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  STAY WHITE IN ALL WAYS by H. Millard © 2018  

The hate filled anti-White forces of darkness and evil who want to blend all humans together continue to ramp up their propaganda to ensnare suggestible young White minds and to have them believe that there is nothing wrong with miscegenation and mixing with non-Whites so that they blend themselves and their ancestors away into the non-White masses and pollute the White gene pool with a sexually transmitted infection of non-Whiteness. Awakened Whites  should try to help our people understand the truth by offering them counter information to help them think straight and save themselves from extinction.

The first thing the genocidal blenders try to do is convince Whites with the biggest Big Lie of all, that is so transparently and demonstrably  false that it is almost laughable (if it weren't so deadly) that there are no meaningful racial differences.

"Why, listen here my fellow White people says the (((blender))), skin color ain't nuthin' why it's like paint on a car. Would you say a car with black paint is different than a car with white paint if they were identical in all other ways?  Of course not. Why, the paint is a trifle. It means nothing. And that's how it is with us humans.  We are all the same under the paint of skin color and anyone who refuses to mix and mate with other humans is a sicko racist, White supremacist, and is very prejudiced bigot. Now, you don't want to be a racist do you? There's only one race, kids, the Human race. We all bleed red blood."

The truth is that the genetic differences between the major human races, who are, for the most part, conveniently color coded, are very, very real and skin color is not like paint on an automobile, unless of course, the automobile paint color comes from some sort of internal genes within the automobile.  But it doesn't.

Our skin color comes from within us.  It is not sprayed on. It is not an afterthought. It is not a trifle. And, coming from within us means it is an integral and essential  part of the total blueprint that makes us who and what we are. It is like our bone structure differences, our muscle  differences, our hair and eye color differences, our nose and lip differences, our brain differences and all the rest of the many, many differences that make the races different from each other. If we are no longer White on the outside, we are also no longer White on the inside. Our White skin can't be separated from who and what we are and if it is, we are not the same people. To be White, we must be White outside and inside.

From this one Big Lie, that we're all basically the same. smaller streams of evil flow to pollute the minds of suggestible whites. This Big Lie must be shown for the Big Lie that it is in order to save easily suggestible Whites from their extinction.  This is key.

In reversing the miscegenation trend we can take cues from the anti-smoking efforts that have reduced the number of smokers by the millions. Once, the smoking ads did what the present propaganda pushing race mixing did. It made people think it was cool to smoke and showed happy people smoking. Today, the ads are mostly against smoking and they're making it uncool to smoke.

But the same advertising principles are at work today to make it seem cool to race mix.  And, this is a far worse danger than smoking.  Cigarettes can kill a single person who does it,  but miscegenation by a single person can wipe out a whole family line and then a whole people. We need to show our people that it is uncool to race mix and that it is cool to stay White and like being White and having large White families.

If one accepts the Big Lie that there are no major racial differences between the races, it naturally follows that mixing and mating with other races is no big deal and that since we are all the same nothing is lost or changed by so mixing and mating.  Even when a White does miscegenate, if he or she is full of the Big Lie, he or she often doesn't seem to mind the fact that his or her children don't look or act like them and isn't White.  This is nuts. It makes Whites who miscegenate as stupid as the victims of Cuckoo birds who trick other birds into raising Cuckoos instead of their own offspring.

The reality is that one can't produce a pure White child by mating a White with any other race.  That child will always have many non-White genes and will not be White even if the child may sometimes pass for White. That evil cross racial mating will destroy the White genetic line of the ancestors of that White who does this evil and will take that family line off the path to its highest possible destiny and send it plunging back into the dark cauldron from which it was distilled out of via centuries of exclusive White line evolution.

We also have to teach other Whites that Whites have an absolute  right to exist as Whites simply because they do exist. This right is not granted to Whites by any other person or groups of people or governments. It is a natural right and no laws of man can ever trump a natural right.

We also have to teach that Whites have a right to free association which also means the right to free dissociation.  This is another natural right that we have as a result of our birth.  It is not granted by any other person or people or governments and it cannot be taken away by them.  This is a right you have as an individual and as a member of a group of similar individuals who are the White people of this planet.

But all rights, must be exercised or they will be lost as other humans try to take them from you.  You as an individual must stand up and not let anyone try to take away your natural rights.  And, also included in natural rights are your right to think as you want, to believe as you want, to tell others about what you think and believe--in other words, your natural right to free speech and your right to believe as your conscience dictates.

Some of us believe that it is God Himself who demands that Whites not mix and mate with non-Whites which also means that we should not socialize with non-Whites in any way if we can help it while still always being respectful and polite to others as we follow the Golden Rule.  Those of us with this deeply held and unshakeable belief may have it easier than those Whites who do not believe in God. You see, those of us with this belief trust in God and know that we are commanded to follow His rules and laws for White people. We aren't wishy washy about this and we know that it is not a matter to be voted on or debated or changed. It is God's law for us and that's good enough for us. And, we know this rule for us is eternal and can never be changed.

But, whether one believes in God or not, the fact remains that Whites mixing and mating with non-Whites destroys Whites and must be avoided and Whites must separate from all non-Whites.

The degree to which one can separate out from all non-Whites will differ in our complicated and ever shrinking world. For our evolution ever higher, full physical, geographic separation is always best, so that there is no possibility of gene flow or even of having non-White genes (which all people shed constantly) in the environment where we live, but many of us can't do this, so we must use our own common sense to separate right where we are and in our various professions and jobs and to maintain a proper external attitude that does not cause friction with others or economic or other harm to us. 

And, if we can't completely obtain physical, geographic separation we should at least try to keep our homes free of shed non-White genes by not allowing any non-Whites into our homes.  Our homes are our primary temples and our families are our primary congregation. Our religious beliefs are very strongly family oriented and in making our families as large as possible by having as many pure White children as we can during our lives.

Stay White in all ways, my friends, it is how you will evolve to your highest possible destiny. It is nature's way for our White kind.  It is God's way for our White kind.



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