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    Police have person of interest in Trenton strangulation murder
Aaron Marshall is a person of interest.George Hite TRENTON, Mich - A 65-year-old man is murdered in Trenton for the city's first homicide in 10 years. More than a month later, police have a person of interest in the case, Aaron Syndney Marshall. Marshall, 35, is sitting in Wayne County Jail tonight and may soon be facing charges for the death of George Hite. The Detroit man was charged Tuesday with lying to a peace officer during a violent crime investigation and with being a habitual offender. Hite's niece, Sharon Fox, says "I hope they arrest whoever did it and they rot in jail. That's where they deserve to be." On March 11, Hite was found strangled to death inside his condo he shared with his elderly mother. Police say Hite met Marshall - an ex-con with a long history of brushes with the law, at the casino. Police believe there are more people involved, but the relationship Hite made with Marshall at the casino possibly cost him his life. There was no forced entry into the condo, which means Hite let his killers in. There they strangled him with a belt and left him for dead. "Must have been something," Fox said. "He must have won and somebody followed him home. Instead of just asking for the money, kills him for nothing." A motive is still unclear, but police believe women may also be involved. - (Black-on-white)

    Cab driver involved in police shootout identified
Frantzy ArmandMIAMI - A taxi cab driver arrested in a shootout with police in Miami and North Miami has been identified as 29-year-old Frantzy Armand. Miami police said Armand was involved in an altercation at a taxi cab stand along Northwest 79th Street Tuesday afternoon, shortly before a police officer pulled him over. Police said Armand got out of his car and fired at the officer with an assault rifle. The officer was identified as a 28-year-old rookie, who has only been on the force for about eight months. Police said a good Samaritan, William Ramirez, pulled up alongside the officer and told him to get in his van while Armand continued shooting in their direction. Police said Armand took off in the police cruiser. Armand is also accused of shooting a passing driver in the area of Northeast 123rd Street and 15th Avenue. The woman was shot in the arm and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in stable condition. Armand continued to the Sans Souci area, where he was met by a North Miami police officer. Police said Armand fired at the officer. The officer returned gunfire, shooting the suspect.

    Man pleads guilty to October rape
Martae RoseGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The man who threatened and raped a woman as she walked in Grand Rapids last year entered a guilty plea on Monday. Martae Rose pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal sexual conduct, unlawful imprisonment and assault with intent to rob. The assault happened in October 2014. Police said the young woman had just gotten off the bus and was walking when a man grabbed her, put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. He told her to give him money, but she didn’t have any. He then walked with her to a secluded area and raped her. He threatened to kill her again before leaving, and she then called police. Rose was arrested a couple of weeks later after he was identified as the attacker through DNA evidence. Also Monday, Rose pleaded guilty to an unrelated armed robbery in August 2014.



Hispanic Man Convicted in Grisly Redondo Beach Double Murders
Jonathan ChaconCourtney BergmanVicki BergmanA man who killed his girlfriend and her mother in their Redondo Beach apartment in 2012 was convicted today of two counts of first- degree murder. Jonathan Scott Chacon, 26, faces life in prison without the possibility of parole for the Feb. 28, 2012, killings, which he claimed were committed in self-defense. Chacon was arrested the next day in Mexico. Chacon slit the throats of his girlfriend, 19-year-old Courtney Bergman, and her mother, 59-year-old Vicki Bergman, inside the apartment in the 1900 block of Rockefeller Lane. Prosecutors suggested he killed the pair because he was jealous of his girlfriend’s contacts with another man.


Dangers of interracial dating





  • 1Ki 14:24 And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations...
  • 1Ki 14:24 And there were also perverted persons in the land. They did according to all the abominations...


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    Black man and his 13-year-old girlfriend charged with murder of teen's white mother
Roderick WycheWanda DethlefsenA 20-year-old man and a 13-year-old girl are facing murder charges after the sheriff says they planned and murdered the teen's mother. Lenoir County Sheriff Ronnie Ingram says 20-year-old Roderick Wyche and a 13-year-old girl are both charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Sheriff Ingram says the two met at the library in La Grange a few weeks ago and started a relationship. The girl's mother who is the murder victim, 33-year-old Wanda Dethlefsen, opposed the relationship and told her daughter not to be with Wyche. Sheriff Ingram says the pair planned Dethlefsen's murder and Wyche carried it out by stabbing Dethlefsen several times with a kitchen knife while she slept. The teen called a family member after the crime, who then told the teen to call 911. The Sheriff's Office has charged the 13-year-old daughter as an adult, but Ingram says it will be up to the District Attorney on whether they will proceed with trying her as an adult. Sheriff Ingram says charges are pending against Wyche for the under-aged relationship with the victim's daughter. - (Black-on-white)
  • Sheriff: 13-year-old girl and her boyfriend charged in mom's murder
    Jonathan Mewborn - boyfriend of victim"Got a text my phone saying, 'Hey, can you come get Ethan? Mom is dead. Somebody stabbed her.' To get a text like that, I froze up,” said Dethlefson’s boyfriend of two years, Jonathan Mewborn. Mewborn was helping Dethlefson raise her three kids, a 13, 6, and one-year-old.

Dangers of interracial dating

    Funeral fund set up for (white) mom, (mixed-race) baby in Eastpointe deaths
Curtis HamptonMonique Rakowski and her 13-month-old daughter CarmonMonique and Carmon Rakowski were found stabbed to death at their Eastpointe home on Thursday. Police have arrested a suspect (believed to be Rakowski’s boyfriend and father of Carmon) but his name is being withheld pending an arraignment.

