30 species of flies


Thirty new species of flies have been identified just in the county of Los Angeles, California. 

To those unversed in the ways of existence, this may seem like big news, but to those who understand a little about existence, it is no big news at all.  In fact, I could fill many pages like the one you're reading now just with new species of flora and fauna that are discovered constantly.

Why are new species always being discovered?   The answer is simple.  It is because nature constantly tinkers with life and tweaks older forms into newer ones that have adaptations that make them better suited for certain conditions.

Evolution never stops because we do not live in a static universe. Our universe is dynamic. This means there is constant movement. And, so long as there is movement, there is change, and so long as there is change there is need to adapt.

In thinking about life, it is sometimes helpful to think in terms of a "life force" that "wants" to expand life into every niche where some form of energy can be found to provide what is needed, not only to fuel the life processes, but to make the organisms that live in these niches "happy" and comfortable to live there.

And, in thinking along these lines, one must also consider that the "life force" doesn't much care which form of life exists so long as life itself--any form of life--exists.  It is up to sentient life to take care of itself and make sure that it is the type that continues to exist.  

In other words, nature has defaults to automatically carry life to a certain jumping off stage, and when that stage is reached (which we White humans have reached), the life at that stage must take over if it hopes to increase the odds of its survival or it can simply continue to let nature blindly do what it will.  If the latter path is chosen, life at that jumping off stage may or may not survive. It may prevail or it may automatically be replaced by a better adapted organism or version of itself.  However, if that life understands how nature works and what is best for itself, it may take manual control and steer itself along a path where it is not replaced, but adapts and evolves.

We Whites now face our genocide as millions of non-Whites invade our lands and increase the frequency of their genes in available gene pools.  Where once we mostly could only choose to mate with those of our kind, now there are many other choices and these other choices are all around us at a time when our own kind are not breeding enough of us to provide enough mating choices for all of our kind.  Thus are we seeing miscegenation--bedroom genocide--in all formerly all White nations.  Thus do we see our sacred seeds and sacred eggs being used to produce non-White people who may replace us.

We must understand the basic forces of existence if we are to continue to survive as White people and we must act on our knowledge.  We must live intentionally and purposely, always putting Whiteness before all else.  What is good is what helps us as White people What is evil is what harms us as White people.  That is the standard we must adopt. And, by helping or harming us, I mean we must adopt ethics and moral values that are based on our expansion and evolution along a purely White trajectory for each of us individually and collectively.  We must become more "White," not less so.

We are in eternal gene wars.  This means genes are always vying for expression over other genes.  This is natural and involves no universal concepts of good and evil.  It is the way of natural selection and evolution.  The concepts of good and evil enter the picture in relation to ourselves.  What is good is what benefits us as Whites.  What is evil is what harms us as Whites.  And, this same standard applies to all other peoples and organisms of whatever kind.

And, one of the things that seriously harms us as White people is allowing our sacred seeds and eggs to become polluted with the genes of non-Whites. We must not simply wait for other Whites to wake up and see things as we see them.  We, each one of us, both male and female Whites, must live right and breed to our maximum.  We must let all those potential White people we carry in our seeds and eggs out of our bodies and we must breed only with other Whites and never with any non-Whites.
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