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We begin with the Divine and the axiomatic idea that cosmic evolution is a reality, and that part of cosmic evolution is organic evolution. This includes the evolution of human beings.

Some of us who believe the above also hold that the basic and fundamental principles that we can observe in cosmic evolution provide the template and the correct direction for our own evolution if these principles are correctly understood. It might be said that some of our beliefs might fall in the category of naturalism. However, we would quickly add that this is not the whole of it.

We believe that our universe began with a single point of somethingness and that single point then started expanding into the nothingness. Perhaps this was the Big Bang, as theorized, or perhaps it was some variation of it, or something else. For our purposes here, it doesn't matter. The basic idea is that we believe that everything begins as a single point and then expands and diverges.
Flowing from this basic belief in a single point of origin of everything is the further idea that life itself began as a single point and then expanded and diverged and that we as humans continued to diverge and that we White humans are one of those lines that diverged from other humans.

So, life began. And it expanded into all niches that would support it, and it adapted and changed and diverged and it continues on in its automatic and almost robotic way of changing, adapting, evolving, mutating, filling all space with itself and finding a way to survive and prosper in an ever changing and evolving universe. Without thinking, it flows into new niches and changes to survive or dies off.

Again, one of the paths that life took eventually led to our existence as White people. So, here we are. Where do we go now? Do we continue to just let the natural forces of evolution call the shots or do we as sentient beings with the ability to understand these things finally start to guide our own evolution? And, if we are to guide our own evolution, what does that mean? What direction do we take? How do we do it?

The answer for some of us comes from our religious/philosophical beliefs--starting with the ideas of cosmic evolution and observing nature (nature, meaning all of existence) but also, we believe, from a source that is just behind all of reality and which has an impulse to expand always and contract never.

We see ourselves--White people--as a new single point that can branch off even more from the rest of humanity or simply be absorbed or assimilated back into the masses of humanity, from whence we came, and cease to be.

Actually, every living thing including every single human being is a single point, but most living things do not diverge. They do not become a new jumping off point and a new branch of life. They simply live and die, and life goes on without them.

You might be saying that this sounds like religion, but not the usual religions that most people are aware of. Our answer is that it is religion for some of us, but it can also be a philosophy and a way of life and can provide a world view that some of us believe is in tune with the way our reality works.

Following on from all of the above and from many other lines of discovery, we arrive here with the understanding that we as White people are a fairly recent evolution of mankind. We have adapted, mutated, changed and evolved--by the same processes that work with all other living organisms--to be the fittest human type to live and prosper in a particular environment--Europe. We are "made" to stay healthy and prosper in lands of dimmer sunlight and cooler temperatures, but our adaptations are also less specific than they may at first appear, and, we may have universal adaptations, that make us capable to surviving and prospering across many environmental niches.
A look around you at the many differences you see among our kind should tell you that our kind of human has a plastic genotype capable of quick changes. Few would say that all White people look alike. We have much variety within our kind, but we still remain our kind joined by a common DNA code at the core of our beings that is ours alone.

In other words, we believe that Whites have some general adaptations that other peoples may lack that gives us a survival advantage in many different environmental niches and under conditions that might destroy other kinds of humans.

We also believe that White people were on our way to being a separate species from Homo sapiens but that our natural evolutionary path has been interrupted by the advent of modern communications, mass transportation and modern medicine along with a widespread, to the point of being a zeitgeist, very stunted and short sighted world view that "wants" all humans, all religions and all nations to blend back into a lumpen mass of humanity.

This blending world view is sort of a reverse take on the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel in which one united humanity was split up into different groups so they couldn't reach God. Today, the story is that there are forces trying to force White people--a divergent branch of humanity--back into the mass of humanity so we can't reach God. Our devolution and extinction is what some want.

