Ourselves Alone

by H. Millard © 2011

"I know you're trying to figure out more about this religion of mine, man," said Homeless Jack, "so here's a basic lexicon that may help you get it.  I got this from Arman. 
"And, you probably want to know how many believers there are in addition to Arman.  Well, all I know is, I belive.  One is enough.  You see, that "one" principle is also part of our beliefs, our kind of human is like the first point that started all of existence. It all starts with One.
"We are a branching off, and each one of us is another possible branching if we have as many children as possible in our image."

Abiogenesis--The theory that life can arise from non-living matter.

Adaptation--The process whereby an organism becomes better suited to its environment.
General adaptations are those that fit an organism for life in broad environmental zones, as opposed to ‘special adaptations’ which are specializations for a particular way of life. Organisms with broad general adaptations often survive while those with special adaptations become extinct when changes occur in the environment.

Absorption--Armanist Religious concept that holds that living organisms can absorb parts of the code of other organisms as well as from so-called non-living things. Works with natural selection. Often seen as mimicry.

Allele--One of a series of different forms of a gene.

Arman--The Teacher. Receiver and promulgator of the revelations and divine inspiration.

Armanism--one of the names used for this belief system.

Basic Impulse or just Impulse--The inherent "desire" to be and to be more.

Blenders--Those who promote the blending of all races, religions and nations into a sort of plain wrap human being that we call the Tan Everyman. Blenders do not like human differences, but sometimes push "diversity;" not because they actually want human diversity, but because they see this as a step to blending. The idea of the Blenders is to keep all lands where humans live from being exclusively of one race, one religion and one nation. One way they try to do this is by encouraging the mass immigration of peoples, who are far different from the natives in those lands, to those lands.

Then, over time, the Blenders expect the "rough edges" and "extremes" of racial types, religious beliefs and nationalistic tendencies in those lands to disappear by blending in with the mass at the center of the bell curve.

The ultimate goal of Blenders is to have one universal race, one universal religion, one universal nation that is worldwide. Blenders is our word for them. They do not call themselves this.

Blending--In nature, the majority of any type of life will be clustered around the center of the bell curve in characteristics for that type of life. This is natural. In humans, we not only see this as the blind workings of nature, but we also see some humans trying to increase the mass near the center while eliminating the different versions that are in a minority. This is an attempt to remove the rough edges of different races, religions and nations and have them all become part of a sort of plain wrap world where conformity in all ways is the norm. Some well meaning, but misinformed, people believe this is the way to have a peaceful planet. Unfortunately, for those pushing this idea, it won't work, because the spinning of existence will always cause change and differences. And, all life, whether it is aware of this or not, will continue to struggle to be and to be more. Life is competition. Life is struggle. Differences are what move us forward. Without differences there would be no evolution.

Blue eyes--A recent evolutionary development, probably emerged within the last 10,000 years according to recent research.

Bottleneck--There have been recurring bottlenecks on Earth. These have been times when most living things died off (think dinosaurs, for example), and only a few types, for whatever reason, survived and got through the bottleneck to replenish the Earth. The coming great die-off of Homo sapiens will not be complete. Many with Code A will be saved because of their right blood, right belief and right actions and they'll survive and get through to the other side of the bottleneck and become a new species. In other words, they will have the right DNA combination (the correct mutations) and other factors that will immunize them to what is to come or which will in some way, that we are unaware of, protect them. White skin is an absolute necessity according to the revelations. Why? We can only guess.

Cause and effect--We live in a cause and effect universe. Effects have causes. Things always happen because something causes them to happen.

Chromosomes--DNA is organized into chromosomes. Humans have 46 chromosomes. The chromosomes are of different sizes. Chromosome number 1, for example, which is the largest human chromosome, has about 220 million base pairs. A male and female each contribute 23 chromosomes to a new child. Because whites are a later evolutionary development, their genes are less fixed and are more fragile than genes in other humans. This means most genes for white characteristics are recessive and will not be expressed if a white bears children with a non-white. It thus takes two whites--a white male and a white female--to produce a white child.

Code, The--That which is within everything in existence that makes it what it is. In life that we are aware of, the code is in the form of DNA. The code is the same on the most basic levels of existence and then is changed and modified to make all that exists. It is also this way within life and within human beings. It is programmed to spread and expand into every possible niche. 

