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Black on White crime
Black on White crime

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Breaking Black Crime Google: Black on White Crime Tyrone N. Butts

This page can not be a comprehensive list - but can only feature some recent confirmed black on white crime from major media.

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    White 18-Year-Old Co-ed Calls 911 Before She Is Raped and Killed by Black 'Career Criminal'
Police say an 18-year-old woman used her cell phone to call 911 for help Monday night, but by the time officers arrived, she had been killed. Sunrise police said when officers arrived at the apartment building at 5990 N.W. 19th St. just after midnight, Christine Myers was lying dead in a hallway. Police arrested 26-year-old Edward Mosie Howard on Tuesday. Investigators said Myers and Howard knew each other, but investigators said they don't know a motive for the killing.  Howard made his first court appearance Wednesday. He is being held without bond on murder and sexual assault charges. Police said he also has a no-bond hold for a probation violation. - (Tyrone N. Butts, -88-) - (TNB) - (crime)  
Lauderhill black charged with murder of BCC student, 18


13-year-old White Girl Killed; Black Suspect Also Wanted In Indiana Double Murder and Child Rape
Melvin M. KeelingKatelind CaudillThe man wanted by police in the Monday morning shooting death of a 13-year-old Deerfield Township girl is now wanted for a double murder in Indiana.  Katelind Caudill, 13, a seventh grader at Kings Junior High, was shot to death Monday morning at her grandmother's home located at 2183 Cosmos Drive in the Loveland Park neighborhood. Click here to read the full story about Caudill. Melvin M. Keeling, 43, is also wanted for a double murder that took place a few hours later in Jasper County, Indiana, about 65 miles southeast of Chicago. - (White Boy) - (crime) - (Black-on-White)

Black Man Sought In Connection With Indiana, Ohio Slayings
Investigators believe Keeling may have been involved in the 10 a.m. fatal shootings of two clerks at the Family Express convenience store in Remington, near Interstate 65, police said. Authorities said Lisa Kendall, 29,  and Kendora Furr, 38, both single moms, died during the Indiana shootings, which police said happened during a robbery attempt. Police said Keeling should be considered armed and dangerous. Keeling was charged in an unrelated case with two counts of rape and 24 counts of gross sexual imposition involving a child.
The 13-year-old girl was involved in that investigation but was not the victim, the sheriff's office said.
Authorities said they believe Keeling's stepdaughter and Katelind Caudill may have been friends.
Katelind was reportedly a witness against him in a sex crimes investigation

Laura Spencer is Kendall's sister. "When you seen Lisa she always had a smile on her face. Even if she was mad she even had a smile. Everybody liked her. She was a very well liked person . I hope he runs so the cops will do to him what he did to my sister."

Keeling was described as a black man
who is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 145 pounds. He has a black, tight curly Afro, brown eyes and a moustache. He was last seen wearing a dark green T-shirt with a stripe down the sleeves, blue jeans and dark shoes. Police said anyone with information about Keeling's whereabouts can call the Jasper County (Ind.) Sheriff's Department at (219) 866-7334.

    Black Police intructor kills white female police recruit
Albert C. JacksonTara DrummondAUSTELL, Ga.  -- Authorities have released the name of the instructor involved in a deadly shooting accident this week at the North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy in Cobb County. He is veteran instructor Cobb Co. Deputy Sheriff's Sgt. Albert C. Jackson. The city of Kennesaw held a moment of silence Thursday to remember the police trainee who was accidentally killed.  23-year-old Tara Drummond -- a recruit with the Kennesaw Police Department -- died Tuesday after being shot once in the chest.  Officials say Jackson violated safety rules by having a loaded gun. Warren says Jackson will remain on paid leave until an investigation by the sheriff, county police and Austell police is finished.  - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB

    Live-in boyfriend Colbert sentenced for killing young white mother of his spawn - Convicted killer only gets 5 to 15 years
Paul Colbert Cassandra KindlonCassandra Kindlon's family says her killer has gotten away with murder.  Although Paul Colbert was convicted of manslaughter, the victim's family says it is not enough.Over the objection of the defense, six surviving relatives of 19-year-old Kindlon tearfully confronted Colbert over the killing. Five months after she disappeared, Kindlon's skeletal remains were found along the Normans Kill in Albany last year. Cassie's family members said he is a monster - (Brewski) - (crime)  - Ref; In Memory Of: Cassandra Kindlon

    Mom, suspect killed in carjacking, shooting * Police ID Deadly Cobb Carjacker
Brian O'Neil ClarkKimberly D. BoydShawn RobertsKimberly D. Boyd took her son to preschool Monday morning, then dropped by a bank before heading to her office in north Cobb County.  Minutes later, her routine was shattered, and sometime before 9:30 a.m. she was struggling for her life with carjacker Brian O'Neil Clark as her Toyota Sequoia raced south. The kidnapping ended with the Acworth woman dead and the carjacker fatally shot by a passer-by.  Boyd died instantly when her SUV was broadsided by a cement truck. Within seconds, the man driving Boyd's car was also dead — shot by Shawn Roberts, 31, who had seen Boyd fighting the man and followed the car. "Roberts hollered at [the carjacker], 'Stay where you are. Stay where you are.'" The carjacker ran toward a gas station  and Roberts chased him. He told police the man turned a gun toward him, and he had to do something. Police questioned Roberts before releasing him without filing charges. - (NNN forum) - (crime

