Steve McQueen

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by H. Millard

Alright, man, remember how I told you last time that  we need to compete better against other peoples instead of just whining about them?  I mean we can whine also, but we shouldn't let whining stop us from acting, and it shouldn't confuse our minds about what is important and what isn't important so that all we do is whine and do nothing more.

Okay, you probably forgot what I told you.  Look, I can't repeat  everything but here's the short version.  I say we Whites have to understand the laws of nature and we must compete with other human types who share the same niches with us instead of just complaining that they are causing us problems and want to exterminate us.  Again, their actions in wanting to off us are  just part of their DNA programs, man.  That's the way it is in nature.

In fact, when we Whites had all our brother wars in Europe it was because we had no external enemy and we were following our genetic codes to refine our type. Yeah, you see, the competition is always on-going and it happens right within our own people and right within our own bodies as our genes struggle against each other for dominance.

Here's an example of how our genes fight for expression or survival right inside us, man. Sometime ago I saw a photo of the late Steve McQueen along with photos of his son and his grandson.  All three were or are into acting.  Steve McQueen had blue eyes.  His son and his grandson have brown eyes.  Why?  Because Steve married a woman who had brown eyes and her brown eyes were dominant over Steve's  blue eyes.  Now, had he married a woman with blue eyes, then his son and his grandson might have  blue eyes.  No, I'm not saying that blue eyes are better, I'm just saying that choices we make in life affect our genetic lines and the evolution of our own families.  And, I only use the McQueens because of the well known name.

When I hear our White people whine about other peoples, I think of the McQueens and how the DNA code can change in a family.  Some of our kind whine and figure that all would be swell for us if only the OTHERS and the THEM weren't around, man.  But, you know what I sometimes hear in my mind when I hear that stuff?  I hear people mistakenly thinking that all would be swell if only there were no competition.  "Oh, la de da, we would be such a wonderful and top of the world people if only there were no competition."  Bull . What a bunch of crap.  We need competition man.  That's how we evolve.  That's how everything evolves.  Evolves or dies off. That's the way nature works with living organisms just as surely as it works with people making cars.

Hell, you remember some of the lousy cars that Detroit foisted on us, right man?  Then the Japs came along and offered  better cars.  That caused Detroit to start building better cars.  Competition, man, competition.  It's needed for evolution to work.  Complacency doesn't bring forth the best.  It just rewards mediocrity.  Competition works with metal and it works with flesh.

Hell, if we didn't have competition, we'd be a bunch of apathetics sitting around and doing nothing but getting old and dying.

But here's the thing about this competition that our kind are involved in, man.  There is no guarantee that we are going to win the competition and you can bet that many of our kind ain't  gonna make it. They and their family lines are going to go extinct.  No, don't cry for them.  If they had been better competitors they wouldn't go extinct.  The strong survive and the weak die.  That's the way of nature.  Those among us who have no children, or too few children, or who practice miscegenation or who don't separate out from other kinds  or who mix with other kinds and end up dead or diseased are going to die off man.

But, some of us are going forward.  Arman says he knows that those of our kind who do compete righteously every day and who follow his Teachings have a good chance of winning the competition and will become the Adams and Eves of our people in the future.  Arman says those who follow his Teachings are the start of  a new branching of the human type--a new beginning. 

Everyone can't win, man.  Such thinking is childish.  The reality is that it's kinda like existence is a big stadium and only a few get to sit in the best box seats.

All of  life is trying to fit into those best box seats above the stadium and there's not enough room for all of life, so most organisms are stuck sitting behind poles in the crappy seats.  These crappy seat organisms simply can't compete with the best, and that's why they have the crappy seats.

We have to be smarter and tougher than others to compete better.  And, with the Teachings of Arman, we know how to do that consciously.  First, we have to wake up and see existence as it truly is and we have to understand the nature of the struggle we are in and how to win that struggle.  If we do nothing, some of us might still win, because change is constant and maybe some of the changes will lead us in the right direction, but it's a crap shoot.  It is far better to take control and drive our changes in the right direction. Yup, I'm talking about conscious evolution of our kind, man.

Have no doubt about this, Arman says we have to live consciously if we hope to have the highest probability of getting those best box seats.  Sure, like I said, blind evolution might end up putting us there with all the accidents of fate wiping out various other kinds of humans--our main competition--you know, floods, murders, volcanoes, AIDS, plagues, whatever, man, but those things might also get us.  The way around these accidents is to will our own evolution. Mostly this just involves making conscious decisions in our lives.  That's what Arman teaches. He teaches us how to live consciously and how to evolve to get those best box seats for ourselves.  The weak are going to die off, man. You know the type, they're the ones who say stupid things such as there is only one race, the human race, or that we all bleed red blood or that we must all get along.  All get along?  That's crap man. We're in a contest to find the best and we're in a struggle to be and to be more.

There ain't no lions lying down with no lambs in reality, man.  That's not the way nature works.  The lion needs the lamb for food.

Compete better, man. 


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