Dangers of interracial dating

    (White) woman escorted outside before BP mob attack speaks - pack of feral blacks terrorize old woman - attack man
attack by feral black youth mobWhit old lady terrorized by mob of black youthMEMPHIS, TN - Mary Fuller was so scared of a large group of (black) teens gathered outside the BP on Poplar Avenue and Cleveland Street, a man inside the gas station decided to walk her out. That man was Orrden Williams. "I said, 'I don't know if I ought to walk out of here or not, because they're still fighting,'" Fuller recalled. "He [Williams] said, 'It's not a problem. I'll take care of this.'" Fuller says Williams yelled at the group of students as he walked her to her car. "[Williams] was irate, hollering, and I guess they thought, 'I'll show him,'" she explained. One of the students sucker punched Williams seconds after Fuller made it to her car. Fuller says the whole experience made her uncomfortable. "They don't care about human beings," Fuller said. "If I hadn't been in the car, they'd have soon got me." On Monday, Memphis Police Department increased its presence at the gas station.
  • (Black Samaritan) victim of gas station attack by savage mob of black 'youth' speaks out
    MEMPHIS, TN - Police are investigating a video that is making the rounds on social media. In the video, a 35-year-old man is attacked by a mob of high school students as he tries to get in his car. The victim, Orrden Williams, says he went to the BP gas station near the intersection of Poplar Avenue and Cleveland Street to use the ATM. A woman inside the store told Williams she was afraid to go outside because there was a large group of 'kids' in the parking lot. "I put my arms around her, told her it would be OK, and walked her out of the store," Williams recalled. At that point, Williams says he was attacked. The video, which has been shared on Facebook and other social media platforms, shows Williams leaving the gas station and trying to get into his car, which was surrounded by teenagers. In the video, teenagers can be seen hitting Williams and his fiance's car. "This was a terrorist act," said Williams. "This is a civilized society. We have no place for this." Williams says the incident began when he was walking the woman to her car and asked the teenagers to move out of the way. He says he was hit in the back of the head. Williams says what bothers him the most is that his children were in the car, including his 4-month-old baby. He says the teenagers were swinging just inches above his son's head.

    2nd (Black) Suspect Charged In Shooting Of (White) Anne Arundel County Officer
Larry Adamsblack suspectANNAPOLIS, Md. — For the first time, the wife of an Anne Arundel County police officer shot in the line of duty speaks out, as he remains in the hospital. Now police release new information on the two suspects in custody. Police say it’s a miracle that the officer is alive. He’s in good spirits at Shock Trauma. Meanwhile, the suspects are now behind bars for what police believe was originally planned as an armed robbery that took a wild turn. Fighting back tears, the wife of Corporal Larry Adams battles a horrifying reality–her husband was critically wounded. Despite being shot, investigators say the ten-year veteran was alert enough to provide critical information about the tags he ran prior to the incident–the same vehicle the suspects got away in. This, before being rushed to Shock Trauma, where his condition has now improved. “That is by the grace of God,” said Chief Altomare. His evidence led police to arrest 30-year-old Colvin White and 29-year-old Danielle Blake, who the car was registered to. Police say White pulled the trigger while Blake was waiting in the vehicle for what investigators believe was originally planned as a robbery at the 7-Eleven. “The relationship between Colvin and Danielle is they have children in common,” said Lt. Smith. - (Black-on-white)

    'Gay' black predator fags: Violet man booked with aggravated rape of juvenile boy
James JohnsonA 43-year-old Violet man accused of homosexually assaulting a juvenile boy has been booked with aggravated rape, according to the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office. James Johnson was arrested April 10 following a Sheriff's Office investigation, spokesman Steve Cannizaro said. The boy told a family member that Johnson forced him to commit a sex act on the night of April 9, Cannizaro said. Johnson is being held in the St. Bernard Parish prison on a $400,000 bond.

    Convicted burglar arrested in 2013 South Beach rape
Blitz Santana MonestineMIAMI BEACH, Fla. - A convicted burglar accused of raping a woman at a South Beach lifeguard stand in 2013 has been arrested. Blitz Santana Monestine, 30, was arrested last Thursday and charged with sexual battery, false imprisonment, battery and resisting an officer without violence. Police said DNA tests linked Monestine to the rape in December 2013. A second man involved in the case has not been identified. Police said Monestine and the other suspect raped the victim at the 17th Street lifeguard stand after she left a nightclub on May 5, 2013.

    (Black) Man accused of trying to lure Plum girl into his car
Charles MalloryPLUM, Pa. — Plum police arrested a man whom they said tried to lure a 11-year-old girl into his car. The girl told investigators a man wearing a white shirt with red letters and driving a tan or grey Ford Escape shouted to her, “Hey baby want to go for a ride? Get into my car." The alleged incident happened at about 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. Police said they found the vehicle and a man wearing similar clothing a few hours later at an apartment complex. The girl positively identified Charles Mallory, 30, of New Kensington as the suspect. He is charged with child luring.

    Detectives searching for man, 62, accused of setting girlfriend on fire in Seattle
John Turner SEATTLE — A south Seattle woman was hospitalized with severe burns Monday after she was set on fire, allegedly by a jealous boyfriend. Detectives are searching for the suspect who they identified as 62-year-old John Turner. “She was hollering and screaming, running back and forth,” Patricia Workenh said of the attack Sunday night. Workenh could only watch as her good friend, Lisa Cain, screamed in pain, her chest, face and arms engulfed in flames. “I know the fire burned her clothes off,” Workenh said. Workenh said she begged Cain to break up with the boyfriend but never thought he would be capable of this violence. - (Burned Alive!)

    Sentences handed down to black educators in Atlanta Public Schools cheating case
  • 11 (black) former Atlanta educators convicted in cheating scandal
    Cheating black 'educators'ATLANTA — In one of the biggest cheating scandals of its kind in the U.S., 11 former Atlanta public school educators were convicted Wednesday of racketeering for their role in a scheme to inflate students' scores on standardized exams. The defendants, including teachers, a principal and other administrators, were accused of falsifying test results to collect bonuses or keep their jobs in the 50,000-student Atlanta school system. The racketeering charges carry up to 20 years in prison. Most of the defendants will be sentenced April 8.

    3 Inmates Jump Wall, Escape Delaware Prison
Tommy BroomerDelaware prison officials say three inmates scaled a wall to escape a corrections center in Wilmington, but two have been caught. The Department of Correction says the three work release inmates climbed the wall at the Plummer Community Corrections Center on Sunday night and ran off. Two of the men were caught late Monday, but officials say they are still looking for 19-year-old Tommy Broomer, who was serving three months for violating probation after a carrying a concealed deadly weapon conviction.