    2 Men Charged In Local Musician's Slaying * Longtime Musician Shot To Death
Richard Jones and Michael Jones Steven Peters
INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Two men have been charged in the slaying of a longtime member of the local symphony. Michael Jones and Richard Jones were charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the death of Steven Peters at his home. The suspects are not related. Iit appears the men were allegedly trying to rob the home, but Peters fought back.   "While they are kicking in the back door, the victim is lying on the floor. He opens fire -- one of the suspects is hit; as he flees, he says he heard another shot, and the victim is shot and killed."  There is blood evidence that places the suspects at the scene.  - (White Boy) - (crime)

    Teen Sentenced For Roles In Road-Rage Stabbing - Teens To Serve only 6 Months
Michael GoverJason Schmalenberger COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Three teenagers who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter were sentenced Monday. Three juveniles were accused in the fatal stabbing of a Gahanna father about six months ago. Jason Schmalenberger was stabbed with a knife several times near Parsons Avenue and Hamilton Road on April 3. The teens were passengers in a car driven by Michael Gover, who stabbed Schmalenberger to death. - (Gman) - (crime


Daughter Records Mother's Fatal Shooting - Husband Faces First-Degree Murder Charges
Eddie M. Johnson Lorraine Johnson
A man will stand trial on first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of his wife -- recorded on a digital audio recorder by the couple's 14-year-old daughter.  The recording was played in a courtroom  at a probable cause hearing for Eddie M. Johnson. His wife, Lorraine, was shot in the head in the front yard of their home. She died two days later.   The daughter said she had hoped to record evidence that her father was abusive to her mother. Instead, she caught the final moments of her mother's life. The recording starts with an argument over car keys. Then a loud pop is heard, followed by cries by the two daughters of the couple.  "My mother is dead," the girl said on the recording. "He shot my mother in the head. My mom. My mom. My mom." - (aryan_barbarian)
Woman Shot In Front Yard During Domestic Dispute Dies
Man Accused Of Shooting Wife Minutes After Police Leave

    Dollar General killer Roy Lee McDuffie sentenced to death
Roy Lee McDuffieDawniell Beauregard and Janice Schneider"Janice Schneider and Dawniell Beauregard were slaughtered," Circuit Judge S. James Foxman said while imposing the sentence, more than two months after the trial began. "The crime was heinous, atrocious and cruel. It was conscienceless, pitiless and unnecessarily torturous." Roy Lee McDuffie showed no emotion, maintaining his posture throughout the trial, only rocking back in his chair when the judge announced his ruling. The state asserted in its case that McDuffie, a manager trainee at the store, killed the women to rob about $6,000 because he was financially desperate. The evidence showed he bound Beauregard and slashed both women's necks before shooting them at close range.
- (Aryan Barbarian) - (crime)

    Trial Set To Begin In Rape, Murder Of Missing White Girl
Emily Rimel disappeared from her bed in December. Nine months later, charges have been filed, but there is still no sign of the girl. Next week will mark a new chapter in the case. That's when Lindsay Bruce is scheduled to stand trial on charges of kidnapping and rape. Rimel disappeared from her Madison Township home shortly before Christmas and hasn't been seen since. Less than two weeks after her disappearance, Bruce, a Rimel family friend, was arrested. Police said DNA linked him to the 5-year-old girl. "This young girl's DNA was, in fact, found on his genitalia," a prosecutor said.
- (Gman) - (crime)


Black psycho mental patient who stabbed a 10-month-old white girl on a Washington Heights street hears "voices in his head"
Bernard DerrBernard DerrJon Avins, the baby's fatherA mental patient who stabbed a 10-month-old girl on a Washington Heights street hears "voices in his head" and takes anti-psychotic medication, law enforcement sources said yesterday. Bernard Derr, 47, was so whacked out after his arrest Wednesday he gave two completely different confessions to cops and was sent to Bellevue Hospital for observation, the sources said.  "The guy's a nut," a source said. "It was just a random attack."  Isabelle Avins, who was stabbed in the stomach, was in critical but stable condition at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center after surgery to repair wounds to her intestines. - (guru2000) - (crime)  

    Brooklyn: White man shot in possible bias attack by a group of black men who yelled racial taunts
Michael Sena, who is white, was with friends at the TGI Friday's on Emmons Ave. about 10 p.m. when he was attacked by a group of black men who had yelled racial taunts, his family said.  "They jumped him," said the victim's mother, Susan Sena. "They ripped a chain right off his neck and they shot him in the back." The victim's cousin Allyson Albergo said tensions had been simmering among the racially diverse crowd. Albergo left the restaurant about 20 minutes before the incident, but claims she heard a black man taunt: "Those boys are gonna get what they deserve." The victim gave his mother a similar account of the evening, saying that some of his attackers called him a "white boy." No arrests were made. - (reader link)  - (Klansman)

left(click at left for full coverage)

