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Kobe 'backdoor' Bryant
It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom. Pro 10:23
21 December, 2015
    UK: Sports: Rape trial for Bucks player
Dion ScottA Telford United footballer denied a charge of rape when he appeared in court today. Central defender Dion Scott is accused of raping a 34-year-old mother in Redditch between November 13 and 16 last year. At Worcester Crown Court today, Judge Peter Stretton fixed a two-day trial, starting on April 20. Scott, aged 24, is currently living in a bail hostel in Oldbury, West Midlands. - (more sports)

    Sports: Olympic Medalist Facing Child Sex Charge
Angelo TaylorTwo-time Olympic gold medalist Angelo Taylor was arrested when a police officer allegedly found him having sex with a 15-year-old girl in a parked car. Taylor, 26, of Decatur was charged Thursday with one count each of child molestation and enticing a child for indecent purposes. He posted $2,000 bond at the jail, DeKalb County police spokesman Dale Davis said Friday.
- (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Sports: Former Pro Footballer Arrested In Shoplifting Scheme
Adger ArmstrongA former Houston Oiler was arrested in a shoplifting scheme and then helped bust deputy constable John Lee for selling the stolen goods at a flea market. Deputies said Adger Armstrong, 47, (pictured) and an accomplice, Wanda Humphries, were arrested last month after a series of snatch and grab thefts at Houston department stores, including Nordstrom.
"Well, they simply grabbed the merchandise and ran to a waiting car and took off." - (Gman)

    UK: Sports: Pervert African Migrant Rapist to be deported
Billy Konchellah Disgraced world champion runner Billy Konchellah faced fresh sex attack allegations while he was awaiting trial. The former gold medallist last week admitted indecently assaulting a female student while studying in the Midlands, but was cleared of rape. The detective who led the inquiry warned women to stay clear of the sex pest Kenyan athlete. A jury had heard how the runner met his victim while studying at the city’s university. The court was told Konchellah attacked the young student while she slept at her home. She woke with him on top of her and fled, horrified. Pervert Konchellah claimed he had been watching a pornographic video titled ‘Blacks on Blondes’ with the girl. But despite being acquitted of rape, he admitted indecent assault and was jailed for two years. The African has a Finnish wife and a three year-old son.

    UK: Sports: African Migrant Runner from Kenya in charged with raping co-ed - "desperate for sex"
Billy Konchellah
A world champion runner has gone on trial accused of raping a Coventry University student. Billy Konchellah, aged 42, allegedly told the woman he was desperate for sex before attacking her as she slept. The former runner denies rape but has admitted an indecent assault on another student on the same evening. A jury heard Konchellah's alleged victim had woken up to find him in bed with her. She said: "I could feel somebody on me and between my legs and I felt his hands on both my arms. She ran home sobbing and later reported the attack to police. Konchellah's wife was abroad during the incidents.

  • Sports: Dzaflo Larkai A former member of the LaSalle University men's basketball is scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 18 on charges of raping a former member of the women's team. Dzaflo Larkai was ordered to stand trial by a judge following a recent preliminary hearing in which the woman testified that he had sex with her while she was asleep. Larkai is charged with rape, simple assault and indecent assault.

  • Sports: BYU football players accused of gang rape will have to wait six more months
    Ibrahim Rashada Ibrahim Rashada is one of four former BYU football players accused of giving alcohol to a 17-year old girl, showing her a pornographic movie, and then raping her in an off-campus apartment. Defense attorneys are just beginning to sort through all of the evidence that prosecutors plan to use at trial, and plan to file numerous motions challenging some of that evidence. For now Rashada, BJ Mathis, and Karland Bennett will all be tried together, but at least one attorney may ask for separate trials. - (more sports)

