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by H. Millard © 2016

Humans never stop arguing about anything.  And, endless arguments can lead to inaction or wrong choices in life. In the case of us as White people in our present Dark Age, endless arguments can also lead to our extinction.

Some mistakenly think these endless arguments are good and represent some sort of virtuous and intellectual free speech and that somehow every opinion is worth something.  They are very wrong when it comes to our survival as White people.  Junk in, junk out. There are things that are inherently good and things that are inherently bad for our survival as White people. And, these things are not matters of opinion and will never be understood by many people who hear the endless arguments--such arguments just cause confusion and, as I wrote above, inaction, and possible wrong choices in life. These things that are inherently good or bad for our survival as White people are found in the true  laws of nature. For those of us who understand the concept of God as being one with the true laws of nature, these laws must be discovered, they must be correctly understood, and they must be obeyed if we wish to survive as White people.

Some of these laws can be very simply stated and are common sense to those who understand a little about DNA and genes and what makes us who and what we are as White people. They can be stated simply: Make more like yourself. Do not mix or mate outside the race. Have as many White children as possible.  Live as long as possible to make more White children. Who can argue that these are not essential for our survival as White people?  Well, unfortunately, many people will so argue and will offer endless counter arguments, and this is what I'm talking about when I say endless arguments can lead to inaction and wrong choices in life.

Today, many Whites will argue endlessly whether it is good or bad or neutral for Whites to blend themselves away and become non-White via miscegenation.  They may not put it in those terms, but many will argue that mixing and mating with other races is fine and dandy and if you don't like it you're somehow evil.  And, that wrongheaded attitude and false belief about miscegenation as either being good or at least neutral as it relates to Whites is leading many Whites to turn their families non-White.  Some of these eternal arguers will argue that mixed children are often attractive, often strong, often intelligent, often nice people. No rational person would argue against that, but that's not the point.  The point is that they are not White--they are not us.  It is our essential "Whiteness," which is a product of our DNA code, that must be protected, preserved and propagated. Even if we are ugly, weak and  stupid,  we still have a natural right to remain White and not be blended away. Simply put, we have a right to exist as White people, simply because we are here. But if we don't assert this right and live right, we will not exist as a distinct people for long.

Often, the arguments, saying miscegenation is fine, are based on false ideas that all humans are essentially the same.  This is a major mistake in thinking.  Remember this, at some level everything in existence is essentially the same.  That is, if you keep reducing anything down to ever smaller parts you end up at some point with the reality that we are all star dust--minerals from the Big Bang or whatever started our universe.  However, it is the cumulative effect of many "minor" differences made to that star dust that give us different things, and different organisms, and different races of humans and it is these so-called minor differences that are important.

The different races of man are very different from each other. Your eyes tell you this and true science tells you this, so don't buy into the arguments posited by some that we are all the same because "We all bleed red blood," or some other silly nostrum.  There's my argument: we are not the same. But others will offer counter arguments and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, until there are no more White people.  However, there is a rescuer--a savior--but you have to have some belief. The rescuer and savior is a concept of God who is loving and good and who through the fundamental forces of evolution has  selected Whites to do his work to make the world a better place through our DNA code--through us as flesh and blood people.  You ask, why were we selected? We are not perfect.  We have many flaws. I can only say, ask God.

God is the ender of all arguments.  You say that miscegenation is fine. I say God says it is not fine for White people--end of argument.  You say all humans are the same. I say God says we are all different--end of argument. You say we should all just blend together. I say God says that this is evil for Whites--end of argument.  If there is a God, and I say there is, you cannot argue against Him, or if you can then your God is not the real God.

You may say that you are a rational person and that you don't believe in a God. Fine. Do you believe in nature? Do you believe in science?  Do you believe that Whites have a right to exist and to expand our kind and to not be blended away by mixing and mating with other races?  That may be enough to satisfy the ineffable principle that some of us call God so long as you have those values as a bedrock of your being and truck no arguments to the contrary. 

Most intelligent and rational people are skeptical of things unseen and of a concept of God that they may have learned from childhood and which just doesn't make much sense.  If you are one of these, and I am one, excise the fairy tale like myths from your mind. Instead, understand the principle of God as being somewhere in the forces, energies, vibrations, subatomic particles (or whatever) that are when we reduce all of our material world down to the level where matter constantly comes into existence and then flashes out of existence--the quantum level. Too hard to believe?  Well, open a computer case and tell us how you're getting sounds, pictures and connections from all over the planet from those tiny chips. Some of us envision God as something like what we now have with computers and the cloud and the internet and even radio waves and more.  We see God not as supernatural, but as  natural but beyond our comprehension right now.

We also see God or nature as having a higher purpose with life than the simple repetitive and endless production of organisms; namely the evolution into ever higher types through the improvement of the DNA code and the beings that it spins out and we believe that we have been selected to be the ones who are able to make the leap higher into full specieshood (by most current definitions of that term) where we can no longer be exterminated via bedroom miscegenation since when we make that leap we will only be able to bear viable children with our own kind and with no other kinds.

So, how do we know what is right and wrong FOR US--and it is US that we should be concerned about, not others. How do we cut through the silly--We all bleed red blood [and thus should mix and mate] arguments?   We can't do it with human logic and reason, because such arguments are not logical and are not reasonable and the arguments can go on forever.  They are catch phrases used by people who either have never really thought about who we are and why we are as we are or by those who want to deceive. The answer to how we can know what is right and wrong for us, as White people, is that God tells us what is right and wrong.  He is the ender of all arguments.

We know what is right because God tells us what is right and He tells us how to live good, just and righteous lives.  God is the ender of all arguments. If God says it, it is right and good and just and is the law.  Period.  How do we know if what some say God says is from God or not?  God is for life and is for you to be happy and in tune with existence.  If someone says God wants non-life,  or wants you to harm yourself or others, or that you should do what makes you unhappy, they are wrong.  But, more, God is for us as White people and He wants us to remain separate. If He's not for us as White people, He is not the real God at all.  You see, we know that we have a right to exist as we are and on our own evolutionary trajectory without interference from other kinds and we have a right to defend who and what we are.  How do we know these things?  Because we are here and we are alive, and if we are wrong and if we don't have these rights, then there is no point in living.  We must start with who we are and understand that we have a right to exist. Anything or anyone who says we don't is not to be believed or followed.  Existence is always better than non-existence. What about the arguments from those who say that God loves all humans and all life and all of existence and therefore all things and all people are treated the same by God with no distinctions?  I would ask, don't you love yourself? But is your toe the same as your eye, is your fingernail the same as your ear?  Do you treat the different parts of your body the same?  Do you brush your eyes with toothpaste and rinse your mouth with eyewash? Do you not love your arm because your leg has a different function?  Do you not clip your fingernails because you don't clip your knees? Different things have different purposes and functions. It is the same with different peoples.

If you don't have a God, and you want to survive as a White person you'd better invent one.  Why?  Because, as I've written repeatedly, God is the ender of all arguments.  If God says it, it is what you must do or not do.

Of course, if you simply conjure up a false notion of God he may have you do meaningless things such as wander around a desert for 40 years or he may tell you to kill a son or yourself do other things such as sacrifice humans or animals or constantly praise him as though he is of low self esteem and needs you to make Him feel important.  God does not lack self-esteem. 

Our God is real.   We didn't invent him.  He revealed Himself and tells us how to live good, righteous and just lives.  He doesn't need much praise, because He is  very sure of himself.

Our God is the God that your god would worship if your god were real.

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