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Illegal Alien Immigration Invasion
Sunday, 2 October, 2005 American Patrol FAIR CIS Stop The Invasion! MinuteManHQ "All of Immigration" - Illegal links

    Thirty U.S. Citizens Indicted in an Apparent Marriage Fraud Ring
MIAMI (AP) - A two-year investigation has led to the indictments of 30 U.S. citizens involved in an apparent marriage fraud ring in South Florida. Federal investigators found that undocumented foreign nationals were paying thousands of dollars to marry U.S. citizens to obtain green cards, which allow immigrants to stay in the country legally. Immigrants from countries including Argentina, Brazil and Colombia were arrested. They likely will not be indicted because they are viewed as "victims", but they will probably be deported, federal officials said.  
The U.S. citizens should lose their citizenship and be deported along with their legal spouses.


    Minutemen to Hold October Vigil Along Canadian Border 
“Canada has extremely lax laws allowing people to come in and live there from Middle Eastern countries,” said Connie Hair, a spokeswoman for the group. “If you’re from the Middle East, it only makes sense that you might be in a Middle Eastern terror cell.”  - (Canada

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    Illegal alien Oswaldo Elias Martinez from El Salvador Judged "Incompetent" to Stand Trial for Rape Murder of White Girl
Oswaldo Elias MartinezBrittany Binger  After hearing arguments, a judge ruled that a deaf, mute and illiterate man was not competent to stand trial for capital murder in the rape and slaying of a teenage girl. Oswaldo Martinez, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was indicted in May on charges of raping and killing 16-year-old Brittany Binger. Police say they arrested him after learning that DNA from the semen on Binger's body matched DNA swabbed from Martinez's cheek. Authorities say Binger was attacked as she was walking between two nearby mobile home parks. - (NNN forum) - (crime)    

  • Camera Catches illegal migrant Octavio Hernandez-Cruz in the act of trying to sexually molest a woman's young daughters
    Octavio Hernandez-Cruz "caught in the act"A mother says she caught a family friend in the act, trying to molest her daughters. She handed a videotape to police to support her case. Octavio Hernandez-Cruz is in jail charged with rape and gross sexual imposition. The evidence against him is the tape. The mother speaks only Spanish.  She says it began when she her daughter called her at work, saying she was very afraid. The mom says the girl told her that Hernandez-Cruz grabbed her and touched her legs, and took off her pajama pants. The child said the 32-year-old man had been touching her while she slept in her bed. But the mother did not think she could go to the police without any proof. The girl’s mother says she didn’t know if authorities would believe her since she is a Spanish-speaking Latina. Bond for Hernandez-Cruz was revoked Wednesday because he is in this country illegally and considered a flight risk. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has initiated procedures to deport him. But if he is tried and convicted first, he could serve up to 60 years in prison here in Ohio. - (-88-


    Seattle: Judge won't bail for Nigerian gynecologist, already awaiting trial on rape charge - accused of exposing himself
Charles Momah A Superior Court judge refused to drastically increase bail for Dr. Charles Momah, despite the prosecution's latest allegations that the gynecologist, already awaiting trial on rape charges, attempted to expose himself to a young woman last month from the deck of his Bellevue home.  Momah, 49, who had operated OB/GYN clinics in Burien and Federal Way, was charged a year ago with two counts of rape and two counts of indecent liberties with patients. His medical license has been suspended for more than two years. - (NNN forum)

    Nigerian migrant Kehinde Akintola Oladapo Gets 14 Years for Mail Theft Scheme
BALTIMORE -- A former baggage handler at Baltimore-Washington International Airport was sentenced to 14 years in prison Wednesday for an identity theft scheme that netted more than $7 million. Kehinde Akintola Oladapo, who had pleaded guilty in May, tearfully begged the court for leniency and his lawyer described him as a "small cog in the wheel."  He ordered the Nigerian immigrant, a naturalized U.S. citizen, to pay $7 million restitution and to spend five years in supervised release after serving his sentence. The restitution order allows prosecutors to seize Oladapo's house, car and any other property.

