(Zarathustra foresaw)
by H. Millard © 2008

"Hey man," said Homeless Jack, "we white people came out of Africa, maybe about 50,000 to 70,000 years ago. But we weren't white when we first started.  As we moved north, we did what Darwin noted in his studies of various animals--we began diverging from what and who we had been before. We changed. And, there weren't many of us moving north.  Just a few, maybe no more than a dozen.  These were the Adams and Eves of our people, man. See, man, everything starts with just one, just a point, and then it all expands more and more. Or, if it doesn't, it dies off.

"As far as now know, all white people on the planet are descended from these few who left Africa back then.
"And, as they moved north, nature's blind culling was happening all the time as it always must in a constantly spinning universe. Many of those going north died childless and disappeared from the gene pool.  Others had children and many of those children died.  But, enough didn't die and the people expanded.  It was a time of expansion, man. They began adapting and mutating even more and evolving for different external and internal conditions.
"With each generation, tiny little changes were being born into the people that gave some an advantage in survival. And, still the culling continued, but the expansion also continued. The births outnumbered the deaths. The people were a living and a vibrant people. They were spring. And, soon, they became a new people born out of the old people. 
"One of the major mutations of this new people was white skin, which scientists now think was caused by a small change in gene slc24a5. First this child was born and was white and was something to be stared at by the darker others.  Then another was born. And, then the white ones started mating with other white ones and soon the dark few became a white tribe and soon there were no more dark ones in northern Europe. We were becoming a different "variety," of human, a different breed, a new race. Call it what you will.  We were a branching from the old.
"This white mutation stuck because it allowed us to produce more vitamin D and avoid rickets. We white ones were healthier and lived longer and were more comfortable in the cold misty lands and thus bore more children than those without this white skin mutation. Along the way, some of us received blue eyes.  Then, about 11,000 years ago, blonds suddenly started being born among our people as the gene MC1R mutated. 
"The blond girls became popular and they started having more blond children.  We changed and changed and changed and then we changed again. We were plastic.  Soon, we were not only gone from Africa geographically but to a large extent genetically, and we were on our way to becoming a separate species of humans.
"We don't yet understand if all of our mutations give us an advantage, and it's likely that some are just neutral. So, why do such mutations remain both in our people and in others? Why do some humans still have mutations such as attached ear lobes or the inability to curl their tongues? Well, Darwin was on top of it, man.
"As Darwin pointed out in what he called the "law of correlations," when you change one characteristic (Darwin died before the  discovery of genes or he would have used the term genes), some other seemingly unrelated characteristics also changed. 
"As examples, Darwin cited all-white male cats with blue eyes that are usually deaf, and the fact that hairless animals also generally have bad teeth. 
"So, as our people became white to adapt to less sunny areas in northern Europe, many other changes occurred within us that sped up our transformation into a new people. Hit that cue ball gene over here and it ricochets off many others and changes them, too, man. The essential point here is that many of our changes caused other changes and they caused even more changes.
"The other thing to keep in mind, as you read about genes, is that the blenders--those sad genocidal neurotics--who want to further their flat world aracial views in all ways possible, almost always claim that race is not a real construct but merely a social one because, according to them, all humans are about 99% the same genetically. 
"Of course, this is an absurd argument.  Most people now know that humans and chimps are also about 98% the same, but few would say that there's no difference.  The point is that when we're talking about DNA and genes and all things related to them, we're talking about a world where very minor differences make all the difference in the world.
"Anyway, man, as we were moving geographically and  genetically further and further away from Africa, the world of modern communications and modern transportation caught up with us on our path to a new destiny of becoming even more different than we are now. Suddenly, our isolation--in this case, both geographic and reproductive--that is necessary to create new species, was compromised and it continues to be compromised.
"In our present Dark Age, with the massive miscegenation going on, and with the low white birthrate, many whites are returning to Africa genetically, if not geographically.
"Look no further than Barack Obama for an example.  As is well known, he is the product of a white mother and a black father.
But, he is not half white and half black. He is black.  Why?  Because the genes that make whites white are mutations and are less fixed than black genes. 
