Bush side saddle

by H. Millard © 2006
(Doing a job Americans won't do--telling the truth)

Well, that thar' Texas tough guy; rootin' tootin sugar foot George W. Bush, late of Phillips Andover Academy, Harvard, and Yale; all three located in the dusty plains of that part of Texas called New England where the cowpokes lasso lobsters is a fixin' to ride to the border to finally protect citizens of this here nation like a two gun old west cowboy who don't take no guff from no foreigners. New England? Like, Massachusetts and Connecticut? Yup. Pardner, this cowboy rides side saddle. His formative years was spent where the folks play tennis and where the only steer they done seen is on their plate in a mucky muck restaurant.

And, you thought this guy was just like you and me cause he seems kinda dumb? Don't be a sap. That's not even close, 'cept maybe about the dumb part. This guy's blood is blue, his spoon is silver, and his brain is like that of your average English twit as seen on the Monty Python show. All of which is to say he's completely out of touch with the 'Merican people no matter what his shills on Fox News want you to believe.

Hell, speakin' about them shills. That thar' Sean Hannity feller has his lips so tightly super-glued to Bush's arse that you can't tell where Bush's rear end stops and Hannity's face begins. No matter what Bush does about immigration, Hannity will be there to tell viewers that it's just swell. Merge the U.S. with Mexico? That'd be fine with Hannity. Do away with all borders and make all citizens of Mexico citizens of the U.S.? That'd also be fine with Hannity. Whatever George does, Hannity is there to spin it. Hey, Hannity, Tony Snow already got the brownnose gig, man. Give it a rest.

Bush says we need those millions and millions of mostly Mexicans 'cause there's a whole bunch of jobs we two fisted, red blooded 'Mericans won't do. Figures we're a bunch of sissies afraid of hard work. How the hell does this guy know that? He's never had a real job. He was born rich and has spent his whole life in the upper crust incubator. He's never had to worry about puttin' food on the table or making a rent or mortgage payment. He's never had to decide between gettin' his jalopy runnin' or payin' the 'lectric bill.

One job that at least one 'Merican--Bush--won't do, is be a good president. It's not in him. Don't know how. He's a pair of empty chaps. Now, Bush is termed out this year so the voters who have lately dropped his approval rating to below the freezin' point of water on that thar Mooselookmeguntic Lake up there in Maine not far from where the Bush's have a summer home, won't be able to pay this guy back for sending their kids to die in a meaningless war in Iraq and for lettin' our nation be invaded by Mexico. No, as usual in his upper class life, he'll get a hall pass to go traipsing on his merry way while others will be stuck holdin' the bag. And, in this case, those left holdin' the bag may be all the elected officials in the Republican Party if they go along with Bush's stupid amnesty scheme.

"fluffy"The problem with Bush and his elite pals is that they think that the rest of us are stupid and that we'll buy the Sean Hannity crap and that we'll be fooled into thinkin' that amnesty isn't amnesty if he just calls it something else, and if he puts a few national guard troops on the border for a photo op (only to be removed when we're not looking). If we were being attacked by Godzilla, this crew would rename it Fluffy and say it just wanted a better life and be a 'Merican. Unfortunately, maybe Bush and his pals are right that most 'Mericans really are that stupid. Hell, maybe Godzilla, er, Fluffy should be allowed in to completely destroy this land of gullible idiots who put Bush in office in the first place.

Bush's pals are like the slavemasters of old. They want the cheap labor so they can make bundles of money. And, Bush is one of their class and aims to please. Then, in repayment for the bundles of money, these new slavemasters donate to the politicians who will keep giving them cheap labor. Listen to what some of these elite creeps are really saying and cut through their bullpoop and you'll realize that they're giving you the updated version of what the "compassionate" slavemasters used to say about helping poor blacks out who were hangin' out in bad jungles. "Why, boy, the slaves is better off working on these here cushy cotton and tobacco plantations where we can take care of 'em."

Bush and these elites have a short view of history. They're not very bright or they don't care about the future of this nation. They simply can't or won't extrapolate things a few years down the road. Look, it might be too much of a stretch to take such a long view of history that one might set out to destroy a neighbor's house by planting an acorn next to it knowing that eventually a huge tree will grow there, but is it too much of a stretch to see that if you have a slave class, that the slaves will eventually rebel and want to take over? Can anyone in the Bush administration read history?

Oh, I know, the Bush elites will tell you that the illegal aliens will eventually be assimilated into our population like all the earlier immigrants and to use a slave analogy is wrong. I say, baloney. There are a couple of problems with the elite line. In the first place, most prior large waves of immigrants were Europeans, like those already here, so assimilation was cultural, not genetic. Indeed, the upper class looked identical to the lower class. In the second place, the European immigrants came from across a vast ocean and couldn't dart back and forth to renew their own cultures. They became a plain wrap European on a distant shore.

Most of the illegal immigrants who are now coming here are not Europeans. Full assimilation has to be genetic as well as cultural otherwise there will be classes that are color coded with the whites at the top and the browns at the bottom. Not all whites or browns want to lose their basic genetic identities and will resist genetic assimilation. Some might even call it genocide. Thus there will be a sure and constant reminder to all with eyes to see that those at the bottom and those at the top are different. Even with laws to put non-whites at the top in various parts of society, there will still be a color code that the lower classes, mostly non-whites, will daily see and resent. That's a sure formula for a revolution or rebellion at some point. No one on the bottom likes being there. Also, most of the immigrants aren't now cut off from their old lands. They can and do dart back and forth to renew who they are. Furthermore, since Mexico allows dual citizenship, the Mexicans who Bush wants to let become U. S. citizens will also remain Mexican citizens.

If you think the Mexican government is meddling in 'Merican affairs now, muchachos, wait until there are 12 to 40 million dual citizens here.

When Bush sells out our children's future to Mexico, what will it cost him? Nothing that he cares about. The Bush family has already started becoming Mexican and he has enough money so he can pack up his whole family and fly to a new land where things aren't so third worldish.

It is we and our children who are stuck here waving tiny plastic 'Merican flags while singing the national anthem in Spanish who will be left to wonder what went wrong with the American Dream.

Welcome to post-American America, dear friends. John Wayne doesn't live here anymore. There is no law west of the Pecos. It's now every citizen for himself in the wasteland that once was America. The government has deserted us. Chaos is our future.

But, maybe I'm wrong. If Bush really does someting meaningful about illegal immigration, I'll pry Hannity's lips off Bush's rear end and place mine there. I think my lips are safe.

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