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Kobe 'backdoor' Bryant
It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom. Pro 10:23
Thursday, February 17, 2005 21:52 Pacific
   Kobe Bryant case news at the Rocky Mountain News

  Sports: Wrestler Charged in Pimping Case
Norris Harrison JrA former world championship wrestler who lives in Cartersville, Ga., is facing charges of forcing women into prostitution. Norris Harrison Jr., known as "Hard Body" in the wrestling ranks, is accused of holding three women against their wills and acting as their pimp to get them to repay their debts. Three of seven women who were with Harrison at the store told officers they they were forced into prostituting by Harrison. - (Border Ruffian)

  Sports: University of Connecticut assistant coach arrested in prostitution sting
Clyde VaughanClyde Vaughan, 42,
allegedly tried to pay $10 to an undercover police officer for oral sex.
Police said Vaughan struggled with officers when he learned he was part of a sting, resulting in a charge of interfering with police. Vaughan denies soliciting the undercover officer but the sting apparently was audiotaped, which could contradict Vaughan's version of the events. - (J BuckMeister) - (NNN Sports)

  Sports: Black 'athlete' that raped 15-year-old White girl wins scholarship
Kristi BrownROME, Ga. -- A high school football star whose college career was derailed by a rape conviction will attend Hampton University in Virginia this fall on an athletic scholarship. Marcus Dixon only spent 15 months in prison after being convicted of aggravated child molestation, a felony, and statutory rape, a misdemeanor. He was accused of assaulting a 15-year-old classmate in a trailer behind Pepperell High School in February 2003, when he was 18. A jury acquitted Dixon of rape, but he was sentenced to 10 years in prison on the molestation charge. Some called the case an injustice because Dixon is black and the girl is white, although prosecutors denied that race played a role. - (forum)

  Sports: Former Nebraska running back Thunder Collins was arrested for burglary and assault
Former Nebraska running back Thunder Collins has been arrested in Lancaster County on two warrants stemming from incidents in 2003. Collins, 24, was charged last year with burglary and assault over allegations that he broke into the Corvallis, Ore., apartment of Oregon State cornerback Jamaal Jackson and Collins' former girlfriend Shannon Howell. Police said then that Collins attacked Jackson while the couple was sleeping. - (Border Ruffian)

  Sports: Ex-La Salle Star Gary Neal Surrenders In Rape Case
Former Players Face Numerous Charges

Gary NealMichael CleavesPHILADELPHIA -- A second La Salle University basketball player surrendered to face charges that he and a teammate raped a female athlete during the school's basketball camp. Gary Neal is a former basketballer rookie of the year. Neal who surrendered to police and Michael Cleaves who turned himself in both participated in the sexual assault, according to the charges, which include unlawful restraint and conspiracy. Both are no longer students at La Salle. A 19-year-old basketball player from the University of New Haven in Connecticut told police she was assaulted by the pair in a La Salle dormitory.
Slideshow: Images Of Gary Neal, Michael Cleaves - (The Bobster)

  "Black Men Can't Jump" - by J. B. Cash
If one was to judge by the amount of medals given out at the Olympics the first question that would come to mind is "Why can't black men jump?" That would be a normal response to the fact that nearly all of the medals awarded in the "high jump" event in the history of the Olympics have been won by persons of white heritage...

   Sports: Basketballer Calvin Murphy indicted on six counts of sexually abusing five of his daughters
Calvin MurphyNBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy was indicted Thursday on six counts of sexually abusing five of his daughters more than 10 years ago. The former Houston Rockets star, who is on leave from his job as an analyst on Rockets telecasts, also was arraigned on three counts of aggravated sexual assault and three counts of indecency with a child, Assistant District Attorney Lance Long said. - (Rick Dean)

  Orlando Magic analyst Jack "Goose" Givens arrested on charges he molested a 14-year-old girl
Jack "Goose" Givens Jack "Goose" Givens 47, was arrested on sexual battery and lewd molestation charges Monday night after a girl told deputies he assaulted her several times at her home on June 18. Investigators said the girl, who was participating in a summer basketball league, was reportedly visited by Givens for some coaching lessons. Givens allegedly exposed himself, ordered her to touch him and then forced himself on her three different times. - (reader link)

   Sports: Former basketballer now sub teacher 'had sex' with two Middle schoold girls under 14
Police arrested 29-year-old Cornelius Ausborne for allegedly have sex with two girls under the age of 14 at Grant Swayer Middle School where he was working as a substitute teacher. With a 13-year old girl willing to speak to investigators, this case may be a slam-dunk. "I think this is a very strong case with the 13-year-old girl's testimony, its hard not to believe her."
Teacher Arrested in Sexual Assault Charges - (reader link)