    Sports: Jakari Deshawn Pugh Brother Of UTC Basketball Star Charged In Rape - "Brotherly love"
Alphonso PughThe brother of UTC basketball star Alphonso Pugh has been charged with rape in an incident that also involved the basketball player. Jakari Deshawn Pugh, 18, of 20th Street, Cleveland, Tn., is due to appear in Hamilton County General Sessions Court on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. Police said the 18-year-old female said she had left Buck Wilds on Market Street with Alphonso Pugh, and they went to his apartment at UTC Place, where they started having sex. Police said the victim claims the brother then snuck into the bedroom and started to molest her with his fingers. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Sports: Man Sought In Slaying Of Football Player
Rodney Roman,TAMPA - As friends and family gathered in Port Tampa late Thursday to remember football standout Kwane Doster, police scoured north Tampa neighborhoods, where they think his killer could be hiding. A murder warrant was issued for Rodney Roman, who detectives believe fatally shot Doster on Sunday, said a police spokesman. Doster, a Vanderbilt University football player who rushed for 4,617 yards while at Robinson High School, died after being shot once in the chest. Police have said ``trash talk'' between the occupants of an orange Infiniti sedan and the car Doster was riding in led to the shooting. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Sports: Hearing in LaSalle Rape Case
Dzaflo LarkaiA LaSalle basketball player is headed to court today for a preliminary hearing, on charges he raped a fellow studenMonday, December 21, 2015Larkai is accused of raping a member of LaSalle's women's basketball team in her dorm room in April 2003. He is the third LaSalle basketball player charged with rape. Gary Neal and Michael Cleaves are awaiting trial on charges they raped a woman in June.

    Sports: OSU Footballer Arrested In Florida After Sexual Assault On Underage Girl
Albert Dukes
Ohio State officials said they were looking into the report that a player was arrested in Florida in connection with an assault on an underage girl. The coach said the team is doing its homework on the situation behind the arrest of receiver Albert Dukes in Belle Glade, Fla.
A Palm Beach County jail official said Dukes was booked into jail Tuesday on a charge of lewd and lascivious conduct. Dukes is with the OSU team in San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl, but Tressel said Dukes will not play. - (Gman)

    Sports: High school girls' basketball coach accused of "Inappropriate Conduct"
Erlin SandersA South Florida high school basketball coach has lost his job after being accused of acting inappropriately with a student, according to school board officials. Erlin Sanders, who coached the girls' junior varsity basketball squad at Pompano Beach Senior High, has been fired. Sanders also worked with special needs students. Police are now investigating the incident which allegedly ocurred last Monday.
- (Gman)

    Sports: Former Kan. School Basketballer Coach Idicted for Fraud
Ryan WolfRicky Clemonshe provided false academic information about his athletes to schools looking to recruit the players. The indictment also charges former head coach Ryan Wolf with getting his players grants they were not qualified to receive and campus jobs that paid them for work they did not perform. Wolf's former players included black basketballer Ricky Clemons, who went on to star for the University of Missouri but became embroiled in scandal.
Ref: Clemons pleads guilty to assault * Ricky Clemons says coaches gave players money

Ref: Carmento Floyd discussed the Kobe Bryant sexual-assault case with Clemons and Amy Stewart.
She gave Clemons some advice on avoiding such trouble by not being involved with white women.

    Sports: Missouri freshman footballer charged with rape and sodomy
Alvin NewhouseMissouri freshman linebacker Alvin Newhouse was charged Monday with forcible rape and forcible sodomy, police said. University police Capt. Brian Weimer said the victim came to police Sunday afternoon, accusing Newhouse of raping her early that morning in his Graham Hall dorm room. Newhouse also had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court from a campus violation, police said. Reno Savala, Newhouse's guardian in Dallas, Texas, said Newhouse told he was innocent, that the intercourse was "consensual". - (forum)

    SPORTS! 300 lb Michigan Footballer Suspended After Indecent Exposure Arrest
A Michigan footballer Larry Harrison Jr. was suspended from the team after he was arraigned in Ann Arbor on one count of indecent exposure. "He was seen in the area last night ... and was observed committing the crime of indecent exposure," said Lt. Headley
Harrison, who weighs more than 300 pounds, reportedly fits the denoscription of a man who has exposed himself at least 16 times around the University of Michigan Central Campus. "He's getting a little bit bolder in the sense of, last night, he took some rocks and threw them at a window to get the people's attention inside the residence," Headley said. - (Gman)

    Sports: Six black Brigham Young University footballers indicted for gang rape
B.J. MathisKarland BennettWilliam Turner Jr.Ibrahim Rashada Antwaun HarrisBilly Skinner
A state grand jury has indicted four former Brigham Young University football players on allegations of gang rape, capping an especially embarrassing year for a football program long considered a missionary tool for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Friday's bombshell announcement: six freshmen players or former players will face a total of 18 felony charges in connection with the alleged rape of a 17-year-old girl in August. 
     B.J. Mathis, Karland Bennett, William Turner Jr. and Ibrahim Rashada are charged with four felonies each — two counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault and one count each of obstruction of justice and dealing in material harmful to a minor. Two other football players also face criminal charges — wide receiver Antwaun Harris, who is alleged to have made a false statement to investigators, a second-degree felony, and defensive back Billy Skinner for allegedly dealing in material harmful to a minor. - (Brewski