Our traditional geographic and reproductive isolation are now compromised on this dark planet. Non-White peoples are swarming over formerly White lands. They are attacking us in the streets and in our homes. Our schools are failing. Our societies are crashing. We are told that we must include those who are unlike us in every group or organization we have. By contrast, we, for the most part, don't try to force ourselves into their groups or organizations. We're happy in our skin.

Laws that we designed for our kind of people and which work fine for us, don't always work well with some others. They have a different genetic program than we do. Their programs can be seen externally but also in the way they are. Humans really are color coded. And, that's one reason the king of our senses is sight. It is mainly our sight that tells us who is us and who is not us and our sight is also linked to our libido so we will have children with those like us.

Today, we are no longer safe from the new and improved form of extinction--bedroom genocide. Our gene frequencies are being lowered in the gene pool that was once ours alone and the gene frequencies of people unlike us are increasing. They have a higher birth rate than us, and we have become weak and prissy as we have forgotten who and what we are.

This must change or we truly will become extinct. We must reinvent ourselves. We must throw off the false religions and beliefs that are leading to our destruction. We must become a new people on the way to becoming an even newer people. Now is the time when we must make the right choices by looking inward and to the teachings of those who can see the truth.

We say that we have the right way based on revelations and science and the laws of nature.

We say that we must remain a separate people and that our ways are for us alone. This is the only way we will survive. We must choose the straight and narrow path that leads to enlightenment and God. To do this, we must teach the truth in as easy a way to understand as possible.

Why must we remain separate? To stop gene flow. Our unique recipe of genes will be lost if we breed with the others and we will become extinct. Why? Because our white genes are mostly recessive--this means that it takes two of us, a male and a female of our kind, to produce one more of our kind.

What must we do to survive and prosper and evolve ever higher to become a new species? Simple. Forget all that stuff about breeding for quality and eugenics. That's the wrong way. The right way is to remain separate from other peoples, have as many White children as possible, and to teach them the truth. That's it. It's almost too simple to accept, but that's all most people have to do in the here and now: Breed, breed, breed. Don't be overly selective in choosing mates from among our kind because this just slows down breeding. Look for those who are like you and breed.

How will breeding like crazy help us move higher? The answer lies in the fact that what is important in each individual is not the complete individual as you and I are, but in the code that we carry in our DNA. We call this Code A, to distinguish it from the codes of other humans and other organisms. Code A is your soul or internal spirit. It is real. It is one with your particular recipe of DNA and it is one with white skin.

We believe that the expansion of Code A will lead us higher, and to specieshood, because Code A has some inherent aspects that will allow certain mutations. Remember, life builds upon life. It's a little like a staircase. You must take this step before you take the next step. First you're a molecule of DNA, then a single cell organism. Then this and then that as each type expands and diverges. We believe that we are the step from which the new man will emerge.

To get these future desirable mutations and changes we need to birth vast numbers of our people--this expands Code A. We need to have a much higher birth rate. We need to teem. We need to fill all lands with our kind. We are the next model, but we are not the final model, because there is no final model. There is only constant change. Quantity is what is needed, and when there is the quantity, the quality will naturally come. If, instead, you try for quality, you'll end up with neither quality nor quantity.

Nature doesn't care if we survive or not. It only cares about expanding life, and to expand life there is a grand competition among all living things to survive, prosper and move higher. The main difference between us and, say, a fish in the ocean is that we are aware of the competition and we can see the way forward and take steps to go in the right direction.

We can will our own evolution, God willing.

Those who really understand, have a sense of wonder of it all, a faith that needs no justification, and the ability to think rationally and scientifically.

Do not let the rational part of you overcome the faith part. When you really understand and put your faith in the Divine, you will be guided on the right path. Listen, for the voice that calls to the specially coded is subtle, and it existed before anything else existed. Signs will be sent to guide the specially coded. Look for the spirals and the fylfots in their myriad forms.

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Note: This is part of the Teachings of Arman. The complete Teachings are too long to put into columns like this, but perhaps they can be put into weekly segments. We'll see.
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