   Sports: Amateur boxer had a chunk of his ear bitten off by black robber
San Francisco: In an eerie echo of heavyweight champ Mike Tyson's notorious 1997 assault on Evander Holyfield, the amateur fighter was standing on the corner around 4:45 a.m. when his assailant approached and attacked him. "The guy came up and asked him for change and he said, 'I don't have it.'" After a brief fight the victim realized that a chunk of his ear was missing, police said. The suspect is described as a black male. - (Hellcat) - (more sports)

  Hating the White Athlete
"Caste Football -- Support America's only pro-White sports site! - Check out our hompage"
[Reader comments] "American Renaissance and American Nationalist Union are currently running it."

BOYCOTT BLACK RACIST SPORTS and advertisers, schools and media that support "black sports".

 Striking Out? Black Baseball May Survive Another Strike, But the Fans May Stay Home
If Major League Baseball players decide to go on strike once again, the sport will survive
but not necessarily as the "national pastime" for its fed-up (mostly white sports idiot) fans.
77% of all professional basketball players are black.
68% of all professional football players are black.
60% of all professional baseball players are black. - (statistics from Operation Hope)


Sports: British footballer Terrell Forbes charged in gang rape of 15-year-old girl
Terrell Forbes
Footballer Terrell Forbes will face trial charged with the rape of a 15-year-old girl in November, an Old Bailey judge ruled today. Forbes, 22, of Whitcher Close, New Cross, south-east London, and six other men appeared in court charged with raping the girl on March 5 at a house. Judge David Paget said the trial, expected to last a month, would take place on November 15.
- (forum) - (image source)


Sports: Lawsuit against Notre Dame for gang-rape of woman still in court
The prosecutor said this was "Nothing more than a gang rape and these guys knew what they were doing."
Donald DykesJustin SmithAbram ElamLorenzo CrawfordSOUTH BEND, Ind. - A judge dismissed the portion of a lawsuit filed against Notre Dame and four former football players by the parents of a woman who accused the men of raping her more than two years ago.
The woman, 22, and her parents sued in St. Joseph County Superior Court in April, seeking unspecified damages from the university and former students Justin Smith, Abram Elam, Donald Dykes and Lorenzo Crawford.
The portion of the lawsuit filed by the woman wasn't dismissed.


  Sports: Ex-fighter charged in fatal beating
Jo-el Scott Albany -- Former boxer Jo-el Scott was standing over the body of a 59-year-old woman when they arrived at the scene, police said. As she did almost every day, Dorothy Royal collected bottles and cans. Royal was beaten and sexually assaulted by a former boxing heavyweight contender, Jo-el Scott. He has been charged with her murder. Scott, a convicted rapist who prosecutors contend was high on crack cocaine following an all-night binge, allegedly grabbed Royal and began pummeling her, breaking bones in her face as he sodomized her on the ground. A passer-by heard Royal's screams and called 911, but two arriving officers who said they saw Scott standing over her body were unable to prevent her death.

  Sports: Footballer Jimmy Abram convicted of raping University student that was passed out
Jimmy Abram
Jimmy Abram was convicted earlier this year of sexual assault in Beaumont, Texas. He had been accused of having non-consensual sex with a Lamar University student while she was passed out. Update: Ball Player Sentenced for Rape - No jail time, just probation
He was sentenced to ten years probation and a five thousand dollar fine.The judge also ordered Abram to pay for any counseling the victim in the case might need.

  Sports: Nolan Richardson to Frank Broyles: "I Will Destroy You."
Nolan RichardsonLITTLE ROCK, AR - A lawyer for the University of Arkansas says former basketball coach Nolan Richardson's discrimination lawsuit is about money and hatred.
Richardson told him, "I will destroy you. You will have no legacy. I know enough on you that you will have no legacy when I get through. I will have a better legacy than you will."


  Sports: Mike Tyson Registers as Sex Offender in Phoenix
Mike TysonFormer heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who spent three years in an Indiana prison on a rape conviction, has registered as a sex offender in Arizona, officials said Saturday. Tyson has been living in Arizona, where convicted sex offenders are required to register with police, for several months. He was convicted in 1992 of raping a beauty pageant contestant. - (White Boy)

  Sports: Georgia Supreme Court threw out black high school footballer Marcus Dixon's conviction
and 10-year prison sentence for raping a 15-year-old 'underage' white girl.