    Black serial killer of White women - "A Deal with the Devil?" * Serial killer's case now heads into second appeal
Coral Watts White female victims of black racist serial killer
For 22 years, Coral Watts has been locked up in the Texas prison system, all but forgotten. "What’s amazing to me is everybody in America has heard of a Ted Bundy, a John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer. But when you mention the name of Coral Eugene Watts, 99.99 percent of the public has no clue who you’re talking about," says Andy Kahan, who is hoping to change that. As director of the Crime Victims Office for the Mayor of Houston, he's trying to find some way - any way - to keep Watts from being released.
I guarantee you, if he is released, women are gonna turn up murdered," says Kahan. "There’s no ifs, ands, or buts. This was a man that by his own admission stated that 'I’m gonna kill again if they ever release me.' You do not rehabilitate a serial killer."
"He'll have served less than two years for every Houston homicide victim that he murdered.
That’s incredible. It’s never happened before in this country’s history." - (reader links) - (forum) - (black-on-white)

Watts, 51, is accused of first-degree premeditated murder in the 1974 death of Gloria Steele, 19, who was stabbed more than 30 times. Watts, like Steele, was a Western Michigan University student at the time. Watts is a suspect in 26 slayings and may have killed more than 80 women. - (Zip-birthyear-sex required)

    12 Years For Black Baseball Bat Killer
Jeremy RourkeThe black 13-year-old boy who killed Jeremy Rourke with a baseball bat after a Pony League game was ordered Thursday to a youth detention center until he turns 25. A lawyer had argued that his client was acting in self-defense. The defendant is black and Jeremy was white, but the lawyer said "he did not believe the incident was racially motivated". - ( Another Angry White)

    Search for Emily Rimel Resumes - Rimel Last Seen In December
A search crew of 10 people and six dogs searched a portion of Interstate 70 in Licking County on Wednesday for a 5-year-old girl who has been missing since December. Emily Rimel disappeared from her Madison Township home in December and hasn't been seen since. Lindsey Bruce was charged with raping the girl and is suspected in her disappearance. He has been in jail for months. Detectives believe that Bruce was in Licking County the days after Rimel was taken from her southeast side apartmentEmily is 3 feet tall and about 48 pounds. She is white and has brown hair and brown eyes.
- (Gman)

    Darkest Africa: South Africa, Cape Town - Cops ask for help in finding baby killers
Jordan Leigh Nortonbaby killer sketchPolice have remained tight-lipped after the murder of a six-month-old baby in Rondebosch East two days ago. On Thursday they released an identikit of one of the four intruders responsible for the murder that has shocked the community. Jordan-Leigh Norton was stabbed when four intruders gained entry to her Scout Road home, held up her nanny and uncle and ransacked the house of valuables. Baby's murder puzzles cops
- (African Crusader) - (Africa)


    Accused Black Killer of White Boy "Not Competent To Stand Trial"
Gregory MurphyKevin ShiffletA judge in Alexandria ruled that Gregory Murphy was still not competent to stand trial for allegedly killing 8-year-old Kevin Shifflet in 2000. The boy was stabbed to death as he played in front of his grandmother's home in Alexandria's Del Ray neighborhood.
At one time, Murphy was found incompetent to stand trial and was put on medication. Last month, Evan Nelson, a court-appointed psychologist, said Murphy's condition had improved and he was fit for trial. But Nelson examined Murphy again on Thursday, and said he was still not well enough to face charges. Doctors said Murphy's objective test data indicate he is functioning in the mentally retarded range and exhibits indications of significant brain impairment. - (Brewski)

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   Black on White Rapes:
There are 20,000 black-on-white rapes every year in the US, but fewer than 100 white-on-black rapes.
George Williams Jr.Editor note: that works out to about 54 black on white rapes per day according to available statistics from 1999. New Nation News can only report a few of these confirmed black on white rapes from local news sites.


The American Genocide: Blacks murder twelve Whites in the US every day

    HOODWINKED The Mumia Syndrome - © 2005
Mao Mao JamalAaniel FaulknerIn the early morning hours of Dec. 9,1981, 25-year-old police officer Danny Faulkner pulled his patrol car behind a light blue Volkswagen Beetle in the heart of Philadelphia's red-light district. Alarmed by the circumstances, he radioed for a wagon to help with an arrest. A police car arrived two minutes later. To his unending horror, the arriving patrolman found Faulkner face up on the sidewalk, a bullet in his back and another right between his eyes – "complete instantaneous disability and death." - (Mogly)
Ref: Justice For Police Officer Daniel Faulkner
Ref: "1,130 Fry Mumia links on Google"

U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics
Homicide trends in the U.S. - Trends by race

Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented... (reader link)
"Blacks were 7 times more likely than whites to commit homicide in 1999"

Blacks arrested more for 'hate crimes'
FBI report confirms higher rate than whites for racial attacks
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