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The world is probably at its most dangerous right now for the survival of Whites as Whites.

In the past, we Whites have faced dangers that were mostly brother and cousin wars as the fundamental forces of evolution worked to perfect the best White type--a type that has general rather than specific adaptations so it can thrive in many niches and under many conditions (think cockroaches which have general adaptations that lets them eat just about everything and live just about anywhere vs Koalas that have specific adaptations and eat just a few kinds of leaves and live in a very restricted type of environment).

Of course, there were always surface, conscious mind, "reasons" for these brother and cousin wars--because that's how our minds work--but when we go deeper we understand that they were caused, as already mentioned, by the fundamental forces of evolution which require a constant struggle and competition between organisms to become the dominant and only version of their general kind.   But, even had we seen these underlying causes of these brother and cousin wars--causes that came from the underpinnings of existence itself--we would not have stopped, because it is the way of existence that there must be eternal struggle and competition to refine the type and become the best.  And, this is as it should be.  But these wars and deaths were to find the best version of the White genome, not destroy it. Our various sports competitions are simply less bloody versions of these fundamental forces of evolution.

Today, we Whites can no longer afford brother and cousin wars.  We now face alien existential enemies as never before. These alien existential enemies are all  non-White peoples who, as a natural part of evolution, compete with us for dominance and to be the only human type in existence.  These enemies can destroy our  White genome and wipe out all White people simply by mating with us and turning our bodies into factories to produce non-White children instead of White children. 

We've come to this era of existential danger with the falling of the sympatric and allopatric walls that once protected us from this existential enemy even if we were unaware of the danger.  Now, we must be smart and clever and we must live intentionally and with purpose.  We must struggle to survive as White people, not just as the best White people, but as any White people.  We must understand the nature of the threat, which too many of us are blind about.

Modern speedy communication allows people all over the planet to see other lands that may afford them better living conditions, and modern mass transportation allows them to cross oceans to get to those lands by the millions. And, it is a fact of reality that many of the desirable lands are White lands. They were made desirable because of White people.  Now, it is non-White people who want to move in and take over and many of them believe that they will all benefit if they just come to these White lands--not realizing that if they replace us Whites, the White lands will no longer be good.  It is not the land that has made White lands great, but White people--White genomes-- which are behind our White ways, our White instincts, our White sensibilities have us build our nations in certain ways as surely as these things have birds build certain nests in certain ways. Replace the White humans with non-White humans and the formerly White lands will no  longer be the same; replace certain birds with other kinds of birds and the nests won't be the same. Genes matter.

Far too many Whites in White lands are still not understanding the danger to them and their kind.  They are blinded by false Christian values, and centuries of living in isolated lands of their own kind, so when other kinds move to white lands these blind Whites try treat them as though they are the same kind as their kind. As a result. many Whites are being slaughtered in the streets as they naively fail to see the immediate physical danger and many others have their family lines extinguished as these Whites practice evil miscegenation and turn their White seeds and White eggs into non-White children. These foolish Whites let their bodies be used to produce people unlike themselves and destroy their family lines.  But, it is not just their own family lines they destroy because they spread the infection, the pollution, of non-White genes in the White population by having non-White children who may then grow up to mate with other Whites and cause a gradual darkening of the White genome.  It is devolution not evolution that happens when miscegenation occurs with a White partner.

Whites who are awakened and who understand the danger must look out for ourselves first and foremost no matter what other Whites may do, but we must also try to educate other Whites to the danger, because danger to them is danger to us. We may not be able to save all Whites, but we, each of us, can save ourselves and we can work toward a better future and our evolution into a new type of human who can no longer be in danger from gene flow from other types of humans--once we step across the speciation threshold and become a new kind, we will no longer be in danger from miscegenation.

Right now, today, we Whites are a different kind--we are Alia Genus. When we take that next step we will become Novum Genus--a new kind.  We have evolved to who and what we are now--the White people of this planet, and evolution never stops.  However, now, we must consciously leave the passive things of child hood behind and we must actively take the reins of our evolution from the blind workings of nature and live intentionally and with purpose to evolve along the right path--the exclusively White path--toward the highest possible destiny for ourselves alone. And, it must always be ourselves alone that  is our concern. We must not interfere in the fates of other kinds and we must be indifferent to them.  We have our path, and they have theirs. We must struggle to be and to be more and they must do the same.

The competition must go on. But now, we Whites must be aware of it. We must not mix our fate and our destiny with theirs and they must not mix theirs with ours.  We Whites must remain a separate kind and on the other side of the line are all non-White kinds.  Some of us believe that we have been selected by a higher power to be the ones to naturally, evolutionarily, replace other kinds of humans and that we are to do this by living right and good lives and by helping along our evolution and that we do not need to harm any others, but we must  simply live intentionally and increase our purity and our numbers as we live in tune with the higher power and in doing so the higher power will help us.  

There is no free ride in nature, but by understanding how some of existence works we can pay our own way with sweat equity to  move forward by our actions and the righteous way we choose to live. It will not be easy and we need to keep burning calories to move forward, but we must stop drifting as individuals and as a people.  We must see the goal in the future and live to move towards it an inch at a time if necessary. But we must keep moving ever forward and ever upward no matter what is thrown in our way.

We have the raw potential to move higher--we have it as a result of our birth, but we must activate that potential by right thinking and right actions.  Our highest possible destiny is not guaranteed. We must make it so.

This is not an intellectual parlor game of effete bloodless dilettantes and hobbyists who simply like to sit around and talk endlessly. This is reality and it is rooted in our biology. Each one of us must have as many pure white children as our bodies will allow as part of our struggle.  We must avoid intentionally childless quasi-intellectuals and blowhards and miscegenationists who are useless and waste our time. By being intentionally childless or by being miscegenationists they show they do not understand the ways of existence and they are dead ends.  When they die, they and the entire White civilizations that they could have produced from their bodies also die.

Every new White child born is worth more than a billion prayers or thousands of years of meaningless religious rituals.

Here are three of my favorite quotations (If you've read many of my essays you've seen these before--they're worth repeating often):

"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin

"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) Emphasis added.

 “Man is something that shall be overcome. Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss.What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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