the program reported. Mr Hao said he believed Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin's claims there is a 1,000-strong spy network operating in Australia.

    Canada: Pack of "dark-skinned males" crash white man's party with machetes, knives and pitbulls - send send 8 men to hospital
Don Keller, a 20-year-old industrial painter said he had about 18 co-workers and friends over Friday night when his apartment was stormed by a group of dark-skinned strangers with two pitbulls. Although witnesses said the intruders were all dark-skinned males, Police said there was no evidence the fight was "racially motivated". - (aryan_barbarian)

    Canada: Hearing in Cecilia Zhang case begins
Min ChenBRAMPTON, Ontario -- The preliminary hearing for the man charged with murdering nine-year-old Cecilia Zhang begins today in a Brampton courtroom. Twenty-two-year-old Min Chen, who is charged with first-degree murder in the girl's death, will begin hearing evidence against him. Cecilia was abducted from her Toronto home in October 2003. Five months later, police recovered her skeletal remains in a wooded area in Mississauga, west of Toronto.





  • Canada: Ottawa-area dad admits homosexuallly abusing 7-year-old-son
    An Ottawa-area father has pleaded guilty to abusing his seven-year-old son, in a case that saw him accused of offering the boy for sex with another man he contacted online. The father then revealed he had oral and anal sex with his son, and had even shared him sexually with two other men.

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  Canada: Sodomite Lobby Pushes Bill that would Ban the Bible as "Homophobic Hate Literature"
Stop The Destructive Bill C-250 Now!
- (reader link)

  When Preaching The Bible Is Outlawed, I'll Be An Outlaw - by Chuck Baldwin - Why invade Canada?
"Why invade Canada? - (excerpt) Canada Has Stuff!

First off, let's make Alaska actually connected to the U.S. again! Those Alaskan folks are always getting screwed by not being part of the "continental 48 states". Let's give them a nice little bridge downstairs. A little bit of farmland never hurt anything either, but forget the permafrost part. Canada is the second largest country in the world, let's fix that..."

  Canadian Culture: "12 definitions of "hoser"
NNN Editor note: there was a critical poster on one of the NNN forums that goes by the name of 'hoser'.
"I chose it as a board name, as I spent nearly 10 years working and living in Canada..."


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 White Canadians on road to extinction - experts say

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