Swamp Thing

by H. Millard © 2008

O you pale mutants, you different ones, you few drops of distillate extracted out from the mass; you with the new young fragile genes; do not be deceived by those who want you to blend back in with the rest of humanity. Your highest destiny is to be found in the struggle to be and to be more. None shall move higher save by remaining separate. You are a new variety. Specieshood awaits down the right path. But it is the most difficult path. Do not look back yearningly and seek the comfort of the mass. Respect nature and respect your changes and look straight ahead and take the lonely path that not all can take; for that path is yours alone if you choose to struggle to take it. And at the end of that path, you will not find rest, but a new path.

On June 11, 2008, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper did what the government of Australia had previously done in February of this year: he apologized for the government stealing the children of non-White indigenous people in order to force them to be good little White (on the inside) people. 
The apology was long overdue. In Canada, between the early 19th century until the late 1970's, more that 150,000 non-White indigenous children were forced to attend state-funded White Christian schools (read brainwashing camps) in an attempt to rid the children of their native ways and languages and blend them into the White Canadian mainstream. Such policies--forced blending--are misguided and are based on false notions of genes, genotypes, phenotypes, races, species and life itself.
Now, as you read the above, and with a little additional critical thinking on the subject, and perhaps, if necessary, after reading a little further on, you may be struck by the fact that this talk of indigenous peoples is also about White people, because the same sort of blending has been going on with White people--who are the indigenous peoples of Europe in the European Diaspora.
Indeed, blending has been going on for as long as there has been life and it involves all species.
It is simply the collective unconscious will of each species' genotypes, clustered under the center of the bell curve, to make all members of the species as much like the average of the species as possible.
 Or, this could be stated a little differently. It is the conformist and average mass of a particular life form trying to retain the stasis and survive by stopping evolution--which is a splitting off from the mass by a few who may then die off, or be pulled back into the mass, or eventually evolve into a new species that may pose a danger to the original species and replace the original species. 
And, of course, it is this last possibility that causes the mass to instinctively want to pull back those who are splitting off. There is a fear of the new improved model replacing the old model.
A couple of words before we proceed.  When I speak of the collective mass having "fear" or other human emotions or attributes or of  "willing" or "wanting" to pull those who are separating out back into the mass--to fold them back into the uniform batter of the species--I do not mean to imply that there is a conscious, logical and rational thought process that does these things.  It is instinctual and at the genetic level of existence.  It is part of the program for survival.
We are all ants. The individuality that we humans brag so much about only appears as individuality when seen up close. If we had the ability to see us from a proper vantage point, we would see that we deviate little from the ant tracks that we all follow.
But there are those, in all species, who do split off and begin taking a different path. These are the mutants. These are the ones with whom nature has tinkered a little. Something happens;a little mistake in the way the DNA is organized, just a little change here and there, and the living thing spun from that DNA is different than others of the species.
And, when there is a little tinkering with this or that part of the living thing, there are other changes that happen as a result. A living organism is all connected to its parts. You can't change just one thing and not have other automatic changes. Over time, the changes accumulate. This is especially true if there is isolation from the rest of the species, and especially if the different ones find themselves in new or unique environmental circumstances to which they must adapt.
Under the right circumstances, the  different ones first become a new variety of the old. Then, if everything falls in place, they may become a new species. And, when they reach specieshood, they will be unable to breed with the mass from which they came and they will continue on a  genetic path that may become increasingly different and divergent from the old.
We humans are part of this natural splitting off process which is part of the dynamic of evolution.  We may not see it that way because we are too close to it and we are often deceived into thinking that some of the so-called minor changes we see aren't very important.
And, in being deceived, many breed away their changes--they give up their reproductive isolation--and de-mutate back into the common variety. "White skin?  Not important. Just breed with those who don't have it. No big deal.  Blue eyes?  Not important.  Blonde hair? A trifle. Particular head shape and bone structure? Nothing important.  Shape of nose, lips, ears?  Pssshaw, minor things." And so go the deceptions and so go the mutations.
That is the way the White variety of humans on their way to specieshood can be folded back into the batter of mankind.
We humans arrogantly think that we are somehow above nature and nature's laws. We're not. We're as subject to nature's laws as a cabbage. However, unlike a cabbage, we have brains that allow us to understand some of nature and we can use our brains to intervene on our own behalf and we can will our own evolution. But to do this, we must be aware of this fact and we must understand some of the basic ways of nature and we must do the right things.