Code A--Our term for the specific code that makes non-Jewish European descended White people as we are. Believers will sometimes just say "The Code," and by this they usually mean Code A.

Comfort--All living things seek comfort. The comfort sought may be psychological or physical. The desire for psychological comfort can override the desire for physical comfort and can be used for good or bad. Nietzsche thought humans had a "will to power." We think he was wrong. We believe there is a "will to comfort,"found in humans and all living organisms, and the will to power is just a subset of the psychological desire for comfort found in some individuals.

Competition--A natural and desirable part of existence.

Correspondence--As above, so below. As below, so above. There are links unseen between things on the surface that appear to have little or no connection, and there are "buttons" that can be pushed with proper symbols and rites.

Cosmic Balancing--Similar to the concept of karma.

Cosmic evolution--the study of universal change and the assembly and composition of energy, matter and life. This is at the heart of our beliefs; the evolution of everything. Human evolution is just a small part of this, but since we are humans, we give it a lot of attention. We understand, however, that we are not unique or special except for the fact that, as far as we know, we are the only organisms on Earth who can think the abstract thoughts about this and other things and we are the only organisms on Earth, again as far as we know, who can take an active and conscious part in determining the direction of our future evolution. The same basic forces at work in cosmic evolution are also at work in the evolution of life. Understand the very small, and you'll understand the very large. Understand the very large, and you'll understand the very small.

Here are the general steps of Cosmic Evolution:
-The emergence of the first "point" of  energy and forces in the absolute nothing
-The spinning evolution of the energy and forces into vibrations,elementary particles and atoms
-The spinning evolution of atoms into galaxies, stars, planets, etc.
-The spinning evolution of star material into mineral elements
-The spinning evolution of those mineral elements into the molecular building blocks of life
-The spinning evolution of those molecules into life forms
-The spinning evolution of advanced life forms into intelligence
-The spinning evolution of intelligent life into higher consciousness

Deadenders--Those who do not reproduce their kind or who reproduce too few so that their code does not survive into the next generation.

Deme--A local population of one species that share a distinct gene pool. When isolated from other demes of the same species they can become a distinct subspecies or species.

Dissimulation, Religious--Religiously sanctioned act of lying or otherwise doing whatever is necessary to prevent persecution for one's beliefs and faith.

Divine Inspiration--The Teachings are the product of revelation and divine inspiration. Believers should also seek divine inspiration in their daily lives by praying to be guided in doing the right things.

DNA--Deoxyribonucleic acid is made up of four bases: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine that are usually abbreviated A,T,C,G. DNA is organized into units called chromosomes. Humans have 46 chromosomes. A child receives 23 chromosomes from his or her mother and 23 from his or her father. Great emphasis is put on DNA, genes, genotypes, phenotypes and similar concepts in this belief system, as DNA is considered to contain the essential person, and to be that which is to be improved and which moves forward. Our individual bodies are constructed by the DNA and our DNA can survive our individual bodies. All life is built from the inside out by the DNA spiral. The DNA spiral looks like a twisted ladder.

All DNA is the same. It is the order that is important. Very minor changes in the sequence or order of the DNA can have major effects. This is often misunderstood or misrepresented by blenders who want everyone to think that all humans are the same except for different paint jobs. They're not. To say all humans are 99% the same may sound as though we're all the same, but when you consider we're talking about 3.1 billion letters of DNA, 1% difference can be major. Here are some other comparisons that you've probably seen. The actual percentages shown here might be slightly different from what you've read, because the percentages and counts are often updated as new information is learned. Chimps and humans are about 96% the same (the old figure was 98.5%). Slugs and humans are about 70% the same. Daffodils and humans are about 35% the same. Bananas and humans are about 50% the same. This last comparison is often cited this way: Although humans and bananas are 50% the same, this doesn't mean that a human is half banana. Keep that in mind when you hear blenders say that all humans are the same because they share 99% the same DNA with other humans. It is the differences that are important, and minor differences often produce major results. DNA is the almost robotic molecule of life. It works automatically and never stops working in tinkering with life to try to expand itself into all of existence and to find the best carriers of itself.