    Black Gunman Refuses to Pay Cab Fare, Fires Shots at Taxi
black gunmanSurveillance video from an Overbrook bar shows the gunman who refused to pay a cab driver and then fired a shot at the taxi as it drove away from a West Philly street, police said. The suspect hailed the cab near 56th and Market streets around 1:30 a.m. on April 1 and asked the driver to make multiple stops, including one at the Good Times Bar located at 5527 Lancaster Ave., before dropping him off at his final destination about a block away, officials said. Police described the gunman as a black man about 20- to 25-years-old, with a light complexion, a thin build and standing about 5-feet 11-inches tall. He was wearing a dark colored Champion hooded sweatshirt, tan pants and brown shoes, officials said.


    Man Accused of Holding Ex-Girlfriend, Her Son Hostage Inside Chester Home
Allen FreemanA man is in custody after he allegedly held his ex-girlfriend and her son hostage during a standoff situation in Chester Monday morning. Investigators say the ordeal began around 8 a.m. when two children at a Chester School told a school resource officer that their mother and 5-year-old brother were being held hostage by a man armed with a gun, later identified as 26-year-old Allen Freeman. He has a lengthy criminal record for thefts, drugs and other related incidents.

    Black sports: Former 49er Harris arrested on hit-and-run, officer assault charges
Kwame HarrisSAN FRANCISCO -- Former San Francisco 49er and Oakland Raider player Kwame Harris faces some serious criminal charges Monday after being arrested Sunday evening for several hit-and-run crashes and allegedly trying to bite an officer's hand while under the influence of drugs, according to authorities. San Francisco police arrested Harris Sunday Night on allegations that he struck several cars and assaulted an officer by trying to bite him while under the influence of drugs. Police said it was a miracle no one was hurt in this series of hit-and-run incidents allegedly committed by the former pro football player.


Hispanic Man Gets 25 Years to Life in NYC Hit-Run That Killed Hasidic Couple, Baby
Julio AcevedoThe 46-year-old Brooklyn man convicted earlier this year in the 2013 hit-run crash that killed a pregnant woman, her husband, and ultimately their child, was sentenced Monday to 25 years to life in prison. Julio Acevedo was driving the speeding BMW that slammed into a livery cab carrying Nachman and Raizy Glauber, both 21, in Williamsburg March 3, 2013, authorities have said. Raizy Glauber, who was seven months pregnant, decided to go to the hospital because she wasn't feeling well, and she and her husband were on the way there in a livery cab when Acevedo hit them at 70 mph. The couple died that day. Their child was delivered by cesarean section; he weighed only 4 pounds and died a day later of extreme prematurity, the city medical examiner's office said.



  • Hispanic Truck Thieves Cause $50K in Damage: Police
    Stephen Rodriguez, 19, of Vineland allegedly stole a pickup truck pulling a boat trailer. As he was driving the stolen truck, he struck a fence at Rudco Products Incorporated on East Oak Road in Vineland before crashing into five parked vehicles at Moe’s Auto Sales. Police say the incident was part of a three-week truck stealing spree which ended Saturday when Rodriguez and 19-year-old Daniel Santos allegedly broke into Joffe Lumber Supply in Vineland. The two men then caused up to $50,000 in damage to five of the company’s box trucks.


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(Asian) Woman who supplied ambush weapons denied parole
Dawn NguyenDawn Nguyen, 26, was convicted by a state Supreme Court jury in 2014 for lying on a firearms transaction form in 2010, when she bought a rifle and shotgun at Gander Mountain in Henrietta. Those weapons went to Nguyen's neighbor, William Spengler Jr., a convicted felon who killed his grandmother with a hammer in 1981 and as a result was barred from owning guns. He used the firearms on Christmas Eve 2012.

  • China’s Texas Hold ’em: Rick Perry and a Chinese plant on the Gulf - (Al Jazeera)
    ...another push by Chinese politician-investors and U.S. officials for a methanol plant in a predominantly black neighborhood...
    Now an Al Jazeera investigation has revealed the Texas methanol plant’s connections to a Republican presidential hopeful, Chinese politicians publicly accused of misdeeds and Chinese-American organizations alleged to secure the flow of information and technology from the United States to China....


    (White) Philadelphia Man, 79, Serving Life Term For (Black) Robber’s Death Dies
Jamil BurtonBarry MasonA 79-year-old Philadelphia tool repairman sentenced to life in prison for fatally shooting a man who robbed him has died in prison. Barry Mason died March 30 at State Correctional Institution where he was serving a life term for the August 2006 death of Jamil Burton. The prison said Mason died of natural causes. The old man was 70 years old when he retaliated against the 19-year-old Burton after Burton swiped a gold neck chain and wedding band from Mason, then took off on a bike. Mason chased after Burton to the Louis I. Kahn Memorial Park, hitting the (black thief) with his vehicle, then pulling out his .380-caliber handgun - which he was licensed to carry - and shooting Burton multiple times. The middle-of-the-night chase happened after Burton approached Mason's Lincoln Continental as he was sitting with the driver-side window down. Burton leaned through the window and snatched the gold chain with an $18,000 ring hanging from it. Mason, who had no prior criminal record, was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced in January 2008 to life without parole. At trial, Mason's lawyer urged the jury to consider the fatal shooting an act of self-defense. "His life is destroyed by this event he didn't start," attorney Gerald Stein said. But jurors ultimately agreed with the prosecution's view, convicting Mason. - (Black-on-white)

    Police: (black) drunk driver kills popular (White) chef in homicidal slaughter hit and run
Jason MitchellAaron Jerome DavisSt. Petersburg, Florida -- A man fleeing police early Saturday hit two men crossing the street -- killing a popular chef walking home -- and was later found at a bar. At dawn, friends of Aaron Jerome Davis who worked at The Kitchen St. Pete made a memorial at the crash scene. About 2 a.m., Jason Mitchell was driving at a high rate of speed. The police DUI squad saw him and attempted to stop the vehicle as it slowed. Mitchell accelerated at a very high rate, clearly indicating that he was not going to stop.