One of the first things we have to know is that nature doesn't care about individuals or even billions of individuals.  It works the percentages and the probabilities as it constantly spins and tinkers with life to adapt it to every niche where life can possibly exist.
And, nature designs and constantly redesigns living things by tweaking DNA--that most remarkable and simple substance made up of four nucleotides that spins and organizes itself to make all life that we know. It is there that is found the spark and the plan of life.
It is in that spiral staircase leading from a tide pool to the stars that is found the animating principle that turns so-called lifeless minerals into living things capable of making more like themselves by absorbing other minerals and using them to manufacture replicas in the image of the organism.
It is in there--in those spiraling strands of DNA--where we are to be found. From there have we been spun like fairy floss on a stick. And as we have been spun out, cell by cell, round and round, until we are this that we call human. And, through it all, we are oblivious, perhaps, to the fact that we are to be found, complete, in every cell thus spun out, and that the complete organism we are, is within.
And of DNA, we can say that it is nature's invention to help fulfill the contract made by and between nature and nature, to engineer a way to turn inanimate chemicals into something else--life. 
Nature is a garage tinkerer and inventor and is never happy with what has been made and constantly changes and tweaks things, but nature must adhere to rules that are inherent in itself.  It can't over design living things.  It must be frugal, and it must stick with the rule of form follows function. "Now, go forth, bold nature, and fill all niches with life that will consume minerals and animate them. And, do this with just four chemicals. Scatter the DNA like pixie dust and let it work its magic."
So, what do we know from these and other things in our musings about existence?  Just that we can and must now will our own evolution if we want to increase the probability that we will move higher. 
Are we able to see patterns in nature that apply to man and are we able to connect up the dots and realize that various governments and individuals, for a variety of conscious and unconscious reasons, have been trying to destroy all distinct races, religions and nations and have all distinct peoples blend together into one undifferentiated lumpen mass of human protoplasm that we can call the Tan Everyman?
Can we not see that there is an urge in nature to split off pieces of the whole and have them become more, but that there is also an urge to prevent this from happening?  Can we not see that there is always going to be conflict and struggle and that this is natural and is nature's way of selecting the best design for every niche?
I've written about this for years.  There are among us, far too many of what I call "blenders"--people with a psychological need-who want to blend away all distinct peoples, religions and nations.
That blending desire is what is at the heart of what happened to the aborigines both in Australia and Canada and also in Hawaii. It's happened to the Jews, to the Gypsies, and to just about every breaking away daughter cell from the protoplasmic mass of sameness. 
Would it sound too simplistic, here, to once again point out the early settlers of the U.S. were fleeing the blending in Europe that in that time and place mostly involved religious blending?  Have we forgotten that was what the Pilgrims and Puritans were all about?
And, it is that blending desire from the dark recesses of the subconscious minds of too many people in positions of authority  that is ultimately behind the raid on the FLDS in Texas.
Who are the blenders?  Who is this vile and evil enemy of evolution and  the struggle to survive and to be and to be more?
Sadly, in our human reality, they are mostly White people.
We are the enemy of ourselves. Of course, not all White people are blenders. But, so many are, that Whites seem to have a corner on the market of the psychological desire to not survive and to disappear from history. 
Too many Whites seem to be saying: "Let's stop our evolution; let's stamp out our mutations that make us a different and unique people, and become African once more. Let's all do what Barack Obama's White mother--his incubator--did. Let's not produce White children in our own wombs--let's stop our family line and have non-White children.
Remember, humans have 46 chromosomes that carry our genes which are made up of DNA. Sperm carry 23 chromosomes from the father to the mother's egg which also has 23.  When the 23 and 23 combine, a new life is started.  If the mother and father are both White, the child will be in their image. 
If the mother and father are not both white, the child will not be White.  That's because White genes are a later mutation--a budding off from the old trunk of humanity--a step toward becoming a separate species. Because White genes are new genes, there is a pull to bring them back to the middle of the bell curve of humanity. It takes effort and struggle to remain White on a planet where Whites are the later mutation and are in a small minority.
This is just science, folks.  You may not often hear it in these words or terms, but that's the way it works
Given the dynamics of the modern world, human evolution or devolution is now a matter of  conscious choice and free will. Self-genocide is as easy as blending back in.
The spinning flow continues whether we know it or not.

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