    Sports: Former Footballer Mondre Khalid Dickerson accused of rape
Mondre Dickerson A former footballer, Mondre Dickerson is facing a rape charge a year after being accused of another rape. He posted a 25-thousand-dollar bond  and was freed from jail. The Sheriff's Office was alerted by a hospital of a sexual assault victim. The woman told authorities she met Dickerson at a nightclub.   Dickerson was suspended from the Vols in 2003, the same day an 18-year-old woman reported Dickerson raped her.    Ref: Mondre Khalid Dickerson player profile

    Sports: Former MSU basketballer Brown to enter plea regarding rape of 15-year-old girl
Frank Brown
Prosecutors filed an affidavit detailing when, where and how former Montana State basketball player Frank Brown allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl. Brown, 20, of Las Vegas, who was suspended is charged with two counts of rape. The age of legal consent in Montana is 16. He was ordered to enter a plea on Dec. 15. Brown was arrested Nov. 23 and is free on $20,000 bond. The girl was passed out drunk the first time Brown allegedly raped her. - (forum) 

    Black sports cult: Baseballer Bonds Admits Using 'Substances'

    Sports: J. B. Cash's Column - Black Players Versus White Fans
Most employers discourage employees from physically attacking the customers. Bad for business I guess. Thus the NBA and its recent suspension of several Indiana Pacers for their part in a brawl with fans at the Palace in Auburn Hills, home of the Detroit Pistons... As long as sports fans continue to worship people that should be behind bars then the quality of athletes will continue to degenerate as teams fill their rosters with desperate psychopaths that will do anything to win one for the home team 

  • Sports: Nigerian-born migrant basketballer Olowokandi arrested after nightclub fracas - Former Tiger star is jailed
    Michael OlowokandiINDIANAPOLIS -- Minnesota Timberwolves center and former University of the Pacific standout Michael Olowokandi was arrested early Thursday after police used a stun gun to subdue him when he refused to leave a club. Olowokandi, 29, was taken into custody about 3 a.m. after he refused to leave Tiki Bob's, said police. He was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing, both misdemeanors. - (Gman
    Ref: Google: "Olowokandi of Nigeria" 
  • America unable to handle the naked truth
    “basket-brawl”, that disgraceful eruption of athletes and fans near the end of the Detroit Pistons-Indiana Pacers NBA game in Detroit. Flying punches. Flying beer cups. Shock, despair and numerous suspensions, including one for the rest of the season for Indiana’s Ron Artest. Then three nights ago, just after we’d seen the 1,000th re-run, TV at once bemoaning the situation while milking it for all it could, another NBA player, John Olowokandi, was arrested for refusing to leave a nightclub in Indianapolis, where his team, the Minnesota Timberwolves were due to play the Pacers. Sport now seems to be 25-year-old, overpaid thugs with no accountability disconnected from vitriolic, inebriated fans without sensibility.

left(click at left for full coverage)

    Caste Football: J. B. Cash's Column - Fight the System!
"Survival of the caste system that discriminates against white athletes at certain positions and in certain sports is dependent upon the great mass of white males that eagerly support and protect the system. At first glance it would seem odd that a group would display such animosity to people most like themselves, however this is a common occurrence in Western society. Whites are the biggest cheerleaders and supporters of programs such as affirmative action and diversity/multiculturalism..."

    "Black Men Can't Jump" - by J. B. Cash
If one was to judge by the amount of medals given out at the Olympics the first question that would come to mind is "Why can't black men jump?" That would be a normal response to the fact that nearly all of the medals awarded in the "high jump" event in the history of the Olympics have been won by persons of white heritage...

    Hating the White Athlete
"Caste Football -- Support America's only pro-White sports site! - Check out our hompage"
[Reader comments] "American Renaissance and American Nationalist Union are currently running it."

BOYCOTT BLACK RACIST SPORTS and advertisers, schools and media that support "black sports".