Jason Mitchell continued accelerating southbound, running the red light. Two pedestrians, Aaron Jerome Davis and Brian Lee LaFrance, were crossing 2nd Street. The pedestrians had the green light and the crossing signal on the pedestrian control. Witnesses were stopped in the southbound curb lane, just north of the crosswalk. The Dodge passed the witnesses, running the red light and striking the two pedestrians.

LaFrance was sideswiped and spun onto the pavement. Davis was projected onto the hood and windshield, before vaulting over the roof. Davis, a chef at The Kitchen St. Pete, came to rest on the west sidewalk of 2nd Street.

Jason Mitchell drove off the southwest corner of the intersection, striking two concrete light pillars, ripping the right front wheel off of the vehicle. Jason Mitchell continued scraping along, coming to final rest. Mitchell and his passenger exited the vehicle and fled. With the assistance of club staff, the two subjects were apprehended at Push Ultra Lounge.

LaFrance was transported to Bayfront Health St Petersburg in critical condition and has since been stabilized. He was released from the hospital on Sunday. Davis was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Mitchell has been charged with vehicular homicide, DUI manslaughter, aggravated fleeing and eluding, leaving the scene of a crash involving death, and DUI serious bodily injury. While in custody in the Breath Testing Center of police headquarters, Mitchell attempted to escape and was quickly apprehended. Mitchell has bee arrested before for grand theft auto, fleeing police, giving a false name to law enforcement, and possession of marijuana, cocaine, crack.

According to a Facebook post, Davis was on headed home from his job as a chef at The Kitchen St. Pete. The post was by 400 Beach Seafood and Tap House, where his wife, Anastasia Granucci Davis, is executive chef. Her employer posted a link to announcing that C1 Bank branches are accepting donations for a fund dedicated to Anastasia, who is due to deliver the couple's second child this week. - (Black-on-white)


    Missouri Supreme Court: Andre Cole competent to be executed
Andre ColeThe Missouri Supreme Court has rejected the claim that a man scheduled to be executed next week is not competent to be executed. Andre Cole is scheduled to die Tuesday evening by lethal injection for the 1998 stabbing death of a friend of his ex-wife’s. Cole’s lawyers offered the findings of a psychiatrist that Cole is depressed and has symptoms of psychosis, specifically delusions that keep him from understanding why he would be executed. The Court found that he is competent, in part, by reviewing audio recordings of telephone conversations in which it says Cole demonstrated that he understands his sentence and the reason for it. Cole was convicted of stabbing Anthony Curtis 21 times, after going to confront his ex-wife about the back child support he owed to her. He then attacked his ex-wife, Terri, stabbing her repeatedly, but she survived.

    South Dallas serial rapist pleads guilty to 2013 attacks, gets free room and board for life
Van Dralan DixsonBut for a bolt of lightning, Van Dralan Dixson might have been labeled a rapist in 1992. The strike killed Dixson’s accuser, leaving prosecutors without a victim. Dixson was off the hook. It took 23 years, several more victims and an interstate manhunt, but Dixson, 40, finally received the epithet when he pleaded guilty to a series of 2013 sexual assaults that terrorized South Dallas. For taking the plea deal, he’ll spend his life in prison. He’ll serve 30 years before he is eligible for parole. Dixson copped to four counts of aggravated sexual assault — police say he was responsible for as many as nine attacks – and two counts of aggravated robbery.

    Black boyfriend doused girlfriend with gasoline, set her on fire
black boyfriendSEATTLE — A woman was transported to the hospital Sunday evening after her boyfriend allegedly doused her in gasoline and set her on fire, officials said. Seattle police and firefighters responded to the call shortly after 9:00 p.m. at an apartment complex in the 7400 block of Rainier Avenue South in Seattle. Witnesses said the man confronted his girlfriend before dousing her with gasoline and lighting her on fire. The man then ran away. The victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center where she suffers from burns over 20 percent of her body. She is listed in critical condition, but expected to survive. “She was screaming,” “We both were screaming. She was saying ‘I’m on fire, I’m on fire.’ And she was literally on fire.” Police are still searching for the suspect. He is described as a black male in his 60s, 5’7, 145 pounds, with a skinny build, wearing dark clothing at the time of the attack. - (Burned Alive!)


    Black Sports: Lawrence Phillips, ex-NFL running back, suspected of killing prison cellmate
Lawrence PhillipsFRESNO, Calif. — Ex-NFL running back Lawrence Phillips is suspected of killing cellmate in California prison. Phillips’ cellmate at Kern Valley State Prison was found lifeless early Saturday and later pronounced dead, prison spokesman Lt. Marshall Denning said in a statement. Phillips, 39, was once one of the nation’s top college football players at Nebraska. He is suspected of killing Damion Soward, a 37-year-old inmate from San Bernardino County serving 82 years to life for a first-degree murder conviction.

    ATF Offering $10K Reward For Information In Jewelers’ Row Abduction Case
Khayree GayPHILADELPHIA — ATF officials announced a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the identification those responsible for the abduction, assault and robbery of a woman from Jewelers’ Row earlier this month. Authorities say one person has been arrested in connection with the incident and the search continues for two others. Officials say 31-year-old Khayree Gay was taken into custody in South Carolina on Friday. He now faces federal robbery and kidnapping charges. The ATF’s reward is in addition to a $10,000 reward offered by the City of Philadelphia Mayor’s Office. Police say on April 4th, three men grabbed the 53-year-old woman from a parking garage, dragged her into a van then beat, robbed and used a taser on her for hours. She was eventually found and hospitalized.

    Driver and 15-year-old boy 'shot dead in revenge' after 2-year-old girl was accidentally run over and killed by van
Archie Brown JrMilwaukee police say the driver of a van who struck and killed a 2-year-old has been shot dead at the scene of the accident - possibly in revenge. A 15-year-old boy was also shot and later died - though it's not clear what his connection to the incident was. The car accident occurred at 5:10pm Sunday after the child ran into the street in a residential neighborhood. The driver remained at the scene and stayed in his van while police arrived. Before officers could show up, someone opened fire - shooting the driver in the head. He died at the scene. A 15-year-old boy was also shot and later died at the hospital. Police say the teen was not a passenger in the van. The driver's father identified him as father-of-four Archie Brown Jr. Police are still looking for the person responsible.


