Black death

by H. Millard © 2010

Millions of Europeans (White people to you and me) were wiped out during the Black Death pandemic between 1348-1350. Some estimates put the death toll  as high as 60%.
The Black Death was called that because one of its major symptoms was that some of the skin of those infected turned black.
Many of those who survived the Back Death  had a genetic mutation that protected them from the disease.  These survivors then repopulated Europe and spread their new gene mutation.  If you're a White person, you probably have the mutation. It's probably also why many Whites aren't affected that much by some strains of the flu virus and it may also be why some Whites appear to be immune to HIV.
Now there's a new Black Death afoot in the world, and it's aimed directly at White people and has the potential to cause the extinction of Whites. This new Black Death starts off as a mental condition in which White people lose their instincts for survival and practice miscegenation. Then, their children are born with darker skin and other characteristics and features that are not usually found in Whites. 
If you've read my essays over the years you know that I call this new Black Death bedroom genocide. And, I call those who are pushing this new Black Death, Blenders.
Blenders don't call themselves this and most aren't involved in some massive conspiracy as the term is usually used.
But, they are involved in a conspiracy of opinion that at its heart usually has the following wrong headed and new flat-world ideas: 1. The world would be a better place if all races, nations and religions were blended together. 2.Race doesn't really exist or, if it does, that it is a minor thing that must be ignored to facilitate and encourage the blending. 
Most Blenders believe that the main opposition to their blending comes from White people, who most blenders will say are racists and ignorant because they still resist the blending. Some Blenders go so far as to say that Whites are born racist but that with the proper influences (read conditioning), with strong laws, and with constant societal condemnation they can be changed or at least minimized and made to be outcasts.  
Today, among other things, the Blenders are busy swamping all formerly White lands with non-White peoples.  The effect of this is to increase the likelihood of intermarriage and miscegenation. 
This push by the Blenders is not unique to the U.S.; it is happening all over the planet in formerly White nations.
Amazingly, many White people don't understand even the basics of genetics and thus don't even view their own genocide as genocide. In simplest terms, genocide is the killing off of genes.  Maybe by thinking in terms of a single gene (actually it's more complicated than this and there is usually more than a single gene involved with various characteristics) for a single characteristic things are made clearer.
Say you have a village of 100 people.  All have blue eyes. All have had those characteristics for generations, which indicates the blue eyed genes are probably the only eye color genes found in the village.
Now suppose you add 100 more people to that village who only have pure brown eye genes.
Suddenly, the gene frequency has changed and the gene pool contains only 50% blue eye genes. Also, because blue eye genes are recessive (meaning, again in its simplest sense, that it takes two parents with the blue eye genes to produce blue eyes), matings with the new brown eyed residents will immediately start changing the eye color in the village.  In time, if nothing else changes, the village that was formerly all blue eyed will become all brown eyed. That's the genocide of the blue eye genes.
That is what the Blenders want, but they want it for all white characteristics. They want to blend away everything that is white in humans. They want Whites (and all other humans, by the way) to have all their characteristics clustered under the center of the bell curve and be average.  Not too white.  Not too dark. Not too this and not too that.  Just all samey same.
As you may know, in Great Britain the formerly all white British National Party has been forced, by a Black who is charge of an Orwellian government body called the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), to change its constitution to allow in non-Whites.
Even though the BNP did change its constitution to allow non-whites to become members, the EHRC now says that part of the BNP's new constitution needs to be changed because it is:  “inconsistent with intermarriage and miscegenation.”

Get it? How much clearer can it be? This is bedroom genocide. This is the Black Death.
Remember this as you go about your life and as you look at various world events, and many things will become very clear to you, that aren't understood by most White people, who seem to be sleep walking through their lives oblivious to the genocide. Here it is again for clarity: If you  just remember that the basic goal of the Blenders is to blend all races, all religions and all nations into a conformist mass, you'll never be confused by much of what you see going on in the world today.  It's all pretty simple, really.  And all that is needed (once people are conditioned to believe that race doesn't exist)  is to make every nation multi-cultural and diverse by importing masses of people unlike the people already there to change the gene frequencies. Then, nature takes over.
It is this false utopian blending idea that explains much of what we see on a daily basis all around us.
Are the Blenders evil?  Yes. Their twisted beliefs mean our genocide. And our genocide--our extinction--is evil. How can we think anything else?
What can you do?  Refuse to be blended, and teach others that blending is genocide.  Then, give birth to as many White children as you can in your life time, and teach them a little about genes and genocide.  Teach them to like who and what they are.
Over the next decades we will lose millions of our White relatives (and, yes, we are all related--we of the White tribe).  They will be absorbed into the darker masses and only their family names will remain. Their genotypes will be lost.
But our extinction as a people is not guaranteed for the Blenders (and they know it) and some of us have hope that enough Whites will wake up to the truth and see what is happening and resist it and find a way to isolate themselves (reproductively; and geographically if possible) and begin expanding and evolving our kind once again.  Those who do this will keep the flame of our people burning and they will be, as I've written before, the new Adams and Eves of a people rising from the ashes of our destruction as a distinct human type.
And in this regard, some of us believe that we have a potential destiny, and it is not a destiny of dying off by blending. It is a destiny that requires that we develop more along the white trajectory that we are on and become more of the way we are and to then make a leap into specieshood.  But, it is up to us to see that our potential destiny becomes a reality by making the right choices in our lives.  It is a tough and narrow road that we are on, and many will fall by the wayside, but the strong will survive. 
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