Kweisi Mfume, president of the NAACP, said the ruling is a victory.
The girl's attorney, Mike Prieto, said: "It terrifies me the message this sends to all the young women in the state of Georgia when they're confronted with a star (black) athlete who wants to have sex." Damn the cult worship of black "sports stars" in this country.  - (NNN forum)
Damn the black-robed federal judges that misinterpreted the Constitution enforcing school integration.

  Ga. Court Overturns Black Teen's Sentence for Raping 15-year-old White Girl
Marcus DixonKristi Brown ATLANTA -- A black teenager's 10-year prison sentence for having sex with a younger, white schoolmate was thrown out Monday by the Georgia Supreme Court. The state's highest court ruled 18-year-old Marcus Dixon should have been prosecuted just on the lesser charge of misdemeanor statutory rape rather than aggravated child molestation for having sex with a 15-year-old in February 2003. Dixon had claimed he was targeted because he is black and had sex with a white girl. His case drew protests from the NAACP. - (NNN forum)

  Sports: Ohio's 'Mr. Football' Arrested In Murder Of Teammate - you need a scorecard...
Raymond WilliamsTwo high school seniors, including one recognized as the best high school football player in Ohio, were each charged with murder and aggravated robbery in the shooting death of a teammate.
Raymond Williams
, Ohio's "Mister Football" was charged along with teammate Jon Huddleston. Lorenzo Hunter, 16, another footballer, died of gunshot wounds. Police charged Rodney Roberts, 20, with aggravated murder in Hunter's death. Police said a witness told them Hunter was trying to rob Roberts with a plastic gun and that Roberts pulled out a real gun and fired it. - (Rick Dean)

  Sports: Tampa Bay Bucks footballer pleads guilty to ramming his Hummer into wife's Mercedes
Michael Pittmancarrying his wife, Melissa, his 2-year-old son, and a baby sitter. Michael Pittman faces possible jail time after pleading guilty to charges stemming from the attack on his wife. Pittman, 28, who has a history of domestic violence, pleaded guilty on March 25 to one felony court of endangerment. Pittman also was sentenced to treatment and probation in 1997 for grabbing a former girlfriend by the neck. - (awyattmann) - (more sports...)
If idiot white sports cultists would demand either segregated or racially normed percentages in 'pro sports' then a lot of black athletes would not have the opportunity to be such role models for the 'black youths".


Some ex-"footballer" that I have never heard of - makes the national headlines with this "dribble".
This has-been jock who probably got through Notre Dame with help from his Coach - worships blacks even while insulting them.

Paul Hornung  - "I kiss black ass, and I love it.""Notre Dame, needs to lower its academic standards to "get the black athlete."
"As far as Notre Dame is concerned, we're going to have to ease it up a little bit," Paul Hornung
said on WXYT-AM . "We can't stay as strict as we are as far as the academic structure is concerned, because "we've got to get the black athlete" - Even if he is too dumb to qualify.
Paul Hornung is hereby nominated to the Sports Idiots Hall of Fame - despite his race.
Ref: "Spin his butt around to face reality. Ax him this question, “Man is you stupid or something?” - Quote by Gregory Moore, Managing Editor of the San Antonio Informer, a weekly African American newspaper located in San Antonio - (awyattmann)

  Sports: Former Houston Basketballer Calvin Murphy accused of incestually abusing five of his daughters
Calvin MurphFormer Houston basketballer Calvin Murphy was released on bond after surrendering on charges accusing him of sexually abusing five of his daughters. Five of Murphy's daughters said Murphy either fondled them, performed oral sex, or both when each was younger than 17. The daughters involved in the case are Murphy's children from three different women, prosecutors said. In all, Murphy has 14 children.
- (Rick Dean)

  Sports: Wisconsin's leading rusher Dwayne Smith and Anwar L. Jones to stand trial for rape
Dwayne SmithAccording to The Capital Times, the young woman alleged that she asked Smith to leave, but that he instead told her it would be, "the best night of your life." Despite her refusals, the woman said Smith took off her clothes and forced her to have intercourse with him. "I tried stopping it, but I couldn't," the woman testified Friday. The alleged victim claimed when Smith attempted to turn her over onto her stomach she managed to regain control, and quickly gathered her clothing. Anwar L. Jones will face accessory charges.