Dangers of interracial dating



Florida man sets bouncer on fire after he gets kicked out for hustling pool
Ivan Louis RodriguezA badly burnt bouncer from Florida is fighting for his life as police search for the scoundrel who set him on fire late Sunday outside a Port St. Lucie watering hole. The incident occurred after the punk was tossed out of Neely’s Grog House. The staff refused to accept a personal check from Ivan Louis Rodriguez, 45, because he wrote checks in recent weeks that bounced. Without another way to pay for the two beers and two mixed drinks police said he ordered and imbibed, the man allegedly tried to hustle patrons at the pool table. That’s when the bouncer, Brian Johnston, walked over. The two exchanged words, and the troublemaker was ejected. But Rodriguez allegedly returned a couple of hours later, approached Johnston in the parking lot and tossed a cup of gasoline on him. During the skirmish that followed, the deadbeat used a cigarette lighter and, with a visible flash of light the bouncer was set ablaze. Rodriguez then got into a pickup truck and drove off. - (Burned Alive!)


Great-grandfather eyed in dad’s stabbing death at birthday party
Nicholas DiazAn 81-year-old man is suspected of fatally stabbing his great-granddaughter’s ex-boyfriend after a birthday party for the pair’s­ 1-year-old daughter in Brooklyn. “My great-grandfather tried to break up the fight; that’s how it happened,” said a distraught woman who refused to give her name, but was identified by neighbors as Amber, the victim’s ex. The incident unfolded at around 2:15 a.m. after Amber and ex-beau Kevin Rivera, 21, began fighting following daughter Aeralya’s birthday party in an apartment. Amber’s great-grandfather, Nicholas Diaz, picked up a knife and attacked the out-of-work musician during the brawl, cops said. “They beat him, and then they killed him,” said José Rivera, 65. “I believe more than one person in that house killed my son.



Police say they're searching for (Indian) man who killed wife at Dunkin' Donuts shop where they worked
Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai PatelPolice say the woman, 21-year-old Palak Bhadreskumar Patel of Hanover, died at the scene. Police say the investigation revealed that Patel's husband, 24-year-old Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel, hit her multiple times with an object and then fled. They say Patel has been charged with murder, assault and a weapons offense.

  • "Patel Motel" phenomenon
    A sizable number of Indian immigrants to the United States came in the 1960s and 1970s. Many of them worked in blue collar jobs and saved up to buy undervalued or dilapidated properties, turning them into businesses. As many as 60% of mid-sized motels and hotel properties all over the US are owned by people of Indian origin. Of this nearly one-third have the surname Patel - a popular one among Indian Gujaratis (those that came from Gujarat).


Defendant Seeks To Overturn Death Sentence in 2012 Montco Double Murder of Toddler and Grandmother
Raghu YandamuriSaanvi VennaNORRISTOWN, Pa. — The man who was sentenced to death last year for killing a ten-month-old girl and her grandmother in King of Prussia was back in Montgomery County Court today, arguing for a new trial or to get his death sentence overturned. Rhagu Yandamuri tried to explain to Montgomery County judge Steven O’Neill that he felt his lawyers, Henry Hilles and Stephen Heckman, had stopped answering his calls or his letters. Yandamuri was convicted and sentenced to death last October for the 2012 killing of Saanvi Venna and her 61-year-old grandmother in their King of Prussia apartment during what prosecutors say was a botched kidnapping.  Yandamuri had insisted upon acting as his own attorney during his trial.


    Clifton man accused of throwing lit firecrackers outside Passaic synagogue - yelling “Allahu Akbar”
Rizek Musheisen PASSAIC – A 21-year-old Clifton man is accused of throwing lit firecrackers outside a synagogue and yelling “Allahu Akbar” before fleeing in a car Saturday night. Rizek Musheisen is charged with bias intimidation, possession of fireworks, harassment and criminal mischief. He was in the city’s lockup Sunday morning before bail was set. Officers responded to the Ahavas Israel Synagogue at 181 Van Houten Ave. around 8 p.m. after a report of a suspicious incident. The synagogue was open at the time.


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  • Tulsa reserve deputy charged with manslaughter
    An unpaid Oklahoma reserve deputy was charged Monday with manslaughter in the death of a suspect whose shooting was captured on videotape. Second-degree manslaughter charges were filed against reserve deputy Robert Charles "Bob" Bates, 73, in the shooting death of Eric Courtney Harris, 44, District Attorney Stephen Kunzweiler's office in Tulsa confirmed.
    Authorities say Eric Harris was trying to sell an undercover officer a gun when more officers arrived and he took off.




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    (White) Oklahoma cop mistakenly pulls gun instead of Taser, fatally shoots (black) suspect
Robert Charles BatesEric Courtney HarrisAn Oklahoma reserve deputy says he thought he grabbed his Taser stun gun -- but instead had inadvertently pulled his service revolver -- when he fatally shot a suspect being handcuffed. The officer, Robert Charles Bates, 73, shot and killed convicted felon Eric Courtney Harris, 44, as the suspect was struggling with deputies arresting him on gun charges, the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said Friday. Bates, an insurance company executive and a former full-time officer, is assigned to the Violent Crimes Task Force. Bates fired one shot Thursday during an undercover operation to sell Harris a pistol and ammunition. Police said Harris initially ran, then was on the ground as a deputy tried to handcuff him. Police said he was shot moments after officers "observed him reaching for his waistband area ... causing concern for the deputies' safety," CNN reported. The suspect died an hour later at the hospital.