Dominant--(1)The primary type of any organism in an area. All life "tries" to be dominant.
(2) In genetics, the form of a gene that is expressed in the characteristics of an organism. Generally, many of the characteristics of White people are recessive and require both a White male and a White female to produce a White child.

Drift, genetic--Random fluctuations of gene combinations that are often neutral and nonadaptive, but which may become fixed in a small population even though they do not appear to offer any survival advantage.

Drogh--Our religious term for ground of existence or the field. It is where matter comes into existence from vibrations.

Enlightenment--Awakened to the true nature of reality. It is more than just an intellectual understanding, but may include that, and is a quiet but exalted or ecstatic glowing feeling of oneness with the First Cause that words can't describe. One who is truly enlightened will see patterns and truths that others miss and will see the universe in a backyard.

Essence---The core of everything in existence. Used with a capital "E" to refer to the Essence of the indigenous peoples of Europe both still in Europe and in the European diaspora. With the capital "E" it is similar in meaning to DNA, genotype, phenotype and Code A.

Evolution---The gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. We accept this as a reality. However, we believe that evolution on Earth is just part of Cosmic Evolution. As far as evolution on Earth goes, we do not believe that Darwinian evolution has all the answers of evolution. Darwin got much right, but there is more. Much more. Note that evolution and Darwin are not synonyms. Darwin posited what he believed about evolution, but there are other evolutionary views that seek to answer some of the questions that Darwin couldn't answer. For example, Darwin's idea of gradual evolution never satisfactorily accounted for the emergence of completely new types beyond the species level. Enter punctuated equilibrium and similar theories. Evolution is all about differences in living things, and evolution usually requires isolation to work. Evolution is a branching off as nature tinkers with the DNA code and shuffles the letters of DNA in different ways. The differences stick if there is isolation--either geographic or reproductive--and if the changes offer a survival advantage (note--some changes do not offer survival advantages but also stick, perhaps because of pleiotropic factors) so those with the differences do not blend back in with those they branched off from. Remember also that Darwin lived and died before DNA was discovered. In addition to changes caused by adaptation and natural selection, all life on Earth is constantly bombarded by various types of cosmic rays and other forces that can cause some of the letters of DNA to be knocked out of place and which can cause mutations. Nature works on a trial and error basis. It tries something, and if it works it keeps it. If it doesn't work it doesn't keep it. Evolution doesn't take place when gene pools reach equilibrium, because evolution means change.

Exogenesis--Hypothesis that life on Earth came from elsewhere. Similar to panspermia but more limited in its scope.

Expand always; contract never--Armanists believe this is a command that is within everything in existence and that anything or any living things that disobey this command will become extinct. Humans of one type expand and change the frequency of genes in the gene pool by becoming more numerous than other types of humans, primarily by having higher fertility rates than other humans. Those who produce the most children who live to produce their own children in great numbers will eventually replace other types of humans who do not breed as fast or in such quantity.

External Signs (or characteristics)--the genetically determined way we look. Phenotype.

Extreme Individualism--an error in thinking that causes one to not see that one is part of a group of like beings and the product of a group genotype.

Fail Point--The paradoxical  threshold of evolution where humans now find themselves. By evolving big brains,we have reached this point where we are able to stop the evolutionary process of natural selection for the best qualities. The weak and the strong can both survive under such conditions and pass on their codes. This puts the best adapted and least adapted on an equal footing in the chance for survival and in expanding their codes. Believers seek to get past the fail point and to cross the threshold to move higher.

Faith--Faith is important for a number of reasons including the fact that the brain can cause physical effects that can be beneficial.

False ideas--humans have many false ideas in their humancentric ideologies and beliefs, and these false ideas often block the path and must be identified and corrected. The major false idea in this age, and which leads to many subsets of other false ideas, is that all humans are the same. This idea is anti-nature and anti-evolution. Our view, to be clear, is not that there are superior or inferior humans, but that there are many, many differences. Humans have evolved and adapted for certain environments and as a result of these adaptations and resultant gene changes, they have acquired other secondary changes.

Field, The--Also known as the ground of existence and Drogh. Behind everything.

First Cause, The--That which created something out of absolute nothing. Used interchangeably with "God." The Ultimate. The Source of all of existence.

