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Burned Alive
White man kidnaped, robbed and burned alive
by black terrorists
David Holt
Archived 14 July 2004 - updated 19 August 2010

BURNED ALIVE! - Five Burned to Death in Deliberate Car Fire by Illegal Migrant Genario Garcia
A man doused his girlfriend and three small children with petrol inside a car and set them on fire as he drove, according to a US police spokesman. All five died after the car crashed in flames. Residents reported hearing the crash early yesterday and seeing two adults engulfed in flames, stumbling across a road near Bonny Lake, a small town east of Tacoma. Firefighters found the bodies of a baby boy, 1-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl in the back of the burned car.
Antigone Monique Allen, 18, who had recently filed an assault complaint against the 24-year-old man, survived for nearly eight hours at a Seattle hospital. She managed to tell investigators and family what happened before she died. Laveda Allen said her sister had gone out the previous evening with her estranged boyfriend, identified as Genario Garcia. Garcia snorted cocaine while they were out Tuesday night and the two began arguing, Laveda Allen said. Antigone – ”Mona” to her family and friends – demanded that he take her home.

They drove along back roads before Garcia pulled a gun and pointed it at Antigone Allen’s head. He grabbed the container and splashed petrol on the children, Antigone and himself, Laveda Allen said. He flicked a lighter and the car erupted, left the road and flipped over.

"He was a good person," she said. "He was an illegal immigrant here, but he was a hard worker and tried to do what he had to do to make it. - (reader link)

   Burned Alive: Search on for Suspect Accused of Setting Father-in-Law on Fire
Vincent HarrisA heated domestic dispute leaves an elderly Nashville man fighting for his life tonight after he was set on fire. 75-year-old John McCullough was caught in the middle of a domestic dispute between his daughter Sheila and her estranged husband Vincent Harris. The elderly man's home was heavily damaged after his son-in-law doused him with a liquid and set him on fire. With flames covering his body, McCullough stumbled through his home while his daughter got her two young sons out the back door.
- (Tyrone N. Butts)

   BURNED ALIVE! After being kidnapped and locked in trunk of car by black "youths"
Nance's Body Found Burned In Own Car
- (link fixed)
Marcus C. SellersAndrea NanceCOLUMBUS, Ohio -- A Franklin County grand jury returned a seven-count indictment Tuesday against a teenager who is accused of murdering a Columbus woman. Marcus C. Sellers, 17 (pictured, left) is accused of kidnapping and murdering Andrea Nance and then setting her car on fire.
Nance's body was found in the trunk of her burned car March 9.

Andre ConleyAndre Conley
, who pleaded guilty last month on charges of involuntary manslaughter, aggravated arson and aggravated robbery, said that he and Sellers abducted the woman from her apartment, took her purse and forced her into the trunk of the car. The next morning, about 11 hours later, Conley said they got matches, bought some gas and then retrieved her car. - (Rick Dean)
  Teen Only Placed On Probation For Using Credit Card of Woman Burned Alive
Justin RobinsonCOLUMBUS, Ohio -- A juvenile judge placed a 16-year-old Mifflin High School student on probation for using a murdered woman's credit card. Judge Kay Lias placed Justin Robinson on probation until his turns 18. As part of his probation, Robinson is not allowed to have contact with Andre Conley and Marcus Sellers, the two teens charged with murdering Andrea Nance.

  04/08/04 AP: Iraqis threaten to burn Japanese prisoners alive - (reported by Iraq Coalition Casualties)
Eight South Koreans and three Japanese were kidnapped by insurgents in Iraq, and captors armed with automatic rifles and swords threatened today to burn the Japanese alive if Tokyo did not withdraw from the U.S.-led coalition. - (Burned Alive)

  De-troit: Black teen blames her colored lesbian lover for murdering granny that opposed them
Sharon Patterson Larketa Collier
She turned up the volume on a radio to prevent anyone from hearing her granny screaming. Larketa Collier admitted to pouring gasoline on her granny and setting her on fire... "There was a claw hammer that was wedged in her face. Specifically, it pierced through her upper lip and her tongue," said one of the firefighters that found granny Bertha Atkins. - (Rick Dean) - (NNN Burned alive)

  • Uganda rebels kill nearly 200 - burned alive!
    A Roman Catholic priest on the scene said on Sunday the rebels -- most of them "children, baby soldiers" -- had forced people to remain inside their huts which they had then set on fire.