  Striking Out? Black Baseball May Survive Another Strike, But the Fans May Stay Home
If Major League Baseball players decide to go on strike once again, the sport will survive
but not necessarily as the "national pastime" for its fed-up (mostly white sports idiot) fans.
77% of all professional basketball players are black.
68% of all professional football players are black.
60% of all professional baseball players are black. - (statistics from Operation Hope)


"Dem Bones" - (c) 2004 by NNN
H. Millard


"Caste Football"
There are no white starting cornerbacks in the NFL out of 64 players who start at that position. In fact, there are no white cornerbacks in the entire league. There are zero starting white tailbacks. No white running back has run for over 1,000 yards in nearly 20 years. Only about five percent of starting wide receivers and safeties are white.
Has this amazing disparity in a sport that whites have always loved and played so well come about solely because of "black supremacy" in athleticism? - (link from American Nationalist Union)

  Sports: Kobe Bryant - Just another "alleged" Negro rapist
Jerry Stackhouse George DanielsRicky ClemonsTim Austin Antwan StewartJerramy StevensDerrick Mayberry Jahidi White


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Saturday Gladiators -- A professor looks at the effect of athletics on higher education. (New York Times - free registration required)
By MORRIS BERMAN BEER AND CIRCUS How Big-Time College Sports Is Crippling Undergraduate Education. By Murray Sperber. The title is from Juvenal: panem et circenses, bread and circuses (that is, public spectacles). Looking out over the bleak cultural landscape of Rome in the late first and early second centuries A.D., the great satirist concluded that these were the only two things that seemed to interest the majority of his countrymen. How different, Murray Sperber seems to be asking, are things for the American empire today?

UT fights ESPN's subpoenas of students' records
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- A lawyer for the University of Tennessee has asked a federal judge to stop ESPN's attempts to subpoena student records and university documents for defamation lawsuits against the sports network.

The Black Sports Cult and the American Dream
The University will not release 'academic records' of black athletes - many allege a conspiracy of coaches, teachers, administrators, alumni and the media to recruit illiterate
below-average intelligence blacks solely for the promotion of the 'Black Sports Cult'
that has become a 'religion' in American with millions of majority Americans 'brainwashed'
with their obsessed voyeuristic fixation on watching the scholastically retarded sports heroes jump up and down, bump into each other, perform ritualistic homosexual acts, do strange primitive 'victory dances' on the field and ritualistically follow the cabalistic magical numerics of the 'scores' of the games.

The Black Sports Cult promotes gambling, drinking in front of TV, Sports Bar alcohol syndrome, obesity and the shorting of life associated with this lifestyle.

This is reminiscent of the "Bread and Circuses" of the last days of the Roman Empire.
Today it is "Food Stamps and the Black Sports Cult".

The Barbarians will get tired of Foreign Aid. They have infiltrated their spies and are
sharpening their swords. One day America may be rudely awakened when the Barbarians
have sacked the cities, raped the women, eaten the dogs and enslaved those not too fat
for work in the slave labor camps.

- Sports Editor, New Nation News

Genetics of athletics: The controversy over race Entine, the Southern California author of "Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid To Talk About It,"
has been widely vilified since his controversial book was published in January.
Entine told me, "I'm a white liberal Jew - I've been called the 'left-wing Rush Limbaugh.' "
I want to acknowledge the evolutionary advantages of blacks . . . science does support the notion that people of West African origin are best at short-distance running, people of Eastern African origin best at long-distance running, whites have superior upper body strength, Chinese have the most flexible bodies, etc. (however he inconsistantly holds PC dognma that) "Science does not support the notion that blacks are less intelligent," Entine emphasized.
The Bell Curve"The Bell Curve"
Intelligence and class Structure in American Life
by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray (c) 1994 - The Free Press

Synopsis: In a book that is certain to ignite an explosive controversy,  Herrnstein and Murray dare to reveal their belief that it is intelligence levels, not environmental circumstances, poverty, or lack of education that are at the root of many of our social problems.

"non-denominational" link: Hofstetter's Sports Jerk of the Week
"Criminals, racists, and overpayed gloryhogs are not what sports are about.
Here, we villify all that is wrong with sports, and have fun doing it."

Some news sources: Sports: police blotter (slow) * "Bad Jocks"  * Athlete Arrests

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