    Police charge illegal migrant from El Salvador with rape of 12-year-old girl - (-88- 

    Four Mexican Nationals Indicted For Sex Trafficking
Mexican suspectMexican suspectMexican suspectMexican suspectHOUSTON -- Four Mexican citizens have been indicted on charges of running a sex-trafficking ring that involved forcing undocumented female immigrants into prostitution, the U.S. Attorney's office said.  The alleged ringleader of the operation, Gerardo "El Gallo" Salazar, 40; his two nephews, Angel Moreno Salazar, 24, and Jose Luis Moreno Salazar, 20; and an associate, Salvador Fernando Molina Garcia, 37, are charged with conspiracy to smuggle minor Mexican girls and young Mexican women into the United States and forcing them to be prostitutes.  - (White Boy)

  • Why won’t President Bush defend our borders or take any meaningful action to halt illegal immigration?
    For that matter, why won’t those who oppose him speak to this issue or offer a plan to protect America from this obvious invasion
    of our country?... “So,” I concluded, remembering my promise to be brief,
    “the reasons they won’t act to protect American borders is that they ARE NOT AMERICANS!”

    May God restore and bless our American Constitutional Republic - Michael Anthony Peroutka  
  • George Bush and Congress Are Killing America
    Its blood will drain out of its citizens as an advancing horde of illegal alien migrants kills America's ability to function.
    An autopsy of this country in future history books will show that George Bush and Congress killed America.
  • Illegal immigration...surely contributing to America's downfall - by Felicia (Fee) Benamon - (-88-)
    Illegal immigration has been a dominant topic among concerned Republicans in the fight to save our sovereignty in America. Closing the borders to protect against those who would come across our borders to commit crimes and who wish to attack Americans through terrorist activity.

    Hmong Man Found Guilty in Hunter Deaths
Chai Soua VangSix White victims of racist Hmong migrant mass murdererWis. -- A jury on Friday convicted an immigrant truck driver of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of six deer hunters during a confrontation over trespassing, rejecting his claims that he fired in self-defense. Chai Soua Vang, 36, faces mandatory life in prison. Wisconsin does not have a death penalty. Jurors deliberated about three hours before convicting Vang on six counts of first-degree intentional homicide and three counts of attempted homicide. In addition to the six dead, two hunters were wounded in the shootings Nov. 21 that began when the group of hunters confronted Vang for being on private land. - (NNN forum)


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    Catholic Church & Charities Illegally 'Aid and Abet' Aliens? - By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. 

Deport Illegals
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  Illegal Mexican migrant "Spic Spanic cleanser"Spic 'n Span: What Happened?
"When I was a kid, "Spic 'n Span" was a synonym for clean. Something has since altered my perception of english slang. This morning, I saw a "Spic 'n Span" bathroom & kitchen cleanser commercial and thought: "What an odd name!" It sounded like a racial slur combined with an architectural term..."
NNN Editor note: we need a border-to-border 'clean sweep' of illegal aliens.

    New Book: Metamorphosis: The Impact of Third-World Immigration on American Culture

    The Camp of the Saints by Michael Gilson De Lemos

    The FEDERAL Government of the United States of America continues to COMMIT TREASON!
"Mexi-Jima"  from
US Constitution - Article IV - Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

Ref: Documented with demographic maps - slow load but well worth it. - (reader link)

  Rampant Third World Immigration Is Nothing Short of Demographic Warfare
Repressing White Americans - Census 2000 Data Shows Whites Will Be a Minority (in US) by 2050
- (Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins)

  • Draft emergency program for America - (written after 9/11 - ed.)
  • Close borders and guard borders and coasts with Military and Militia
  • Relocate all non-citizens to bases protected by Military for their own protection
  • Interrogate all non-citizens prior to deportation
  • Use empty oil tankers to repatriate all non-citizens
  • Expropriate UN buildings and foreign embassies for displaced WTC office space
  • Bring the troops home
  • End all foreign aid
  • Once the Cities and the Borders are secure - go after the foreign enemies of Americans


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 "Haste thee, and come; for the Philistines have invaded the land."

"That 'giant sucking sound' may be the estimated 37 million abortions in US since 1973."
   Remember: migrants only take the jobs that the aborted  DEAD american babies
and the UNBORN babies of homosexuals - will not do.
The 'NAFTA' railroad serial killer Ramirez New Nation News report on Epidemic of 
''Spanic'' and Mexican sex crimes
in Northern California

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