   Report: Mexico Troops Burned People Alive

  • Texas: Police release sketch of black man who burned woman in bizarre attack
    Black who tried to burn Melissa Burton aliveSugar Land police have released a sketch of a suspect they believe threw a flammable liquid on a woman then set it on fire. The suspect is described as a black male, 5 '10" tall. He was last seen wearing a button-down orange shirt over a white T-shirt, with blue denim shorts. He's accused of throwing some flammable substance on Melissa Burton as she walked up the stairs towards her apartment in September. She managed to put out the flames, but suffered severe burns to her face. Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS.

  • Black tries to burn woman alive
    Mellissa Burton, 30, told deputies that a man carrying "what appeared to be paint" approached her while she was walking up the stairs towards her apartment. "The suspect threw a flammable liquid on the victim and caused it to ignite," said Gage. "The victim immediately rolled to extinguish the flames and then ran to a nearby apartment for help." Burton described her attacker as a black male. - (Tinsoldier)

  India: 13 Hindus convicted for burning alive Christian missionary and two young sons
Australian Christian missionary Graham Stewart Staines with wife Glade and children Philip, Esther and TimothyIndia -- A judge convicted 13 men Monday in the 1999 murder of an Australian missionary and his two young sons, who were burned to death by a mob. The killings were among a series of attacks against missionaries and Christian institutions blamed on right-wing Hindus who complained that poor Hindus were being pressured to convert.
Graham Stewart Staines and his sons Philip, 10, and Timothy, 8, died
in January 1999 when a mob burned their vehicle while they slept outside a church in Manoharpur, a tribal village in eastern India's Orissa state. - (Burned Alive!)
Ref: Australia-born missionary, children, burnt alive in Orissa
Ref: A bitter aftermath
"The pattern set in the aftermath of the Staines killing shows that there are enough voices in positions of authority willing to justify heinous crimes committed in the name of religion.

  Wisconsin Woman assaulted, set on fire by two male Hispanics
Sheriff's Department is investigating a reported sexual assault and an attempt to burn the victim. The victim, 26, of Green Bay, was at XS Tavern on Main Street when she entered a vehicle, possibly a pickup truck, occupied by two male Hispanics. Investigators believe the woman was taken into the countryside, sexually assaulted, doused with fuel and ignited. The suspects fled the scene. - (reader link)

  Queens Woman Ran Mi Bae Doused With Gasoline Dies; Boyfriend Jo Sung Faces Murder Charge
- (Tinsoldier)


  Martinez Accused of Burning Father to Death
LA JUNTA, Colo. -- A man will stand trial on charges of murder for allegedly dousing his father with kerosene, setting him ablaze and saying: "You are going to die today -- happy birthday, you are the candle." Ernest Montoya, 58, died several weeks after he was burned at his birthday party March 11. He told police that his son, Thomas Martinez, had set him on fire.

  Spanic in Colorado set his father on fire and burned him to death
Colo. -- Prosecutors filed first-degree murder charges against a man suspected in the burning death of his father.
Thomas Martinez, 26, was being held in the Otero County Jail on $50,000 bail. The victim, Ernest Montoya, 58, was severely burned March 11 at his home. He died last week at University of Hospital in Denver. Martinez, who also uses the name Montoya, allegedly poured flammable liquid on Montoya, then lit a lighter to set his father on fire, authorities said.
- (Posted by Tinsoldier on April 02, 2003)

  Kyle given life term - Sentence imposed in killings, arson
Raymond Kyle Sheila Taylor's three young sons are doing better now than right after their mother's murder. But sometimes they sleep with the light on or wake from nightmares or feel the fear that entered their lives on a violent night 15 months ago. Part of their nightmare ended Monday, their guardian said, when they saw Raymond Kyle sentenced to life in prison. The three murder victims were found in the burning Irving Drive home. Firefighters found the body of Sheila Taylor, 29, in the living room of the home.

She had been set on fire with flammable liquid.
Charles Taylor, 27, was found burned with flammable liquid, shot and beaten with his hands and feet tied, in his bedroom in the back of the house.
According to court testimony and police investigation, Kyle and Sheila Taylor were romantically involved, but were possibly ending their relationship. - (Posted by Tinsoldier) - (Burned Alive)
  Southern Pines Teen Arrested For Allegedly Setting Woman On Fire
David Shaw SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. -- Authorities in Southern Pines are investigating the case of a woman who was set on fire and allegedly left for dead. Police arrested 18-year-old David Shaw for attempted murder. He is accused of assaulting 27-year-old Sherry Bean, then allegedly setting her on fire in an abandoned garage. Police do not know if Shaw knew Bean.
- (Posted by Tinsoldier) - (Burned Alive)

  India: Man Admits to Killing Missionary, Sons - as they slept - burned alive
A security guard accused in the 1999 killing of an Australian missionary and his two sons in eastern India testified Monday he killed the three as they slept. The missionary, Graham Staines, 58, and his sons were burned alive in their jeep after a Bible study meeting in a village in the tribal Keonjhar region. Mahendra Hembram, 23, stood by the statement he gave in a lower court last year that he burned the missionary's jeep, killing the missionary and young sons as they slept.