    Black gangster car thief driver charged in fatal head-on crash with stolen vehicle with which he murdered a White man
Antonio Tyrone Jones JrMatthew John SmithLAKELAND -- The family of a Lakeland man killed in a fatal car crash Friday is reacting to charges being filed in the crash. Police have arrested 20-year-old Antonio Jones on a vehicular homicide charge along with burglary, grand theft and fleeing to elude. Officers said Jones was driving a stolen SUV when it crashed head on into Matthew Smith's vehicle on North Galloway Road Friday evening. Smith died at the scene. Smith was on his way home to his family at the time of the crash. He had left a voice mail message for his fiancée Emily Herndon before the crash. She is pleased with news of the charges against Jones. "I am just filled with anger. I just hope that he is punished for what he did," said Herndon. There were five passengers in the stolen vehicle. They included two adults and three juveniles. LPD said Jones and four of the passengers were documented gang members. "I hope all of them regret this for the rest of their lives because they tore about a big family," said Herndon. "We have to deal with this day by day and have to live with this the rest of our lives." Family friend Brandy Speights was also hoping that the passengers in the stolen vehicle would also face charges. - (Black-on-white)
  • Head-on Death Triggers Charges
    A 20-year-old Lakeland man has been arrested on a vehicular homicide charge in the death Friday of Matthew John Smith, whose SUV was struck head-on by a stolen vehicle, Lakeland police said Tuesday. Police said Antonio Tyrone Jones Jr., 20, of 1114 Apollo Court, was driving the stolen 2005 Buick Rendezvous that struck Smith's 2005 Toyota 4 Runner near the 200 block of North Galloway Road about 7:40 p.m. Smith, 31, was pronounced dead at the scene. The Buick had been reported stolen just after 9 a.m. Friday from a house on New York Avenue in Lakeland.

    Black Judge slams (White) victims for tot's 'black men' fear - only gives his black thug brothers probation for home invasion
Gregory WallaceOlu StevensMarquis McAfeeJordan and Tommy Gray's 3-year-old daughter was watching "SpongeBob" when two armed men broke into their home near Buechel on March 21, 2013, and robbed them at gunpoint. Two years later, when one of the offenders was about to be sentenced, Jordan wrote in a victim impact statement that her daughter was still "in constant fear of black men." Both robbers were African-American. "Whenever we are running errands, if we come across a black male, she holds me tight and begs me to leave," the mother said. "It has affected her friendships at school and our relationships with African-American friends." Tommy Gray also wrote that since the crime, his daughter had been terrified of black males and that probation was not sufficient punishment for Gregory Wallace, 27, who had pleaded guilty to robbery. "If holding a little girl at gunpoint gets you probation, then our system is flawed," Gray said. But when Wallace was brought up for sentencing Feb. 4 in Jefferson Circuit Court, it was the parents, not Wallace, who suffered Judge Olu Stevens' wrath. Wallace and his accomplice, Marquis McAfee, both 27, were arrested about three weeks after the robbery. Both pleaded guilty and McAfee, who was on probation for a prior crime, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, which he is serving. (more...) - (Black-on-white)

    Two (Black) College Students Charged in Gang Rape in Panama City Beach FL
Delonte’ Martistee and Ryan Austin CalhounTwo college students have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in Panama City Beach, FL, in an incident that hundreds of bystanders did nothing to stop according to local authorities. Delonte’ Martistee, 22, and Ryan Austin Calhoun, 23, both students at Troy University in Alabama, were arrested Friday and charged with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators according to a statement from the Bay County, FL Sheriff’s Office.

    Rape suspect has preliminary hearing in Beckley
Erique Spencer HarrisThe victim of a rape comes forward nearly five years after she says she was attacked. The suspect in that rape investigation is now facing charges of Second Degree Sexual Assault. Erique Spencer Harris, 22, had a preliminary hearing scheduled on Friday, April 10, 2015. The victim came forward on March 23, 2015 about an incident that happened at a home in Beckley in Sept. 2010. The girl was 12-years-old at the time.She identified Harris as her attacker. He was 18 when the incident happened and is now 22-years-old. In the complaint, the victim said that she ordered her attacker to stop covering her mouth and ripping her clothes off. She apparently became pregnant as a result of the rape. A paternity test showed that Harris is the father of the child.

    Arcadia Man Charged with Rape, Kidnapping and Assault; Bail Set at $3.25 Million
Philippe Mengi Brian LuteteA 29-year-old Arcadia man who was out on bail in a sexual battery case when he allegedly abducted a woman off the street and raped her for hours was charged in that case. Philippe Mengi Brian Lutete was already facing charges of false imprisonment by violence and sexual battery by restraint in connection with an alleged attack last November. Prosecutors amended the felony complaint to include five additional charges: two counts of forcible rape and one count each of kidnapping to commit rape, forcible oral copulation and assault with intent to commit rape in the most recent case.

    Harvey rape suspect nicknamed 'Pig' arrested; second man sought
Charles WilliamsAuthorities have arrested a man accused of raping a woman in Harvey last year. And Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office investigators are still searching for his accomplice. Charles Williams, 26, of Harvey was booked Wednesday (April 8) with aggravated rape. He and an unidentified man are accused of assaulting a 30-year-old woman on Dec. 30. The woman told investigators that she and a male companion met up with two men to buy cocaine. The woman and her companion got into a car with the men to make the transaction. But the woman's companion paid for the drugs with a counterfeit $100 bill. When the two men discovered the money was fake, the woman's companion quickly jumped out of the vehicle and fled. The two men, with the woman still in the car, drove around looking for her companion with no success. The men are accused of pulling over to the side of the road and raping the woman.


    Rapper Nelly arrested after cops find meth, guns and pot in raid of bus
rapper NellyNASHVILLE, Tenn. — Rapper and reality TV star Nelly is facing felony drug charges after being arrested in Tennessee on Saturday. Tennessee Highway Patrol said that Nelly, whose real name is Cornell Haynes, was pulled over about 9:20 a.m. because the bus he was riding in failed to display a U.S. Department of Transportation and International Fuel Tax Association sticker. Troopers smelled marijuana when they reached the bus. When troopers searched the bus, they found five rocks that tested positive for meth, as well as a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Troopers also say they found numerous handguns.
  • Rapper Nelly arrested on drug charges
  • Nelly ‘Not Aware’ Of Heroin, Marijuana, Gun Found On Tour Bus - Oct 12, 2012
    Hip-hop artist Nelly’s tour bus was routinely searched at a West Texas border checkpoint, where officers uncovered a loaded gun, heroin, and marijuana. The “Hot in Herre” rapper now contends that he was “not aware” that a staff member was in possession of the illegal stash. The Sierra Blanca checkpoint is infamous for nabbing celebrities on drug-related charges. Performers who have been caught with illegal drugs onboard their tour buses have been Snoop Dogg, Fiona Apple, Willie Nelson, and Armie Hammer.