Flow, The--The great spinning river of existence in which the Earth bobs along like a very tiny piece of dust as a little zoo of a planet.

Free will--We believe that human free will is not as free as many people believe and that our actions, in a very broad sense, are more gene directed than many people want to believe. However, there is a level of free will that is important, even though it is difficult to ever know whether we are acting because of our genetic programs or because of free will.

Frequency dependent selection--the fitness of a phenotype is dependent on its frequency relative to other phenotypes in a given population. Blenders try to change the frequency of genes in a population via immigration in order to change the population.

Gene--a portion of DNA that carries the code for some action or characteristic of the living organism. Humans have somewhere between 20-30,000 genes. The exact number has not been determined. They are the program within us. Genes "want" to survive and struggle to be expressed. We are their way to do this. Competition and struggle are natural and exist throughout all of existence. This competition and struggle is inherent in existence itself. Note that a gene is not an actual thing, but a location on a strand of DNA.  We often say: Genes Are Us.

Gene fixation--one variant of a particular gene (allele) remains the only one in a population. A partial but incomplete example of the process may be easily seen in Finland which is considered the blondest nation on Earth. That is, the allele for blond hair is almost the only allele in the population, and if gene flow were completely stopped, the allele for blond hair would become fixed in the population.

Gene Flow--The transfer of alleles of genes from one population to another. Gene flow stops divergence and prevents the emergence of new species from the old species. New species develop when the gene flow is stopped. The major way gene flow is stopped is by physical separation and isolation. Gene flow causes homogenization or blending.

Genetic Drift--A mechanism for evolutionary change resulting from the random fluctuations of gene frequencies in small, isolated populations.

Genetic homeostasis--the tendency of a population to maintain a constant genetic composition.

Genetic Isolation--The absence of gene flow between populations as a result of geographic separation or other mechanisms that prevent gene flow.

Genocide--Actual genocide is the killing off of genes by any cause. Legal genocide is defined by the U.N. We accept both actual and legal genocide as realities. Whites are victims of genocide by both definitions.

Genotype--Your internal blueprint or code. All the letters of DNA in their particular arrangement that makes you, uniquely you. A descriptor for genome which is the actual, physical DNA molecules.

Gens--Latin for clan, race, nation, people, tribe.

God--Unknowable. The First Cause. The Source. That which did the impossible and created itself and everything else from nothing. We see the something that was created in the nothing as an invisible, spinning, spiraling and expanding skein of existence that underlies all of existence. No human form. Sometimes used as synonym for nature or creator or similar terms. When you peel back everything to a time before there was anything, you are left with a mystery of what started existence and you are left with this concept. The necessary end of all arguments. One contra theory holds that there was never a time when there was absolutely nothing.

Although, as a thing easily said, we often speak of the big bang as the start of existence, our reason tells us that something was already in existence at that time--perhaps subatomic particles or waves--so the first cause must have been before the big bang.

God gene--Is a hypothesis that some humans inherit genes that predisposes them to spirituality. Gene VMAT2 is thought to be involved. This gene doesn't directly cause one to be spiritual, but causes certain chemical changes in the brain that are interpreted as spirituality. The importance for us in this faith, even if the hypothesis is proven wrong, is the indication it gives of the increasing recognition that genes cause various attitudes and behaviors as well as the physical characteristics that we see, such as eye color and skin color. We believe that there is a gene variation that may draw some people to our beliefs while others will not be so drawn because they lack the particular allele for this, and just cannot fully understand the teachings on a deep level. Teachers will point to the well known example of color blindness in which some people with certain gene variations can't distinguish between the colors red and green. No matter how hard those with this gene variation try, they just can't see the difference. No one would call them dumb. It's just a difference in genes. So it is with many of our beliefs. Some people simply won't get it.

Golden Rule--Treat all others as you want to be treated and treat all others as they treat you.

Great Die-Off or Mass Extinction--Arman had a vision of a time when most humans would die off and only believers would be spared to get through the bottleneck.

