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Let me state it directly.  What follows may not sound religious to those who are only familiar with traditional religions, but it is religious and also philosophical to some of us and plays a large part in our belief system and how we view all of existence and all living things, including human beings and their different races.  

Evolution is a reality and no one who understands anything at all about nature can doubt it.
What intelligent people can reasonably debate about evolution are the various mechanisms of how evolution works. 
The first thing we need to understand in discussing evolution is that it involves more than living things and is much larger than Darwin's or Lamarck's theories or any other theories of evolution dealing primarily with life.
All theories about the evolution of life are just subsets of the larger and all encompassing reality of cosmic evolution--the constant movement and resulting expansion and change of everything in existence (including humans) starting with a singularity that started the whole process some 12 to 14 billion years ago and which is generally believed to be the big bang or something similar.
Can Something Come From Nothing?
Religion most impactfully enters the picture when we are faced with the mystery of what caused the big bang and what was before the big bang. Ultimately, as we back track, we must ask how the somethingness of our universe came from an absolute nothingness (assuming there was a time when there was nothingness). This is the area where there is no answer other than that there was/is a something that can create itself out of nothing and which can then create other things out of itself or something else that it created.
We have a word for that which can create itself from absolute nothing: God. Whether or not this word, as used here, has the proper popular meanings inherent in the word itself, we don't know. But, until science can explain how something comes from nothing, it'll  do for some discussions.  And, science may be getting close to understanding how something comes from nothing with its investigation of sub-atomic particles, which as you probably know, are sometimes particles and sometimes waves and which seem to switch back and forth. Of course, "waves," while not matter, are still "something," so we have to get behind the waves to really understand.
And, if science eventually comes up with a good answer that is proven to be true and which does not involve what we would usually refer to as God, it matters not to us--who believe as we do--for the very workings of nature that have led to our existence are enough to justify awe and religious feelings and beliefs by which we can guide our lives. We don't need a big guy in the sky in order to believe and live our lives in the best way for us. Nature and its lessons inform us just fine even if there is no heavenly spirit peeking at us from behind the trees.
A Singularity
At its simplest, and just to emphasize this, evolution always begins with a singularity, a one, a point. And, this singularity, this one, this point, multiplies or expands. From one come many. It is ever so.
In life, evolution is from non-sentient minerals into forms that can make more like themselves.  At the heart of all life that we know about is DNA--the four simple chemicals repeated over and over and which produce a code or genotype that exists in all of our cells and which then "projects" out or spins the phenotype--our external appearance.  It is the DNA that gathers up the non-sentient minerals, the building blocks of life, and from them, builds us. It's as though the DNA is an artist building a clay model from the inside out and, when finished, the model comes alive and carries the internal artist within it.  Which is the real person?  The inner artist or the model he built?
Self Sorting Shuffle
Another way we look at and often visualize DNA is to think of it as being like a huge deck of playing cards--billions of cards in the deck--with just one of the letters A,T,C, G on each card. We then see nature or God as the card dealer who eternally shuffles the cards and deals different hands.  And, how does God or nature shuffle these cards?  With the eternal spinning of existence.  Does this require an intelligence?  Not in our view.  It is self-ordering. Spinning creates and destroys.  It also separates and joins and mixes. Just throw the cards into the whirlwind and they'll sort themselves out some way or other.
So, DNA showed up somehow on Earth. It then created a single cell to contain it. That led to multi-cellular life. Life multiplied, changed, adapted, evolved. The process has been going on ever since.  But, what is at the heart of all life? DNA. Four simple chemicals repeated and played with over and over and over until all life that we know about, in all its seeming complexity, was created. And, it continues.
DNA itself, or some part of it, is our soul and our essence. It spins us out as though it's on a central axis and throws out what we are. As it spins, an arm is spun out over here, a leg over there. Up here goes an eye. It makes us, as a reflection of itself. It is the code that is the real us.
So, life is created from DNA, and it adapts and it changes. New forms are created. Many millions fail and are dead ends. Some others become new singularities and begin a new branching.
But, you already know all of the above, maybe not exactly in those terms, but in terms you learned in school. 