    (Black) Mother arrested after 'leaving quadriplegic son in the woods for five days' while she visited her boyfriend
Nyia ParlerA Philadelphia mother accused of abandoning her quadriplegic son in the woods before skipping town to see her boyfriend has been arrested. Nyia Parler, 41, was taken into custody by authorities in Montgomery County, Maryland overnight Saturday on charges including aggravated assault, simple assault and neglect of a care-dependent person. Police say she traveled to Maryland from Pennsylvania either last Sunday or Monday after leaving her 21-year-old wheelchair-bound son in a wooded park with nothing but a blanket and a Bible. Parler's son, who is non-verbal and suffers from cerebral palsy, was found on Friday night lying beneath a rain-soaked blanket and a pile of leaves on the ground, 10 feet from his wheelchair and the Bible.

    (White) ex-stepmom of missing Barway Collins suspected (black) father 'from day one'
Pierre CollinsBarway CollinsJennifer BeaverJennifer Beaver, Barway Collins' former stepmother, says she suspected Barway's father, Pierre Collins, had something to do with the incident "from day one." The Crystal Police Department has named Collins as a suspect in the 10-year-old boy's disappearance.

    Temple: Bill Cosby Won't Speak at Commencement
Bill CosbyThe action came after renewed allegations by women alleging decades-old sexual assaults. Cosby has strongly denied wrongdoing and has never been criminally charged.

    ‘Belligerent’ (black) mom hits onlooker in the head with a bottle
belligerent black female bottle basherA Manhattan straphanger learned a hard lesson Saturday morning about giving the stink-eye to a violent stranger on a subway train. The female straphanger made the mistake of casting a stern look at to a belligerent woman who was threatening and cursing out a toddler-aged child. When the train pulled into the Fulton Street station, the berserk woman stormed up to the woman who gave her the glare and hit her on the right side of the head with the same bottle she’d been threatening to strike the child with, police said.



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    (Black) 25-year-old guilty of killing (White) UT student
David WilliamsRyan McCallTampa, FL -- A 25-year-old man was found guilty on Friday of killing a University of Tampa student in 2009. The jury deliberated more than three hours on Friday before returning the verdict against David Williams. He also was found guilty of robbery and attempted robbery. Shortly after hearing the verdict, Williams also received his sentence: life in prison without the possibility of parole. Williams was accused of murdering University of Tampa student Ryan McCall in August 2009 as McCall and a friend walked back to campus after a birthday party at a nearby bar. Both sides admitted there was little physical evidence presented, and Williams did not take the stand in his own defense. However, his own words in a taped confession were likely the key factor as jurors reached a verdict. - (Black-on-white)

    The Jena Six were six black teenagers in Jena, Louisiana convicted in the 2006 beating of Justin Barker, a white student
Justin Barker5 of Jena 6Six students (Robert Bailey, then aged 17; Mychal Bell, then 16; Carwin Jones, then 18; Bryant Purvis, then 17; Jesse Ray Beard, then 14; and Theo Shaw, then 17) were arrested in the assault of Barker. Mychal Bell was initially convicted as an adult of aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery. His convictions were overturned on the grounds that he should have been tried as a juvenile. Before a retrial in juvenile court, Bell pled guilty to a reduced charge of simple battery. The other five defendants later pled "no contest" to the same offense, and were convicted. - (Black-on-white) (another black thug cause célèbre)

    (Black Muslim) Kansas man accused of plotting to detonate bomb at Fort Riley military base
John T. Booker JrA 20-year-old Kansas man plotted to kill American soldiers with a vehicle bomb at the Fort Riley military base, an attack he planned to carry out on behalf of the ISIS terror group, prosecutors announced Friday. John T. Booker, also known as Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, was arrested as part of a lengthy FBI investigation. Federal authorities said he was arrested near the army base in Manhattan, Kansas, as he completed final preparations to detonate the bomb, which had, in fact, been rendered inert while he was under FBI surveillance.

    Decorated (White) Boston Police Officer Released From Hospital After Being Shot by Black Assasin
Angelo WestJohn T. Moynihan A police officer who was honored for his role during the Boston Marathon bombings was released from the hospital, the city's police department said today, a day after they released video of him being shot. The Boston Police Department described officer John Moynihan's condition as "serious but improving." He has been hospitalized since March 27 when he was shot just below his eye during a traffic stop. The shooting suspect, Angelo West, was killed during an ensuing shootout with police.

    Grand jury charges Tuscaloosa man with sexual abuse and sodomy of 9-year-old girl
Demarcus Lenard MackA 28-year-old Tuscaloosa man was arrested Tuesday and charged with the sexual abuse and sodomy of a 9-year-old girl. Sgt. Brent Blankley of the Tuscaloosa Police Department said investigators in TPD's juvenile division were made aware of the possible abuse in November and have been collecting evidence and conducting interviews since. The investigators forwarded that information to a Tuscaloosa County grand jury, who indicted the suspect, Demarcus Lenard Mack, on March 24, for two counts of first-degree sodomy and one of sexually abusing a child younger than 12 years old.

    City police take man by surprise, charge him with criminal homicide in elderly female roommate's death
David BarksdaleDavid Barksdale and Peggy SwannHARRISBURG -- Harrisburg police took David Barksdale by surprise when they showed up at his home with an arrest warrant. Police said he seemed shocked when officers announced the man was being charged in the death of his 83-year-old roommate. Peggy Swann, after all, was found dead nearly ten months prior at the residence in 100 block of North 13th Street where the pair lived with other roommates. "It's been a long investigation [into the case]. It's been months of cooperation with a lot of different people," said Harrisburg police Sgt. Gabriel Olivera at Friday afternoon news conference at the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. City Government Center.