Ground of Existence--(also Field or Drogh)Thousands of years ago people began realizing that our everyday objects were made up of ever smaller objects called atoms. Then they realized that atoms were made of even smaller objects. Today, it is recognized that subatomic particles, which can also be subatomic waves, may be what underlies everything in existence and that all of reality is built up from them. Subatomic waves may be the source of matter. Some religions, sensing this reality, posit the notion that everything is thus illusion. We reject that notion. We do sometimes indicate that everything we know in our universe is a projection of the subatomic particles/waves but this idea of "projection" is far different from other uses of the term, most notably in the way a film is projected. In our use of the term, we see the subatomic particles/waves spinning into reality that which they are the essence of. The unseen skein.

Homo Armanius--The next man. The new model human. We are the one before his emergence and he will only emerge from us and no others.

Ideal--Of every thing in existence there is an ideal. Finding the ideal in our kind is important so that it can be reached and then can be overcome to move ever higher. The Ideal for living conditions for believers would be for them to have their own land free of all discordant elements so that they could pursue their evolutionary and highest destiny exclusively among their own people.  This Ideal Land is something to be sought, prayed for and worked for so that the people may truly be free.

Imagery, Religious--Fylfots, circles, spirals, spinning, turning, bramble bushes, natural forests, rivers, oceans.

Impulse, The--The inbuilt need or desire in existence to be and to be more and to expand always.

Internal Signs (or characteristics)--the way we are that can't easily be seen. Our intelligence, personality, etc. that are genetically determined.

Isolation--Physical or reproductive isolation are usually required for speciation to occur.

King of the Senses--In humans, the king of the senses is eyesight. We can reason to this conclusion by starting with the fact that the purpose of all life is to make more like itself and in humans nature has tied the libido to sight. As the king of the senses, sight is also tied into our survival instincts. We generally sense danger by seeing it and we can usually know who is us, and who is not us by sight.
We also believe that we must not deny our senses and that we have them for a reason--to help us survive to breed. We believe that we must feed our senses by being active, and it is by being active that we move higher.

Lamarckism--Theory that an organism can pass on characteristics that it acquires in its lifetime to its offspring. Largely discredited. However, we believe that the basic ideas behind the theory (but with modern terms) are valid but have not yet been proven. We believe that living organisms (maybe just some and maybe just under certain conditions) do pick up "essences" of various other living organisms and even so-called non-living things and forces in the environment that cause changes to the genetic code under some circumstances and that some of these changes can be passed on to offspring when the conditions are right. The methods of picking up these essences are open to speculation. It may be from viruses or bacteria injecting the essences into our DNA or it may be something different. We believe that there is a sort of chameleon effect or plasticity with life that is different from, but works with natural selection. We point to certain insects that mimic twigs or leaves where they live as examples of this absorption of the essence of other things into the genes.

Law of Inertia--An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by another force.

Living universe--The idea that the universe and all that is in it is not dead. In our definition, it is not alive either, as we usually define the term, but is all connected via subatomic particles and subatomic waves (or by currently unknown forces) in a skein or field that we do not fully understand, such that the universe, or parts of it, responds automatically by receiving sensory input from everything in existence. A simple analogy might be to think of a stove made of iron. When the stove is heated up, the iron automatically changes because of the heat. In the universe, it's as though everything that exists is wired to the underlying and unseen First Cause. Another analogy is a spider web. The spider picks up vibrations if any part of the web is moved even slightly. This is how the spider finds prey.

Meditation--We reject the idea that sitting still for hours on end and depriving the senses of stimulation is beneficial for believers and will lead to any deeper understanding of existence. Our meditation is usually from a few minutes up to an hour of quiet reflection while viewing a proper focus object and while quietly asking for guidance from above. Sometimes, in some believers, longer times may be helpful. We also believe that we must not deny our senses to gain a deeper understanding, but actually bathe our senses in things of the senses. Thus, we believe that we must be physically moving and taking in sights, sounds and smells--that we must experience things--to gain fuller understanding. Walks in woods, fields, mountains, deserts and even in cities help us understand if one does this consciously and actively. Our brains need the input let in by our senses. We must live consciously and always observing the patterns all around us and we must learn from everything.

