Jeb Bush and family

by H. Millard © 2015

    "I'm gonna let the so-called  intellectuals give you long columns on why JEB Bush is the main candidate and poster boy of White genocide, this year, man. And, no doubt, you'll be seeing some such columns.  But some of those columns are just intellectual masturbation written by Whites who have repressed their lusty White DNA code and buried it under what they think an intellectual should be like. They are the stuff of tea and crumpets, doilies and polite parlor conversation. They are not the stuff of flesh and blood and lusty White life.  They don' t laugh out loud, man. They start at shadows.  Few Whites read them and many who do are childless  effete poseurs and dilettantes and weak seed Whites who sniffle death rattle crap such  as saying that we Whites, don't you know,  shouldn't breed for quantity, we should breed for quality.  There is no life force in them, man.  They are walking extinction.

     And, these bloodless types think, of course, that they represent White quality.  I say, bullshit.  What we Whites need to do is get lusty and real and breed like rabbits, but only with our fellow Whites.  When we teem we will have the quality.  The White quality is an inherent part of White genes, man. It may be dormant in some, but it's there in the DNA code. It's part of Whiteness as surely as our white skin is an essential part of our beings.  It will come to the fore when we have quantity.  It's always been that way, and it's no different now.  You don't get it?  Look, consider all the great Whites throughout history.  Do you ever hear much about their parents or their children also being great?  Not usually.  Why?  Because the gene shuffle has a lot of randomness built in.  Would we have had a Beethoven or a Tesla or any other great  Whites if their parents hadn't had children?  Just have as many White children as you can, man.  It will work out.  A White genius may be born of seemingly very ordinary Whites and a very ordinary White may be born of White geniuses.  Again, it's the almost random shuffle of those billions of elements in the White DNA code that brings forth what is brought forth, man.  The more Whites there are in existence, the better it is for all Whites.   And, I don't mean we just need geniuses who sit around contemplating their navels, man, I mean we need White people--White men and women--of action--who can also be geniuses.  The two terms are not mutually exclusive.  We need Whites who do things, not just talk about things.  We need Whites who aren't passive and waiting for others to do things.  It's like that saying, man:  'I kept hoping somebody would do something.  Then, I realized that I am somebody.'  Well, you are somebody, and so am I.  We shouldn't wait for consensus or a crowd to hide behind.  Be somebody. Do something.  And, the greatest something you can do is have a whole tribe of White children.

     You and I, man, we're the blood and guts guys of the White race.  We get dirt under our fingernails.  We shoot guns.  We fix our own cars.  We still try to have large families. We're a subculture.  We're the pure Whites.  We're the kind that do things and not just talk about them.  We're the ones that White haters really hate and we're the ones they really want to see go extinct.  We're White breeders, man.  We know that we have the moral high ground and we aren't the churchy types who think sex and procreation are bad. We make our own morality and it is based on what is good for Whites is good and what is bad for Whites is bad. 

    Back to JEB Bush.  This guy has already committed genocide in his own family line and has started turning the Bush family Brown.  Through him, the Bush family may retain the Bush name, but not the Bush genetic legacy.  He has built White extinction into his family line, man.  He's like the Germans who went to Jamaica many years ago and who bred with the Blacks so now there are a bunch of Blacks in Jamaica with German surnames.  Are they genetically German, because they can point to old photos of Whites in their family lines or because their surnames are German?  Of course not.  They are Black.  They are not White.  Germans are White. Period.  And, don't let creeps confuse you with nationalities, by convincing you that anyone born in Germany, no matter their color is German. It ain't so, man. 

     Let me back up a little here so we have no confusion about terms.  Genocide comes from two words: Genes--that's what makes us what we are from birth, man.  and Cide, which means death.  Put 'em together and you get the death of genes.  And, that's what is happening to us Whites.  See, it helps sometimes if you think about this in terms of individual genes being killed off or replaced one by one, rather than thinking of us as White people being killed off.  Yeah, the latter way works in our thinking sometimes, but you have to have a flexible mind and be able to think about it a couple of different ways.