"In simplest terms, it takes two white genes--one from the mother and one from the father--to make a white person.  But, it only takes one black gene to make a black person. Yes, it is more complicated than that, but this is the basic idea, man. 
"In a sense, we can say that blacks are the original human form. Of course, this is overly simplistic because blacks also were changing and evolving, so it's difficult to push a pin in someplace in the history of mankind and say that this or that person was the start of homo sapiens.  It was the cumulative effect of many small genetic changes here and there that finally converged to create a creature who we would recognize as human.  This one may have had the right jaw, this other one may have had the right brain.  This other one the right hands.  As the genes got shuffled and sorted, they eventually ended up with a recognizable human.
"But evolution didn't just happen 'back then,' man.  It goes on all the time, even now.
"Now, just to be clear, genetic mutations are generally less stable than the un-mutated form of genes. Mutations are "mistakes" that happen when genes don't copy exactly right.  Most sudden and major mutations cause the organism to die right away. If they are minor, the mutations might survive and be passed on and if they give the organism an advantage over other creatures in the environment, they may dominate the species.
"But, unless and until these mutated genes dominate over the original genes, they are the exception to the rule for the gene and they are unstable and fragile as compared to the same gene without the mutation.  And, because of this, there is a natural  "pull" back to an earlier form throughout nature.  You may have read that some scientists are saying that blonds are dying off, man.  That's part of what I'm talking about.  The mutation is being lost and we're being pulled back to Africa.
"There is a built in resistance to change within the genes that "wants" to pull the genes back to their original state before the mutation. At what point this resistance to change is overcome so that the errors--the mutations--get fixed and become the norm, may be different in different species. 
"For example, Darwin noted many different species of finches on the Galapagos Islands. These different species apparently all originated with one species and branched off.  The branching occurred because they became separated by being on different islands.  It was the geographic and reproductive isolation that led them in different genetic directions.
"Presumably, speciesization among finches occurs faster than among humans, because if we are to take the major element of the standard definition of 'species' that says that two creatures are of the same species if they can produce viable offspring, then humans are still one species and are subject to being genetically pulled back to Africa.It is homeostasis at work in the world of genes, man.
"So, back to Barack Obama. His white mother has returned her genetic line to Africa.  They are white no more.  The bundle of genes that made her a white person are gone. Her line has lost the mutation. Had she married a white male, she would have produced white children in her own image and the mutation would have continued in her line.  This, she did not do.  Instead, she served as an incubator for a black child and contributed little except the spark of  23 chromosomes that allowed the chemical reaction to take place that started a new life. She fulfilled her in-built need to mate, but did not produce a child in her image. 
"Today, there are few laws left on the books against miscegenation, and there are few religious or social prohibitions against it except in the Old Testament.  However, the Old Testament is used selectively to allow anything or to justify anything. It's full of prohibitions against miscegenation, but those parts are ignored.
"Indeed, the blenders are twisting things so much that we're almost reaching a day when it is considered evil to have white babies.
"The future of each family line is now in the province of free will as never before.  You have to use your own brain and your own will  to decide whether the things you read above make sense or not. From now on, it seems that whether or not one will remain white, down through future generations, will not be a matter of law or of accident, but a matter of choice and an exercise of free will.  Mate white and you remain white. Mate non-white and you start returning to Africa."
"So, Jack," I say, "you're some kind of white supremacist?"
"Don't be absurd," said Jack.  "I don't even know what that means. What we are is different.  We're a branching of humanity that may be a dead end unless we begin expanding again.  We've reached a time in our existence in which we won't survive as a distinct people unless we want to survive.  We are the new American Indians--dispirited and feeling that we are worthless and seeing no reason to keep on being a distinct people.  We seem to have lost our will to survive.  So, if things continue as they are now, we may first lose blond hair. Then, blue eyes will turn to brown eyes.  Then white skin will turn to dark skin. 
"A people once on its way to specieshood, may be folded back into the batter of mankind.
"Then again, man, there are some reasons why talk of our extinction may be premature, but I'll tell you about those some other time."

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