Method acting--We believe that one of the ways to improve, advance and help our evolution is to imitate certain ideals and to act the part of the ideals in all ways possible. We see this as being similar to method acting. A method actor will try to become the character he plays, and will often try to do this by doing everything in the same way as the character; which can include eating the same food, using the same toothpaste, using the same soap, living in the same place and wearing the same socks and underwear, of a real person being portrayed. By taking on the outward aspects of the character, the method actor tries to evoke the inward aspects. Everything we do or experience is registered in our subconscious mind by our senses and causes changes in the way we perceive the world and the way the world perceives us and how we act and react to various stimuli. See also Absorption.

Miscegenation--mating outside the genotype. Forbidden by the First Cause as a great sin or wrong against the First Cause.

Mutagen--is an agent or substance that can bring about a permanent alteration to the physical composition of a DNA gene such that the genetic message is changed.

Mutation--A Mutation occurs when a DNA gene is damaged or changed in such a way as to alter the genetic message carried by that gene. Random mutations are sort of nature's wild cards to change life to survive by throwing in random changes that might or might not stick. They are happening all the time. Most are minor and go unnoticed. Some are detrimental to the organism.
There are also mutations of chromosomes and these have much greater effects.

Natural Law--Naturally occurring principles of existence that channel existence toward evolution. Natural law is built into the structure of existence. Humans must deduce natural law correctly, and these teachings provide help.

Natural Rights--Those rights that you have just because you are here. They are yours because of your birth. No other men or groups of men or government can legally grant them to you or take them away from you. They are yours. Among these natural rights are your right to your existence, your right to reproduce as you wish, your right to associate with or not associate with anyone of your choosing for any reason of your choosing, your freedom, self-determination, self-governance, self-identification, your right to believe as you wish and to tell others of your beliefs, your right to pursue your personal happiness as you alone see fit so long as you do not harm others.

Natural Selection--The process in nature by which the organisms best adapted to their environment tend to survive and pass on their genetic characteristics to succeeding generations while those less adapted tend to be eliminated. Survival of the fittest in the struggle to be and to be more. Natural selection brings about evolutionary change by favoring differential reproduction of genes. This changes the gene frequency from one generation to the next. Natural selection does not cause genetic change, but once there is change it encourages some genes instead of others. Natural selection requires genetic variation, differential reproduction and heritable characteristics.
We believe that natural selection is often being overridden in modern society due to birth control, abortions and miscegenation and that this artificial state of affairs is blocking or destroying the best evolutionary path for many of our European indigenous people still in Europe and in the European diaspora.

Nature--The word "nature" as we use it means far more than the narrow meaning it is usually given. In our use it means all of existence and sometimes it means God. So, when believers say they study nature for clues to answers to the big questions, they don't just mean they're going on nature walks (but that could be part of it). They mean they're looking at subatomic particles and subatomic waves, galaxies, birds, flowers, physics, psychology and everything else that is in existence.

Notus--Literally "Not Us." Not our people.

Numinous feeling--Filled with an overwhelming sense of wonder and awe at being in the presence of the divine. We find this most easily just before dawn and just before dusk, during storms and in forests and other places away from civilization.

Only one path--This is the one genuine path for us that leads to true higher states. It requires, among other things, physical evolution. This is one of the main differences between this belief system and others. We believe the core of our being is our unique physical DNA code that we carry and which has spun us into existence. It is an absolute prerequisite that one must have to take the next step up. It is the code that must survive and expand and we are a means to that end as it is a means to our end. However, this is not to be seen as though we are merely robots carrying a real something inside of us that pulls our strings and orders us about. We are one. We are its outer aspect and it is our inner aspect. It is within every cell of our body.We would not exist as the beings we are except for it, and it cannot survive and evolve except for us. It is our essence.

Order is important--DNA is composed of just four basic chemicals (A,T,C,G) yet those four chemicals when shuffled in different ways produce all the variety of life that we are aware of. This tells us that it is not the difference in the chemicals of DNA that is important (because there are none) but the way they are arranged. Change the order just a little and you have a fly or a mouse or an ape or a man or a tree. And, the emphasis here is on change the order just a little. It doesn't take much. A few letters changed and one has white skin or non-white skin, straight hair or curly hair.

Our Kind--Those with Code A.

Ourselves--Those with Code A.

Our Way for Ourselves Alone (OWFOA)--Another name for this religion, philosophy, world view.