    JEB Bush could have married a White woman. Had he done so, his children would be White and they would look like the rest of the Bush clan.  But, he married a mestizo Mexican woman--that means she's mostly genetically Indian.  Anyway, the fruit of that union are Brown children.  That's because White genes, being the newest on the planet are more fragile and can be trumped by darker genes, man.  It takes a White father and a White mother to produce a pure White child, man.  No, don't give me that squshy crap about there being no pure races.  You know what I mean. So, JEB has killed off blue eyed genes, white skin genes, white feature genes, white hair genes and so on.  He has made his family non-White.  And, don't give me that crap about the quality of the character of JEB's children or how they're smart or this or that.  That's not the point.  The point is genocide.  We Whites have a right to exist as Whites even if we are ugly and dumb and seemingly worthless.  It is not about character or appearance or intelligence or anything else, it is about one thing and one thing only: Whiteness.  If we are not White we do not exist.  If we are not White, we are not us.  And, when I write about Whiteness, I mean all the genetic characteristics that we Whites have, and especially in the ideal of our type, and not just our white skin.  Oh, and just to be clear, again.  I use lower case white to mean a color and upper case White to mean us as the unique race (really we are a subspecies or even a species) that we are.

    JEB held a fund raiser in New York recently* and it took  $100,000 to get in.  And, do you know who paid the price to get in, man?  It was mostly Zionist Jews.  Yeah, they're the ones  who mostly owe their allegiance to Israel and who want to keep Jews pure, while many of them hate White people, and they especially hate Germans and any Whites who oppose White genocide.

     So, here's what those who hate Whites want.  They want us to go extinct.  They want to replace all White genes with non-White genes.  And, to do this they want massive non-White immigration into the U.S. and other White nations and they want to hold down the White birthrate. 

     If JEB gets elected as president, he'll bring in even more massive non-White immigration and will push his personal self-hating philosophy with the power behind the presidency.  That means you'll see executive orders that harm Whites and help non-Whites and you'll see gushy PR planted articles and columns in all the media about the joys of miscegenation.  Oh, they won't call it miscegenation.  They'll call it love and anti-racism and diversity but the subliminal message will be that Whites should mate with non-Whites and in doing so they'll be as happy as those mixed race people you see in various ads for beer and soda and cars and everything else.  These subliminal messages seep into the subconscious minds of people, man, and then they act on them and destroy their own family lines.  Do they suddenly become young and beautiful like the smiling perfect bright white teeth mixed race people they see smiling  in the commercials?  Of course not.  They just become non-White. They become breeders for non-White people. They supply their sacred White sperm and sacred White eggs so non-Whites can be born and so no Whites will be born of them.

    So, speaking now about the things we'll continue to see, but speeded up, if Bush or other anti-Whites get into the Whitehouse will be massive non-White immigration to the White U.S.  And, what will this do? For one thing it will cause the White unemployment rate to increase.  And, if Whites are unsure of their next paycheck, they'll have fewer kids and will mumble that they can't afford to have them.  At the same time, with fewer White kids being born, the mating pool of available spouses will become darker and darker and White kids who are born will have more non-White choices than White ones.  Add into the equation here the massive propagandistic lies we daily face about how wonderful diversity is and how race isn't real but a social construct and you start to get the picture.

     Vote White, live White, breed White--do it for your own survival, for your family's survival and do it for all of us Whites.  Let's not go extinct.  Instead, let us expand our kind until we fill all lands with Whites.  It's up to each one of us as individuals, both White males and White females.  Individually, we can't do much to convince others of the moral rightness of our views, but we do have control over ourselves and we can help our own family lines survive and expand.

#                                                                                 #                                                                            #

Ref: Jeb Bush’s eye-popping event: $100K per ticket


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