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GENEMIES by H. Millard © 2015

You're in eternal gene wars and you may not even realize it.  These gene wars are waged automatically and silently and they never end.  And, they never can or should end. They are necessary.

They are the wars  between different versions of genes.  Most Whites live their whole lives not knowing about the gene wars and they are the ones who are most at risk of going extinct in our new reality where non-White genes are flooding White lands.

By having a little knowledge about the gene wars--just an awareness of the concept, really--will help you survive our present Dark Age and help you expand your genotype and thus also help all other Whites to survive and thrive.  The more Whites there are, the safer is this dark planet for all Whites.

At the most personal level, the gene wars happen right in your own body as different versions of genes for the various characteristics that make you, you, battle it out for expression and dominance while you are in your mother's womb developing from a few cells to a complete individual. 

Your mother and father each contributed around 10,000 genes to give you the full 20,000 or so genes that make humans.   Many of those genes come in different versions.  A ready example is eye color. In simplest terms, If your mother had one color eyes and your father another, there was an internal  war or competition within you between the different versions as you grew in the womb.  Look in the mirror today and you'll see the winner.

When Whites have a child  with another White, the gene wars  go on internally, but the battles are relatively benign because the winner will still be White. That is, the result of two Whites mating  is a White child  as the two White genotypes are combined, and our race (many of us say we Whites are actually a different species) expands and continues on through the White child.  This is good for all of us as Whites and  this is as it should be. And, to be clear, even though you are White and I am White, your genotype and mine are also engaged in the gene wars. Yours "wants" all Whites to be like you and mine wants the same for me.  However, and again, if you win, I still win, because we share the same general White genotype and we are part of each other as Whites.  Your win will simply mean your descendents will have more of your minor features and fewer of mine.  They may have, for example, your ears, and not mine or your nose and not mine.  But, at the next lower level of existence in the DNA code, your White descendents are my White descendents.

So far so good. However, when Whites do evil and have children with non-Whites, the result is always non-White children and this is the contraction and the death of the White genotype carried by the White parent. This is bedroom genocide. This is the extinction of a White family line. This diminishes all Whites. This injects more non-White DNA into the White gene pool. This is a huge evil for us and this is not as it should be.

The genemies of Whites as Whites are all non-Whites.  Those among us of more delicate outlooks and language may prefer the terms competitors and competitions or even natural selection rather than genemies/enemies and gene wars. No matter. They mean the same thing. Call them what you will, but understand the basic principles because understanding them is essential to our survival as Whites, our expansion as Whites, and our evolution as Whites in this age when our once pure White lands are being swamped with non-White genes.

It doesn't matter if every  non-White on the planet is a  wonderful person, is smart, is good looking, has the same interests as you and you really like them.  They are not our kind--the White kind. They are still genemies of Whites--enemies of the White genotype--they can't be anything else. It is nature's way.  And, they are genemies simply because their genotype "wants" to win the war for survival and take over all lands and replace your genotype--just as your genotype wants to do the same thing to their genotype.  It is part of the program of life itself and it applies to all living organisms. They are your genemies and you are theirs. That's how evolution works. It is not something to be unhappy about or something that one should try to ignore or overcome. It is, however, something that we Whites should be conscious of so we can work for our survival and not simply be eliminated from existence without even knowing it is happening and without even fighting back to survive and prevail.

As individuals in our everyday reality, non-Whites may mean us no harm and we may mean them no harm, but this everyday reality is not where we need to focus most of our thinking. We need to focus on the genotype, the genes, the DNA code that we carry. It is on this basic DNA level where the gene wars are waged.  The danger non-whites  pose--at this level--is unconscious and a programmed part of nature's way of evolution.  The danger they pose is gene flow from their genotype into the White genotype.  You might even think of it as an infection they carry that can kill you even if they mean you no harm. Your defense is to remain separate and isolated from them as much as possible and to remain only around your fellow Whites.  This is not always possible but it is up to you to find a way even if it is just being separate and isolated in place. Mating with non-Whites is the death of the White genotype you carry and which you should protect and propagate in pure form.

