by H. Millard © 2006

Put the scarlet letter "A" for amnesty upon the foreheads of all those political whores who are selling out the American people and call them amnestynuts. Maybe the term will stick and maybe it'll take on the negative connotations that it should take on.

President Bush gets a scarlet letter. Senator Kennedy gets one. Senator McCain gets one. Senator Hagel gets one. Senator Reid gets one. And, there are many others who should bear this mark of shame and be shunned by all good decent American citizens who see their American dream being stolen from them.

Those that bear the scarlet A are destroying this nation and our way of life. They are letting a foreign power dictate to us. They are bringing violent crime and social dysfunction to our cities. They are destroying the domestic tranquility. They are robbing us, our children, and our grandchildren of our American future. They are planting the seeds of civil war in the streets of America by bringing in a permanent underclass with a strong sense of Mexican group identity that is renewable via a simple walk back across the border.

Underclasses never like being in the underclass. When they reach a critical mass in an area, and if they have voting rights, they tend to vote out those not of their group and vote in members of their group. And, remember, most of these illegal aliens, who the amnestynuts want to give American citizenship to, will also still be citizens of Mexico. Dual citizenship for them, but not for you and me, muchachos. If this country sinks, we aren't citizens of any other nation where we can find refuge. We're stuck with being Americans. Now, back when we had American leaders who had American interests as their sacred trust, being stuck with being an American wasn't a bad thing at all. That was then. This is now.

This underclass will mostly vote along racial and ethnic lines and where they are in a majority they will vote the citizens of this nation, who are not of their ethnic group, out of office and send these citizens to the back of the bus. And, this has already started happening around the nation in city after city. Many cities have now declared themselves as sanctuary cities. Such cities have, in effect, said that they have voted to not obey American laws or sovereignty. Has Bush sent in the feds to restore order in these outlaw cities? Of course not, Bush is a weak and impotent leader. This guy may not have a Hapsburg lip, but he seems to have a Hapsburg brain. Citizens are being told to take a hike by our very leaders who we elected.

Eventually, we might expect some cities and even whole states to vote for Spanish as their common language. They may also vote in the use of Mexican law. In many cities in California you now see Mexican flags on the flagpoles of many homes but you'll see few American flags. And so it will go. The writing is already on the wall.

The amnestynuts think they're immune from what is going on--as though each of them is a real world version of a beloved Lord Jim--and that they'll remain rich and powerful and be thanked with votes by their wage slaves in this permanent underclass. History says they're wrong. When the time comes, these amnestynuts will be living the joke where the Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by Indians and the Lone Ranger says "We'll have to fight our way out, Tonto," and Tonto replies "What do you mean 'we,' paleface?"

Amnestynut Bush has no core values. He's empty. He's like the worst of the self-indulgent preppies. He thinks he can lie about anything and get away with it. Look no further than the Iraq mess as one example of this. Our kids and our nephews and nieces, but not Bush's kids or his nephews and nieces, are over there dying in the desert of Iraq over a phony lie about weapons of mass destruction. Bush is transparently hypocritical and he openly practices double standards that have made the U.S. hated around the world. For example, Israel can have nukes but Iran can't even have a nuclear power plant. Double standard.

Bush calls Mexico our friend. Yet, Mexico flipped Bush the bird and refused to send any of its troops to Iraq. How come Mexico is still our friend in his eyes? Remember how various European nations were called all sorts of names when they didn't want to send troops to Iraq? Remember that goofy "freedom fries" nonsense because the Bushniks were trying to manipulate public opinion against the French? Double standard. Sometimes when you hear about this administration, you think its a Saturday Night Live skit.

Amnestynuts are the intellectual descendents of the weak and impotent leaders of the royal class of old Europe. Right now, they're fiddling while American is being destroyed.

The amnestynuts tell us that they're not pushing amnesty. This is a lie. They are trying to fool average American citizens who they hold in contempt and who they think they can trick by calling one thing something else. These amnestynuts are like suede shoe used car salesmen trying to hide a cracked engine block with sawdust and glue.

The amnestynuts call their amnesty "earned citizenship." It's a bunch of crap. Their earned citizenship would be a little like having your neighbor tell a bunch of burglars who had broken into your house that they can have "earned ownership" of your house if they pay a small fine and keep their noses clean for several years. Meanwhile, you--the rightful owner of the house--have no say in this scheme and you are left with either accepting the burglars as your new house mates or moving. Maybe you just don't like to live with a bunch of burglars. Maybe you don't like living in a crowded house. Maybe you just want to live the way you want to live and the way you thought you could live by being the owner of the house. Too bad for you. Your neighbor has decided for you.

What the amnestynuts are doing is also the equivalent of eminent domain, but instead of just taking one property and handing it over to developers, they're taking the whole nation and handing it over to illegal aliens and foreign nationals. The amnestynuts have their bulldozers all revved up for the destruction of America.

It's time to drag these amnestynuts out from under their rocks where they hide with all the other loathsome creatures and shine some light on them. It's time to let them know that this is OUR country and we are citizens and we don't want it to be taken away from us.

It's too bad we don't have stocks in the town square where we could put these amnestynuts and then pelt them with rotting fruit and vegetables so all could see how stupid and foolish they look and what tiny people they really are.

Maybe it's time to start spitting on the sidewalk whenever you hear the name of one of these amnestynuts. It is definitely the time to start speaking out more forcefully about immigration to counter their lies.

It's also time to stop making our nation a comfortable place for illegal aliens.

Here's what our elected "leaders" should do for starters in order to save America:

1. Erect a wall on the border. 2. Arrest those who hire illegal aliens. 3. Give illegal aliens amnesty by not arresting them as they leave our country. 4. Cut back on all immigration.

The gravestone of America has already been made in the workshops of the amnestynuts. It reads:

"On a field, sable, the letter A, gules."

If citizens don't get the amnestynuts to stop their scheme, that gravestone should be planted right now, today.

God Bless America. We need His blessing right now at this time in our history when our "leaders" are against us.

Those are my opinions. Thanks for reading them. If you agree that we need to return America to the citizens, you should start emailing and calling the politicians and the media. No one can give your opinions better than you can yourself. It's time to stop being spectators just watching helplessly as this nation is ruined. It's time to get in the game and start working to save America. Each of us individually can't do much, but we can do something. Each of us can make phone calls. Each of us can send emails and letters. Each of us can tell everyone we meet that Bush and his gang are ruining our nation and our quality of life. And, remember, amnesty and similar illegal alien friendly schemes that the elites are trying to shove down our throats won't be able to be undone once they put them into effect. This truly is crunch time for America. This, dear friends, is not alarmism. This is reality.

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