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Many White folks, even those with some White consciousness, still don't get it about Arman's teachings and their own existence," said Homeless Jack.  

"If they did understand more, they'd be stronger in their beliefs about their Whiteness and would live happier more fulfilled lives.

"Some  Whites talk about race and racial differences but they start too far downstream to really understand our place in existence and why we must follow Arman's teachings to survive, expand and evolve as White people.  Arman says that his teachings are really nature's teachings and are written throughout all of existence for those who can read them, and that they were set in motion when existence began.

"I want to be clear about this, man.  Arman is very humble about the teachings because he says they're not really his teachings, and that he's just the one who is trying to put them in words that can be easily understood. He says he isn't even comfortable with them being given the collective name Armanism, as some of have done, and he only reluctantly accepts that name until a more fitting one evolves.

"Arman teaches the proper bedrock  foundations of existence that come right from the way existence works, man.  And, when one truly understands, one can never have one's faith shaken about why we must remain White people, and why we must do what we must do, and why we must separate from all other peoples, and why we must never miscegenate, and why we must raise our individual birth rate as high as our bodies will permit.

"And, as I already said, man, Arman teaches the way for us to live happy and fulfilled lives while being fully aware of who and what we are, while at the same time abandoning misguided personal efforts to deny our existence as White people. Arman says too many of us try to be less White, lest we offend non-Whites and that this is a serious error in our thinking.  Arman says we should just be indifferent to other peoples who are not our people.  We should not interfere in their destinies no matter what, so long as we are not affected.  And, we should concentrate on our own highest destiny which is what Arman teaches.  We must be for ourselves alone and for no others.

Arman's teachings give us the freedom to be truly, authentically, and unapologetically White, and to love ourselves as we were born, every minute of our lives without unnecessarily  bragging about it. 

"Arman also says that our genetic code and our religion are one.

"Some White folks with a preliminary level of White consciousness will talk about hating other racial groups. Some  also have overly  idealized images in their minds about so-called  'wonderful White culture and  White civilized ways.' These are often partly based on the belief that we Whites had various golden ages in the past.

In addition,  some of these beliefs are founded in the religious beliefs and mores from the desert religions as they have been modified over the centuries.  Many of these things are just layered on like a thin veneer and are not only not essential to who and what we are, but some are holding us back from our own survival, expansion and evolution. They limit us, man.  Some make us dour sourpusses, afraid of life and afraid to have children and to be who and what we are.  We should be full of joy and be ever expansive, man, not full of hate and negativity.

" Arman says false beliefs must  be stripped away so we can get to the essentials of what being authentically White really means if we are to consciously evolve  in the best way for ourselves.  We are alone, man.  No other peoples are like us. We must not allow ourselves to be blended in with other types of humans. That is devolution.  We are a later evolutionary branching of the human type, but false beliefs are putting us in danger of extinction as the genocide against us is now widespread and there is an ever increasing danger of gene transfer from other types of humans to us.

"When asked to tell what he teaches in just a few words,  Arman sometimes replies: 'I teach the way existence works.'

"And, Arman has indicated that the essential parts of existence are the spinning, turning, spiraling forces of nature. Without these forces there would be no existence.  It is these forces that create, maintain and destroy everything.  But, let's not dwell on them, here, man, other than to acknowledge that Arman says they are behind everything and are within everything, and to realize that within organisms, the turning, spiraling forces are manifested most importantly as DNA.

"Arman  says that those who truly follow his teachings are scientists whether they know it or not and whether or not they have any science education. 'Each person who follows this path, and truly understands it, ' says Arman,' is a physicist, naturalist, evolutionist, biologist, botanist, psychologist and a true scientist of  every type and variety all wrapped up in the single person.'

"Arman  says that true science is never in conflict with his teachings and his teachings are never in conflict with true science because they are one and the same, but that his teachings, which are based, in the first instance, on revelations and guidance he received, include a sense of awe and wonder as well as things not yet understood by science that can generally be called beliefs and faith.

"Is there a god in Arman's teachings?  Yes, but... Arman usually calls this the First Cause and says that it is unknowable because it is that which did the impossible by creating something out of absolute nothing.  Any god that started with something already in existence--even if it is subatomic particles-- cannot be, by definition, the First Cause, and only the First Cause can truly be called God.  You will see from this that God as set forth by Arman is different from many other conceptions you may have heard about.  And, this conception is such that one can believe in the teachings even if one does not believe in a god.

"Once waves and forces and subatomic particles were in existence, the trajectory was set for the automatic cosmic evolution that we see all around us in the universe.  And, everything in existence is spinning, turning and spiraling.  Arman also says that if you don't have a god in your religious scheme, then you are ignoring human psychology and the importance of having an ender of all arguments, among other things.  So, you White folks who think you're too rational to have a god may want to invent one, or better still, follow Arman's lead on this.

"On Earth, the spinning, turning, spiraling forces have created the DNA molecule, and the DNA molecule, in turn, creates all life on Earth.

"We White humans are just one of millions of organisms that have all evolved from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to living minerals.  Ultimately, we are all minerals, man, but we so-called living organisms are minerals that can make more like ourselves and do various other things that we define as life.

"So, what is the difference between us and say a rock or a pile of dirt?  It is the DNA molecule.  It is the animating thing within us.  The DNA molecule is sort of like a potter's wheel and a potter all in one.  It takes minerals and spins and shapes them into living organisms and it remains within them as the life force itself.  It's like a coiled spring, man.  When we are born, the spring is tight, and as the years go by, it begins unwinding until it is without any more tensile strength, and then we return to the inert mineral state.

"But DNA is much more than just a potter's wheel and a potter. Analogies and metaphors quickly break down when we try to describe what is almost impossible for us to describe.  Ever since it came into existence, the DNA molecule has been trying to fill all of existence with itself.  It does this by constantly making new forms of life, by modifying previous forms.  How does it do this?  it constantly tinkers with its own code and moves parts of the code around. It never stops tinkering.  If there is water, it invents gills.  If there is sky, it invents wings.  If it is cold, it invents fur.  If it is a dim area, it invents white skin.  If it comes to an obstacle, it quickly adapts to try to overcome the obstacle.  And, all of these automatic changes in the DNA code found in every living organism are happening all the time so that every organism is given a chance to survive to breed to expand the genetic code it carries.

"If the changes in the organism make it a little quicker or a little stronger or a little smarter than similar organisms in its niche and if it follows nature's plan to reproduce to its maximum with more like itself, it may eventually replace the earlier models from which it sprang. This is evolution, man. It's a constant and never ending competition to bring forth the best for every niche.

"Arman says we must live consciously and we must now will our own evolution.

"Now, here's something else. Some organisms are trapped by having adaptations that are too specific.  Think of koalas from Australia as just one example.  They'll die if they can't eat one particular kind of leaf.  That's a specific adaptation.  Contrast that with cockroaches which have many general adaptations so  they can live almost anywhere on land and eat almost anything. And, they just keep producing more of their kind no matter what obstacles are thrown in their way.  Cockroaches were around when there were dinosaurs.  Who was the best at survival?  The cockroach. Whose genetic code is still here and still expanding? The cockroach. Learn from this.


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