  Edward J. Silvers Police Charge Man With Dousing, Setting "Girlfriend" On Fire
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police have charged a 53-year-old man in connection with an attack last week where a woman was doused with alcohol and set on fire. Edward J. Silvers is charged with first-degree assault, etc. etc. etc. Investigators described the case as a lover's quarrel that turned incredibly violent. - (forum)

 Krishna Johnigan Krishna Johnigan charged with setting his girlfriend on fire
Police responded to a call about a domestic disturbance and found 19-year-old Kennette J. Freeman in a bathtub screaming. There was a strong odor of lighter fluid in the home. Kennette's hair, face and upper body had been burned. She was listed in critical condition. Krisnha Q. Johnigan also lives at the same address and he had fled by the time police arrived. - (forum)

 Two Die in Racist Shooting, Fire in France
LILLE, France (Reuters) In a separate attack that did not appear to be racially motivated, a 17-year-old girl of North African origin was burned alive on Friday in a Paris suburb, apparently by violent youths who haunt the bleak, low-cost housing projects there. - (Editor note: mostly African migrants) - (forum)

 Forum: follow up: North African French girl burned alive by North African boyfriend
To conclude what happened - both victim and murderer were of north african (Arab) origin. The assassin, Djamal Derrar, a 19-year old highschool student, doused his ex-girlfriend, Sahone, with a litre of gasoline in an attempt to scare her into coming back to him. In front of two of her friends, Djamal set the young girl on fire. She tried to roll in the grass to extinguish the flames in vain as she later died in hospital... (more

  UK: Asian Teenagers set 11-year-old on fire in city car park
The two teenagers, said to be of Asian appearance and aged about 15, sprayed their victim in the face with an aerosol. One then used a cigarette lighter to set the boy's face on fire before both fled, leaving the youngster screaming.

 Patricia WomackSleeping man set on fire in domestic dispute
A Conroe man is in intensive care. He was beaten and burned - apparently set on fire while he slept, and police say they know who did it. Conroe police arrested the woman who is accused of setting fire to a mattress and the man who was sleeping on it at the time. Patricia Womack is being charged with aggravated assault for allegedly setting fire to Deon Dock. - (reader link)

 India: Missionary murder trial setback
Christian missionary Graham Stewart Staines and his sons, Philip, 10, and Timothy, 8, were burnt to death
by a mob while they were sleeping in their vehicle parked outside a church in a tribal area

  • New Zealand: Armajeet Kaur Singh found guilty of trying to murder her former lover by setting him alight in his car

    South African Holocaust Terror: BURNED ALIVE!
    While the media is given daily coverage to all the gory detail of the court case of the five white rugby players, who beat and eventually killed a young black poacher on their farm, the daily attacks on and killings of whites by blacks is largely ignored.

    In another court, Piet Baloyi, a farmworker, told of the gruesome attack on an elderly white couple, Salie Nortjé (67) and his wife Ria (54), by two black brothers, Isaac en Samson Chauke. Having beaten them senseless with a pick-handle and steel-pipe, the murderous pair, helped by two others, carted them into the bush, bought petrol, poured it onto the bodies, and put a flame to it, - in spite of the woman still being alive and crying.

  • Jewish Child Care counselor beaten, set on fire by pack of eight black teen girls
    She is in serious condition at the Westchester Medical Center after surviving a savage attack by eight girls who police said beat her, set her afire and poured chlorine bleach on her face.
    The older ones, Takiyah Miller and Lidia Orellana, were sent without bail to jail in Valhalla. The others, Latoya Barcliff, Mary Brown, Angenika Carter and Nicole Infante, were to be sent to juvenile detention center. The girls giggled as they were led to the courtroom.
    They also cut her hair with scissors, beat her with a telephone and kicked her down two flights of steps. "She was just overwhelmed by the number of attackers". - (reader link)

  • JoAnne Jones burns man alive rather than pay rent in Brooklyn
    Joanne Jones Erskine Bryce JoAnne Jones is led out of the 79th Precinct in the Brooklyn borough of New York Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2001. Jones, 53, is charged with second-degree murder for allegedly pushing City Marshal Erskine Bryce, 66, over a banister, striking him in the head, and setting him ablaze. Photo by Kathy Willens (AP)