"Dem Bones" - (c) 2004 by NNN
H. Millard

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"Caste Football"
There are no white starting cornerbacks in the NFL out of 64 players who start at that position. In fact, there are no white cornerbacks in the entire league. There are zero starting white tailbacks. No white running back has run for over 1,000 yards in nearly 20 years. Only about five percent of starting wide receivers and safeties are white.
Has this amazing disparity in a sport that whites have always loved and played so well come about solely because of "black supremacy" in athleticism? - (link from American Nationalist Union)

  Sports: Drudge reports: "Alleged Victim Tells Detective She Was Raped From Behind, Against Chair by Kobe Bryant" "The woman said that Bryant forced her to kiss his penis after the attack."

  Alleged Kobe witness says he called alleged victim “white bitch” - (link from BinaryReport)
Kobe Bryantby Michael Cacioppo, Pres. SpeakoutVail, Inc. - LOS ANGELES (allegedly) – An alleged witness to the Kobe Bryant alleged rape of a 19-year-old Eagle woman wrote Speakout! that Kobe Bryant was heard calling the alleged victim a “white bitch.” A person identifying themselves with a female name (Speakout! is withholding the name) wrote “I was upstairs of Kobe and I heard him shout, among other things over 23 minutes, ‘...white Bitch...’ Does that constitute a ‘hate crime?’ Can he be put away for 14 years in (the) Federal Penitentiary?”

  Sports: Kobe Bryant - Just another "alleged" Negro rapist
Jerry Stackhouse George DanielsRicky ClemonsTim Austin Antwan StewartJerramy StevensDerrick Mayberry Jahidi White


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Saturday Gladiators -- A professor looks at the effect of athletics on higher education. (New York Times - free registration required)
By MORRIS BERMAN BEER AND CIRCUS How Big-Time College Sports Is Crippling Undergraduate Education. By Murray Sperber. The title is from Juvenal: panem et circenses, bread and circuses (that is, public spectacles). Looking out over the bleak cultural landscape of Rome in the late first and early second centuries A.D., the great satirist concluded that these were the only two things that seemed to interest the majority of his countrymen. How different, Murray Sperber seems to be asking, are things for the American empire today?

UT fights ESPN's subpoenas of students' records
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- A lawyer for the University of Tennessee has asked a federal judge to stop ESPN's attempts to subpoena student records and university documents for defamation lawsuits against the sports network.

The Black Sports Cult and the American Dream
The University will not release 'academic records' of black athletes - many allege a conspiracy of coaches, teachers, administrators, alumni and the media to recruit illiterate
below-average intelligence blacks solely for the promotion of the 'Black Sports Cult'
that has become a 'religion' in American with millions of majority Americans 'brainwashed'
with their obsessed voyeuristic fixation on watching the scholastically retarded sports heroes jump up and down, bump into each other, perform ritualistic homosexual acts, do strange primitive 'victory dances' on the field and ritualistically follow the cabalistic magical numerics of the 'scores' of the games.

The Black Sports Cult promotes gambling, drinking in front of TV, Sports Bar alcohol syndrome, obesity and the shorting of life associated with this lifestyle.

This is reminiscent of the "Bread and Circuses" of the last days of the Roman Empire.
Today it is "Food Stamps and the Black Sports Cult".

The Barbarians will get tired of Foreign Aid. They have infiltrated their spies and are
sharpening their swords. One day America may be rudely awakened when the Barbarians
have sacked the cities, raped the women, eaten the dogs and enslaved those not too fat
for work in the slave labor camps.

- Sports Editor, New Nation News

Genetics of athletics: The controversy over race Entine, the Southern California author of "Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid To Talk About It,"
has been widely vilified since his controversial book was published in January.
Entine told me, "I'm a white liberal Jew - I've been called the 'left-wing Rush Limbaugh.' "
I want to acknowledge the evolutionary advantages of blacks . . . science does support the notion that people of West African origin are best at short-distance running, people of Eastern African origin best at long-distance running, whites have superior upper body strength, Chinese have the most flexible bodies, etc. (however he inconsistantly holds PC dognma that) "Science does not support the notion that blacks are less intelligent," Entine emphasized.
The Bell Curve"The Bell Curve"
Intelligence and class Structure in American Life
by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray (c) 1994 - The Free Press

Synopsis: In a book that is certain to ignite an explosive controversy,  Herrnstein and Murray dare to reveal their belief that it is intelligence levels, not environmental circumstances, poverty, or lack of education that are at the root of many of our social problems.

"non-denominational" link: Hofstetter's Sports Jerk of the Week
"Criminals, racists, and overpayed gloryhogs are not what sports are about.
Here, we villify all that is wrong with sports, and have fun doing it."

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