"a homeless jack"

by H. Millard © 2012

"'Go forth and multiply your kind,' or as we often say 'expand always, contract never,' is a principle of existence, man, said Homeless Jack, and it's an important part of Arman's Teachings that make up this belief system of ours.
"Now, you gotta understand a little of the basics of Arman's Teachings if you're gonna understand why we must expand our kind always and contract never.
"So, here's some of the basics taught by Arman, in case you forgot or never heard them, and, yes, I have to start at the beginning because everything flows from this. 
"In the beginning there was absolute nothing. I mean there weren't even subatomic particles. Just absolute nothing. All was absolutely dark and all was absolutely cold. 
"Into the nothing that became our universe came the First Cause--called God, by some--He brought somethingness to the nothingness. No, man, don't ask me to explain more, we don't have the brains or the words to really understand. This is about as close as I can get.  I just know, from Arman, that there was nothing and then there was a spinning, circling, spiraling something that started as a single point and it expanded and is still doing so as it spirals out in all directions to devour the nothingness--the dark and the cold that lies just beyond. 
"Anyway, here are a few of the principles that the First Cause brought, and these permeate all of existence including right here on Earth: 
"1. Everything starts with one--a single point--from which others branch off and become additional single points. There is a constant branching off and expansion. 
"2. Everything in existence spins. if the spinning stops, existence stops.
"3. There is a formula or recipe or code behind life--just call it a code for simplicity--that comes from the First Cause and which went forth sort of like seeds, but not really like seeds, to bloom and use what is at hand to start life on its evolutionary trajectory. It is the code that seeks to survive and expand, and living organisms are its way of doing this.
"4. On Earth, the code put together chemicals to form DNA as its vehicle. DNA is plastic, and nature constantly tinkers with it like a garage inventor through trial and error to improve it so that the organisms it's in will survive and multiply and thus expand the code.  But it's like a contest, man, and no one gets a free ride.  The process goes on all the time and the tinkering never stops. Now, think of  trillions of garage inventors all trying to come up with an organism that can beat all the others and become the big winner in the contest of life.  That's a little what it's like, man.
"5.  The essential core code is the same in all life, but each tiny change to make living things different results in new forms that struggle to survive and replace other forms that are similar. The struggle to be and to be more is eternal, and it is found in every part of existence and right in our own bodies as genes for one color eyes, for example, struggle against genes for other color eyes and with all our other characteristics.
"Our kind of human has reached a point in our evolution where we can understand and help with the expansion and improvement of the code that we carry within us by following Arman's Teachings.
"Arman says that we must make more like ourselves by having as many children as is possible during our lifetimes and that this is commanded by the First Cause.  He says that this command is given to each of us individually so each of us must act on our own to follow the command. 
"It is wrong for us to shirk our duty by waiting for a leader, or others, or the right time or the right partners of the opposite sex.  Each one of us, male and female alike, is the leader.  Each one of us must individually follow the Teachings. The right time is right now for every individual.
"See, man, this is also about the importance of each and every individual of our kind.  It goes back to that principle of everything starting with one that I just told you about. I am that one.  So are you.  So is everyone else who understands.  We are individuals and those of us who follow this system remain individuals but we have chosen of our own free will to follow the Teachings even if we know of no others who do so and even if we are the only ones who do so.  We do not need others to validate our internal religious beliefs. We are in charge, each one of us. 
"The old ways don't work any more for us on this dark planet.  We need to follow the natural laws that are embedded in our bodies and which come from our code.  That's what Arman teaches.
"We need to start having children as soon as our bodies say it is time, and we  should only stop when our bodies say we can't have more children. We don't need an external calendar or clock to tell us the right date and time. The calendar and clock are within us.
That's the way the First Cause set it up, man.  And, He also set it up so that males can procreate constantly.  Why? Because sperm is created within males all the time.  This is so in order for it to be able to change and adapt to changes in the external and internal environments to help us adapt and evolve and survive so we can expand the code through our children. 
"Women, on the other hand, have a set number of eggs and it is the eggs that are stable and unchanging which is designed to keep us from going too far afield as we multiply. 
"The eggs keep the code more stable so that the more changeable sperm doesn't change things too much just because of minor changes in the environment.  It's like the eggs are more conservative or have one foot in the past, man, so that the wild sperm don't go crazy with changes that may not always be necessary. You get it, don't you? Say, for example, if the weather is unusually cold, the sperm change a little to adapt a child to that weather.  But, the cold weather may not last for long, so you don't want a child being born who is completely adapted to the cold, when next year we may be in a hot spell. The eggs ensure that the changes are kept under control.  Man, it's kind of like the eggs are like the U.S. Senate which is slow to move and change, while the sperm are like the U.S. House, that moves much faster.
"Also, men are not naturally designed to just produce one child every nine months.  That's how women are designed. Men are set up to produce a child or more a day. Monogamy just holds down the expansion and our evolution, man.  It is a false morality because it holds down the expansion of our code.
"Now, Arman ain't saying to abandon your wife or anything like that, but he is saying that we need to shed the false ideas of marriage and existence and we need to focus on having as many children as possible with our individual codes.
"That's why polygamy is completely, religiously, accepted in Arman's Teachings.  It allows men to spread their code as the First Cause intended and doesn't hold them back by artificial human morality, based, really, on the fact that a woman can only produce a child every nine months.
"A male should not be held to a female's natural, slower, nine month calendar. That's not the natural way we're designed. Males and females are designed correctly and with the right, but different, calendars within them to serve the purpose of expanding the code in the correct way. Humans have screwed with those calendars and this is evil. The moral codes of the First Cause are supreme and infallible and are engineered so that we not only survive, but that we expand and improve. Trust the First Cause, man.  He ain't wrong. Study nature, his laws are everywhere. Males should procreate according to their internal calendars and females should do the same with their internal calendars.  They are not the same.
"When we procreate, the human male contributes 23 of his chromosomes and the human female 23 of hers to make a new child.
"Each individual, male and female, has an essential drive to spread his or her chromosomes (read his or her code) as much as possible.  That's part of evolutionary process, man, as our codes struggle to be the dominant code.  The ones with the most children win.
"Go forth and multiply our kind, man, because when you do that you are expanding the code you carry; and the code you carry is, in its deeper parts, the same as the code that all of our kind of human carry. 
"When you expand, we expand.  When you survive we survive. But, remember, there is a friendly competition even among our own kind.  I want my particular version of the code to become the one that is expressed in all of our people, man.  My code is pale white skin, blond hair (when I was a kid), blue eyes, and all the rest of my characteristics. 
"Your particular code might be slightly different.  You may want your green eyes, or brown eyes or whatever and your brown hair, your red hair, your black hair, also whatever, to prevail.  And this goes for all of our characteristics seen and unseen. It's like a foot race, man. Everyone who runs wants to win.  
"If I produce more children with the characteristics of my code and some of you produce none, well, my code will win and all future White people will look like me and think like me and be like me, not like you.  Got it,man?  May the best version of the White code, that we call Code A, prevail.
"Now, go get into the race for the survival of your particular version of the code--I'm already a lap ahead of you, man, because I know with every cell of my being that what I'm telling you is true and that it is from the First Cause--called God.  And, there ain't no arguing with God." 
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