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Robert E. Lee Area ceremonies honor Lee as hero
At celebrations held Thursday throughout the Capital City, admirers used the same words to describe the character of the highly regarded military hero and dedicated family man General Robert E. Lee: valiant, heroic and honorable. - (Newsroom)

Link noticed 7 Jan 2006Christian Revival Crusade - "In God we Trust"
"online Bible, message board, chat room, articles of interest and much more" * Jefferson Davis * Confederate

The Confederate Alliance
"Nothing fills me with deeper sadness than to see a Southern man apologizing for the defense we made of our inheritance. Our cause was so just, so sacred, that had I known all that has come to pass, had I known what was to be inflicted upon me, all that my country was to suffer, all that our posterity was to endure, I would do it all over again.'' --- President Jefferson Davis
  • Police force invades high school where Confederate flag was raised
    Students at Western Wayne High School were greeted by nearly two dozen police officers Monday morning when they showed up at school. They even had to pass through a metal detector before they entered the building. - (Smilin' Jack)
  • Police: Suspended teen ran up Confederate flag at school
    SOUTH CANAAN TWP. – A suspended Western Wayne High School student was arrested Thursday because police believe he recently replaced his school’s American flag with a Confederate flag, court papers said. The day before the flag swap, 18-year-old James A. Bronson Jr., a senior at the school, was suspended for making racial remarks to several black students in the cafeteria. He also shouted “white power” several times as he left the cafeteria. (reader link)  
  • Confederate Flag Raises Controversy At San Diego Bay - (reader link)  
    Brenda LeSane is appalled it's flying on a private boat – Exodus II.
    "What the guys out here call me is a redneck pirate Jew," boat owner Bill Hix said.
    That's right, Hix is Jewish, and also flies the Israeli flag. He says he's definitely not racist, showing us a picture of a child he sponsors in Africa.

  • Bloomington high school bans confederate flags
    Bloomington High School South has banned students from wearing the Confederate battle flag on their clothing, backpacks and by other means after the contentious symbol caused several recent disturbances at the school. - (aryan_barbarian)
  • "Why the South lost the Civil War" - by Ned Harrison, Greensboro, N.C.

  • Plan to Show Confederate Flag Draws Heat
    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- An organizer of a planned memorial to honor Confederate soldiers who died at an Illinois prison camp says the rebel flag will be displayed at the memorial's dedication, despite opposition. "We consider this an honorable flag. This is a soldier's flag," said Ron Casteel, national chief of staff for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, one of the memorial's planners. "There will be no substitute."
    - (whitegoblin)

The mill, located on the banks of the Tallapoosa River about 30 miles east of Montgomery, originally cleaned, spun, wove, bleached and dyed cotton, manufacturing Confederate uniforms and tent material during the Civil War. It was also used as an armory for Confederate troops.

Battle Over Confederate Symbols in Tenn.
A proposal in predominantly black Memphis aims to rename Confederate Park, Jefferson Davis Park and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, and would place the statues of the two Confederate leaders in museums.

Debunking the Lincoln Myth
America's Caesar: The Rise and Fall of Republican Government in the United State
America's Lenin
Beheading the Great Messiah: Abe Lincoln was a Ruthless Dictator
Lincoln Versus His "Rightful Masters"
Lincoln Without Rhetoric
Lincoln's Slavery Lacuna
Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln
Stealing an Election: In Maryland, Lincoln needed to elect a new people
What Was the Real Reason for the Civil War?
Why Abraham Lincoln Sucks

Vanderbilt U. Loses 'Confederate' Bid
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Vanderbilt University would violate a decades-old contract if it stripped the word "Confederate" from the name of a dormitory built with the help of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, a court ruling released Wednesday said.
The heritage group donated a third of the building's cost. In return, the name Confederate Memorial Hall was chiseled into stone over the main entrance. The state appeals court said Vanderbilt must leave the name intact or pay the group the current value of the $50,000 given when the building was constructed in 1935. It was not immediately clear what that amount would be in today's dollars.

Alabama: Confederacy cheered at Capitol
People gathered around the Confederate Monument on the Capitol lawn and sang "Dixie" to celebrate the state holiday for Confederate Memorial Day. Jeannette Taylor of Springville, a chapter president with the United Daughters of Confederacy, said she came to remember "the most noble army to ever take the field of battle." "Their cause was just," she said. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

  • Hate Crime! Confederate Veteran's Memorial Vandalized
    You might not have realized it, but there is a Confederate Veteran's Memorial in Seattle. And someone just discovered it and ripped it apart. It has stood at the Lakeview Cemetery on Capitol Hill for 80 years. But, two weeks ago, someone pried off a bronze cross, a Confederate seal and a bronze portrait of Robert E. Lee. - (Edelweiss)

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Confederate Flag
Southerners and Nationalism
Guest column by Greg Kay

Scalawags, Carpetbaggers and Damn Yankees

Confederate battle flag

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Confederate battle flagThe federal republic founded under the Constitution essentially collapsed with the *Civil War. With the election of Lincoln, an elite comprised of Abolitionists and Yankee capitalists converted the USA into an empire by force of arms.

*where you see "Civil War"   -   read "War Between the States"   -   (WBTS)


The South was Right Federal Tyranny and the rape of the Constitution
did not just start with Waco and Ruby Ridge,
or with school integration and busing,
or even with the Income Tax in 1913...

America's Caesar
Abraham Lincoln and the Birth of a Modern Empire

by Greg Loren Durand 
link courtesy of "The Ohio Confederate" - We're Dixie North!

I'll take my stand...
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I'm glad I fit against it-
I only wish we'd won.
And I don't want no pardon
For anything I've done.

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Ref: Bobby Horton, Songs of the C.S.A. Vol. I -  "Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel"
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Flags of the Confederacy
The Great Seal of the Confederacy
The Great Seal of the Confederacy, or "Deo Vindice" seal
was smuggled through the Union blockade, along with its pressing equipment, during the war. It proudly displays the Confederate motto of Deo Vindice, which is Latin for "God will Vindicate."
In keeping with the Southerners belief that their struggle was continuing the beliefs of America's founding fathers, the seal displays a mounted General George Washington in the center of the seal.
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Should descendents of Negro slaves be awarded 'back wages'?

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