What is the "goal" of different genes and genotypes?  It is to replace all alternate versions with themselves.  So, back to the eye example for a moment. All blue eye genes want to replace all other color eye genes and it is this way with all genes for all eye colors and all other internal and external characteristics of an organism and then for  entire genotypes as wholes.  And, all the different versions of genes for our characteristics--eyes, hair, skin color, brains, etc.-- will continue to be our genemies and ours theirs until one version comes out on top and the others are eliminated. But, even then, the gene wars will continue within the ones that win as nature fine tunes the type.

Even if we take conscious charge of our evolution and make the leap to full specieshood--a desirable status where we Whites will no longer be able to bear viable children with non-Whites--the gene wars will continue. Nature is the tireless tinkerer and backyard engineer with living organisms and it constantly tries to perfect life first to be the best in a particular niche and then to be the best in all possible niches. 

To ensure the best outcome for the sheer volume of life, nature must bring forth organisms with general adaptations so they can survive in many different niches. If things go our way, and by living consciously with knowledge of the gene wars, we are indeed more likely to have them go our way, we will develop general adaptations that keep us as White people but with some survival advantages that give us a leg up and the ability to roll with the punches that nature throws our way.  The way forward is for us to develop more intelligence, a higher breeding rate, a dislike of miscegenation, a desire to remain separate and isolated from other human types, quicker reflexes, more intuition, more cunning a stronger sense of our identity and a desire to maintain it unsullied.  In a few words: The way forward is for us to become more White, not less so.

Today, we Whites are lumped in with all other humans in the general term "modern human."  Do not be confused and think this means all present day humans are the same.  We are not. We are far different from each other and this is the way evolution works.  It is the differences that are important.  It is the differences that bring  improvements.  And, we Whites are the new kids on the planet, so our genes are less fixed than earlier models and unless we avoid miscegenation, we are going to be swallowed up by the earlier, darker models of humans and we'll go extinct.

To be clear, the greatest threat to our existence as Whites is not from wild animals or diseases or natural calamities or nuclear wars, or even from those who hate us, but from those who can mate with us and cause our genocide via their genes.  We can be loved to extinction.

Neanderthals didn't die off because they were eaten by bears or other wild animals or even because of supposed hatred by so-called modern humans. They died off from physical love--sex with modern humans. They died off because they didn't fill every land where they lived with themselves and because they miscegenated.  They didn't understand the danger of miscegenation and they didn't separate out and isolate themselves from so-called modern humans. Then, nature took over and they committed their own genocide through mating with so-called modern humans. The Neanderthals were absorbed and  blended away by so-called modern humans.  That's why many modern humans--Whites and Asians, but not sub-Saharan Africans--have small percentages of Neanderthal genes within us.

Just as non-existence, cold, dark, death and stillness take no effort or struggle to be, and  just require that there be no effort, no struggle for existence, for heat, for life, for light, for movement  It takes no effort to make non-Whites.  All of these things are, when there is no effort or struggle for their opposites. Just combine any non-White with any White and you end up with a non-White.  It takes effort and struggle to make a  White. You have to have two Whites to make a new White.  There is no other way, and this requires effort and struggle and the effort and struggle are becoming even greater as our White lands are flooded with non-White genes.

The gene wars  play out in our everyday world as wars between the so-called races of humans for dominance and the extinction of those humans who are different from you.  There are no good or bad guys in this. This is just nature's way to evolve the best organisms for every niche.

Some people like to call themselves the People of the Book, and by this they usually mean they find their people hood in certain religious books.  This is absurd. We Whites are the people of the Code.  That is, we find our people hood in the genetic code that is contained in our DNA which gives rise to our genes.  Our Code goes back  further than any book written on paper or pieces of mud.  Our Code is within every cell of out body that has a nucleus. Our religious book is our DNA code.

It is from an understanding of the DNA code and genes that our true White ethics, morality and values flow, but this is for another essay.  Suffice it to say for the time being that we, each of us Whites, must look out for ourselves and our own self interests as Whites and be indifferent to non-Whites and not interfere in their destinies by either helping or harming them.  They are not our kind.  Let them survive or perish as the fates determine. Seek your happiness in a White context.

Here, again, are two very important quotations for our kind. If you truly understand these and live these, you are on the right track:

"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin 


"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations.  This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) Emphasis added.  

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