Panspermia--Hypothesis that "seeds" of life exist all over the universe and that some of these seeds caused life on Earth as well as elsewhere.

People, The--When used by believers it usually means either believers or those who may not yet be believers but who share our 46 chromosomes.  Synonym for Believers.

Phenotype--That which is built by the genotype. The way you look. The outward manifestation of the inner code.

Placebo God--Human psychology requires an ender of all arguments and something that is bigger and anchored and which gives meaning to man's short life. Our blessing and our curse is our large brain. It lets us think about existence and meaning and discover the laws of existence; this is both the blessing and the curse. Belief if it is real, acts upon our minds and our minds act upon our bodies in real and physical ways by releasing various chemicals that can help or hinder us on the path. If one does not believe in God; then one should learn to do so. 

Pleiotropy--Genes have more than one effect. For example, when an attempt was made to domesticate foxes by breeding them for the quality of dog like tameness, the foxes also automatically developed other dog like qualities such as floppy ears, turned up tails, and patched coats of different colors. The changes weren't expected, but they had the added benefit of allowing people to see the "content of the character" of the changed foxes. The outward reflected the inward. In other words, in the case of the foxes, it wasn't possible to breed for certain personality traits without also changing the exterior appearance of the foxes. The same effect works in humans. Change skin from black to white and you change much more than just skin color.

Prayer--At dawn and dusk.

Primary Command, The--The primary command for all life including human life is to survive as long as possible to make as many more like itself as physically possible. This is less about the survival of the individual and more about the survival of the DNA code that is passed on to offspring. Some falsely believe that the primary command for organisms is an instinct for self-preservation. While at the level of the whole organism, this may appear true, it must be understood that it is the code within that seeks survival and which wants the whole organism to survive in order to expand and spread the particular version of the code within. Living organisms, including humans, that do not breed in their image, are evolutionary dead ends whose code will never move higher.

Proper living--Living as long as possible to protect and expand the code by having as many children in the image of the people as possible. Everything else in our lives is secondary to this. We are told that the evolution of our kind will only come by having vast numbers of us filling all lands. We know also that it is not the individuals who are important, but the Code. The individuals carry the Code and they are the way it is expanded.

Punctuated equilibrium--theory that species have little change for long periods (stasis) and then experience rapid and major changes.

Pure Lands--the lands that God has commanded believers to take, purify and hold forever for the people alone, where believers can live free from outside influences, discordant forces and gene transfer and where they can practice their faith without persecution and in peace and in which they can continue to evolve along the righteous path.

Purity--actual purity of DNA and ritual purity.

Race--is to humans what variety is to plants and breed is to dogs, horses and other animals. It is also often used as a synonym for sub-species. It is a reality, although blenders try to deny it in order to break down barriers to blending. When populations appear to be different in their genetic characteristics and are readily recognized as being different then they are called races or subspecies.

Radio example--One of our favorite ways to explain some of our concepts is to use a radio as an example. Radio waves are all around us, but unless you have a radio with all the right parts, along with a power source and tuned into the right frequency you won't pick up any sounds. Remove just one of many very tiny but essential parts of that radio, and it won't work. The radio has to be "born"with those parts. It can't acquire them, and no amount of praying or living right or doing various ritual things will change that. In humans, the right parts are genes and the order of the genes and all things relating to DNA.

Recessive genes--Most "White" genes are recessive. This means that if a White person has children with a non-White person, the children will favor the non-White person in most characteristics. It takes two White people to produce a truly White child.

Revelation--The First Cause has revealed His Will to and through Arman, The Teacher.

Sacred Symbols--Representations of the true nature of God and existence. Circles, spirals, fylfots. Believers have such symbols near or on their skin. They have a mystical but real correspondence. Believers generally prefer a rounded arm version of the fylfot. Some prefer two arms, some prefer three arms, some prefer four arms, some prefer five or six arms. The essential part of the fylfot is not the arms, but the spinning center or axis. The arms are always trailing the spin, not leading it. In nature, they are the result of the spinning center. When viewed from the side, over time, the spinning fylfot looks like a tornado or a strand of DNA or many of the other things we observe in nature. The fylfot as a religious symbol must be with believers at all times. Indicates constant expansion. Symbols should touch the skin. May be put on the skin with scars, tattoos, brands, rings, amulets.