Nature Doesn't Care If You Live Or Die--It's Up To You To Do The Right Things
You probably also learned or figured out that nature doesn't care which individual living things die.  It doesn't even care if millions of species die.  It just keeps tinkering with the DNA, changing a letter here and there, moving this one, changing this other one.  And, these minute changes often cause other changes and add up.  If the changes are needed at any particular time--that is, if they provide a survival advantage--then they may continue on via natural selection.
As it tinkers, nature builds-in to each life form or variant, ways for it to survive and to change and adapt to changing conditions and to multiply their kind in a race to dominate the niche or niches in which they live.  If the living things in a certain niche aren't the fittest to fill that niche, they'll be replaced by others that are. 
It's as though nature is not only tinkering, but is also playing a game as it watches all living things compete to survive and dominate. And to keep things interesting, nature will throw in various environmental disasters, challenges and changes, along with seemingly random events, unexpected mutations, unlucky deaths and other things to see which living things can adapt.
 It is clear that nature doesn't care which living things in the struggle for existence win, and nature will always tinker some more so that whatever form seems to be winning will suddenly have some newer competition that may be better and tougher than past competitors. And, this process goes on and will never end so long as the spinning continues.  If the spinning stops, existence stops. Remember, even in so called inanimate objects there is movement and spinning at the atomic and sub-atomic level. That rock may look inert, but inside, there is constant movement and spinning.
Our Tooth And Claw
Instead of tooth and claw, nature has given humans a large brain to help us survive.  That's why our brain exists; to help us survive so we can multiply.  All the other functions of our brain, including the many that we pride ourselves on, are side effects.
Now, in order for our brain to be able to help us survive, it is has the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch which constantly send it signals about the world around the living being.
The King Of Our Senses And Why It Must Not Be Denied
Of these five senses, the king of them, at least in our species, is sight.  Even if this weren't a matter of belief, we could reason to this conclusion by knowing that our sight is hooked up to our sexual instincts.  We find sexual partners primarily through sight, and we know that the purpose of all life is to multiply--thus, that sense that leads us to multiply to our maximum is, by default, the king of the senses. 
Generally speaking, our eyes do not lie. Deny what you see at your own peril. If something looks unsafe, it probably is. If someone doesn't look like you, they're probably not like you. Yes, there are exceptions, but they're rare in the big picture.
This emphasis on sight is also important to us because we have now reached a point in our evolution where we must, because we can, take over from blind evolution and actually decide on the best paths for us to take. In other words, because we can think these things, we must make the right choices.
Again, we are to be primarily guided in this by our eyes.
If we are to survive--meaning if our genotype is to survive--we must look like us. By looking like us--having our particular group phenotype, we know that our internal code--our genotype, is spinning out us, and not living things that are not us.
So, in order for us to survive as us, we must bear children who look like us in their major features. To do this, we must mate within our genotype. To easily determine who has our genotype, nature, remember, has given us our eyes to know who is like us and who is not. You quickly know with just a glance who is like you and who isn't. Don't deny your eyes.  They're not lying.
Not Clones--But Very, Very Similar
There will be minor variations from us in our children, because sexual reproduction is set up to produce differences and variants so that some variant of the original will have a chance to survive in changing circumstances.  Indeed, our children are not supposed to be exact clones of us--they're supposed to be very like us, but with minor changes.  Our means of producing children ensures that our children have a slightly different DNA hand of cards than we have. That's why a male in our species supplies 23 of his chromosomes to a new child and the female supplies 23 of her chromosomes.  That shuffles the DNA.
As I wrote in an earlier essay, one of the major changes we have as a distinct people that distinguishes us from other distinct peoples is our white skin.  We have this particular mutation or adaptation so we can produce proper amounts of Vitamin D in the areas of the planet where we moved once we left Africa.  But, when you change the DNA a little over here, other things also change. Some changes don't mean much and some do.  The point is that our white skin mutation did more than just change the color of our skin, and it's the same with our other mutations--bone structure, hair texture, eye shapes and colors, and internal things in the brain that we can't see. Change a few letters in the DNA code and you change the world...sometimes.
