Officer's funeral

The High Cost of Willful Racial Blindness
by Michael X. Collins © 2010

Please take a moment to look over this list of names.

Bailly, Larry

Beaulieu, Lisa

Brashear, Brandon (A)*(Attempt)

Breland, Brandon

Brenton, Timothy

Briggs, Michael

Brittingham, Shawn

Callin, Michael

(no first name given) (A)

Cannon, Joey

Carbocci, Corey

Cassidy, Charles

Clark, Sean

Clearman, Brent

Cole, David

Constable, Brett

Cook, Thomas

Cox, Steven

DiPonzio, Anthony

Dunakin, Mark

Faulkner, Daniel

Ferreira, Roy

Fikes, David (A)

Findley, Richard

Fite, Odell

Fontana, Jeffery

Ford, Al

Fumiatti, Robert

Gale, Courtney

Gilroy, Stephen

Gleason, John

Griswold, Tina

Hathaway, Wayne

Hayes, Robert

Hege, John

Horner, Christopher

Horniak, J.C. Chris

Houts, Keith

Kempf, Chris

Kempinski, Paul (A)

Kunish, Graham (A)

Latschar, Paul

Liczbinski, Stephen

Madjerick, John

Martin, Tommy

Marynowitz, John

McEntee, William

Miller, Robert

Newsom, Christopher, (A)
*[Note: is a N.Y. Police Officer and not the same Christopher Newsom that was murderer along with Channon Christian in Knoxville.]

Norberg, Bryan (A)

Owens, Ronald

Pawlowski, John

Phillips, Michael

Pierce, Adam

Pokorny, Joseph

Rainey, Richard

Renninger, Mark

Reyka, Chris

Richards, Greg

Ripatti, Kristina

Romans, Ervin

Sackett, James

Saffran, Michael

Sakai, Daniel

Sambroski, Mason

Scarangella, John

Scott, Earl

Shear, Todd

Shelton, Jeff

Smith, Timothy

Sorrentino, Robert

Sottile, Nicholas

Speirs, Doug

Spicer, Chad

Taylor, Stephen

Tephford, Brian

Thomas, Mike

Timbrook, Ricky

Timoshenko, Russell

Vaultier, Dan (A)

Vick, Gerald

(no first name given) (A)

Weight, Bill (A)

Wertz, Scott

West, Jason

Williams, Vernon

Yan, Herman

Young, John

These are the names of white American police officers killed or maimed in the line of duty, mostly since 2000.

*Some of the attempts (A) may have become KIAs () as the officer was in critical condition at the time the news story was written. Names without indication of condition indicates the news reports available didn't so state. A few names date prior the time frame given but are on this list when their killers are seeking parole, or better, have died in custody...or Texas. These are only partial results. The list is by no means exhaustive.

These officers, troopers, deputies were murdered in a rolling genocide by an enemy tribe of people who boast such given names as: Eloyn, Jemetric, Tyquan, Jamal, Antoyne, Joesuphus, Shantiago, Raheem, Yusef, Borgela, Rasheed, Jabbar, Tulani, Eswardo, Mumia, Ahmed, Hasain, Nichelle, Cletus, Lovell, you get the idea, anything but American names.

While the black regime's media is busy worshipping the Mutt and misdirecting our attention to those bad Christians, Militia members, white opponents of Kenyancare, Alvester, Tyrone and Leroy are murdering our Caucasian cops at what a few years ago would have been considered an alarming rate.

For my part, I still bear scars and other physical reminders of my days and nights as an cop on the streets of Oakland. I often thought if this or that burr head would attack me or a fellow officer, while I'm armed in uniform, what would he do to the average citizen? By this time, we know or should know the answer to that. But what most white folks are still, at this late date, unable or unwilling to understand is that we are in a to-the-death race war which we are losing. The enemy is the Negro. Ah, hah, if that sound I just heard was you slamming your mind and ears shut to that reality, congratulations, you are on your way to victimhood. Hope you and your family enjoy the experience.

But a couple of parting thoughts: You may wish to acquaint yourself with the facts in the recent barbaric murders of a young Knoxville couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom by a Negro gang of both men and women. Also, before you expose yourself and family to some similar horrific racial event that leaves you all bleeding, maimed or dead, you might check in with Rev. James Manning of Harlem. Perhaps what I've just said coming from a black minister of the Gospel might persuade you otherwise. If you choose to ignore these suggestions you deserve what's on the way. Happy Kawanzaa, Bro!

Many thanks to New Nation News for its considerable help in assembling the names of these fallen lawmen (of course, both male and female).

Another commentary by Michael X. Collins

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