Self-identification, self-determination, self-reliance, self-government,self-improvement, self-perfection--are considered important.

Self-organization-- Ability of a system to spontaneously arrange its components or elements in a purposeful (non-random) manner, under appropriate conditions but without the help of an external agency.

Sen, The--Another name for strong believers.

Sensory Input--Sensory input is important in rituals and for creating a sense of awe. Thus, when praying one must be surrounded by the proper stimuli.

Single point mutation--a mutation that involves a single nucleotide. For example, sickle-cell disease is a single point mutation in which GAG is changed to GTG.

Ser, The--The flow of existence.

Source, The--Another name for God.

Speciation--The evolutionary formation of a new species, often by the division of a single species into two or more genetically distinct ones, usually by isolation that prevents gene flow.
Speciation happens rapidly in small isolated populations.
Speciation has been demonstrated to be possible in as few as 8 generations in Drosophila (Fruit fly). It can also be caused by selective breeding as is done in animal husbandry.

Spiral--One of the Sacred Symbols in all its forms. All of existence is dependent on the constant spinning, turning, twirling, spiraling. It is this constant spinning movement that shuffles all that exists and is why the only constant is change. The spiral is seen in distant galaxies, in storms, in water draining from a sink, in the way trees grow, in DNA, and in all of existence if you know how to look. If the spinning stopped, existence would stop. The spiral is the result of spinning with the addition of time. Ancient peoples often used spiral symbols, but did not then understand the ubiquitousness of the spinning or its necessity to existence. There is a mystery about such symbols and a teacher has said that they form an actual and real link to much that is seen and unseen. A teacher has said that there are other symbols that seek to dampen the effects of these symbols for good, and these other symbols often have something of a cat's cradle appearance with straight lines and sharp angles.

Standing Stones and rings of stones--with chiseled symbols are links.

Struggle, The--The First Cause, struggle to be and to be more and continues the struggle to this day. The struggle against nothingness is part of all existence and it continues by the spinning that brings light and heat to an otherwise dark and cold nothingness. Even humans must struggle to exist and to be and to be more. To not struggle is to fall back into the masses of humanity and not evolve toward the first light and the First Cause. It takes no effort and no struggle to be dark and cold. It does state constant effort and constant struggle to be light and warm.

Survival advantage--A genetic change from the norm that gives organisms a leg up on other organisms in the same habitat or environment. Often involves minor changes that have long term effects.

Survival of the fittest--Natural selection conceived of as a struggle for life in which only those organisms best adapted to existing conditions are able to survive and reproduce. All organisms now alive are the fittest of their types just by being alive today. However, if they don't reproduce in their image to to forward into the next generation, they will be defined retroactively as not being the fittest. Organisms must reproduce to be the fittest.

Survival strategies--All organisms have built-in genetic survival strategies that have evolved to allow the organism's genes to be passed on to the next generation. If the survival strategy is a good one, then the organism's genotype will survive. In thinking of survival strategies, it must be remembered that the individual is not especially important. It is getting the genotype--the code--to survive and be passed on to expand the particular code carried by the organism.

Teacher, The--Arman. Receiver and promulgator of the revelations and divine inspiration.

Ultimate truth--to be sought.

Unfit--Organisms or populations of organisms that are not adapted to prevailing conditions or which do not produce offspring in sufficient numbers to maintain their contribution to the gene pool of the next generation.
White skin--A mutation that occurred in Europe to adapt the people there so their skin would let in more of the dim European sunlight to produce more Vitamin D than darker skin colors. It gave a survival advantage to those with the mutation, in that with more Vitamin D, those with the mutation didn't get the bone softening disease rickets and lived longer to produce more children who also carried the mutation. In time, the white skin mutation spread throughout Europe.Scientists now believe that a tiny mutation in gene slc24a5, located on the long leg of chromosome 15 at position 21.1, started in the few people who left Africa and headed into Europe about 20,000--50,000 years ago was a major reason for the emergence of white skin.
Willed Evolution--Causing the evolution of one's line by right belief and the right actions that naturally flow from the right beliefs.
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