Race Is To Humans As Breed Is To Dogs
Consider all of the above as you hear propaganda about there being only one human race (false) or that all humans are the same (false) or that skin color doesn't matter (false) or that all the thousands of other differences between different races don't matter (false). The differences you can see are a reflection of the inner code. Remember, always, eyesight is the king of our senses.  It is to be used and respected.  It is not to be denied if you want to continue to survive. Your sight tells you about the inner code in what you see externally. The outward person is a reflection of the inner code.
Here's something else that needs to be emphasized. The individual human being--you and I and all the rest of us--is not that important in the big scheme of things.  It is the code that the human being carries--the genotype--that is important and which must survive.
Our Real Purpose And Mission In Life
Our mission in life, whether we understand it or not, is the same as with all other life. It is to pass on our internal code, our genotype and multiply like crazy.  That's why we're alive.  We're not here to have fun or enjoy life.  We are here to breed.  It is the same with all life. That is our mission.  All the rest of what we do in life is secondary. Certain insects spend much of their lives in various forms of underground hibernation.  They then emerge for a very short time--sometimes just a few hours--in order to mate and produce more like themselves. Then they die. Humans may not hibernate, but our purpose, just as with these insects, is to make more like ourselves. We as individuals are expendable. Our internal code is not.  It is primary.
The winners in life's race to the finish line are those who breed the most and have their genes dominate. The losers are those who don't breed the most and whose genes don't take over the gene pool.
See And Know The Differences
Nature has designed us so that we are not supposed to overlook differences, but see them. That's why differences are often visible to the king of our senses.  We are supposed to see and know that there are different races and that some humans are not like us.  People are color coded, but they're also coded in other ways that we can see with our eyes.  We should not try to deny what we see.
Remain Separate And Isolated If You Want To Evolve According To Our Beliefs
Non-whites may not always bear us ill will, but they are a danger to us as surely as are germs which also don't bear us ill will. It's just part of the eternal struggle.
The reason that non-whites are a danger to us is that our highest destiny is to become more white, not less so (this is a matter of religious belief), and at this stage in our evolution, since we split off from the rest of mankind in fairly recent times (about 35,000--50,000 years ago) and because there has been some gene flow, we have not reached the safe harbor of specieshood where we can no longer breed with them.
Do Not Become Blended
It's a fact that many of our mutations and adaptations are not yet fixed and are thus recessive. As I've written elsewhere, this simply means that it takes two of our kind to produce a new one of our kind.  This being the case, we can easily be pulled back into the non-white masses of mankind by having children with them.  If this is widespread enough, it has the potential to stop us from evolving and to destroy our unique genotypes. I call this genocide.
To put it more directly, our continued existence as a distinct people--as a white people--is dependent on us not mating with non-white peoples.  We must resist the blending.
Religious Beliefs Need No Justification
I wrote at the top of this essay that much of what you're reading here is part of our religious beliefs. As such, they don't need scientific justification, even though we do often supply the science that bolsters our beliefs.  As far as this belief about remaining white in order to move higher toward our particular destiny, we can only say that this is just a matter of religious belief and leave it at that. Some believe that this is our revealed destiny and that it is what God has demanded of us. 
It would be easy if the dangers that face us for our continued existence and evolution looked like horrible monsters from movies, but they don't.  This is the real world, and the things that can harm us often don't look as though they can.
Good And Bad
We must use our minds to discriminate between good and bad for us. And, it does come down to this determination of deciding good and bad based on what is good for us alone. That which causes us to expand as the distinct people we are is good. That which causes us to contract, is bad. 
We must avoid the things that can harm us.  And, in the modern world, this is becoming increasingly difficult as on every hand people want you to mix with people unlike yourself.  If you don't, they call you names and may even persecute you.  You must remain strong and know that separation and isolation is a religious duty.  It is revealed from the ultimate source.
Remember, that which can harm you does not have to hate you or bear you ill will. All that is required is that it can harm you. And, if it can harm you, then it should be avoided. Your continued survival and existence depend on you using your brain to discern and make the right decisions for the best of the genotype.
Trust your eyes and breed often and correctly to multiply the genotype. Don't deny the eternal struggle; become a conscious and active director of it.

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