    Philadelphia Police Seeking Suspects After Violent Assault; 2 In Custody
Aleathea Gilliard and Shareena JoachimPHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia Police are investigating a violent aggravated assault in the Olney section of Philadelphia. Two women have already been arrested for their involvement in the assault, but authorities are still looking for several additional suspects. Police have released surveillance footage of the April 7th attack that took place just before 7:00 p.m. on the 5500 block of North 5th Street. Officers responded to a report of a fight in the street, and arrived on location to find a 51-year-old male lying on the ground bleeding from his head. Surveillance video recovered from a nearby camera, showed a group of unknown males and females exiting a gray mini-van, as several occupants approach and then violently assault the male. Some of the attackers were armed with a hammer, mace, and a piece of wood. A short time after the assault, officers spotted a silver Honda Odessy in the parking lot of Einstein Hospital with two female occupants. Those occupants were recognized as suspects in the assault, and were taking into custody. Police have identified them as 34-year-old Aleathea Gilliard and 24-year-old Shareena Joachim. Both are from the 400 block of West Wellens Avenue.



    Police make second arrest in deadly (black-on-White) Kroger shooting
Joshua RicheyShontavious ChestnutDamarius ThompsonATLANTA - Atlanta police say a second suspect, 25-year-old Shontavious Chestnut, was arrested in Pensacola, Florida in connection to the murder of Josh Richey. Richey, a construction worker and father of four, was murdered on March 10th in the parking lot of a Kroger in Atlanta. 29-year-old Damarius Thompson was arrested in March of 2015. Investigators say Richey saw someone trying to break into his vehicle and approached Thompson and Chestnut. Richey was shot and later died from his injuries. Police say a tip from the public helped to identify the BMW seen in surveillance video speeding away from the Kroger moments after the shooting. Once investigators identified the car, they were able to identify Thompson as one of the suspects. Police say Thompson has an extensive criminal history. He had just been released from the Carroll County Jail three days before allegedly shooting Richey. - (Black-on-white)

    Mistrial declared for black previously convicted of murdering a (White) woman found in basement
Melissa SnodgrassMichael MolinaPITTSBURGH —A judge has declared a mistrial after jurors were unable to reach a verdict in the trial of a man charged with having killed a woman found dead in the basement of a vacant Pittsburgh house more than a decade ago. Forty-two-year-old Michael Molina is charged in the murder of 21-year-old Melissa Snodgrass, who was last seen in September 2003. Her mummified remains were found in March 2004. Molina was convicted of third-degree murder and sentenced to 20 to 40 years but won a new trial based on a prosecutor's remarks. Jurors in his retrial said Wednesday that they had been unable to reach unanimous agreement. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Ex-con Gastonia man charged with murder for shooting a (White) man that he knew
David Benjamin McCulloughBrian Anthony KappaufCharlotte-Mecklenburg police have charged a Gastonia man with murder following a shooting Tuesday, authorities said Thursday. David Benjamin McCullough, 63, was served with the murder warrant Thursday morning. At 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, police responded to the 4400 block of Ridgevalley Drive, where they found Brian Anthony Kappauf, 43, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. Kappauf was taken to Carolinas Medical Center, and on Wednesday was pronounced dead. Police had arrested McCullough at the scene of the shooting, where he was taken into custody without incident. The two men knew each other and been involved in a dispute before the shooting, according to police. Authorities did not say what the dispute was about. McCullough originally was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and firearm by a felon. - (Black-on-white)

    Outrage as teachers get their third graders to write 'get well soon' cards for convicted cop killer Mumia
Mao Mao JamalDaniel FaulknerA group of eight-year-old children in New Jersey have written letters to convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, wishing that he will 'get better soon' while recovering in hospital from a mystery illness after being encouraged by their teacher. The cards have caused outrage and alarm among political commentators, many of whom claim the 60-year-old's illness is a fraud and clamor for attention. Abu-Jamal, who shot Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in cold blood in 1981, was taken to hospital on April 2 after collapsing in the bathroom of the State Correctional Institution at Mahanoy. But this week he was delivered two batches of letters - one from a third grade class in Orange, New Jersey and another from high school students in the Philadelphia Student Union. - (Black-on-white)

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    (Black) Serial killer threatens prison guards, mentions murders from 1980s
Craig PriceRebecca SpencerJoan Heaton, with her 10 year old daughter Jennifer and her 8 year old daughter MelissaFour-time confessed murderer, Craig Price, threatened prison guards in Florida and made mention of his gruesome crimes of the late 1980's. "I'm going to kill every officer I can get my hands on, just like I killed those little kids,” said Price, according to a disciplinary report. Now 41-years-old, Price has been behind bars for 26 years. In 1989, he was only 15, but bulky and 280 pounds when he confessed to four murders in his Warwick neighborhood. Joan Heaton and her two daughters, 10 year old Jennifer and eight year old Melissa were savagely killed with kitchen knives in their Buttonwood home. Jennifer was stabbed 62 times. Police found the murder weapons in a shed behind Price's home. He was less than remorseful, later admitting to the unsolved murder of neighbor Rebecca Spencer two years earlier, when Price was only 13. Price was not tried as an adult because he was so young when the crimes were committed. State law has since been changed. He was free to be released on his 21st birthday, but instead was sentenced for contempt after refusing to undergo psychiatric testing. His time behind bars hasn't gone smoothly. Outrage erupted when video surfaced of him, at the time, in the state training school, rapping about killing a cop. He was shipped to Florida in 2004, like other high profile inmates, and he's violated his probation a number of times. In 2009, Price stabbed a prison guard with a homemade weapon. Rhode Island prosecutors have closely watched Price from afar. Each time he gets into trouble, he violates probation and extra time could be tacked onto to his overall sentence. - (Black-on-white)

  • The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States
    black rapistIn the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.
  • Interracial Rape Statistics



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