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I picked up a  newspaper the other day and saw a piece in there about me; again.

It seems that some people think they're outing me as a "racialist"--that's what this article called me--and that I'll stop writing.
The truth is that I get a Brer Rabbit moment when they do this stuff.  Here's why. I write to be read.  I want people to know what I write.  Then, maybe they'll read it. 
I think I'm right about what I write. That's why I write it. If some disagree and don't like it, well, I'm not going to force them to read it.
Now, about this term "racialist."  In a sense, I guess it might be slightly accurate. After all, I do believe that DNA, genes and chromosomes--which lead to race--are the most important parts of all living things, and I do write about such things. That's just science.
Still, I'm not entirely comfortable with the term "racialist" as an overall identifier. It's a  term that is far too narrow to define how I think about things. It'd be a little like identifying someone as a "milk drinker," when milk is just one part of their diet, and maybe not even the main part.
My thinking doesn't start with race or even with DNA, genes, chromosomes and associated items. They're way downstream from where my thinking begins. 
What I mostly think and write about both in my fiction and non-fiction are aspects of the so-called big questions, such as: How did it all begin?  Why are we here?  Is there a God? Do we have a purpose? What happens when we die? 
As one might expect, when one tries to answer such questions, science fails to give us all the answers. At least at this time.  That's where theories and speculation enter in.  I try to offer some theories and speculation that seem to make sense. But, I have an open mind and I'd change my views in an eyeblink if true science came up with answers that don't fit my theories.
Race? DNA? Genes?  Chromosomes? Life?  You can't really understand any of these things unless you dig much, much deeper.
As it turns out, answers about race and the big questions actually start with the smallest parts of existence: sub-atomic particles and waves--right where matter comes into being from non-matter. 
This is where the foundation and the field that make up the reality of  material existence start; or at least that's about as deep as we've been able to dig so far. And, while this takes us back to where non-matter becomes matter, science still needs to dig deeper.
Eventually, we'll push even further back from where that spark in the dark of nothingness first appears.  We have to do this, because that's the way our curious minds work. That's one of the things that makes us human.  So, we'll keep pushing back to the very first cause of all, if we can.
What are we trying to find? That which is self-existent and which was not caused by anything else, but which has caused all else to be. Some call this God.
Obviously, this is an area where physics meets religion. And, so be it. 
That's where I start my thinking about the big questions of existence and race, and that's why "racialist" is too small a term. But, there's more to this.
Humans, and our human races, are not outside of nature, but are part of it. We have evolved from lower creatures in a long chain that goes back to that first spark that came into existence.  The principles found in that spark and which have evolved from it are the same as are found within us.
Do you want to understand race?  You never will if you just study the biological sciences. Understanding begins in physics.
And, when we think about some of the discoveries in physics, more than a few of us are awe struck with the religious implications of what we see.  As we ponder, we may come at some point to wondering about the similarity in appearance of things such as hurricanes, galaxies, water draining from out sinks, DNA and fylfots.
The fylfot, as I define it, is a spinning central hub with arms trailing around when seen head on. It is everywhere in nature, and I think there's a very deep reason for this. Can it be that this symbol represents the forces that are very close to the cause of existence or may even be the cause itself?
In my writings, I've suggested that if there is a God, He may be hiding Himself in plain sight right in front of our eyes in this spinning, turning shape. Is it possible that the shape is God.
As with many others, I want to see the first cause. I want to feel it.  I want to smell it. I want to touch it.  I want to know what started everything.  And, if that which started existence, as we know it, did not come into existence from out of non-existence, then it is not the first cause and I want to go behind that. I want that point where there was nothing and then there was something created by itself out of nothing.
I discuss aspects of this search in almost everything I write. Some readers may miss it because I don't write in the dry language of the academy and I spin facts together with fiction.  
We humans--with our races and DNA and genes and chromosomes, and with our adaptations and evolutionary paths--are part of this evolution of existence that starts at the sub-atomic level that began with the first cause.
But, because we can think these things, we can--with a new magic, with a new religion, with a new way of thinking--guide our evolution.
Is race important?  You bet.  Is breeding true important? I think so. By breeding true, that is, by joining our 23 chromosomes with mates who have a similar set of 23 chromosomes we keep humans diverse and evolving by not blending ourselves back into the mass of humanity.  Mating true hastens speciesization.  It is a distillation from the mass by the few. But, the few, once distilled out, are often blended right back in and disappear from history.
Some of us believe our highest possible destiny is to stay distilled out and to constantly distill ourselves ever higher. We are to consciously do what  Darwin's Finches did by accident. The method is the same: physical and/or reproductive isolation and differences in environmental conditions that cause adaptations that lead to a wider divergence.
By living consciously, we can move higher, by our own will.  We can create ourselves anew. 
Maybe there are many other "racialists" who think thoughts such as these and maybe many others also think the term "racialists" is too small a term to describe who and what we are and what we believe.

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