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 We put our faith in God as It truly is, and our views are all in accord with Its revelations to us. 

We know that Whites are poised at the threshold to be the next evolutionary step for mankind because God has revealed this to us. And, God is rooting for Whites to succeed.  However, there are no free rides and we must take responsibility and consciously help our evolution ever higher. We have been given the raw material to evolve higher, it is a special part of our DNA code that we call Essence. We are born with it and it is as real as all of our other White features.  However, by not living as an awakened White, most Whites are letting Essence lie dormant. And as it lies dormant it gets flaccid and atrophies.  As with muscles, Essence must be used and developed by each of us for ourselves and our kind.

How do we use and develop our Essence? By being good people and by living right while doing the will of God in our daily lives.  Filling in the details of what these terms mean would fill many books.  In brief, however, these things mean practicing the Golden Rule, staying separate from other kinds of humans while still being respectful and polite to them, having large pure White families, bearing the symbols and thanking the Ineffable Divine in the morning and at night for your life. And, of course being good means do not murder, do not steal, do not tell tall tales, do not harm others by word or deed, do not be a braggart, speak softly, do not try to offend others but try to help everyone--including yourself--have peace of mind. Using your common sense as you go through your days is also important.

Too many Whites follow primitive desert religious beliefs with their meaningless rituals and false teachings about the nature of man, of God and of existence.  These false beliefs harm us and can lead to our genocide. These false systems almost all fail to realize the genetic and biological nature of man as necessary to find God.

We proclaim that there is only One God--which we often call the Ineffable Divine and by various other names--It has no human son, it has no body, it exists in the subatomic realm of existence and underpins our level of reality. It is behind and one with the ever spinning, spiraling forces. If the spinning and spiraling ever stop, existence will not exist. If forced to describe what God looks like we might answer that it looks like air. You can't see it, but is all around you all the time. This is the White God, the God of light and life and evolution.  This is the real God. This is the only God. There is no other. Because It is so involved with the spinning, spiraling forces, we use representations of those forces as our religious symbols.  Thus we use various forms of fylfots and we also use representations of the shape of DNA which is the spiral of life.

God uses the natural laws of existence to do Its will. Many of these natural laws of existence are still undiscovered by man and they involve sub-atomic particles, waves, energies, forces and vibrations.  This is where religion meets science and in many cases, but not exclusively, physics.  We say not exclusively, because there are intersections with biology and psychology and virtually all other sciences.  We say that God is the God of life, evolution, light and is all good. It pushes back the dark and the nothingness with Its somethingness. What It does in the cosmos and on Earth, we also must do as the ones who are charged with doing God's work on Earth.

While many of us accept divinely revealed truths as they are given to us, we have free will and we are a curious people and there is nothing wrong with speculating on aspects of such revealed truths.  We accept as fact without argument that Whites are poised to be the next evolutionary step for mankind.  No proof is needed.  However, some of us point out that Whites are the new kids on the human block and we evolved to be the White people we are later than other races...in other words, we are already well on our way to evolving even higher as we leave other kinds behind. 

One mistake in thinking made by some of our people is that they want to believe that Whites did not evolve from earlier forms and they seem aghast at the notion that the first humans were probably non-White and that all other humans evolved from them.  There is nothing to be aghast about. All life evolved from ever earlier forms. It started with the first molecules of RNA or DNA and they led to all life that we know about on Earth. Humans are not like the earlier forms crawling around in the swamps in mud as single celled animals and yet we evolved from them, so why should we try to deny what science tells us about Whites evolving from earlier human forms?  We have to be smarter than to emotionally reject what appears to be settled science.  Whites are not Blacks.  Got it? We have evolved far, far away from them.  We have evolved further away from them than any other race has.  And, we are still evolving.

White DNA is more adaptable and plastic than that of other human types and this is shown in the wide variations that Whites have in things such as hair and eye color and many other features, while non-Whites lack this variability.  So what is going on?  Whites are continuing to evolve along a White path and very quickly.  Evil doers realize this and they want to stop our evolution by having us mate with non-Whites and turn our White family lines brown. That is why they are pushing so hard to have Whites miscegente.  They want to water down our blood and turn our family lines non-White.  They seek an end to our Whiteness and our evolution. They are trying to keep us from getting closer to God and eventually being a total replacement for all other types.  In a way, they see the future and they see that it is White and they fear us for they know that if our evolution is not stopped, they will go the way of the Neanderthals and all earlier forms.

Even now as we are a minority on this dark planet, our evolution marches on at a quickening pace among some Whites.  Now, not all Whites are going to go into the future as the new people on this planet, because those who are weak of mind, spirit and body and who lack proper beliefs and living styles and who are easily suggestible will miscegenate and this will stop their line's evolution dead in its tracks and will blend them back in with the dark masses. Only the pure will move forward to be the new Whites, the new humans, the replacements.

We know these things from our religious beliefs.  We also know that we will be persecuted by those who hate us and who want us to blend ourselves away, but our evolution is inevitable so long as there is even just one pure White male and one pure White female who are alive to breed and who do the will of God.

We, each of us, carry entire pure White armies within our bodies. One of our biggest tasks is to let those pure White armies out into the world by giving birth to them.  This is the duty of each White male and each White female as an individual responsibility. To state this duty clearly: Each White male must try to have as many pure White children as his body will allow and he is not to be held back by false morality. The moral thing for him to do is to find pure White females and mate with them as often as possible. Each White female is limited in the number of children she can have to one about every nine months. This she should try to do. She carries the eggs of our kind and she is the gatekeeper and the one who gives stability to those who are born, while the male gives novelty in those he helps produce. 

Our females get all of their eggs at one time during their life and they are put in a receptive state one at a time once a month or so.  These eggs do not change with temporary changes in internal and external environments under normal circumstances. This is why they give stability to the type.  Males, on the other hand, produce new sperm each and every day and the sperm and carrying fluid change constantly like a thermometer changing temperature.  Sometimes the fluid is more acidic, sometimes more this or more that and sometimes sperm carrying these genes and some carrying other genes are better suited to race to the egg and start the life process. These conditions of the sperm and the fluid are affected by the condition of the male, his age, his general health, what he eats, his emotional state and also by external stimuli such as weather, whether we are at war or not, and many other things as the male goes about his normal life each and every day. These changes are then passed on to the sperm and affect the type of child who is born including whether the child is male or female and thousands of other characteristics.

This rapid adaptation from the male and stable egg from the female are necessary for us to evolve to survive, but to not evolve too fast for conditions that are only temporary.  The male is like a car that can go 200 miles an hour while the female acts as a governor on that speed to keep it to a safe limit.

Essential White Skin

Don't fall for the lie that skin color is meaningless.  Our White skin is an essential part of our Essence that gives us the power to consciously evolve.

It is not a sure thing that we will be the ones who evolve. As already mentioned, there are no free rides and we must struggle and do the right things to make it so. If we fail, God will abandon us.

We must use our intelligence, our cunning, our free will and our strength to be the ones who win the battle and who not only survive, but who dominate and who then become the entire new species replacing all earlier forms of humans.  And, even then our evolution will not end, for it never ends. We will continue to branch off and struggle with our own kind to keep bringing forth the best evolved ones to continue to more ever higher.

Blind belief is not required, but what is required is that you live a righteous and good and happy life full of joy and respect for all life. Right actions, as in living right, are always more powerful than mere words and blind belief.

It's up to Whites to believe these things or not.  There is no compulsion. We have free will.  Some of us do believe and we do try to live right and do the will of God. We believe that we will evolve along a pure White line if we stay true to our beliefs and put Whiteness before all else.



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