  • N.Y. Marshal Burned Alive For Serving Eviction Notice NEW YORK (AP) - A woman enraged by a city marshal's attempt to serve her with an eviction notice beat him to death and set him on fire, police said Wednesday. JoAnne Jones, 53, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the death of Erskine G. Bryce, 66. An autopsy showed Bryce was alive when he was set ablaze.
  • Ref: Burned alive
    (she reminds me of the bartender on prior StarTrek series....)
David Holt[A Reader asks:]
"On Father's Day 1998, David Holt, (pictured at right)
a White father of two boys was kidnapped,
forced to open the safe at his place of business,
driven across the Savannah River, and locked in his car trunk.
His car was then set on fire and he was left to burn to death.
He was burned beyond recognition.
His charred remains were identifiable only through dental records.

The case remained unsolved for over two years.
The three suspects in this horrific crime are all Blacks with criminal records.
Has your local newspaper or television station covered this brutal murder?
Have ABC, CBS, or NBC, the NY Times, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek or US News & World Report reported this incident or the Shreveport Kidnapping / Rape / Murder or the Wichita Slaughter?
But the whole world heard plenty about a Black ex-convict in Texas
who was killed by three White ex-convicts.

Carlston W. Coleman JrRonald Coleman JrDavid Joseph Easterling

Ref: Slide Show with pictures of investigation and suspects
Ref: Man was killed across Georgia line in South Carolina
Ref: Augusta Chronicle special section - "Who killed David Holt?"
Ref: Autopsy identifies body found in car Corpse found in trunk of burned auto
is Sam's Club manager who police believe was kidnapped
Ref: Agents seek to link body-in-trunk cases
Two of the three men indicted in the 1998 robbery and abduction of slain Sam's Club Manager David Holt have been questioned about the 1997 killings. Mr. Singh's and Mr. Arroyo's charred bodies were found in the trunk of a burning car Mr. Holt's body was found in the trunk of his car just across the Savannah River in North Augusta on June 21, 1998.

  • Brutal black racist mob burned white man to death
    A black man convicted of beating and setting ablaze a Chicago Heights man in 1995 was sentenced Thursday to 80 years in prison.

    Wardell McClain, 23, was given the extended sentence by Judge Frank Zelezinski in the Markham courthouse after the jury found the murder to be "an exceptionally brutal and heinous act." After two previous trials ended in hung juries, McClain was found guilty April 5 of beating and burning to death Richard Will, 31. A second man, Michael Armstrong, 21, was convicted in the case in 1998, but that conviction has since been overturned and is currently being appealed by the state's attorney's office, according to O'Boyle. Four other black men alleged to have taken part in the beating are still being sought by police.

    According to a statement read at McClain's 1999 trial, moments before Will was accosted by a mob of black teenagers, McClain said that a friend of his had remarked that he would beat up any white guy who came to town.

    Not long after, the group was told there was a white man around the corner, Cook County Assistant State's Atty. Frank Cece told a jury in 1999. "We asked him what he was doing over here," said Cece, reading from McClain's signed statement. "The white dude said he was waiting on a lady."

    After the youths began beating and kicking Will, a man identified in the statement as "Mike-Mike," pulled out a plastic bottle of lighter fluid, doused Will's hair and set him on fire.

    "He kept saying, `No, not again,'" Cece read. "It looked like somebody had already beat him before. We just watched him burn."

    Will suffered second- and third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body. He died hours later in Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood.
    [Reader comments]
    "Negro murderer finally gets sentenced. Should have been executed".
Black murderer of white woman who died of extensive burns...

Despite believing himself to be the target of a racist judicial conspiracy, an African-American man nonetheless thinks an all-white DuPage County jury will acquit him of murder, his lawyer said Wednesday.

The panel is being asked to decide whether Artarius Jett, 27, is fit to stand trial for the Oct. 4, 1999, fatally stabbing and burning of his former girlfriend, Michelle Monachello, 24, outside her Glendale Heights apartment.

"Jett thinks DuPage County is a racist county. In particular, he thinks the DuPage judicial system is a racist system and he believes his prosecution is a conspiracy because he is black and Monachello was white. He believes that I, his defense attorney, am part of this conspiracy," Senior DuPage County Public Defender W. Jameson Kunz said in his opening statements.

The case was proceeding to trial last fall when Jett of Maywood was interviewed for three hours by a psychologist for the defense, who reported that Jett suffers from a delusional persecution complex, believing there is a conspiracy against him because of his race.

Monachello died of extensive burns and a stab wound in her torso, which Wolfe argues were inflicted on her as she sat in a car talking to Jett outside of her apartment. The two had a child together, were having difficulties for several months and were breaking off their relationship.


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